Friday, March 29, 2013

Just Once......

I dislike the program Wheel of Fortune. I have a great dislike for the host Sajak.
He seems so slimy and Donald Trump like .....ooooh ick. 
And the contestants seem a little too damn excited for the letter M.
I haven't watched this show since moving from my parents home.
But of late my husband has taken to watching it. I ridicule him and it does nothing.  He just laughs. He still watches it and it rolls into Jeopardy.

The last two evenings as I am cleaning up the dishes I hear the dumb contestants go on and on about their lives. When a question is ask to tell us about yourself you always here the same thing. "I am married to a fantastic father and husband"  I have 4 terrific and smart children" I am married to the most awesome man in the world."  "I am married to a beautiful wife." (really I'll be the judge of that is what i'm thinking)

No shit those things were uttered on televison last nite on this insipid show.

Last night was the last straw for me....the damn awesome man and terrific perfect kids.
I turned to rick and said, "I would give anything to hear a contestant say, "I'm married to dip shit and we have had 3 kids in 3 years who most days drive me bat shit crazy. If I win this money Pat I'm going on a vacation - ALONE!"

Yes, something to that effect is what I want to hear just once damn it.
They are all so sugary sweet and fake it drives me bonkers.
The only thing worse is Sajak's "banter" with them. My God he creeps me out.
And then the lady with the smart kids can't figure out a puzzle with all the letters but 2.
Apparently her children are adopted or they just appear smart to mom because she is so clueless.

Rick is laughing at how utterly stupid she appears to be. She had purchased all vowels and everyone who can spell and even those like myself who can't, can figure this puzzle out with only two blank spaces.
Sajak could save himself here in my eyes if he would just say this once, "you're too dumb to play we are going to need to spay or neuter you." 

Oh wait, that's what they say on The Price is Right.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bomb Girls

As I have mentioned here on these very pages before I like television and I won't apologize.
I know it's politically incorrect to say that.

Right now is the time of year when all my TV shows come back. 
The Big C with Laura Linney and Oliver Platt is such a great show.
Sadly this upcoming short season is the last.
The show was The Big C for cancer so you know it had to end and possibly with her dying. 
I just so enjoy the characters and the stories.
And c'mon the acting of not only the 2 big name stars but the supporting cast is superb.

Which brings me to the next one Nurse Jackie.(Edie Falco) EXCELLENT. 
All of the above comment can be inserted here and  add some twisted humor.
Both of these are on Showtime so I realize not everyone can see them however if you have Netflix, these are worth renting season 1 and get yourself started on good TV. 
Mini-movies really.

Last year during one of my insomnia evenings I was flipping through channels and came across Bomb Girls.
I so enjoyed this episode I did a search on my TV to find episode 1. (this was 2 I was watching) Then I set my DVR for the whole series.  I was hooked.
When it ended after 6 episodes I went online to see why.
Apparently it was to be just a 6 week mini series but it was so overwhelmingly popular they gave it another full season. It started last night. 

This show is set in the 1940's during WWII. 
The story lines are terrific and there is a lot going on in these women's lives.
It protrays how women had to go to work while the boys were at war.
It is a great look at history, the clothes, the ideas, the life and the horrific prejudice and sexist thinking. Watching the women become empowered with their own paychecks and a bit of freedom from the kitchen is an interesting look back into our history. It's hard to take that away once you've had a piece of it. and God knows the men try.
The men who came home or didn't go to war for whatever reason and the issues they dealt with back on the homefront is also an interesting look into things you didn't hear in history class.
The people of color, the people who hide their sexual identities and all the fear of being different. Last night while watching this episode a few times I thought, wow we've come so far, and other times sadly we haven't done that well in that area at all.

The characters of this show are really flushed out. They are not on dimensional.
Meg Tilly places a lead role in this show. There are times I just really dislike her and think how could someone be so cold? Then she turns around and makes you see why she does what she does and sometimes you feel so badly for her. Like her character, all of the characters are flawed, just like in life, and you get to see all facets of them. They are not cartoons of a character as in network tv. they are not politically correct.

I highly recommend this show. I don't get paid to tell you this. This is just my humble opinion.  No it's not on network TV. I don't even know if this is available to everyone on their cable or satellite networks. This channel is called Reelz Channel. If you get this look it up.
It's a damn good drama.

Here is a link to watch the first 6 episodes (or all of season 1) if you would like.
It is a Canadian based program so that will explain the link to global TV.

Now grab the popcorn and Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Meaning for Going Postal.

Yesterday I had to drop off some packages for work at my local post office branch.
While I do have a account here in the office so that I can print my own labels for shipping I still needed some assistance from my good ole post office.

