Saturday, March 31, 2012

Scotland and The Bully Trumpster

Do you know the story of  Trump and his golf course in Scotland?
You really should.
Have you seen the documentary, You've Been Trumped?
Watch a clip here
I saw it last year and it's sad and eye opening and typical of the bully he is.
Trump is a horses ass and this shows him in true form.

I love how the people of Scotland are not giving up the fight.
What he is doing is so wrong on so many levels.
And when he gets to his bully tactics of calling people names who stand up to him it just makes Trump look smaller and smaller. I dislike this man immensley.
Yes some Scottish government officials must have taken some money from him to allow these laws to be broken and for this to be moving forward.  That too has the country in an uproar as well it should be.

The people of Scotland fighting hard for their country made this video that I found amusing so play along.
If you really haven't ever read about this event you must go online and read about it.

Here is their take on Trump to the music of Queen's Bohemain Rhapsody.
This muppet is a dead on ringer of his hair and face. Bloated with a comb over.
Too funny.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Godiva won't leave me alone.

Godiva sends me catalogs and emails. Lots of them.
This week it's been daily.
They are taunting me I swear.
They are showing me full sized Godiva Easter Bunny's. Mmmmmmm
They are showing me how good truffles look in an Easter Basket.
Godiva has won me over!  I am theirs.

Is there a mailing list of people who can't live without chocolate or something?
How do these people find me?
If this were alcohol I'd be in AA.
If it were other food issues I'd be enrolled in Overeaters Anonymous.
If it were heroin I'd be in rehab.
There is no rehab for my love and addiction to chocolate.
So does that mean I don't have a problem?
That must be it!  Of course, this is all fine and I can eat it all without guilt!
Yep, that's what I'm stickin' with.

A normal person would just hit the unsubscribe button.
But not me, I like to drool at my desk staring at all the good yummy chocolate-ness of Godiva. Right now it is Easter Basket ideas.
So Mr. Godiva Easter Bunny if you’re reading I want everything in the catalog especially the truffles. I love them all. I won’t be picky. Fill up the basket and drop it off on my doorstep.
You don't even have to wait until Easter because I know how busy you'll be.
See I'm considerate too.
But Mr. Bunny you can skip the jelly beans unless they are black. 
Add in some marshmellow chicks and the Godiva chocolate is all I need.
Now get to it. I'm standing by my door step waiting.

In other news.....
We are going to Columbus Ohio over Easter weekend to visit Rick’s daughter and her boyfriend.
Rick’s daughter and boyfriend (finance) live in sin as my father would say.
Hell she is about to be 32 in a few weeks so she can live in sin or any other way for that matter she is an adult. It should be interesting, uncomfortable and possibly tense.
We are taking off on Friday and heading northwest in the early morning.
I have some serious concerns and so does Rick but I can’t even bring myself to say them aloud.
I hope I am wrong and it will be fine. You know I’ll let you all know.

It’s a 7 hr drive or more from our home to theirs.
Hopefully we won't see any car drivin' gun toting numbnuts on this trip.
We’ll be boarding Izzy at the great place she goes to doggie day care.
She loves it there but when we get home she will be like velcro or a Vizsla dog.
She wouldn’t leave our sides for a week after the last time we boarded her.
It makes us so guilty but she just can’t come this trip.
They have a dog too and if those two don’t get along that would be a helluva time to find out don’t you think?
Besides a 7 hr drive with a dog could be 10 hours and I seriously couldn’t take that long of a car trip. Not sure I can even handle the 7+ as it is.

I have to admit every time I think of that 7 hr car ride I think of my friends Katie and Laura (sisters) who come down to the lake house every Labor Day weekend with 2 kids in the car.
I think 7 hrs with kids in the car could be so much worse than 7 hrs with my hubby.
Right Katie? 

I mentioned one year to Laura that she could certainly bring her golden retriever who is about the same age as Izzy. Her eyes opened real big and she laughed and said,” Oh my God Katie has enough of a hard time dealing with my kids in the car, the dog in the car would send her over the edge.” We both laughed loudly at that comment.
You see we know that every year by the time they get to our house Katie is bouncing off the walls and needs a few shots of tequila.
I am laughing as I type this. I laugh because it isn’t me. I'm mean like that.
If it were me, I’d be with Katie downing a few shots as well.

Speaking of Izzy I found this last night while on the computer.
This is the photo they sent me along with other puppies to choose a dog.
I picked her by this photo and it's so damn cute.

C’mon what the hell is cuter than this and wouldn’t you have picked her too?
I love her but some days I'd love her to be this little again.
Then I remember house breaking.

I gotta run.....The Godiva Bunny is sure to be here soon!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Remember when I told you my husband can do, make or fix anything but technology?
If it has anything to do with the DVR, remote control, stereo etc I have to do it.
Shhh.....don't tell him I told you. I think he fears they will take away his man card.

