Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Recently the actress Kristin Scott Thomas (The English Patient) spoke of the strange phenom that happens to women over 50. She is 53. 
I've talked about it here before but I wanted to discuss it a bit again.

If you haven't heard her comment this is a piece of it:

Kristin Scott Thomas said she has started to feel “invisible” since becoming middle age.
“I’m not talking about in a private setting, at a dinner party or anything,” she told Stella. “But when you’re walking down the street, you get bumped into, people slam doors in your face – they just don’t notice you. Somehow, you just vanish. It’s a cliché, but men grow in gravitas as they get older, while women just disappear.”

She is absolutely correct. No matter how good you look this happens to women.
This situation she speaks of God smacked me. I hated the attention when I was young.
I would get angry at being called the body in high school. I begged the year book committee to remove something I had seen while working on the year book and finally had to go to the year book adviser to have it removed. I didn't want to be remembered like that. I cried about this. I hated being ogled.  I hated the comments I used to get from my co-workers (pilots) when I was older. I hated being spoken to because of how I looked and not who I was.  So when it all went away it was so odd to me that it would bother me.  
Isn't that what I wanted all along?  Now I became invisible and no one will open the doors, or talk to you, or any of the things she speaks of.  If you drop your bag no one grabs it unless they plan to rob you. Before there would be a swarm of men coming from out of no-where instantly to help you pick up your belongs. I am not talking ogling or gross shit. I don't care about that stuff. Just being invisible is weird now.

I remember telling Rick how weird this was. So did I unconsciously like that bullshit all along? That makes me pissed at myself if I am being honest.  Did I actually like being whistled at when I was screaming to those who would listen that I hated it?
All of my young life I spent hiding under clothes that were too big or covered me was that all not real? I have to tell you when it vanished I was confused about my feelings. 
Why did it bother me?
It bothered me so much that it bothered me when all the attention went away.
Yea, I'm that fucked up.

So when I read the article where she spoke of this I really got it. 
This is how it feels to be over 50. 
Oh sure the husband and the family will say you still look good. Pff.
You know it's just different. You're over 50. You have mirrors.  Do we really think if Hollywood starlets didn't manipulate their faces they would get work? 
Would the men who run Hollywood hire them? NO.  
No one is looking at the distorted face of Goldie Hawn but her daughter, Kate Hudson, the younger version of Goldie. Sad but true. It is just this way. Men poo-poo this and say it shouldn't matter because it does not happen to them.

She goes on to say how she feels the pressure.
“At the Cannes Film Festival I got such a shock,” she told Stella. “I saw lots of my contemporaries there this year, all looking so beautiful and gorgeous and healthy, and I just felt like an old ragbag next to them. I just thought, ‘Maybe it’s time to do something about it, like a face lift.’”

I get it, but I hope she doesn't change her face. 
Who will play the part of Miss Daisy in the movies anymore?
I had a friend who had a great face lift. She looks like she did when I met her 25+ yrs ago.
She was not all tugged and pulled but rested, beautiful and youthful.
Her jowls gone, her eyes brighter, her skin smooth.
Her face looks the same, just a younger version of herself.
Then I have friends who are so damn pulled and injected that they are goofy looking.
The injections make them look waxy and puffy and it's just weird.

Because I don't have that kind of money I can't do any of it.  
I just have to deal with the gravity, the wrinkles and all that comes with it. 
I have to keep saying and remembering, I just need my health, I want good health. 

But the bigger issue to me is why it bothers me. 
All of my friends that are 50 or older tell me the same thing. It bothers them too.
But I'm not sure what bothers me more, the fact that it happens or the fact that it bothers me. I'm thinking the latter, believe it or not.

Yea, I'm that messed up AND invisible.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Funnies

I have nothin' people.
It's Friday....yippee!
I'm getting some fun company of my niece and her boyfriend who I have yet to meet.
Should be a nice time.
Poor Grad Students who we can feed and drink with. 

So enjoy some auto correct funnies.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Crazy ass world isn't it?

We've got an election here in Virginia around the corner for Governor. My choices suck.
And that is putting it mildly. I have never not voted but over the last few years my choices on all elections haven't been great.

We've got a man running for mayor in NY and he can't keep his hands off his  junk mobile and stop texting. And his wife stands by her man. I'm not sure which is worse. Oh wait if he gets elected that is worse. I will lose all respect for NYorkers at that point.