There is a man there at my local post office that I just love.
He is a very tall & big strapping man.
He has to be over 6'5". 
He's built like a big ole footballer and ya'll know how I love me some big men! 
He is always so cheery and pleasant.  While in line I am always hoping I get him.
English is his first language and since I am unable to understand those with accents easily I pray I always get him.  I always feel when I ask if they can repeat it that I am making them uncomfortable when in fact this is my issue not theirs. Then I feel badly

This man is the only man at the counter and he towers over all the tiny Asian American women he works with. It is only these small women and this big black man with the perpetual smile. He teases them as well as those of us in line. I just love this guy!!

Out of all the times I have gone to the post office I have only gotten him once before. Yesterday was my lucky day. I had a complicated issue so I was glad to have gotten him.
He was helping me, helping the woman next to him and calling for backup all at the same time.  I told him he was a force of nature and a fun person to watch.  He just laughed.
He helped me and then went to the window next to him to explain to the customer what the women he works with was trying to say. (I get her a lot and her English is very difficult to understand but she is so very nice....or at least I think she is)

After that he came back to me, he apologized and gave me a smiley face sticker for being so patient. That cracked me up.  I thanked him for everything he did and said have a nice day and walked away.
I got almost to the door when I heard his big bellowing voice say, "Lady with these great sunglasses and short hair please come back here, I miss you!"
Everyone laughed that was standing on line.
I turned around and he was waving my "great sunglasses" in the air because I had left them on the counter.
I went back to get my glasses and as I approached his window he put them on and said to everyone in line, "should I keep them, do they look good?" 

Of course everyone wanted him to keep my new sunglasses. (aviator and they did look good on him damn it!)  He gave them back to me and I thanked him and told him it was always a pleasure to work with him. He winked as I said to him  "I know that is what all the girls say don't they?"  He had a good laugh as well as the women working on either side of him. They were teasing him now too.

I got in my car and thought about what a great experience that was at the post office.
One never gets good customer service or sees it anymore so this was truly a pleasure!
This was a great "going postal" experience. Now I just have to get this big man's name.
I plan to call this branch and just tell them how pleasant it is to go into that post office every week. This man deserves to be praised. 
No one likes to stand in line, no one enjoys going to the post office but he makes it a joy.
We all need to work like that.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Found The Rat Bastard

I told you if I got those relatives on it they would whack him!

So take that Puxentawney Phil and your early spring!

Monday, March 25, 2013

On The Run.

I'm running away if I can get the energy.
I'm exhausted. I haven't had much sleep in a few days.
I am living in The Typhoid Hotel. 
I think the house needs to be quarantined, fumagated, wrapped in plastic or duct tape.
It's not good to be us right now.

Dog was sick
Husband continues to be very sick.
What I thought was tendonitis in my shoulder we're finding to be much more.
(torn labrum) Ooh pain.
I am playing nurse maid but without the fun sexy uniform with a healthy Rick. (wink wink)
And if that list isn't bad enough it is STILL snowing!!

While on the run if I should see Punxsutawney Phil trust me when I say that I will be sure to whack him like that fun carnival game, 'Whack a Mole!'    Oh yes sirree that rodent is dead to me.  I got to thinking that I may be able to find some help on this project. I know a lot of people who's names end in vowels. They know a lot about whacking people right? 
 Where's Tony Soprano when you need him?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Awful Weekend

We had big plans, lots of plans and things that had to be done. happens.

Rick wasn't feeling too well Saturday morning and I suggested he take it easy and we'd leave a few hours later.  He took some Aleve and poured another glass of juice and laid back in his chair. 

During this time I ran out to get gas, a lottery ticket and to exchange a cable at Staples. Exciting things you know?   As I was getting my lottery ticket I saw a USAToday sports special edition all about the New York Yankees. I grabbed it and got in line to pay for a few of my items.  The line was long and I was looking through the Yankee paper while I waited. The man behind me apparently saw what I was reading. As I closed the paper he said to me, "Do you like him (referring to Derek Jeter on the cover) because he's so cute?"

OMG really?
Would he ask a guy holding a sports illustrated with the QB Tom Brady on the cover if he liked him because he was so cute? 
I can hear the collective NO he would not. 
I bit my tongue and tried to keep my head from exploding.
All I said was, "No but apparently you think he's really cute don't you?" 
I smiled and let it go. (ok not really cuz I'm writing about it and it still pisses me off)
The idiot laughed so hard at that he began to cough.
I so wanted to say what I was thinking and not be funny or polite but better I didn't.

By the time I got home Rick was feeling bad and looking green.
Izzy was very loopy from her pain medication and I could see that this was not going to be a good day for any of us.  We rearranged the things that had to be done and I told Rick to just take it easy. He didn't fight me on this so I knew he was feeling badly.