I remember when we moved to Seattle.
We didn't have TV for awhile waiting for the cable company.
They finally arrived and handed me all the remotes etc and left.
Rick was leaving for work and said, "do you think we'll have TV by the time I get home?" 
Oh this was too easy I had to fuck with him. "Gee I don't know if I can figure it all out in 8 hrs Rick. You may have to take me to a movie and dinner."  He fell for it. 
Of course within minutes I had all tv's set up, hooked up the DVD player, hooked up the VCR (before DVRs)  and all shows programmed that we needed etc.
He calls this type of event when his TV fairies do it all. (sort of like his laundry fairies)

So imagine his panic when he found out that Dish Network people were coming out on Saturday and taking our DVR boxes and switching them to the Hopper and the Joey's.
Yeah, I know cute Kangaroo names for a DVR is weird to say the least.
I mean this isn't Australia. Anyway I digress....

When I told him they would be taking away our DVR's he looked at me with sheer and utter panic in his eyes and said, "What about all the stuff on the DVR we haven't watched?
How will I know when my shows are on?"

"Well calm down there cowboy it will be fine.
You'll know when your shows are on because I am the one that programs them for you.
I'm still here and I'll program them again for you. 
The shows we have on the current DVR's we can put on an external hard drive and you won't miss a thing."


Then it dawned on him and he turned around and said, "You know Margaret that sounds good but can you really do that and is there such a thing for the TV?"

"Hey mister I'm not just cute I'm smart too."

"Yea, you're a smart ass all right but can this really be done?"

"If it can't we'll find out now won't we?
And listen you better watch it or you'll never seen that stupid ass show Survivor ever again!"
(I HATE that show!)

I love it - I now have the power!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gun Toting Numbnuts

File this under scary weird shit on the highway.

Rick was leaving a customer and heading home yesterday late afternoon.
He sits high in his van so he can see inside cars.
He loves that feature when women are disrobing in hot humid august in their cars while they sit in traffic. Yes, he loves to share those disrobing stories with his wife when he gets home.
But yesterday that was not his view.....unfortunately.

He looked over and there was a man holding a gun up.
When the man saw Rick he put it down in his lap and put a towel or something over it.
Rick slowed down to get away from this man.
He didn't know if he was going to just start shooting randomly or he was heading somewhere to shot someone in particular.

Only in America people.

Rick looked down and called 911 on his phone.
Because he wears a blue tooth he didn't look like he was on the phone thankfully.
Besides now the guy had moved behind him. So he told the police what he just saw and where he was. The police caught the guy as he was about to enter Rt. 66 heading east. 
Then they called Rick back to pepper him with questions.

They wanted to know if Rick knew him.
Did he point the gun at you?
Rick said he had no idea who he was and no, he didn't point it at me but I was afraid he might the way he was holding it up.
Rick also told them that he was concerned that he was on his way to shot someone and felt he should call the police. 
They asked him what kind of gun.
Rick told them.
The police responded with, yes, that's right. We've got the guy.
Good thing it wasn't me, I don't know my guns since I hate guns.
The police said Rick did the right thing. The gun guy had no identification on him.
Thought that was interesting that the police shared that with Rick.
They ended their conversation telling Rick they had his number should they need anything else.

Gee that's a fun commute home isn't it?
Like traffic isn't tense enough right?  Let's just add in some weapons.
I fear if the guy was riding behind Rick's work van and his company name and number are all over the back he could retaliate.
But Rick insists he doesn't know he called. 
I think the dumb guy can put 2 + 2 together don't you?

Reason # 1, 985, 492 why I am misanthropic.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Be Careful What You Wish For.

Rick used to tell me that line above all the time.
He's right too.
(shh, we don't like to use that word, 'right', when speaking of or to Rick)

I remember driving our boat by our neighbors lake home and I would say, "I'd be happy just living on his dock babe."
Now my lake house is about the size of his dock.
The man is famous so he does bring up the neighborhood as you can well imagine.
I bring down the price of his home I'm sure.
Why didn't I wish for his house? Silly silly me.

But I did share with you all that I wanted to be on The Chew.
They read my blog and have generously invited me to join the show at the tasting table.
To say I am excited is an understatement as you can well imagine.
(what will I wear???)
I go in May for a noon taping of the show. I imagine it will be shown the next day.
I'll keep you posted.

Now I think since that worked out so nicely for me I will wish for this large lottery win right now.  I do believe that 400 million dollars would be a nice wish come true.
Someone asked me what I would buy first.
You know the first few things I'd do have nothing to do with buying anything.
I would see my attorney, my financial advisor and my travel agent.
Rick and I would hop a plane somewhere warm and stick our feet in the sand and just think about what we want to spend this money on and who to share it with etc.
A life of leisure would be a nice way to retire don't you think?
So I have to run now,  I must compose my blog post to the lottery now.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sounds of Silence

I stopped being political here after the last elections.
I've had enough but this makes me physically ill.
I am not proud of this America.
I read this quote and honestly I agree.

"We live in America where a girl throws flour at Kim Kardashian is arrested, but a man who killed Trayvon Martin is free."