We've got Mrs. Patridge (Shirely Jones) on TV and on the radio telling everyone about her new book and the big schlong on her ex hubby, her threesomes and the like. Lovely isn't it? Remember when older women had class? Yeah, gone. (She's 80.) Jeez I can't even listen to the radio while at work without being bombarded with stuff even on NPR!

We've got a player in the NFL named Von Miller who was caught "using" and is appealing any suspension. Not saying he didn't do drugs/PEDS just appealing. Because he can.

We've got a baseball player being suspended for 50 games for using PED's.
Another empty apology after denying it and calling others names who say they saw him or knew for certain. Now he makes a deal and says he's sorry and can't play this year.
There will be many more in the next few weeks.
One I hope they ban for life, Alex Rodrigquez.

If Pete Rose is banned from the sport for life for cheating, which is what they called his gambling on his team. Then all cheaters should be banned. A-Rod just because he keeps doing it over and over again. It's baseball so my theory is 3 strikes you're out.
He is the poster child for narcissim. Never have liked him and never will. The damn fool is talented and he just blew it. He has lied too many times. I wish he would just take his zillions and go far far away. As one reporter stated, he could take his millions, go bang models and party all night and sleep all day. Just go away.

We've got teen age moms given tv shows and millions of dollars just because they were knocked up at 15/16. Then society is surprised when they end up in porn for the money and neglect their kids. How can one be surprised? You reward them for bad behavior, bad behavior will continue.

We've got a bunch of American's going ape shit over the new royal baby. Enough already.
I personally don't give a rats ass but even if you do why must we be seeing this around the clock. I am not a fan of the monarchy and I'm not British. Really people have babies all the time. And I know many a mom who would die for a hairdresser to come in and do their hair and makeup after pushing out an 8lb+ baby before people visit she and her baby.
I'm just sick of  all this coverage already!
Aren't we here because we didn't want a monarchy?
If I must act like I'm British damn it then, "enough of this shit on the telly 24/7 please!" How's that for british speak?

Gee I think I need a drink.
I'm going to go pour one and read a good book.
Sometimes it's the only escape from reality.

How far is far enough?

I have a dear friend who is going through a tough time.
We've been friends for as long as I have known Rick.
I met her two months after Rick.

I had to fly to Houston for recurrent training. At that time in the company they didn't give us our own room (thankfully that changed the following year!) Due to snow in Cleveland I got into Houston late. As I checked into my hotel I was given my packet and told that my roommate, Deb from XYZ City was already here.

I went up to my room exhausted and just wanting to wash my face.
8 hours of travel for a 2 hr trip makes me feel sticky and icky. I arrive into my room to find my new room mate in her PJ's sitting on top of the bed watching TV while leafing through a magazine. I introduce myself and proceed to say as I move around the room like a whirlwind, "I have to wash this makeup off my face now!"

As I undress and get ready to lounge around with my new room mate at 10:30pm I hear her say, "Why the hell do I always get a room mate with big tits?"  I burst out laughing and knew right then and there we would be good pals for a long time. We ended up going down to the lounge after that in our comfy clothes and no makeup and had beers and popcorn.
How couldn't we be friends?
Sure enough fast forward 26 years and we are still pals.

Her husband who we all disliked got caught cheating on my friend.
Finally she is seeing a bit of what we all saw. (but only a very small fraction)
She went through the shell shocked phase. I heard from her a lot. Texts, calls, emails.
All of it and I was happy to be here for her. But now silence.
I fear she is in that next phase to quote George Thorogood "I drink alone."
She is not returning calls, emails or texts.
I finally got a text this weekend that said, "She is fine. She just needs some time. She thanked me for the concern and the friendship but she is fine."

Okay that tells me she is not fine. I want to give her her space. I respect her and feel that she may just need to wallow for awhile. I get that.
But I also know that she may drink herself silly. I know her.
I also know that this situation is very complicated. (they work together along with the mistress - she has finally seen that there have been many more over the years as well as the current slut)

Do I just ignore that she wants to be left alone?
Do I persist so that she gets away from sitting at home with a bottle?
How long do you let them simmer in alcohol?