I called the vet and told them Izzy's strange behavior and they told me to stop giving her the medication. She also has not had any water since the day before her surgery. She wasn't to drink water after midnight. That was on Thursday. The surgery was Friday and here it was Saturday and her bowl had the same amount of water. So not only was she loopy from the meds they wanted me to give her she wasn't drinking water. They stated that they gave her a great deal of fluids via IV so she was plenty hydrated. It sounded odd to me that the IV fluids would last this long but I am not the vet so what do I know?

Since we were home and not expecting to be in for the evening I asked Rick if he wanted to watch a movie. Izzy was calming down and almost normal again, just not drinking any water. Rick was still feeling awful but he was in his pj's and comfy on the sofa. Three quarters of the way through the movie Rick really began to get stomach cramps. By the end of the movie he was running to the bathroom constantly. Then it began.....
The projective vomiting and well you know, the other end.
Everyone was up all night. Rick gets up to run to the bathroom and that wakes Izzy and then  I hear the retching and I wake up. Oh it was fun.

Sunday morning Rick was looking worse than I have ever seen him in 26 years.
I suggested we go to Urgent Care. No matter what I gave him, Tylenol, Imodium, he couldn't keep it down. A sip of water would make him throw up.  At 10am I was so hungry and since he was okay for a moment and Izzy finally fell asleep I thought I'd be able to make myself some breakfast.  I fried myself one egg and 2 slices of bacon. He yelled that the smell of the bacon was making him sick to please stop it.  Oh my! Those are words I never thought I'd hear. Bacon is one of his favorite things in life.  So I took the bacon out of the pan and sprayed febreez in the air.  I only ate an egg because apparently that wasn't an offensive smell.

By noon he was still throwing up a lot and having the other issue as well. I would have assumed there was nothing left in him to come out of either end. I asked if he wanted to go to urgent care again and he said NO emphatically.  I took Izzy out for a walk and when we got back home Rick stood up and said, "We need to go to the ER/Urgent Care." I asked, Would you like me to go upstairs and get you a change of clothes?"
 He said, "no I'm going like this."

I knew right then he was really sick.  One, because he never goes to the Dr. or urgent care.
Second because he would normally never go out dressed like he was.
He had on a shirt with stains, fleece pants with holes and stains and he was unshaven and he had bed head. 
I didn't care what he looked like I just wanted him to have a doctor see him.  
I got him in the car and off we went. We were there for 3 hrs. They said he has the flu/stomach virus going around right now. They made him pee in a cup and they said he was very dehydrated so like Izzy he received fluids via IV.  They gave him a pill to stop the nausea but since he vomited 3 times while there they decided to give him a shot since the pill was obviously not working.  They said the shot in his ass would make him not only get rid of nausea but he would also get very sleepy very quickly.
Wow, they weren't kidding. He made a noise and I asked if he was okay and he said, "Aah,the nausea just left me" and then he was out like a light.  Just like a light had been turned off, that quickly.  The IV still in his arm but he was out cold. I may want one of those suckers on the nights I can't sleep.

The doctor gave me follow up instructions and called in a prescription for Rick once they took the IV from his arm.
I woke Rick and got him into the car. I dropped him off at home and then went off to get his Rx.  I got home to find Izzy needing to go out and she still is not drinking any water. She is peeing but don't you think it's odd to not take a drop of water since Thursday?  I'll call the vet in the morning for her next.

Right now at 7:30p they are both sleeping and I hope it lasts awhile.
I am actually getting to sit still for a moment and it feels great.
I imagine this will be short lived but it's nice and I appreciate it while I have it.
None of us got much sleep last night but at least I wasn't vomiting.
I hope the sleep alone will do wonders for Rick.

I spent an hour calling the customers Rick was to do work for tomorrow and rearranged his schedule. Everyone was so nice. Because we are expecting a lot of snow they said he may not have made it anyway so no big deal.  I was so thrilled that everyone was so nice and accommodating. That isn't usually the case. It was truly a blessing.

Now if I can keep from getting this crud Rick has it will be amazing.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Break

This week at Izzy the Wonder Dog's favorite place they celebrated spring break.
At Dogtopia they had the whole scene for the dogs, the lei's, the water, the sand.
In other words, the dogs at doggy day care had a ball on spring break.
Hopefully she didn't get all drunk and act like a slut on her spring break.

Look who had her picture taken while there?

How the hell did they get her to smile? I pick up my camera and she will do all possible to take it out of my hand or hide. I asked if they offered her food and they said no.
Ouch. My own dog behaves for others but not me.

Rick and I need spring break come to think of it.
But I'll be a slut.


My blogger buddy Jenny over at Off On My Tangent has an etsy shop.
She does some fun paintings, words on wood.
Here are a couple that she recently sent me.
So go on her links and check her out.

Not only is she talented but she's got a heart as big as can possibly be.
And her blog is funny too. So there ya go.