Friday, March 23, 2012


Getting way too much spam.....and not the kind that is the number one meat in Hawaii either.
No sadly I am talking super duper spam like 20-25 a day.
My favorites are the Arabic and Chinese.
They may be telling me I'm beautiful and they have money to give me but I can't read it.
Others just have gibberish and then the word fuck is inserted here and there. Lovely huh?

I know ya'll hate the catcha's or word verifications you have to type but I see no way out of it.
I tried monitoring all my spam but that has turned into a nightmare and waste of my time.
So I'm going back to just a catcha - so please play nice okay?

In other news.
We just got stiffed by another realtor for $1700.
Honestly people suck.
And that's all I have to say about that.....for now.

It's too hot.
Thursday was really miserable and today will be worse.
I refuse to turn on my air conditioning.
Thursday afternoon as the hours went on I ended up sitting here in my office with only my t-shirt and panties on.  I was slowly taking off clothes. By 4pm I was melting.

Yes my windows are open. But we are having July weather in March.
It's horrific to me.
It is too hot to do anything and my poor dog feels the same way.
She hates this weather.
Yesterday at lunch we went to our usual place to throw the ball.
This is normally an hour event of chuck-it.
She ran after it 3 times and quit.
She grabbed her ball, turned and walked home. It made me laugh.
So I followed her. We both panted the whole way home.

12 days from today I can drink again.
I will have a chilled Tanqueray Gin straight up and probably pass out.
But it sounds cool and wonderful right now!

It must be spring somewhere in the world.
So I am off to dream of spring time, flowers blooming, cool breezes, temps in the 60's and sunny days.  Aaah.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Online Shopping Horrors

My hubby's daughter sent me an email with a link to a coach outlet.
Now I love coach hobo bags so I took the bait.
If you don't know they are big and there are no horrific logo's.
I hate clothing and bags with logo's. (I am not a billboard)
I found a great looking hobo bag and I used the money I was given for my birthday.
It was 1/4 of the price of a normal coach bag.

You would think being a smart old broad that I would have realized that was too good to be true.
The site looked fine. When I went to order I saw the https which would lead me to believe it was a safe & real site.
I placed the order, received a confirmation and an email receipt.
I noticed later in the day they had debited my account. (used a debit card)
I got an email 2 days later telling me this was no longer in stock.
I choose another and that too was no longer in stock.
So I told them I wanted to get a refund.
Then they informed me in poor English that they would do that but my bank would charge me a 20-25% restocking fee.
I wrote back and asked, "What the hell are you restocking if it isn't in stock? My bank doesn't charge me anything.  I expect a full refund immediately."
They told me NO.
I called the bank and closed that debit card immediately so they couldn't take more from me.
I asked the bank as well if there would be any "stocking" fee from them.
That was a red flag to them just like it was for me. They gave me a temporary refund and said they would start an investigation. It's been 3 weeks that this has been ongoing.

Late last night I received an email from the same person, Wang Cool. Yep that is the name on the account. He said and I quote, "Sorry for my mistake, Your package EE796286743CN �has arrived at the local post office CHANTILLY, VA 20152�, please kindly contact your post office or go pick it up.thanks"

I have contacted the post office and it will be delivered today.
I am anxious to see what I am actually receiving since this was out of stock.

I can't believe with all the shopping I do online I fell for this site.
I am embarressed, yet sharing, being the fool I am.
Here check it out......and don't buy a thing!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Photo's From Weekend

I have just a couple of photo's to share from the weekend.

My sister actually thought we needed to put 70 candles on my mom's birthday cake.
That made me giggle.
We didn't have a fire extinguisher was the only thought going around in my little head.
They put as many as possible on the cake and our mom sure did blow them out quickly!
I have no idea what my parents are laughing about here but they found it hysterical.
Yes it's blurry but I love this picture so I added it.

And they're still laughing.

Here are 2 of my favorite people below. Yes they are sisters. They look alike don't they?

That's about it. I threw my flip cameras in my suitcase and I never checked the batteries.
So I didn't get any video. I also didn't take a single photo. One of the girls in the photo above did all the photography. It was a busy day.....making sure the food was always full, the drinks flowing, mingle, mingle. You know all the stuff a misanthropic person just LOVES to do. :-)

Here is my sister Jenifer. She is holding my flip and realizing her idiot sister forgot to check the batteries.

But my favorite picture of my sister Jen is when we were in NYC.
This is in her PJ's and in the morning in our hotel. This is so her!!

In other news.....
Rick and my dog are still really suffering with allergies.
I am just waiting for my turn. 
I am also a bit fearful of this weather.
I know, I know, I sound like my negative familiy
Peg, why can't you just enjoy this positive 80 degree weather in March?
Well it's weird. We went from wearing a parka immediately to shorts and t-shirts.
I missed jeans and sweatshirt weather.
I fear July and August.
July will be in the 100's and in August I fear we'll just all blow up.
Just sayin'.....