She is beautiful, smart, funny and kind. He is an asshole at best.
For some reason she finds him charming. Swarmy yes, Charming oh no.
When Rick met him the first time, Rick who is the patient non judgemental version of me, wanted to punch him in the face. I made him be nice for my friend. He wanted him to never ever come to our home again. So neither did Deb sadly. I never invited her to the lake after that. She hinted, I acted like I didn't get it. I hated it all.

I hope that somehow soon through all this shit she is going through she will see that being alone is better than being with a shit head. I hope that she can see that there really is light at the end of this tunnel and it's not through a bottle. I hope she can get there soon.
I worry about her so.

She doesn't live near me. All of my real friends don't live near me sadly. I invited myself down there but she said no, not yet. I invited her up here but she has not responded.
I invited her on our vacation but she hasn't answered that either.

What would you do? I guess I'm just waiting. For what is my concern.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Friday Videos Into Monday

Last month after the wedding we returned home after 5 days and picked up Izzy, these were the sounds she made. She was then on us like velcro for a week. Not ever having a dog before Izzy this sound was so new to me and it broke my heart. Hell, I couldn't even watch this whole video without a tear in my eye. And people tell me all the time that dogs don't have memories. C'mon!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Video's

This was supposed to post at 6am. As is the rest of my week it didn't work.

Okay let's start with Martha.
Good ole 71 year old Martha has written a new book. She is sharing more than we need to know as you will see here.

In her second video that I am not posting she went on to go into the topics of sexting, threesomes and dipping into the lady pond. Really? Do we need to know this shit?  I prefer my Martha showing me how to fold napkins not joints.

You all know how I just HATE reality shows with stupid and bad behavior being glorified.
So the fact that PBS is making these hilarious commercials makes me smile. There are several and I think they are funny and smart. I like this one. The line, "If you sass me in our house you go into the shade" Oh I find that funny.  Enjoy!

And lastly this is my job EXACTLY!

Enjoy your weekend everybody.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Trout Family

I have shared some stories here on this blog showing you how Rick loves to mess with me. He finds it funny and honestly I end up finding it funny.....just later, usually much later.

Remember the story of the hot sausage sandwiches in the middle of Cook's Forest?
Or the plant he gave me and told me it was called a Neighbor Plant?

Well he did it to me again the other night while watching the All Star Baseball Game.
Now yes, he gets away with these things because I am pretty damn gullible sometimes.
Yes, I do realize that fact.. But after 26 years don'tcha think he'd be tired of messing with me?  Apparently not.
Apparently this is a sport for him with no trophy.

You all also know how I love baseball. He watches, actually, tolerates, baseball because of me.
It's not like  he quotes stats or knows too many players names other than my favorite team so what happened next was perplexing to me.

The Angels center fielder Mike Trout was playing in the All Star Game. He came across the screen and the announcers said something about his talent.
Rick asked me, "Did you know that his sisters name is Rainbow?"
I laughed and said, "yea sure Rick"  He goes on to say, "You do know his real name is Lake right?"
Now I am laughing. "Lake, you say?" 
"Yep. I read it in Sports Illustrated."

"Okay you are so full of shit mister!  You don't read SI."

No I don't, but I read it at the doctors office and there was nothing much to read there.
His real name is Lake but he took such a ribbing as a kid he goes by his middle name which is Michael. The guys in the dug out tease him and now that he's older he goes along with it but he still prefers Michael.  Hey, see there? I know more than you do about someone in baseball for a change."

I am silent taking this all in.  I mean he was just at the doctors so he COULD have read this.
But seriously that just can't be true.

"Who the hell would name their kid Lake Trout or Rainbow Trout?  You are pulling my leg again Rick. This one is a bit too far fetched for even you"

"Margaret, I'm really not this time. Seriously I read this. It's true. And they have a younger sibling named Brooke. "

"Lake, Rainbow and Brooke huh?"
Okay now I'm laughing my ass off. I know he is trying to make me believe him but this just can't be true. Rick was just at the dr's so he could have read this while there. I don't know this kids stats, life or really anything other than he plays for the Angels, he's damn good and he's only 21. But he's not a Yankee so I don't know everything about this kid. But c'mon Lake Trout? From my husband who pulls my leg all the time and loves fishing - this ones too easy. He is making this shit up....isn't he?