Here are a couple that she sent me.
I love 'em.

I seemed to have cut off the one on the bottom.  Typical.
It says "do until you can"

All you talented people make me green with envy.
I still haven't found a talent.
So I guess I'll just continue to "do until I can"

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday Random Items in my Head

My boyfriend has a new movie coming out so he has been all over the tube of late.
Lucky me!
Of course each time his name shows up it's on my dvr so I FF through the other "celebrities" until he is on and when his little cute self is off so goes the show.
This morning I started my morning with a cup of coffee and watching Jerry on the Kimmel show. My goodness he is manly. (insert swoon sound here)  I am not a fan of action movies at all but this one (Oympus is Falling) may be one I'll see if I ever get the damn time.

I finished the floor in my laundry room last night so the room is done.
Now we are shopping for the best deal on floors for the 2nd/3rd floor and steps.

Last evening Rick and I went over our calendars.
We literally have no spare time it is crazy.
We have events every weekend through June. 
Rick's daughters wedding shower is coming up in April in Ohio no less.

Every weekend from now through June 9th we have somewhere we have to be.
We have company coming in April & May. 
In May, the week people are coming is the week we will be planning our trip for the following week. Making sure we have all things needed for the wedding week etc.
You know that week of frenzy running around to pick up clothes, tailoring, hair, etc. all while working.  So that week will be hell and yet fun because we love the people coming for a visit.
We don't like being this busy at all.
I wish I had the leisure of nothing. Do nothing, go no where, except for the lake.
Do people have those weeks/weekends?
Okay Mike I know you do, you're retired and a man of great leisure, don't rub it in!

Izzy News.....
Izzy The Wonder Dog is having her top canine tooth extracted this Friday morning.
I know I've shared with you before how Izzy hates dogs sniffing her butt.
I swear this dog is more human than dog. She prefers people over dogs as well as the number one dog thing, smelling butts, she hates.

Anyhoo, going to the vet is a real treat for me. I'd rather have the root canal than take her.
The good part is she gets all excited to get in the car because the car means one of two thing to her.
Swimming or Doggy Day Care. Both of which she loves.

We needed to have Izzy's blood work drawn prior to the surgery.
We arrive in the parking lot of the vet's and Izzy sits up in the back seat, looks around, and lays back down. She refuses to get out of the car because she knows this is neither swimming or doggy day care.
This is the exact reason why I made the appointment when I did so Rick could go with me.
He actually picks 70lbs up like it's nothing. I can not do that.
Rick scoops Izzy up and brings her inside.
 She jumps onto the dog chair they have and sits so close to us that she's a Velcro dog.
Then she will only look out the window behind her. She acts like if she makes eye contact to these folks inside they will then see her. She does this trick a lot. Like if I'm not looking at you you can't see me either. I find this idiosyncrasy funny.

We are escorted into a room to wait for the tech to take her blood.
Immediately upon entering the room she backs into a corner.
She is now sitting very straight and her butt is up against the corner of the room.
She will not come out of that corner. While waiting Rick and I just let her be there because we know she thinks they are going to stick that damn thermometer in her butt and she HATES that.

The door opens and 3 techs come in. One is taking notes so we assumed she is in training.
Izzy sees these three young women and she tries to back up some more but the damn wall won't let her. They got her out of the corner by food.
The lead vet tech says we know a Lab will do most anything for food. She's got that right! Izzy stands up and leans forward for the treat but she won't walk forward and they continue to bait her by moving it.  She is finally out of the corner and Rick and I turn her around.
Izzy puts her face on Rick's leg and just looks at him with big sad puppy eyes as Rick holds her face in his hands. She doesn't move, she doesn't make a fuss. She is perfect but we know she is unhappy and as soon as they let go of her back legs she is going to turn around and sit in that corner again. 

The blood was drawn. As soon as they removed the needle they pat her and she sits down quickly. Everyone is laughing. They tell her to turn around and they will give her another treat. Iz knows the word treat.  Now her tail is wagging and she is fine but she wants out.
She grabs the treats and goes to the door. That made them laugh too. We sadly know this routine so this wasn't the first time we've seen this.

Izzy pulls Rick to the front door as I pay. She just wants out of there and who can blame her.
Now come Friday when we have to leave her there that will be the toughie.
No treats and she will be shaking and scared again.
I think it's just as hard on her human parents as it is for her.(well almost)
No stick chewing for awhile and we all know how she loves her sticks. 

Monday, March 18, 2013


What were you doing at 7:30am?
Perhaps you were following a dog around so she could find a good place UNDER the snow so she could pee?
(Yes, you're correct these aren't great photos - they were taken from a cell phone)

Beautiful Spring Day isn't it? I'm fuckin' giddy.
 I don't wanna go in Mom, I'm happy, happy, happy.
 Look a stick, I love sticks. I can't hear you. Nope not going inside. Can't hear a thing!
I got a stick.