Monday, March 19, 2012

My Weekend Trip to my Hometown.

Well I'm back.
It was a whirlwind trip and it is good to be home.
I was running, running, running and it's good to just be still.

I will start with the weather.
Now having warm weather down here in March is one thing.
But to have warm weather in March in Erie Pennsylvania is just damn weird!
I was thrilled beyond belief that they did not have their annual snow blizzard over St. Patty's day but it was odd.

This event to remind you all was for my step mom's 70th birthday party that her 5 daughters did for her.
My sister Jenifer did most of the work.
She and her husband busted their butts for this event.

Now the negativity of my family was in full force.
And if you don't find the humor in it all it will drive you mad.
My sister Jen and I can laugh at most of it. But some of it can also drive you up the wall.

One of my sisters was to meet me to pick up the food we had catered.
As I got out of my car she said, "Are you wearing that? Is this supposed to be a dressed up affair?"

"Hi Pam, it's so good to see you!" I was trying to ignore her but she won't let up.

"So do I have to go home and change now?",  she asked in a bitter bitchy tone?

I took a deep breath and said slowly, "Pam whatever you are wearing is perfect. There is nothing that is wrong or better than anyone else. Wear what you are comfortable in. I am wearing a skirt because I am most comfortable in skirts than pants these days.
You look good in that color and there is nothing wrong with what you are wearing."

She rolled her eyes. God how I hate when people do this passive aggressive shit.
But I ignored her. Pam loves to live in a place called victimhood. It's where she is comfortable and unless she is making everyone else feel terrible she isn't happy.
I wasn't going to buy into it.

But she was still in a 'mood' so as we were waiting for the food I asked if she was mad about something else. She said, "I'm pissed but I guess I'll get over it"
(oh please!)
So I bit - "What are you pissed at?"

"I wanted to be more of a part of this whole thing."

"Pam I called you when we decided to have this catered for your thoughts. You were then in charge of the cake & helping me pick up the food and we are all splitting the costs. What else did you want to do?"

"Well I was off work all week and I could have helped more."

"Well did you tell anyone you were off  work and you had time?  You could have called Jen who lives in the same town as you and say, I'm on spring break this week and I have time to do more do you need any help with anything? No one knew you were off this week."

"Well I texted her and I guess she just ignored them."

I said, "Well you told me you didn't get my text or my 3 voicemails so did you ignore them?"

"No. I told you I DIDN'T GET THEM."
"So why do you assume she ignored them? I am sure she didn't get them and seriously you could have picked up the phone and called her since it isn't like her to ignore them.
 Jen would have answered you if you she heard from you.
Pam everyone had the jobs they were to do. We didn't know you wanted more."

She threw her hands up in the air and said, "forget it, it's over and I'll get over it."

Oh my goodness a 53 year old drama queen.
I am so serious when I say this woman has never ever been happy a day in her life.
I don't get it. She exhausts me. 
How does this party end up being about her? And once again she is a victim. Poor Pam.

My Step Mom was surprised. Not completely, she had an idea because one sister had to make a deal but that too is typical. But what surprised her was who was there. Her brother from out of town made her cry. She was shocked to see me and the women she worked with. So that was nice. She seemed to genuinely enjoy herself.

I think it went over well. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food and the party. So it went well as far as I could tell. The women that my mom works with all thanked we girls and said such nice things and were complimentary. I looked at my sister and said, "It was so positive you can tell they aren't family." We had a good laugh about that one.

I was near the door when my step mom and dad walked in and we yelled SURPRISE.
My father walked over to me and hugged me and said, "It's nice to see you again"and he walked away.
He said it so strangely like he didn't know me. I pulled away and looked at him and he was walking away. I didn't even have time to register it all. I know I was standing there with my mouth open when my cousin Frank said, "Oh my goodness he didn't know you.  Are you okay?"
I remember nodding but honestly this hit me like a ton of bricks.
Then when my father was about 8-9ft away he turned around and was shaking hands with someone and he looked at me and said, "OH MY GOD PEGGY'S HERE!" as though he saw me for the first time and he came over and gave me a 'daddy' hug and kissed me and told me it was so nice for me to be there.

I have to say I realize he's 84 and that time is limited.
I know he is a pain in the ass. But he is my father.
And I admit this was killer for me. I see him being so frail now and not this big burly man he was.  Him not knowing me was weird, scary and uncomfortable.

My step mom when told of this the next day just poo-poo'd it.
She said he was confused because this was a surprise for him too.
She kept saying, "you know how he is in that type of situation etc."
I am not sure if she is delusional or she was trying to make it better for me.
Either way I saw it, I felt it and I didn't like it. 
I don't see him except a couple times a year and each time he looks older and more frail.
It sucks to get old.  God I hate it.

I don't have time today to upload the photos. I'll share tomorrow.
So good to be back home. 
As Dorothy says in the wizard of oz, "There's no place like home!"
I am so feeling that today.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Chew....Can you hear me Gordon Elliott?

I absolutely love The Chew!