Then Rick says, "remember when you told me that you went to school with a couple of girls who's last name was May? And their parents named them April and June?"

"Of course I remember I can't believe you do though. I think that was so damn horrible of their parents to do to them."

"Well obviously "Mike's" parents are made from the same mold."

Now I do not want to be sucked into this again. I do not want him to make a fool out of me so I just can't let myself believe this. But damn he's good. 

"You know that I don't believe you right?"

"Well I don't know why you wouldn't and I'm honestly surprised that I knew this and you didn't. I thought it was pretty funny when I read it and thought for sure you already knew this. Hell that is why I even brought it up."

"Well I don't believe you. No one names their kid Lake Trout."

"Okay don't believe me it's okay, you'll see."

So on with the ball game we go and don't talk about it again.

Now the embarrassing part is the little shit makes me think about this.
The next morning I google the kid. No mention of lake trout, rainbow trout or brooke trout other than they are fish. When he gets home from work I mention to him that I googled it and he was so full of shit.

He laughs. He laughs so hard that he has to sit down.
Then he gets up, comes over to me and hugs me. He is laughing so hard he still can't talk.
I pull away because once again I know this ass is making a fool of me and I allowed it to happen.(like the picture of me in yesterdays post)
I had doubts and I began to think maybe I was wrong. Maybe I shouldn't jump to the conclusion that he is fucking with me yet again. Maybe I need to stop being so paranoid.
But no! I should have known better.

He gains his composure and says, "Oh how I love that I gave you some doubt. I love it Margaret. Oh you are so gullible." 

I hit him, "why do you do this to me all the time?"

"Because I can and my goodness it's fun."

"Fun for whom? certainly not me you ass"

"Me, of course. Come on I could see your wheels turning and you were thinking about it weren't you?"

He is still laughing.

"Okay funny boy some day I'm getting you back. Some how, some way."

"Oh it is so damn cute that you think that."


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Long Legs

Remember Edith Ann?
Her big rocking chair and Lily Tomlin as the little girl barely seen in the chair.
This is how I felt on this sofa.
It was 49 inches deep.

We went to the Microsoft Store at the mall Saturday.
We went into the Restoration Hardware store which happens to be one of our favorite stores ever. We touched and/or sat on most items in the store.

We both sat on this gorgeous leather sofa that was on sale for only $3,555.00.
Which compared to the original price was quite the steal.

I saw Rick get his phone camera out and begin to take a photo directed at me so of course I smile.  I mean who wouldn't?  I'm thinking he is taking my picture right?
Then when we got home I saw the photo.....No face.
I smiled for no damn good reason and he said nothing to me knowing full well he knew what I was thinking.  I am smiling like a damn fool in the store and he wasn't even getting my face. Damn him.

But I admit it is funny. I even crack myself up on that one.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Feeling Snarky

Not feeling like myself the last couple of days.
I have a few posts in the folder but I don't think I'm going to post them.
I'm feeling snarky so they too are snarky and well I'll save you from all that.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Nothing is Working!

It is finally Friday.
This has been one of the longest weeks of my life.
Everything seems to be breaking down at record speed in our home including us.
This week the following things have died while using them.
  • My husbands laptop died.
  • My husbands knees
  • Our TV died.
  • My blender/food processor combo died (i use this constantly!!)
  • My H2O mop died (so I have an excuse why i didn't wash the floor)
  • My flexible hose died and duck tape won't help it anymore.
We paid to get Rick's laptop repaired a few weeks ago.
It worked awhile and it will now cost another few hundred to try this again and they can't promise anything.
A few hundred here and a few hundred there makes us think we need to just bite the bullet and fork out the bucks to buy a tablet. We have finally determined it will be a Surface Pro. He needs it for work so looks like we'll be spending some cash this weekend on that.
We both know he needs it out in the field for counter top fabrication but seriously we didn't want to have to spend this money right now.

Rick's doctors appointment was interesting.
The doctor told him the cartilage in his knee is that of a 20 something.
He said this with such an excited manner that it made us both laugh.
Whoopee - Rick has young cartilage....that is about the only thing young left on the poor bastard. 
As with his shoulders he has some arthritis in his knees.
But that is still not what is causing him the excruciating pain.
Nope those are bone spurs on the top of his knees.
On the x-ray they looked like shards of glass that are tearing at his tendons.
Those are from him being on his knees every day for his job.
So they can only do a few things for him. They put him on this steroid pack to help with the inflammation that was out of control. They gave him some pain medication to help him sleep. If this doesn't give him relief then they will go in and clean 'em out. That will be a month or so off work.  For the self employed that is horrific news.