Friday, March 15, 2013

And so it begins......

I had a call last night from a friend I haven't seen or heard from in years. (Linda.)
She was asked how she met her husband and the story involves me as the main player in this event. She said she's been thinking about me and called my parents to get my number.

It was so damn good to hear from her.
This past week has been a lot of people from the past. It's been bittersweet.

Linda and I were single at the same time in life and had a great single life together.
We traveled, went out and did things single girls do, met for lunch and or dinners and talked about men in our lives.

One afternoon we met for lunch downtown.
I couldn't wait to tell her about this great guy I had just met.
I went on and on about him and how much of a good time he was.
I said he was just what the doctor ordered, fun. (this followed a bad breakup)
He was tall, funny, kind, sweet and smart as a whip.
A great transition man as we girls say.
I mentioned his first name but that was all I said.
As we were leaving our lunch and heading back to work she asked when I would see him again, I told her tomorrow.  We were hitting the road for a road trip and I'd call her when I got back.

Because she was in my life so much she knew what was going on.
After dating for awhile I told her that I adored this man and he was great in the sack but he was just fun. He wasn't someone I knew that I would have a serious relationship with we just enjoyed our time together.  No pressure, no committments just a good time.
(Yes I sound like a slut don't I?)
He was more of a great friend who I could really talk to and just happened to be fun in bed too. An evening of popcorn and movies in was even a fun night of laughter.
She laughed and nodded with understanding. 
For some reason this time I said his full name.
OMG the look on her face was horrifying to me.
I said, 'What is that look for?" She knew him - Oh my God!!

He was the brother of her sister in law.
Oh God. 
We girls share a lot of information as all you girls reading know.
A. Lot. Of. Information.
More than one needs to know about someone in your family.
Someone who I might add was at her family functions and holiday dinners.
OMG I was mortified. Why hadn't I said his last name before?

After we got over the initial shock we laughed.
And we continued to laugh about this for years.
Over time she, Eddie and I had some good laughs over this.
I can truly say everyone who met Ed loved him.
Except Rick. He had no reason to not like him he hardly knew him but he didn't like him.

Eddie lost his job when his company left town. He began his own business and it was limo/van service. He took people to tri-state airports, he was a bachelor party driver, he was everything that you expect a leisure  tour service to be. There were times when he would drop people off at the airport in Cleveland and give me a call and say he was in town. We'd go to dinner and have cocktails and fun. You were never bored with this man.
You also could never not smile with this man. 

I was beginning to have feelings for Rick at this time and I told Ed this.
I wasn't sure how to handle this because we (rick and I) were truly just friends I told him.
He told me to dump the guy. If he couldn't see that I was a great catch, then cut him loose.
I thought that was a bit harsh since Rick didn't even know I was even feeling this way.

Rick would call me and if I mentioned Ed was in town he would tell me that there was something about his guy that he just didn't like. I would laugh.
Then one day Ed called me and Rick was there but leaving. I told him I'd call him back.
When I called him back he began his complaints about Rick.
I laughed and told him the two of you are basically the same damn person why in the world don't you like him?  He said, "maybe because we both like you."

Light bulb went off. I got it now.

When Rick and I became a couple Ed was now dating his soon to be wife.
I saw him out and we laughed how we both were dating people with the same damn first name as our first spouses. What are the odds of that we asked one another.
We hugged and went on our way.

Two years ago when I was home visiting my family I ran into him.
He looked the same with the same big ass grin on his face. I got to meet his wife who was adorable. We chatted about family and business and he asked if Rick was treating me the way I deserved to be treated. I said he was indeed. He said, "good  'cause he's bigger than me."
We laughed at that comment, hugged and said our goodbyes.

That was the last time I saw him. Linda called to tell me he died.
He went to the doctor and was told he had pancreatic cancer.
He died less than 3 weeks later.

She shared with me the funny stories that were told at the funeral.
So many people spoke and one was funnier than the other.
She said, "You know he would have loved every minute of this!"
I did indeed.

Since finding out I can't shake it.
It is that time in my life I guess where your friends and loved ones begin to die.

I'm not liking this much.

Green Beer For Everybody!

The only Catholic announcements I'm interested in this week are St.
Patrick's Day bar specials.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Psychic Peg

I'm so smart or possibly  just psychic right?
I predicted they would pick an old white guy for the new Pope.
Amazing aren't I?

Rick is home and Izzy FINALLY  went to sleep last night at 7p until 5am this morning.
The first sleep since he left! It was wonderful. She let out a big loud sigh and then crashed on the floor by our feet.  That made us laugh.
Heaven forbid something happens to Rick this dog would die of a broken heart.