My husband and I watch it daily (it’s on our DVR)
After work as I am slicing and dicing we sip on wine/cocktails as I prepare dinner & we watch the show.

I love the mix of hosts.
I love the mix of foods, yes even the vegetarian ones, who knew?
I enjoy the topics and tips as well.
We have made many a recipe from the show.
This winter Michael Symone’s spicy creamy tomato soup is my husbands crack.

I would so like to be on The Chew.
Yes, this is high on my bucket list.
May I be allowed to be a guest star?
Okay, so I’m not a star…..minor detail really.
How about just a guest?

Oh no, I don’t want to sit in cafeteria row but to interact with the “gang”
Be at their table. Share in the stories and food.
Please, just for a day?! It’s just a quick trip up to NYC from DC.
I’d pay my own way and be a nice polite and proper guest.

You see I have learned a lot since watching.
Clinton has taught me what not to bring as a host/hostess gift.
I promise not to talk with my mouth full.
I will sit back and listen intently.
I will only speak if spoken to.
I can contribute if asked but only if asked.
And if I am asked I can share a few funny and delicious food stories from my family.

Oh sure there would be a great deal of anxiety over ‘what not to wear’ when meeting Clinton.
But I think if I bring a bottle of Grey Goose (or my favorite Tanqueray) for him it may soften his opinion about my clothing don’t you?

I’d hit it off with Daphne because I LOVE to drink red wine and we all know how it is loaded with antioxidants. She loves antioxidants – we’d be pals. I may not eat tofu but we can work around that minor detail.  She could be another little sister.

I am 100% Italian American so Mario knows how things were in my house growing up.
I never got to have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich until I was an adult.
I was sent to school with salami, cappicola or prosciutto and no one would trade with me!
I was ridiculed beyond belief.
Yet my father would proclaim the exact thing to me that Mario used to at the top of each show. He said that phrase so often my sisters and I had a T-shirt made for him.

Carla (from Top Chef fame) and I can discuss baking.
She and I both had a cookie company in our past lives.
Mmmmm….and her 10 gallon apple pie! My oh my!!

Then there is Michael Symone. Aah, Michael. Sigh
If you promise to keep it a secret I will confess here - Michael is my pretend boyfriend.
(Yes my husband knows this and laughs as well)
We also have a great deal in common aside from bonding over pork and bacon.
I too lived in Cleveland and I grew up in a small town next door in Erie PA.
I’m a Midwestern gal from a very ethnic family where it’s all about family, food and wine.
(And of course the plastic covering on the living room furniture)

See I can be one of the gang so easily.
Would you please be so kind as to allow me to be lucky enough to win this show lottery?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fire Update and Assorted Ramblings

Update on the fire.....
We are hearing rumblings that the home that started the fire was about to go into foreclosure.
Could they have thought this was the answer?
I hope that isn't true.
I don't see how that would help them. It will be found out if that is true.

When I moved out of my parents home my father gave me 2 fire extinguishers.
He also gave me a ladder to drop out my window should I need to escape.
How funny is that?
Only my father.
Those were my housewarming gifts from my father.
I remember getting these 'gifts' and thinking, why would you give me these?
Now as an adult I get it.
At one point when my sister and I lived together I had the ladder in it's box sitting in my bedroom. She would joke it was for a quick get away for the guys I slept with.
(that made me sound slutty didn't it?)
I still have these too. Thankfully neither I, nor any of the men I slept with, had to use the ladder or the extinguisher.

My dog is having horrific allergy issues. 
She has runny goopy crusty eyes and itchy skin and paws.
I gave her 1/2 a benadryl today and she is snoring at my feet.
I feel bad drugging her but it's the only way she can stop the itching.
She seems so miserable. Add that to the tick bite on her tail and the poor thing is a mess.
We got the tick out and thankfully her medicine works because it was dead.
But she can't stop itching/biting at the area of her tail where the bump is remaining.
At this rate she won't have any fur there.

She and Rick are really suffering with the allergies this year.
I guess due to the warm weather it's worse for everyone.
Knock on wood, so far mine are mild. But give it time.
I'm sure once the trees officially bloom I'll be a damn hot mess too.

I will be going out of town this week.
I'm heading north to celebrate my step mom's 70th birthday.
I have a ton of things to accomplish here in the office as well as my home before I make this trip.
So I will not be blogging until next week.
But I am sure this many days with family will be blog fodder and hey, isn't that what's it about?
Either that or I kill them and you'll see me on CNN.
I think blog fodder and finding the humor may be the way to go.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


As far as disasters go fire to me is the worst.
I can't fathom how scary and difficult this would be.

We were walking the dog on Saturday afternoon when we saw this huge billow of smoke in front of us. It looked to be several blocks away but it was big and black and scary.
We then heard sirens. We knew it wasn't a good thing.
We didn't want to walk over towards it and be looky loo's while fire trucks needed to get there and do their thing.
We waited to see if anything was on the news and it wasn't.