The doctor seemed to think this would give him some time, like a year or so.
So we must plan for this time off.  This also makes me the caregiver go into survival mode.
Y'all know I love my Big Guy dearly but my God he is a royal pain in the ass baby when he is sick or incapacitated. There will be whining, macho statements on how he's fine, and he will do things he is not supposed to do. Which will cause him pain or a set back.
Then of course we have the crankiness because he isn't fine and he thinks he should be doing everything because he's the man.
Oh I just can't wait. I may have to just keep him heavily medicated.
Is that wrong?

Last night as I was reading his medication packet I saw that it stated not to drink because it could cause internal bleeding. I read this aloud to Rick as he is on his 2nd cocktail.
"Didn't you read this?" I ask him.
"Oops," he says.
He didn't believe me so I handed him the information to read for himself.
"Well I'll finish this drink and I won't drink again until I'm done with my meds. I don't think I'll bleed out tonight"  And he laughs. Aargh!
Damn right you won't drink until you're done with your meds mister. Seriously. 
He just got yelled at for taking all the ibuprofen (like me) so then he does this.
What a big ole idiot. He can be so damn frustrating.

Now to my TV. It is our TV on the 3rd floor.  It just up and died this week.
It lived a long life of 13 years. I guess that is long in TV years.
I love watching TV on the 3rd floor. I love reading on the 3rd floor.
The TV room is between two bedrooms and a bath. It is cavernous with no windows.
I love being up there all hunkered down with a book, where it is darker and quiet.
Because the room has theatre seats that recline I have been up there more lately because as I mentioned before, it is most comfortable with my shoulder problem. But the TV began acting weird. When I  shook the Joey (satellite box) it would then be fine.

I wanted to be sure this wasn't the satellite box. I called satellite folks to see if they could help me.  They walked me through some things and they determined that I needed a new box. The arranged for their service person to come out to my home to install this new Joey and activate it.
Their man Mark comes out and puts in a new box. It didn't help. It's the TV we all assume. 
The TV is 13 years old and one of the first HD TVs. It is a 13 year old Sony HD that cost an enormous amount of money back in the day compared to what they cost today. I have a 55 inch smart TV and HD that was a quarter of the price of this big old Sony tube type from 2000. It also weighs over 200 lbs. 

Because I had a TV left from the lake house I asked the man from the satellite company if we could put that one on the floor and hook it up to the box and be sure that it was indeed the old TV that wasn't working properly.
This extra television is a newer slim HD TV just smaller. 
My thinking was if this TV worked them we knew for certain it was the TV and not the satellite box. He was very accommodating and said he'd do that for me.
He turned it on and it appeared to work so he left.
I went back upstairs and turned it on and the remote kept turning on the old TV as well.
So I unplugged the old TV. Now the new one didn't work. So I called the man who had just left my home and he walked me through a bunch of things and nothing worked.
He suggested he come back today because he couldn't figure it out either.
I just want something to work well in this damn house this week.
I don't think that is much to ask for.
Apparently no one agrees with me.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

No Drugs only Pain

I went to the orthopedic surgeon today.
Fun times.

After my x-rays a good looking fit and tan very young doctor comes into the room.
He shows me the arthritis in my shoulder, can't really see a tear but doesn't mean its not there.
So before an MRI he suggests a cautious protocol.
Sounds good to me at this point. I don't want surgery so let's go.

He then makes me move my arm in ways that causes me such pain.
And just because Good Lookin' Doc is probably a sadistic shit he then begins to press in the area I tell him that hurts the most.

I turned to him and explained that my right arm works fine and I can still throw a punch.
He laughs but doesn't stop. WTF?
I ask him to please stop this is painful. He finally listens and stops.

He asks me if I am able to sleep. No I respond. No position is comfortable. The best is one of the theatre seats upstairs in the tv room but still not great. It keeps me awake all night long.
He hems and hahs.