Speaking of dogs...a good friend sent me this.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Rick has been out of town. The first few hours are great. Then I miss him terribly.
Then he calls to tell me how much he misses me and I just want him to come home damn it.
While I enjoy the sweet nothings and the cute texts it's better if he's here even if annoying the hell out of me.

Izzy doesn't deal well with it either and that keeps me so damn busy.
She will stare at the back door hoping he will walk through....ALL NIGHT!
Then at 2am she woke me so that I will walk to every room in the house and look for Rick.
You have never lived until you have a Labrador retriever who is a herder, herd you through your home. She came back to bed not happy that he still was not home. Then just as I was dozing off again I heard her go downstairs. I wanted to be sure she didn't need to go out so I got up and threw on clothes because my neighbors hate it when I walk the dog naked.

There she was staring at the back door. She wanted me to let her out. She would have sat out there on the patio staring at the garage door waiting if I would have let her. I decided she could stay at the door but inside. I was not letting her outside at this hour of the morning.  No matter what she wanted to do I was going to bed.  She soon followed me and nuzzled up against me in bed but she was so restless and I didn't sleep much either.

Rick comes home tonight. Thank heavens.

Last night I had a friend from Charlotte call.  She visited briefly last fall.
I so miss my friends from all over the US.
It was great - her hubby was out of town, my hubby was out of town.
We sat on the phone and got all caught up and it was wonderful. It made me sad later.
I so wish she lived near by. She would come over, bitch about my hair, go into my wine and pour herself a drink. I wish my sister lived near by too. She would do the same!
I wish my friends all over the country lived near by. It sucks.
That is what I get for living everywhere I suppose. You leave behind a bit of you.

Deb, who I chatted with last night, we have known each other longer than Rick and I have known each other. She lived in upstate NY and I in Ohio when we first met.
We've worked together since 1987. Now both self employed.
At one point she was even my boss. Then she realized why no one wanted that position and she came back to the field and was my equal again.
Being middle management was far better for us both than upper management.
Good thing to learn I suppose.  But through all the surgeries, men, careers, moves, dogs, hairstyles and through our late 20's, 30's, 40's and now 50's we weathered it all.
Laughing all the way. We were stranded in a NYC blackout together and we drank away the mini bar on the 21st floor, used our laptops as a light source and shared the $15 mini can of pringles in the mini bar by counting them equally out. We were so hungry!
We whined about how we wished we had eaten a bigger lunch than a small house salad and water. If we had only known!  It was certainly an adventure I will never forget as well as her bloody mary's with these pickled awesome beans....who knew?  The video she made for me of her face lift, enough to make one rethink that idea!  Her flashing my husband with her new boobs, and our need for a big ole greasy breakfast after a night out together. (You know to sop up the liquor) Oh how many bacon and eggs mornings we had in Vegas while "working"

Yep, Rick's been gone, Izzy's been a spaz and I got to spend an evening with a friend who I miss dearly.

Then I got this email from 4 different friends. 1 this morning 3 this week.
All telling me this is a sign for my business.
I think it's a hoot and I also think it's true - right on down to the thin mints.

But the funniest thing of all is that 4 of my friends thought of me when they saw it and felt the need to send it to me. Priceless.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stories of Strength

I read a story today in the USA Today that made me think of my mom.

This story is about a 46 yr old woman who is living with ACLS.
I believe that to be the most horrific of diseases.
You are there - inside - but nothing else works for you.
You can't speak or move but mentally you are there. How awful.

She wrote a book titled, Until I Say Good-Bye: My Year of Living With Joy.
She leaves behind a book of her life and what a wonderful gift that is for her children.
The articles states the book was purchased for a movie.  

I remember seeing a woman on Oprah who was also in her very early 40's and dying.
She left her daughter a video diary. She had several, each a different year and discussed the serious, the funny and the frivioulous like makeup. All the things a young girl wants to have her mom be there for her.  I cried like a baby watching the video on Oprah and I didn't even know her. I can't fathom the strength these women must have had to make these videos or write this all down while being scared, sad, and sick. And let us not forget the deadline of getting it all done. A real deadline.

I often wonder if these technologies were available would my mother have done that?
She always was fighting her disease. I really believe she thought if she wrote it down it would come true. I remember her in denial and all those talks about it with my father.
(yes, they didn't know I was listening) Then again maybe she wasn't in denial at first and just possibly that was my filter because I was in denial.  

I also remember the day she told me she would die. I was 12 or 13.
I hated that conversation as I have shared with you before here on the blog.
She spoke so matter of fact.
She was trying to prepare me but I hated every minute of it.
Yet it is as vivid today as the day it all went down.
Looking back it really was helpful to me. 
I heard that voice for a long time as things changed. I remembered along the way each thing she told me I would go through and how to handle them all.  It wasn't written down in notes, or a book or videotaped. If it were I would probably read it again, watch it over and over again.
Funny how I have the worst memory of anyone you know outside of dementia yet I remember those moments like little movies in my mind. Kind of like sitcom songs (and cartoons) from my youth that still play on the radio in my head.