Later in the evening when taking Izzy out for her last walk we saw a neighbor walking her dog with her little girl.
While the two dogs were chasing one another she told us that her friends house burnt because they were next door to the house that started the fire. They were with them at a basketball game with their kids when they got a call to hurry home their house was on fire.

Can you even imagine how awful that phone call was to hear?
By the time they got to their home they had lost the 2nd story.
Thankfully the worse did not happen. No one was hurt.
All animals and people were saved. 

This morning Rick and Izzy walked over to the homes and he snapped a couple of photo's and talked to the neighbors.  The neighbors all praised the fire department and how quickly they got there and did a great job. Especially from saving other homes from  going up in flames.

This is what happened.
A woman was cooking something with oil in her kitchen.
It caught fire and spattered all over the place. So what does she do?
She put a dish cloth over the pan and brought it out to her garage.
As Rick is telling me this I am dumb struck - she did what??????

She went back into her kitchen to clean up the splattered oil and her garage caught fire.
By the time she noticed this her house was engulfed as well as neighbors on either side and neighbors a few doors away.

This is the woman's home who thought it'd be a good idea to put a dish cloth over flames and leave it in the garage.

These are her cars. What you can't see is that they are literally melted in spots.

This is her next door neighbor who got the call that their house was on fire while watching their son play basketball.

This is the neighbor of the woman who started this on the other side of her home.
Note the melting siding.

And this house below was 2 doors away from the original  fire. It too has melting siding.

Last evening when we were chatting with our neighbor and her daughter about the fire her  6 yr old daughter asked, "But mommy where will they sleep? Do they have any clothes that aren't burnt?"
When her mom answered her she began to cry.
I felt the same way.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Kids/No Kids

I have talked here before about being the couple without kids.
Mommies treat women with out kids like a bad virus.
When your friends are in their kid zone you are on the outside.
Suddenly they want to only be around people with kids.
We always understood that but didn't understand why they couldn't have both kinds of friends.
So they let their friends just go by the wayside.

I get it. I really a point.
I also don't like to have to ask, "can you go out?" all the time like we're in high school.
I don't like to have to hear, "oh I only have 15 minutes then I have to pick up little johnny"
So why do you want to meet me then? What can we do in 15 minutes?
Let's just catch up by phone so it doesn't stress you or me.
I get you can't ignore your child, I mean I'm not an ogre.
So the friendship goes by the wayside just because the connection gets lost.
Besides friendships like marriage have to be cultivated and can't be one sided.

I've told you before that I only have one really good friend since 6th grade who we went through it all together. She didn't ignore old friends because she had children.
She included us all. Her kids were also in my life so long I have seen them from baptism to marriage.
She never said things, "oh I'm so busy with the kids I forgot to call you back.... for 3 months"
But I think a good key here is she didn't have a husband who sucked the life out of her but an equal partner. He didn't think staying with his children was "babysitting" anymore than when she stayed with her children it was considered babysitting.
He was an equal partner in every sense of the word.
I have come to the realization after all these years that this is the key to it all in this scenario.
Hands down!

She worked full time and raised 3 kids. She owned her own hair salon.
She is a marvel from what I hear from others.
I watched her juggle and she never complained when I asked her about it.
Her children are all great highly functional independent adults.
(both daughter's in the medical field, one a surgeon and one in occupational therapy management. her son is a supervisor at a roofing company)
So it wasn't like she turned out bad kids either.
I think I need to nominate she and her hubby for some award from what I see and hear around me.

That brings me to this new movie.
It's called 'Friends With Kids'.
It's about that one couple who watches all their friends become pregnant and they no longer have anything to talk about. 
I am curious to see how they play this out.
Will the couple without the kids be the mean couple?
That is normally how we are portrayed.
So I am really looking forward to seeing this movie.
It doesn't hurt that Jon Hamm (Mad Men) is starring in it and that his girlfriend is the person who wrote, directed, produced and stars in the movie.
I admit I find Jon Hamm how shall I say, hummina hummina hummina.

Right now I know a couple who were deep in diapers in their very early 20's and 30's.
When their kids were grown and out of the house they had no friends left.
So what do they do? Become bar flies. I realize in their small town there isn't a lot of things to do but really one must resort to drinking every night as entertainment?
If they aren't in a bar every night then they think they are acting "old."

When they were in their 20's and 30's we were all out traveling, being carefree, drinking and doing dumb things. I think they are trying to recapture something they think they missed.
Now they are in their 50's and behaving this way.  
At that age being a bar fly no longer looks good on you.
They think it makes them appear young.
They dress inappropriately and are aging exponentially due to all the smoking and drinking. They look terrible.
What is most sad is they feel they missed out on something but what did they miss really?
Or are they doing this because they have nothing left to talk about or share with one another? They perhaps lost something of "them" while doing the child raising.
I just find it sad and I want to hug them and tell them it's okay to be their age and they didn't miss a damn thing!