Then he suggests 4 weeks of physical therapy.
Oh great I think, more pain given to me on purpose. Damn I can't wait!
And if that doesn't help then he says he will give me a shot.
A shot AFTER 4 weeks?  For heaven's sake I am eating ibuprofen like Pez.
A shot would be great right now buddy!!!
But then if I give him too much grief I imagine it will be a shot with a rusty needle so I listen as he explains his theories. I'm not buying these theories but I listen.

Then he tells me not to do any exercise like Pilates where I'd be pulling the ropes/pulleys or lifting weights etc. Gee ya think?  I haven't been able to do that for awhile now from the pain.
I can't even lift my arm over my head anymore or get things out of the microwave above the stove.  Hell, I can't even carry my purse on my left side from the pain it causes in my shoulder so pulling ropes or weights is out of the question.
Trying to put on a bra is a major ordeal and my husband is competely and utterly useless. Apparently he can only take them off. And if I ask for help, he fondles and does nothing to actually help me.

The good lookin' doctors parting words were to slow down on the ibuprofen.
I ask if he is going to give me anything else. He says an emphatic NO. 
"Just slow down on the ibuprofen and take with food", he says. 
I eat 4 of those suckers every 3-4 hrs. I don't eat every 3 hrs. 
I sleep if I am lucky 2-3 hrs. I am a walking zombie and in constant pain. 
No I don't think I'm going to stop taking aspirin and ibuprofen anytime soon mister. 
Washing it down with gin doesn't hurt either. But I don't share that tid bit with him.

So I went to the doctors today and $400 later, I am still in big pain.
$400 because I have not reached my $750 deductible. 
(Oh how I love America's shitty medical system)

To recap my lovely day, I am poorer but have more pain. 
Is this really how it's suppose to work?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Updates

**In case you haven't seen this all over the papers, the gossip rags, the People type magazines and even the so called legitimate news, allow me to share.
This is the newest update on this stupid situation.
The famous TV chef Nigella Lawson was seen in an outdoor cafe eating and arguing with her husband. The paparazzi got a shot of them while the husband had his hands on her throat as he was strangling her. She was crying. The photo was plastered all over the media.
Today it was announced that this lovely man/husband filed for divorce stating the reason as "she did not defend his reputation to the public during the strangling incident"  
This came across the crawl this morning and Rick laughed and said, "Wow, what balls of this dude."     'enough said!

**Rick's knee isn't getting any better. He of course keeps saying it will and not to call the doctor.  I made him an appointment unbeknownst to him. By the time the appointment actually gets here Rick will by then be begging me for a doctors appointment. He'll probably be begging for a shot with a rusty needle at that point.

When that day arrives I will tell him it's already made and he goes next Friday morning at 8am.  He'll tell me I'm wonderful and I will roll my eyes.
Why are men such babies and macho babies at that?  Seriously frustrating!!  
He's 58 - when the hell is he going to catch on?  I said that out loud to my mother yesterday and she laughed and said she was still waiting. My dad is 85. Guess that means it never happens. No wonder men die sooner than women. 

**Rick saw a show where this woman melted dark chocolate and poured it into ice cube trays and inserted 1/2 a strawberry. Well guess what he made this weekend. Honestly this man is killing me. I moved them out to the fridge in the garage. I can hear them screaming for me to eat them if in the kitchen fridge. Out in the garage their screams are muffled. I can block them out most days.

He didn't have strawberries at the time so he used the cherries we had. I asked him about the pits. He said they'd be fine. Damn him. They were fine, just damn fine!  He used a 60% cocoa dark chocolate by Ghiradelli.  He liked them so much he then bought strawberries and did the same. We have a lot of them. I hate him. They are so fucking good. 

So out to the garage they had to go!!  I could eat the whole tray. I do not need to eat the whole tray. I prefer when he makes crab dip or shrimp things. I hate seafood but I sure don't hate dark chocolate. I don't need him making anything encased in chocolate. 
He was so proud he took pictures. These are the cherries.

 Yummy bite size pieces to hold by the stem. The strawberries were awesome as well. But he didn't take any pictures.
 Anyone need a little chocolate?
C'mon over and clear out the fridge in the garage would ya? Help an addict out.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Injuries, Rehab and Cookies.

Not necessarily in that order.

