Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Man Card

Rick yelled to me from the other room - "It's official, they are going to take away my Man Card Margaret"

I yelled back, "Why? What did you do?"

"We got the new People magazine and I looked at the cover and my first thought was, Damn those are great shoes Paula Deen is wearing"

I began to laugh as I went to the room he was in.
He turned the cover towards me and says, "Aren't those shoes cool?"

"Wow, they really are Rick"  I say laughing. 

I better not share that with his poker or fishing buddies should I?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stinky Neighbor

Two doors down from my home sits a crock pot on the front porch and it is plugged into the outside outlet.  It smells so damn foul it makes my dog Izzy run away.

The first day I noticed this horrendous odor I had just opened the door to pick up a package UPS had left me on my porch.  I came back inside and said to Rick it smells bad out there, like possibly a gas leak or worse. So he goes to the front door and sticks his head out the door.
He says he smells nothing.   How can he not smell anything it was so strong and awful?!
I figured his smeller was broken!

That evening when he went for a walk with the dog Rick got a good wiff of this horrible "stuff" on our neighbors porch.  He came home and said, "Oh my goodness that is the worst smelling stuff I have ever smelled."   No shit sherlock. Good to know your nose is indeed working.
I couldn't imagine how he couldn't smell it before.

Then we began to discuss what could someone possibly be making on their porch and why would they make something that smells so foul?

As the days/weeks go on it just gets stronger and more foul smelling.

Last week (week 3 of this stench) the wind picked up & that got all the neighbors asking one another what was that smell?  A sweet woman who I see when I go to my mailbox told me she called the gas company.  Her name is pronounced Young but I am sure that is not how it is spelled. (She is Korean)  I laughed and said to her, " Young, I believe it is our neighbor, they have a crock pot on their porch and the stench is coming from there." She giggled and said, "Oh no I called the gas company." 

The gas company arrived and determined there was no gas leak but the stuff on the neighbors porch was pretty damn stinky the man said. He asked if we knocked on his door.
I told the gas man that our neighbor doesn't answer his door - ever. 
We have tried for other reasons before this. 

This past Sunday Rick saw the man who lives in the house with the stinky crock pot.
He asked him what it was. He said it was something in Korean food/beverage that has to ferment.  Rick asked, "is it like saki?" He said no with his head down and not actually looking at Rick and scurried into his house. 
He's a friendly sort isn't he?
I can't fathom eating or drinking anything in the world that smelled this horrendous.
It is so much worse smelling this week. 

The young man who lives in this house with the stinky crock pot is pretty much a stealth neighbor. He has lived there for 3 years and I have only seen him 2 times. He only nods and says nothing.  So I now have learned he is Korean and makes something stinky to ingest.
I do find it funny that Young, the woman who called the gas company, is also Korean and she is apparently unfamiliar with this stench.  She has not lived in this country for a long time so I would assume she would  know.

I am on a quest to find out what this is. Curiosity has now taken over.
The only thing I have found online that is stinky is something called kimchi.
But I didn't read where this must sit in a crock pot for weeks on end.
According to Rick he made it sound like it was something you drank.
Kimchi appears to be something you eat. But I don't know that for fact.

Imagine how bad it must smell if he won't put it in his own house?
Then again perhaps we are all going to just blow up from whatever this is brewing on his porch. 
You know how they always say on the news after a neighbor has murdered the people in his home, "Oh he was such a nice quiet young man"

Okay this guy may be quiet but he packs a real stink!

My hair dresser is Korean so I am going to ask her Wednesday when I see her.
I am dying of courosity of what this could possibly be.
Any ideas?

Monday, January 28, 2013


Many many moons ago I moved into Rick's rental house.
It was so damn cold all the time.
The old windows were drafty and I would bet the insulation was none exsistant.
It was a very old house which didn't help (and haunted)

His bathroom was so "guy" like. He was a stickler about having a clean tub and toilet but trust me that was all he was a stickler about. The floor, the sink, the rug, Oh my!
There was a big blue hairy rug that I know he never washed. It grossed me out.
His shower curtain liner was clear at one time but now filled with soap film.
His shower curtain was fine but ugly.
And he had an old picture on the wall of a woman getting out of a wooden tub of water naked of course.
Now if I'm being honest it was a nice photo and frame. It was an old fashioned photo in sepia and tasteful but....I didn't want to look at this woman on my bathroom wall.