I don't want to relive my bar hopping partying days.
Who the hell wants to be 20 something again?  First time was bad enough.
I like my skin right where it is, well except for the wrinkly parts.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

UPS Hell.

Yesterday I had to go to UPS.
I had several packages to ship.
The service was below sub par.
This woman is always there every time I have to go.
When Rick goes there he always gets her too.
We both dislike dealing with this woman immensely.
She has no right working with the public.
In fact this woman should be kept behind a cage....she is as mean as a snake.
In Websters Dictionary this woman's picture would be under the word RUDE.

Yesterday was my last straw dealing with this woman.
I had 3 packages.
I got 2 done by her and I took the last one to the post office so I could just leave.

I walked up to the counter to Ms. Sour Puss and said, "Hi. How are you?"
She glared at me and never smiled.
I said, "I would like to send these 3 packages, all ground please."
She said nothing.  She rolled her eyes though.
I wondered what the hell that was about.

When she told me the price of the 1st package I was startled.
I sent this a couple weeks ago and it was about $5.00 less.
I said, "This is about $5 more than last week - have the prices gone up?"
She snapped and did an eye roll, "they go up every year."
I said, "Okay but I sent this last week and it was $5 less than today."

Now there was only 1 man in the whole place. He was at the computer making a label.
It's not like it was Xmas and they were jammin'.

I told her I did want to send it.
Then in my professional kind voice I asked her, "Are you having a bad day or did I do something to upset you?"
She did not answer, she only rolled her eyes again. C'mon how old are you? rolling your eyes?

I said nothing more. I sent two packages and I took the 3rd one to the post office.
As she finished she threw the receipts on the counter. She didn't hand them to me.
I took them and said nicely just to show her how to be nice to people, "I hope your day gets better"
As I turned around the man who was at the computer was coming up behind me and he said, "she never has a good day!"
So apparently everyone knows this woman is a bitch who hates her job and lacks social skills and customer service.

This incident in the big scheme of things wasn't a big deal.
But it's constant with her. Rick has had issues and I have several times before.
This is why when we have to pick a shipper for Easy Restore we went with the post office.
I know, who the hell would think the post office would be where you'd get service.
But it was. Maybe because they need the business, who knows, but they were great and have been great so that is where we are keeping our business shipping needs.

We called UPS, FedEx and the post office when we knew we would be shipping Easy Restore. UPS and FedEx were not accommadating, and both were what I would call cavailiar about getting our business.
Granted we are small, but I know that in my former life as a sales executive I didn't treat my big clients any better than my small clients.
They all kept me fed and in a nice lifestyle. No one to me was better than another.
So I felt companies looking for my business should do the same when trying to sell me their services. They did not.
The post office sales people not only were great to use but gave us options.
They also gave a competitive price. Granted they need the business but thus far they have gone beyond the call of duty. I tell everyone because I believe every company out there should provide customer service. And damn good service.

I called UPS.  Rick insisted that I complain about this woman.
I felt that this incident was not her worst so why bother.
Mr. former VP of HR had a different take on it.
He felt that she never is nice and it's been ongoing for a year.
He and I both will go to another line to avoid her if possible.
Mr. HR thinks that she needs to be disciplined.
I don't want her fired, I want her counseled on how to provide customer service.
To greet a customer and to smile. Those things.
Mr. HR felt that unless I called and spoke to someone about this that will never happen.
I said I would think about it.

Then last evening while walking the dog we saw a dog neighbor who said he saw me yesterday pulling out of the UPS center and he said he waved but I apparently didn't notice him.
Rick told him about my encounter and he immediately said, "Oh my God isn't that woman a piece of work. She is like that with everyone. I hate dealing with her"
Rick looked at me and said, "See? you need to call"

So I called this morning. I spoke to her supervisor.
Sadly she didn't sound surprised.
She asked me some good questions and thanked me.
Will something be done? I don't know.
I don't want to get someone fired, I just want her to get counseling on how to do her job well.
Or else give someone who needs/wants the job for petes sake!

Monday, March 5, 2012

My Weekend

I had a nice weekend.
Mellow and nice.

It was my birthday as I said on Sunday.
That is where I will begin and go backwards.

At 5:00a.m. my husband is awake.
Apparently he had gotten up to pee a few minutes prior. 
The dog was stirring because she is up by 5:30a.m. and never a moment later.
For some reason Rick thought I was either dead or awake.
Because as he so nicely put it, "I didn't hear your soft purr so I assumed you were awake."  He leans over top of me as I am on my side and he loudly says, "Happy Birthday Babycakes." 

OMG. I was not awake!
Soft purr my ass.....I was fast asleep and he woke me up to say happy birthday? 
I said, "thanks" and rolled further to my corner to continue to sleep.
Oh no, Mr. Morning person was awake and by God we were all going to be awake. 
Now he is singing me happy birthday. 
I gave in, laughing on the inside because that is all the morning energy I can muster.
But there was no way I was now sleeping because that got Izzy excited and Izzy jumped on the bed. So now I have Mr. Morning Man and Izzy all over me.  I'm awake! 
Who does this to a non morning person? 
I'm Sybil on this topic, It was very sweet of him but the other side of me is, You can be sweet later in the morning babe when I'm awake! Boy morning people are annoying aren't they?
So now that we're all up and Izzy is jumping all over me it was time to start my day.