Over our 4th of July we did nothing.
Yes, that is correct. No firework watching.  No picnics with others. No boating, no driving, nada, nothin'.
It was wonderful.

Rick woke up with knee pain again and he's limping.
Remember when this happened the last time?
Honestly this man goes to bed fine and wakes up with a sports injury.
Last time it was a week or two of pain and then poof! it vanished in the same way it appeared...over night.
In the mean time he is really in a lot of pain and isn't moving too well.

Why is it that he leaves everything on the 2nd floor once he gets downstairs?
Oh yea, he does it to make me run up and down the stairs for him.
He says he doesn't do it on purpose but the jury is still out on that one.
This morning alone it was his wallet, his shoes and his other glasses.
After the 2nd trip up there I yelled, "Are you sure you have everything now?"
"Yes," he replied.
No he didn't.  Aargh.

Yesterday on the 4th he got up and immediately sat on the sofa with ice on his knee.
Let the whining begin.
Now to set the picture for you I have what I believe to be a torn labrum.
I go see the doctor on Wednesday.
I've had this before in my other shoulder but my rotator cuff was torn as well then so doubly painful.
So they gave me some percocets to deal with the pain until we get all this moving along.
I don't like to take them unless I am really really in pain usually just to help me sleep.
(Don't like the feeling)
So these 30 have lasted me several months.
I have one left. I offered it to Rick yesterday morning.
Was I being a nice wife and offering it to him to be out of pain or for him to stop whining?
I'll let you decided.

Because I am a good wife I make him a mighty fine breakfast.
After I'm cleaning up I ask if he was ready to start drinking because I have been dying to make this new recipe I found for Italian Margaritas.
He laughs, "Margaret it's only 10a!......Okay Sure, why the hell not!"
"Well I twisted your arm there didn't I Rick?"

I asked if he was able to hobble outside for a bit.  I got him seated (propped up) on the patio sofa with his leg on the ottoman and he was all happy and comfy sunning himself in that corner of the world.
I made a pitcher of Italian Margarita's and served him.

I heard angels singing. Boy I liked these. They are so yummy, so kick ass and well just damn good.
Cabo Wabo my favorite Tequila was on sale last week so I grabbed some. You can never find this stuff at this price and it's oh so smooth and not burning and just damn good tequila like God meant it to be.

So let's recap. Rick had pain pills, he drank tequila and he napped.
To him that was a good day except for the pain.
When he woke up he said I am so in the mood for cookies, feel like baking?
Oh sure, what the hell. So I made him some cookies. Spoiled brat don'tcha think?

This morning as he was getting ready for work. (yep on a bum knee - should be interesting) he said he was thinking about how damn good those margarita's were and how he would love to replace the water in his big jug with those drinks today. 

Hmmm, I wonder if you can get a two for one at Betty Ford? 
Alcohol, pain pills and cookies.
That's 3 issues right there. I told him I'd wait for him to get out.
Told you I'm a good wife.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I get these very strong feelings about something and I can't shake 'em.
For example I kept thinking there was something that was going to happen on a plane.
I was then traveling all the time.  But I thought it was silly and just kept ignoring it.

Then one day at the airport I had an awful feeling like I shouldn't get on this plane.
Something was going to happen and I wasn't sure if I should board.
So there I sat talking internally to myself. "Don't get on the plane Peg."
"Oh for goodness sakes Peg that is so stupid, just get on the plane and go home"
"Maybe whatever is gonna happen is a good thing, get your ass on the plane."

Yes this went back and forth as I boarded the plane.
I got all cozy in first class (I flew a lot then and had upgrades) and I refused the free cocktails because I just felt I needed to be "aware".  Whatever that meant.

Within 45 minutes there was an announcment.
We ended up having to make an emergency landing in a city between where I was and home that was met by fire trucks. We ended up boarding another plane. The feeling had now left me so as I got comfy in 1st class I had a couple of drinks! Everything was fine but that made me think I should start paying attention to these feelings I get. But I don't. In fact I never do.

I have hundreds of stories like that I just ignore and then a few weeks later something will happen.
The latest ones is a car accident. I have been feeling like Rick or I would be in one.
I told Rick to be careful every day but it's not always about you it can be the other idiot texting or drinking or whatever it is they are doing instead of paying attention.