I moved in and thankfully shortly thereafter he went away on a fishing trip weekend.
I got to work immediately.  
I removed that gross shower curtain liner and replaced it with a new clean, clear one.
And then I thought - let's get a new shower curtain too.  I made sure it was not "girly". 
I put that new curtain up and I put down a nice clean matching new rug in front of the sink area.  Anything was better than that blue hairy thing he called a rug.
I threw the old one in the wash in case he wanted it. I was hoping that it would fall to pieces in the wash so I could just throw it out. I suspected it had never been in the wash before.
I would have just thrown it out but I thought I couldn't take over his place that much at once.
I had to slowly make it "our" place. 
I painted the dirty white walls with a new color and put up some clean towels.
It smelled good for the first time since I moved in.  I was thrilled.

When he came home that Sunday night he walked into the bathroom to pee and he shouted, "Hey it looks like a girl lives here."    "She does!"  I yelled back.

He understood the picture being gone he said but what was wrong with the shower curtain he wanted to know. Oh please!    So I explained the obvious and as I rattled off the issues it was like a light bulb when off as he realized it all and he really laughed.
A week later he came out of the bathroom and said, "you know it even smells good in there now, how did you do that?"   "Ah, clean!"   Silly man.

The water tank in that old home must have been the size of a pea because 2 people couldn't take a quick hot shower in the same hour. Getting ready for work was impossible if I didn't get there first.  So out of necessity we began to shower together.
Now stop was not like that.  (on work days anyway)
It was just necessary so we both got hot water. It had to be quick short shower because we would run out of water so damn quickly.

Rick would jump out of the shower first to dry off and I would stay behind the curtain to stay warm and dry off in there.
One day as I stayed behind I let out a small eek and he immediately put my towel over the heat vent and handed it to me all warm.

Wow.  My first thought was, "is that all I need to do?"   No words?
That began my spoiling. That little thing became a ritual without me ever asking. 
I'm fortunate that he does these kinds of thoughtful things all the time.

The other night sitting on the sofa watching a movie he got up to get himself some more of a treat he was eating. 
When he got up I held up my almost empty glass of wine and said nothing at all. 
He immediately filled it.

I realized I am a big ole spoiled brat and I like it! 

Friday, January 25, 2013

A Light Week

Mike, over at Billions of Versions of Normal,  wrote about my gal Pink.
That got me looking for one of my favorite songs by her.

Their voices go well together.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

They're Everywhere

This is a real occurance.
Do not adjust your screen.

Remember the movie Sixth Sense? The little boy would say, "I see dead people"
Well I wish I saw dead people.
I am the lucky one who sees and hears stupid people.

 Read this like you are Jethro Bodine from the Beverly Hillbillies, “Can I just git me some of  that stuff you use on the tubs to do the bathtub myself?”

To clarify I asked him, “you want us to sell you our proprietary product so that you can save money and do it yourself - am I understanding you correctly?”

“yes, ma’am.”

“No sir we don’t do that I’m sorry. ”


Hell, not even a pleasant good bye and have a nice day?
I mean I deserved it, I didn’t laugh at him.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I saw this cartoon in the New Yorker and it made me laugh.

It's perfect for a blog because on any given day you've offended somebody.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Working from Home

I have always worked from home.
I am very fortunate in that way.
But it has it's issues.
A commute on the beltway is not one of them.
I have a great commute, up a flight of stairs.
But the thing about my commute? I don't get a snow day.

I find if you work from home you work more hours because you can.
You don't get breaks. No one stops by your desk to chat and waste a few minutes.
Hell, sometimes I find myself wiggling in my seat and realize - "Go to the bathroom dumb ass, it's just down the hall off your master bedroom"

When I first began working from home I had to learn to turn it off.
I would turn on my computer in the morning and think I would just glance at emails before my coffee. But then you see issues, your boss, whatever.
Before you know it you are still in your bathrobe and you haven't even bathed yet and it's 1:00pm.  (and wiggling in your seat)

My poor UPS man actually looked up to view our house numbers one day because I answered the door in something other than my red bathrobe.
Yes, that day I had my hair done, my makeup on and regular street clothes. (dr.'s appointment)
So of course he thought he was at the damn wrong house!
He didn't recognize me without my red bathrobe.
 He even said that to me. How mortifying is that?!
After that I realized I really should get dressed for work. 
Poor man was all confused. That began me dressing each day for work. Not dressing well, but at least I had clothes on and not my bathrobe or pj's which he was used to.