I admire these women's strength. 
I often wonder if I could find the strength of these women if I had to.
I don't know.  Would/Could you?

Friday, March 8, 2013

Itchy Eyes .... YIPEE!

Come on, you all know what itchy eyes mean.

I have never been so happy to be dealing with allergies.
I have had itchy eyes for a couple of days now.
I know that means spring is here.
Spring is hard to find right now but by next week they are predicting 60 degree weather.

Then again these are the same people who had the government shut down because of the threat of some snow. Which by way to those who don't live around here, DC never really received any real snow.

Look, I can predict the weather better than our local weather men & women because my eyes, sinuses and the plethora of allergy symptoms never lie. They are clockwork. They are accurate. They are miserable, except they tell me spring is upon us. I can live with that.

I have never been so excited to feel like shit!

Friday's Goof Balls.

Filed under dumb ass criminals.

Gee the criminal should have studied the license photo she stole don'tcha think?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Old Shows

Tuesday night I didn't want to do anything.
I had finished painting the laundry room and I had just finished a book.
A weird book that was hard to shake. After reading this book I thought it would make a much better movie than a book.  Basically the story is good and the twist is great, the way it was written was dreadful.

Oh sure I could have read my photography books, I could have done some domestic things but I just wanted to do nothing Tuesday night. Mindless and lazy.
And there was nothing on TV to watch.
Rick was watching American Idol and I'm not into it this year so I went to another TV room and thought I'd watch some things I had on my DVR.

I never got to the shows on my DVR. You see I got in my comfy seat with my ice water and settled in and saw that WKRP was on so I thought I'd check out this show that I used to love.  It was my favorite all time episode.  What luck I thought.
In fact Rick utters the phrase, "As God is my witness I thought turkeys could fly" every year at Thanksgiving because this episode was his favorite too.

After that 30 minutes of giggling about falling turkeys from the sky, one of my favorite shows of all time was on next, The Mary Tyler Moore Show. 
I had to look again to see what channel this was. It was called the Rural channel.
This would not be a channel I would normally tune into but I was loving the 70's line up. 
As I watched Rhoda and Mare I kept thinking 2 things,
1. Why did everyone think Rhoda was fat? She really wasn't fat. Or was it because Mary was a stick and standing next to her anyone would look fat?  Or perhaps she was heavier as the show went on but not in the early episodes as this show was from.
2. The other thing that kept going through my head was, God can that Valerie Harper rock a scarf!  I wish I could rock a scarf like this woman.

Next came the Bob Newhart Show after Mary Tyler Moore. Man this was my night.
No, not the one from the 80's when he owned an Inn in Vermont.  The show where he lived in Chicago, was a psychiatrist who had a motely crew of  patients.  His wife Emily was constantly saying, "Oh Bob" 
When this show was on during my college age we used to play a drinking game where every time someone on the show said "Bob" you had to chug or take a shot. They say "bob" a lot!!  Trust me on that. Last night I was counting them and it made me laugh.

So I had 1- 1/2 hrs of mindless television that made me laugh and it was a perfect evening of doing nothing. I loved it.

Then Wednesday morning I wake up to hear that Valerie Harper is dying of brain cancer.
I felt terrible. I don't know this woman but she gave me years of laughter and a great Tuesday evening. Why did it hit me like that? Seemed silly to me.

I wanted to be she and Mary when I was young.
Just two single gals working and making it on their own.
They were the television women when I was growing up that I wanted to be like.
(we didn't have kardashians thank heavens)
I saw two career women trying to figure it out.
All while wearing great clothes (well of that era) and having great apartments.
So after an evening of watching them for the first time in years I now have seen this sad news splattered across magazines, my television news and my computer.
Valerie has only  months to live.
And for some reason it affects me. Don't understand why, as I said I didn't know her.
But it feels like crap. It's like a great childhood friend who always made you laugh, smile and made you feel so comfortable is now terminally ill. And another little light reminds you of your mortality

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

That Four Letter Word Again.


Crap!  We are getting a foot of snow out here west of the city. 
I am thrilled beyond belief as you can well imagine.  (See two posts ago)
It sucks. It stinks. It's cold and I hate it. Damn it. Damn it. Damn it.
Can I swear enough for this weather? I think not.
Apparently no one is listening to me because it's suppose to be warming up.
Cherry Blossoms are expected in full bloom in 20 days. We can't have no stinkin' snow.
That damn rodent in Punxsutawney lied again.