Saturday I went to get a hair cut. As I was leaving I was hit while still in my parking space.  There was no damage to her car. She said she was sorry etc. She began to cry that she was going to be in trouble. She told the person on the phone she had to go. Really???? Oh I was so damn livid I had to walk away for fear of just shaking this twit.

When the cops got there she denied all of it and said it was my fault. I am now fighting this with the insurance company. This is a 22yr old who hopped out of her car talking on the phone. You figure it out. This was her mothers car. She was frantic her mother would be pissed off. Gee ya think?
She had no damage to her car. I was damaged by her big honking tire and metal braces holding it there on the back right side of her CRV.

The police officer said he could only file an event case because no one was hurt. Oh thanks Fairfax County. When I asked her if she was on the phone again in front of the cop she stared into space like she was in a coma.  The cop winked at me. NO! Don't wink, fucking write this on the report. I do enough damage on my own, this one shouldn't count to my insurance rate going up damn it.

The police officer isn't calling her insurance company back. So now it's a she said she said.
I so wish I would have had the smarts to dig my phone out of my purse before she moved her car back into a parking space so everyone could see this was clearly her fault. Now it looks like I have to pay $500 deductible and have my rates go up yet again.

I just had another conversation with my insurance company and they suggested I just get my car fixed.
Sure, so you can raise my rates yet again. No, I'm fighting this fucker even though I know I don't have a chance in hell. It's the point of it all. This is one time it isn't my fault damn it.

I am hoping the adjuster will see when he comes here where she hit me, where it is located on her car, and where I was in the report so it will be obvious to him. Because from her story I shouldn't have a dent on my right side as I do, but on my left.  But no one is listening to me.

Little Miss Sunshine is Cranky Ole Wench today!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Blues

My baseball team is in the toilet, it's still raining and gray, and while it's a short slow week at work I still don't want to be here. Add to that the pain in my shoulder and I'm not having a great day. Surgery is looming.

I had a very very cranky man call last week.
While that is nothing new the rest of the story is.
This man was such a cranky Gus to me but we moved along and I booked an estimate for him.
Rick reads his paperwork before he goes in and he saw that the man was "cranky" and bordering mean on the phone with me so that he would be prepared for what was ahead of him.   (Although many times they are just rude to the "girl" in the office and not the "man")

Rick walked in to view the 2 bathrooms he would be working on and the man said to Rick, "Can you believe my tenant took brown paint and fucking painted her wall tiles with it?"

Then realizing what he had just said out loud, he began to apologize.
He said, "Aaah, Sorry about that word, I'm a cranky old bastard and this whole thing is really pissing me off I hope I haven't offended you."

Rick replied, "I'm a cranky old bastard myself so you did not offend me sir"

Well that was all it took, the man laughed a big loud hearty laugh and patted Rick on the back.
(Come to find out he is only 3 yrs older than Rick)
Then he showed Rick his issues that the tenant left behind and explained the remodeling that was to take place. At this point Rick said it was like they were old pals. The guy was laughing but as salty as ever and Rick said he liked him. He was funny, salty and he had a gruff demeanor until you broke through.

Rick gave him an estimate and said he was to call me if he wished to get on the schedule.
He made a noise and Rick wasn't sure what the hell that meant. So he said, "pardon me?"
The COB (cranky old bastard) said, "Oh that gal is your office is little miss sunshine and that happy shit annoys me. Couldn't even get under her skin.  Is she working today?" 

Rick laughed and said, "Little Miss Sunshine gets Saturday off I'm the only one working on weekends."

Of course my husband called me immediately to tell me this because like you, he knows I am not little miss sunshine for real. I just have my "peggy face" for work.

Guess who called me today? Yep, COB and he was so damn funny and pleasant.
He actually called and when I answered he said, "This is 'insert name',  the cranky old bastard who you talked to last week.  I know it's the same person because you are so damn chipper.  You do know that being that nice is annoying to people like me don't you?"

OMG this man was making me laugh.
I told him I was really a cranky old wench and that if he'd prefer I could be cranky too.
He said, "Ah, I don't think ya have it in you babe."
Okay I ignored his "babe" remark. (But then he did tell me he worked on the hill / Congress so I realize they only know how to be politically incorrect and treat women like 2nd class citizens.)

Now if he only knew what a misanthropic gal I really am he would change his tune wouldn't he?