The other thing I had to adjust was answering the phones.
In the evening I would hear my office phone ring and I would run upstairs to answer it.
Always seemed to be an issue that would take hours to resolve.
Before you know it you have been working for another 3 hours and everyone in your home has gone to bed.

Now you all know if your office phone is ringing at 8pm you don't even know it let alone answer it. So after a few years of this I stopped answering my phone after hours.
Yes, I am a slow learner.
Office closed between 5 - 6pm eastern time and no way was I going to answer it afterwards. If my boss needed me he knew my cell. Thankfully he didn't work after hours either!

It's even harder to do when you own the business but now I am adamant about not answering the phone on weekends, holidays and after hours. You need to learn to turn it off or it becomes all consuming. I have a real life outside work and I plan to enjoy it.

Now the good part of being self employed and working from a home office is the ability to walk my dog at lunch.  To wear sweat pants or leggings.  To not wear makeup or heels.
I still work longer hours but I make the hours now.

Just because ones office is in ones home doesn't mean they aren't focused on the job at hand. For some reason people think they can come over to the house, stop by for a chat, or ask me to go do something with them during the day.  I assume these same people are the ones who can't focus on a job while working from home. Maybe they are the type that need the structure of an office environment to actually work.  I know a lot of people say they couldn't focus at home. I get that. My mom never understands this work from home thing.
She figures if I'm home I can chat with her, do laundry and scrub the bathroom.
I asked her if she did that while she was at work. Her answer? "Why no Peggy because I'm not home." She didn't get it.
My father once asked me how I knew what to do?  I found that strange since he was a master plumber who owned his own business and did commercial and industrial plumbing. Who told him what to do each day? 

I have a friend in Maryland who come to Virginia every other month.
She will ask me to go shopping with her at a big Virginia mall she loves.
I always want to do that to her some day at her office, you know just call her at work and say. "Hey, I'm in town want to go shopping?"  But I don't.  
I don't call her at work and ask her to go to the mall during the day.
I don't ask if I can stop by her office to shoot the shit.
It drives me bat shit crazy that I still get that from people.
Not to say there are some days I can't do those things.But to assume I can do them every day and then they get mad because I won't can drive me mad.
I want to shout, I AM WORKING - REALLY!

I am lucky I have always worked from home. I know that.
When I did work outside a home office it was an airport.
So again not stuck in a cubicle or have a boss hanging over me.
I've never worked side by side so to speak of a boss.
If I ever had to work in a cubicle I think I would go stark raving mad.
I would feel like veal all penned in.
It makes me itchy just thinking about it.
A cubicle isn't for me. Just like working from home isn't for everyone.

So as I type this on my lunch break, I hear my dog snoring at my feet, I am eating frozen grapes at my desk and I got to listen to the Inauguration on my Sirius radio online.

I'm pretty damn lucky aren't I??

Friday, January 18, 2013

Tiger proposes to ex wife.....huh?

Just had to come back for this......

Holy scandal week.

The Notre Dame football player scandal is so damn confusing to me that I am lost.
The story just seems to get more convoluted as more info comes out.

But the one that interested me was Tiger.
I read and saw where Tiger Woods just proposed to his ex-wife, Elin.
Wow. Interesting.
What would you do girls?
I hope she has a no cheat clause in the prenup.

I guess we aren't hearing a lot about Tiger due to Lance Armstrong making his mea culpa rounds.  I watched some of Lance last night but I haven't watched it all yet.

I knew Oprah would be light on him and she was - At least from what I saw so far anyway.
I would have asked him if he ever considered the drugs he used causing his cancer.
It's been proven that testosterone and some of the other fun things he took indeed do cause cancer. He refers to his cancer as though he was a big sad victim of it and how wonderful he was to be so strong minded to overcome that challenge. 
I look at that a bit differently. To me he caused this himself.
He did the drugs, he got their side effects.  
He did do a great job in over coming this obstacle and building the organization Live Strong. Otherwise I think he is a big fat liar, self absorbed asshole and arrogant bully.

But wait.....this post is about Tiger.
Therapy worked? He's a new man? Will Elin take him back?
Is it even true?
Heard it on Fox Sports and perhaps they are like Faux Fox News and their information is all made up shit.
Who knows?

Would you take him back? 
For me it's a gray area. You?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Computers are our Friend Right?

We got the computer back on Tuesday.
We have about 90% of our data.
I am very pleased with that.
All of the things we need to work and run a business are there.
Those are the most important things that we needed so this is a win in my book.