Okay let's think spring break shall we?
Did you ever go to spring break?  I did.

I saved up for this trip. Not much and apparently not enough.
I went to spring break and I even remember it. That's rare I know.
Being the baseball fan I am I even went to a spring training game while there.
My girlfriend only went along because there would be "boys" there.
And boy were there. We had a great time and the game was great too.

We were running out of money quickly.
My girlfriend convinced me that we only needed to enter this wet t-shirt contest at this bar a few doors from our hotel because one of us would win.
She was convinced we would then have enough $$ to hold us over for the remainder of our trip. 

I had a few shots and went along with her. Can you say dumb ass? 
I won $500 which in the 70's was a lot of money to two 20 - 21 yr old girls.
Our airfare didn't even cost us that much, not even close.
So I gave my friend $250 and we now had enough money to continue our "lifestyle" while in Florida and had a ball. You know our "lifestyle"  like eat and drink. 
First thing we got was a pizza. I'm sure the 2nd was alcohol.
Sure guys buy you drinks but we also liked to eat. They never buy you food.

Thankfully in those days there were no twitter accounts, cell phone camera's, facebook or any other incriminating outlets to haunt me my entire life.
What a dumb ass thing to do for money!! 
I'd kill my kid. Good thing I never had any right? 

Thankfully, I can tell you about this as well as laugh about it with my girlfriend, Susan. 
But I don't have to show you the evidence. When her oldest daughter went off to spring break she asked her mom if she ever got to do that when she was her age.
Susan told her we went together and she also left out a lot of information.

Susan dropped her daughter off at the airport and then stopped by my house and we had some wine and a few good laughs. She even brought the "winning" photo.
It was burned!  I have it in memory I do not need that getting out. She agreed.

There are no internet photo's to haunt me and I am thrilled that technology was not around when I was a dumb ass kid.  To Susan and I the fact that I did this was funnier because she was always doing crazy things and I was looking out for her. She was the one that I had to drive home, or cover for, or lie for so she wouldn't get in trouble.  She was the one my father said was a bad influence on me.  She was having sex and on  birth control and I thought I was going to be the oldest living virgin. She was sneaking out of her house and smoking cigarettes and I had never done either. And yet, I went along with her this time because I was hungry and figured what the hell no one knows me here.  Oh those famous last words.

Today in my mailbox I was greeted with this card regarding Spring Break and it all came flooding back to me.  Sadly this is very accurate of my life now. And that is so okay with me.
I have lived a very full and fun (?) life so being a bit sedate in my old age is just fine by me.
I am going to call Susan this afternoon and I know we will have a couple of good laughs for sure over these memories! (or should I say mammories?)

Monday, March 4, 2013


I love wine.
Guess you can tell from the picture of me in my header as well as my avatar.

But while dieting I have stopped drinking.
I would much prefer to not eat than to not have wine.
But there is a lot of empty calories in liquor and wine and so I stopped drinking.
Until this weekend that is.

Ah, I really like wine but I LOVE good wine.

Saturday Rick and I opened one of our old dusty bottles from the "wine cellar" and enjoyed a great 16 years old cabernet that aged beautifully. If only I could age as beautifully!
I so didn't want that bottle to be empty.  If you enjoy a good quality red wine then you would have loved this.  I can't stop thinking about it.   Is that wrong?
The only thing that could have possibly made this better is a dark truffle. Mmmmm....
'Cause you all know that a great chocolate truffle is only made more magnificent with a great red wine.

I know, I know, there are 12 step programs for this but that is if you admit you have a problem. I don't have a problem. Unless you consider that I don't have enough of this vintage left in the cellar, or any chocolate.
Now that is a real problem come to think of it.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Happily Ever After

While getting caught up on my reading I found this great story.
It moved me.

That Damn February is finally outta here!

That fucker known as February is finally gone.
For a month with fewer days it sure seems to last longer than any other month.

Today is March.
I am expecting it to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb. - damnit.  
I don't care that my neighbor told me yesterday that we are supposed to get a horrible storm with that white shit next week.
I don't like this woman and I equally dislike her predictions.
So there, you mean prognostic neighbor.
I am living in complete denial on this.

I heard from my sister that my fathers face is looking great, however they found more cancer. This time on his head and another spot on his face. Honestly this is getting old and I hate it. I can only imagine how he feels. He's been such a tough cookie through this ordeal. My mom and sister told me that it is like he has all new skin and he looks younger. A facelift so to speak. Helluva way to get one. Ya'll know I would like one but certainly not like that!

My sister and my mom told me that he is getting so many compliments he told them he is getting conceited. Knowing my father he is eating this up and telling everyone he knows he looks good and flirting his ass off. The old man is charming when he wants to be I'll give him that.

Enjoy the warmer month of March.
.....Go outside and drink.