The company who fixed things up for us was wonderful!
Professional, responsive, fair and oh so upfront and honest.
GeekABC.  Love them!!
You see years ago Geeks on Call royally screwed up our computer when all we needed was something so small. The guy kept popping pills too. When I questioned him about this he told me that he has to take percocets every 1-2 hours because he has a back problem.
Yeah sure and I am tall, blond and flat chested. Please!

The bad part of this retrieval of my data was this - it was like receiving all our data in a big ole pile.
Think of your office and all your files in cabinets and on your desk.
Imagine pouring it all into a big ole pile on the floor and then mixing it up.
That is what I have to fish through to find anything.
I have been spending most of time sorting and making new folders and putting things in their proper place. Or searching for them. Fun, Fun, Fun.

I spent the good part of a day just trying to find the things I need every day and then worked my way back after that.
This makes me want to drink. Seriously yesterday was a long day and all I wanted was to stare into space and drink.
My photo's are everywhere as well as the video's.
It will be a long time to get this all accomplished and it would go quicker if I didn't stop to watch videos and laugh or look at these old pictures. But I can't help it. 

I found some funny photo's while digging through these. From 1988 with my Flock of Seagulls hair (remember them?)and Rick's Magnum PI moustache are pretty damn funny here.  Oh look at these two young kids. I think we were 31 here.  There is something around the picture that I can't make go away and I sure don't recall it when I had this photo back in the day.  But it's a funny picture and it cracks me up so I'm sharing.  The one below same exact time frame but I look so fat in that 2nd picture and that is annoying.So what the hell do I do? I share it with the world.
This below was on Ft. Meyers Beach 1988. Check out those sunglasses.
 Hideous. I look just hideous and fat.
Rick cracks me up with that porn 'stache!

I wanted to post a video that I haven't seen in awhile that made me giggle. 
But once again I can no longer do that with my new google dashboard either in compose or HTML. Sucks.  If you know of a way then by all means please share.

I'll be away from my blogger site until I get everything caught up.
See you all next week.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Was feeling a bit better.
Went to office to clean up mess I left or ignored due to illness.
Thought I'd finally finish up my 2012 work and filing.
Computer crashed at 10:31am
On phone for 4 hrs.
Made things worse.
GeekABC came and took my hard drive to try to retrieve things.
I only know of one appointment Rick is to show up to tomorrow.
We are royally screwed.
External Back up wasn't working either  - he took that with him as well
Laptop doesn't have all I need from my desktop sadly.
Not easy to run our business like this now is it?
Back up gone, files gone, calendar gone.
Peggy will be gone next.
I will be M.I.A. for awhile it seems.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sniffle, Sniffle

This is me, only I don't have the good fortune of staying in bed.

Remember that flu shot I got? Well they asked me if I was sick. I said no.
I was not feeling well the week before but that week I was back to normal....or so I thought.
I have now had this creeping crud for a week.  Same thing I had that I thought went away.

It built slowly. I tried to ignore it.  But I am now down for the count.
They say the flu affects your body and I don't have body aches except my neck.
From my neck up I feel like shit.
It's a huge head cold, very sore throat, eyes hurt, burn & running, nose stuffed yet running with a cough and sneezing. Who does coughing AND sneezing?
What the hell is that about?  I have no energy at all. 
Okay that is a lie. I get a bit of energy in spurts.
I feel ok for a little bit so I begin to do things and after 10 minutes (tops) I am zapped of all my energy and must lie down. Pathetic.

I have so much work to do and I am doing none of it. I am barely alive and working.
Just had a contractor tell me that I sounded awful and should go home and crawl into bed.
I said, "well if I had done that who would have helped you today?"
He laughed and said, "Okay I'm glad you didn't but I'm done now so you have my permission to go to bed until I need you again tomorrow."
That made me laugh.

Can I get a morphine drip for this?
Medical Marijuana? 
A hot toddy to soothe my throat?
I really need Rick's homemade chicken soup.

I'm freezing, then I'm sweating. My teeth even hurt.
I think Rick is getting this too damn it.
It's like Influenza Hotel here.
And I have not gone to the gym since Monday.
I suck.
I even canceled my hair appointment I had after work.
You know for certain I'm sick when I do that!!

In the mean time if you see me - stay on the other side of the street for your health!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Don't Write me Letters

I don't understand football nor it's appeal.
Rick and I don't like to watch football.
But when the Redskins made this playoff game we thought we'd check in from time to time to see the score. We would watch a few minutes and it would stop a clock and we'd get bored and change the channel and then check back again.
It was hard to live here and not get caught up since that is all that anyone talked about.
Here were a couple comments through out the event made by both of we non football people.
  • Why do people think this is so skillful? It's like an amped up game of Red Rover.
  • This reminds me of what our society has become, violent and aggressive. (this was said after a hit was made after play was done - just walked by and shoved him)
I see the skill in basketball. I mean that big ball through that narrow net. The blocking etc.
I see the skill in baseball. Hitting a ball coming at your face at 90+ mph and hitting it with a stick. Let alone a well done double/triple play which is like ballet.
I see the skill in hockey to a point - not the violence.
I see skill in golf.
But football I just don't get it. I get the passing and the punting skill but that's all I get.
Sadly we lost the game so I don't have to watch anymore football.

Rick has it much more difficult than me when it comes to this subject.
He's a big guy and everyone assumes he would love to watch football.
While walking the dog the other day everyone said, "hey watching the game today?"
He would just nod and smile or lie and say, "yep"
But he couldn't have cared any less.
But if he says no then they will tell him to take his skirt off and man up.
So he plays along. The pressure of being a guy.

We women have pressure about our looks.
Men have pressure in other ways. "Being manly"
Although this generation is very feminine and young women seem to dig it.
I'm not of that generation so I don't and I guess that is normal. Or is it? Or is it something more?

I watched Biggest Loser the last couple of nights and the constant whining and crying really bothered me. I get this is hard. I get they hit a wall. I get that the trainers job is to break them so that they can then have them in the palm of their hands to mold them. I get it.
It is very very hard. The trainers are tough and they are trying to break you.
But my God stop crying and whining constantly. You want results and you choose to be there. It's tough, everything worth having is....buck up. 
The "men" crying like babies really really bothers me even more.

I like a man who can show his emotions. I like a man who is in touch with his feminine side. Now having said that I like men to be manly. I like men who don't wax all their hair off and look like a Ken Doll.  I like men who are good with their hands in some way. (wink wink) I like men who are taller than me, smell like men not women, dress like men and don't wear leggings. (yes this trend must stop!) and aren't pretty but handsome.

I like that we are different in a lot of ways. Even the annoying ones.
I like that my husband can get teary over a commercial or cries at movies. 
But these "men" on The Biggest Loser who are incessantly whining and crying make me sick.   I am really disgusted by the women but for some reason the "men" make me really disgusted.  I know that is not fair, but I was doing it.
I understand the crying through the pain BUT going on.
I think it's the way the women and men cry and whine!  "Poor me, I'm fat and this isn't fair and it's so hard."  Entitlement crying almost. Or is this all staged?
I asked Rick, why do you think I feel this way about the men a bit more?
I believe in equal rights. I should hate the whining and crying equally. 
Ooh, that is so not nice of me.
Did you see these "men" crying for 2 straight weeks?

Any ideas? Bad person? I'm Chauvinist? Crazy Bitch? All of the above?
I'm going to have to work on this one. Or maybe not share it with the world on a blog.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Moving & Other Random Things Floating In My Head

We want to move.
We want to move badly.
We are jonesing to move.

This is the longest we have lived in any one spot with the exception of my childhood.
But it's getting close to that and it's time to move. Rick and I are itching to move.

This time we don't have our careers that will move us.
We don't have a reason to move this time.
We just want to move.

If we stay in this area we most certainly don't wish to stay in this town. (stepfordville)
But where do we want to go? That is the big question we're dealing with right now.

Izzy is so smart it is scary. She will not let me take a picture.
She will be in the most perfect position and she turns her head as soon as she sees me grab the camera. The other day I tried so much it drove me crazy and I finally said, "this will not take your soul Izzy, work with me here."  She was a wiggling nut at this point.
Then I said, "Izzy I'll give you a treat if you give me your face just one time okay?"
She turned around immediately and this is what I got.
Then she got up and walked to the pantry to get her treat.
I about died!  Really?  She understood that?  She scares me people.


And speaking of the brown wonder dog. We lost a camera.
How do those go together you ask?  Keep reading. 
I dropped a camera 4 years ago at the lake as I was getting out of the boat.
It dropped 12-13 feet to the bottom of the lake under our boat house.
Rick was livid.
Hey - I had a few cocktails. I wasn't driving the boat don't judge... it could happen.
Rick put on his fins and his snorkel stuff and in he jumped.
Never did find that camera. Before we left the lake levels were really low. ( the rumors were flying but that is another post) Down to 5 feet at the dock. So Rick decided he should be able to find the camera (I was hoping for my really nice sunglasses to be found) The last full weekend there he went camera hunting.  I felt it was a waste of time because was he really going to think that camera would work? Have any pictures to see?

Rick didn't listen to me and off to the dock he went. He took his fishing net and went "fishing" for a camera. Damn if he didn't find it. It was gross but he found it. I was wrong.
I think that is only the 2nd time in our marriage. (wink wink)

We opened it up and let it dry out. We took out the card and let that dry.
After 3 weeks we put the card into the printer and there they were, pictures from when Izzy was less than a year old. Pictures from a labor day when our friends kids were so little.
Here are a few. I believe this to be 2009.
Can you even believe the pictures were there after 4 years under water? Over 30 of them.

Izzy is 7 months old here.

Karley in front of our dock. Cute isn't she?
Karley and her brother Joey getting ready for Rick to abuse them pulling them around the lake.

Do we even want to know what Joey is doing in this picture?

And speaking of photo's have you all noticed that blogger will no longer allow you to upload your pictures from your computer unless in Google Chrome or in HTML.
Don't you just love how people try to control what you use, buy and how to think?
Yea, it pisses me off too! 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Flu Shot

The holidays are over.
The holiday bloat is gone. (yipee.)
Now back to reality.  (boo hiss)

Since we are back in reality I had to deal with the outside world again today.
And we all know how much I just love that.
It started with the idea of a flu shot.

Yes, I know most of you don't believe in them but Rick and I do.
Only get the flu when I don't get one and since I have an autoimmune disease I think it's a good idea to do this. Rick is the one who is normally around people, he goes into peoples homes and brings home to me all levels of creeping crud.

Yesterday Rick sat at the urgent care with people who probably had the flu as he waited for his flu shot. There were 2 older people who were coughing and hacking and of course never into their Kleenex, or hand or whatever. When he got into the room to get his shot they asked him if he was sick. He laughed and said, "I wasn't when I came in here but sitting out there for 30 minutes I don't know what the hell I may have caught." 
The nurses laughed and gave him his flu shot and on his way he went.
(BTW, he gets a free one with his new insurance...another YIPEE)

He came home and reminded me that I still have not done this and I better get my butt somewhere to get one. So like a good 1950's wife I listened to my husband and after the gym this morning I went over to urgent care. The wait I was told would be at least an hour.
All while surrounded by coughing hacking sick people. Nah, not for me. Besides I went to the gym late today and I didn't have all that much time. So I walked to my car and called the CVS a block away. They said I could come right in, no waiting. I spoke to the pharmacy.
It was now 8am and they just opened at 8am.

I walked into CVS and I am the only customer in the place.
Great was my thought - in and out of there quickly.
I went back to the pharmacy and this woman asked what I was there for.
That is an odd way to great a customer.
I told her I wanted to get a flu shot and that I had just called. She nodded and said I needed to give her 15 minutes, all said while never looking at me only her computer screen.
She slid a clip board across the counter and turned away.

I filled it out and brought it back to her. She said that I had to wait 15 minutes.
No problem I can shop.  I went to the greeting card section and thought I would buy some birthday cards I needed that were coming up. I browsed wrinkled creams, magazines, make up and looked at my watch. It was time to get my shot.  I went back to the counter.
As I stood there she came over to me and said, "Can I help you with something"
This was said like she had never seen me before, but then again she never did look at me. (I am the only person in the entire store lady!)
I stated that I was there for a flu shot. She said, "DIDN'T I TELL YOU 15 MINUTES?"
(ah ha she does remember me)
She said this to me like I was being reprimanded from my mother.
I said that it had been 15 minutes already.
(Now I assumed when I called CVS this was the same warm and gracious young woman I spoke to on the phone because they had the same demeanor)

She told me that she was busy. I said, "I understand that but I am the only person here and on the phone you said I wouldn't need to wait."
She repeated and now quite pissed at me, "you'll have to wait 15 minutes" and walked away from me.
I am now late for work and can't wait another 15 minutes so I left.
No sense in saying anything because no telling what the shot would actually be if I made her angry. (You know like a rusty needle or something.)
Now in her defense I am sure she was busy filling scripts for people that would be coming in to the store today. I get that,  however, if she would have just given me the shot I would be on my way and she could go back to filling scripts.
It was all so odd.
If I weren't going to a gym now I probably would blow off getting a shot but I've seen the people in the gym.  Snot nose, coughing, not wiping machines, not covering their mouths etc. I really need that flu shot!