I got down stairs to a card on the island from Izzy and a gift.
What a wonder dog that she could sign this and pick out a gift.
And all without thumbs. It was beautifully wrapped too.
She could make me millions.

I told Morning Man to not buy me gifts.
I don't need anything and financially this past 18months has been the worst for us so I just didn't care about it.
But he didn't listen. What else is new.
He did do small things and I love them all.

Izzy bought me this great baseball cap with me and Izzy on the top of it.
It's not really Izzy and Me but it's exactly and I do mean exactly how we two sit on the stoop everyday. It is a stick person from the Life is Good brand.
It is a woman and her dog leaning on one another exactly how we do on the stoop.
I love it!!!  So bad hair days - I have my baseball cap.

Rick got me two NYY t-shirts which I had been whining about how much I needed since all my old ones are 4 sizes too big.
I got a gift card to this great bra store so I could get a new bra. YIPEE
Seriously I needed new bras and I love pretty bras.
And no I will not show a photo of my new bra.
All the gifts were so very thoughtful and nice and I loved it.
The rest of the day I was spoiled beyond belief and it was fun.
So a good birthday all around.

I did end up cheating on the ole diet. He bought me a cannoli.
I love cannolis. I mean what is not to love, cheese and sugar?  C'mon.
I worried about the diet but when I got on the scale this morning I was down another pound so apparently it didn't kill me. MY GOD WAS IT GOOD TOO!!!!

Rick is an enabler. You don't ever want him around you if you are dieting or you have an addiction because he'll say things like, "c'mon just one drink."
Or "1 cannolli won't hurt you it's your birthday." He makes me laugh.
You would swear he was my Italian mother and grandmother. You know how they are.
You say, "But I'm not hungry" and they said, "that's okay then just eat this sandwich." 

Saturday it was so nice out and after watching some Yankee baseball we decided to take Izzy out for some 'chuck-it' and a walk.
We went to the area where we "chuck-it"
If you don't know chuck-it, it just means a ball thrown very far with this tool that can really wing the ball. Izzy will then hunt for it in the woods. Wears her out and she loves it.
After that we walk for awhile.
We got up to the park near our home and it was small kid palooza.
I would so hate living that close to this park. Oh my it's loud.
I said to Rick that I assume everyone who lives in this area must have kids.
We without children would hate this noise and screaming as we're sitting on our patio sipping wine. Awful aren't we?

But ole Izzy girl was in heaven because everyone wanted to pet her.
You see there is a stone wall around the park. Izzy will jump up on the wall and walk around.
She did that as we approached the park and that brought out all the damn kids.
Here she is getting all the love and attention and kissing on this little girl who giggled the whole time. They were all so damn cute.
The kid in front with the helmet just rode his bike by and yelled, "Hey can I pet your dog?" We all laughed and said, "c'mon over"
I have never met any of these people before.
I only know Rick and my dog in this whole photo.
I have to admit that having a dog really makes an anti-social person be social whether you want to or not.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Flashback

As I am prone to do of late, I am reaching into the archives and being lazy on a Friday.

Boy oh boy, this 3 parter not only got me comments but a great deal of personal emails.
I didn't write it for sympathy or any of that type of "feeling".
I wrote this to explain why when I was asked what I was angry about.
My anger shocked me that day.
I thought all of that had been let go of when I was a kid.
Apparently it hadn't been and I had to deal with it that particular Sunday.

I don't have any anger or resentment for my dad.
You do better when you know better. He didn't know any better.
I have to look at him through adult eyes now.
He loves me to pieces, he just couldn't always give we girls all we needed at that time.
He was from a different time. Old school/Old country.
He's grown as we all have over time.

This was from 2010 for all you new followers. Boy 2 years ago already.

So you can check out Part I with this link.
Part II
Part III

Have a great weekend.
I will forget I'm older than dirt and celebrate!
I'm sure I'll have some fun things for Monday.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Flintstones.

I may have told you all this before.
But I can't remember and I’m old now so humor me.

I know the words to all TV theme songs from the late 60's - 70's.
I have mentioned here,or I should say, I have lamented and whined here before about not having any talent at anything.
I have waited and waited for a talent. I have tried and tried different things.
Sadly,I suck at everything.

But I have this knack for remembering stupid TV theme songs.
They just have always “stuck” in my head.
It's not like I try to remember them or anything.
If there was ever a game show where I could hear a couple notes or words and tell you the show and win zillions of dollars. I would win. Hands down.
I'd be a rich bitch humming to Gilligan's Island or Petticoat Junction.
Yea, hows that for obscure! I'm that good....and old.

Now having this great talent has gotten me nowhere.
There are no parades.
There will be no accolades.
There are no golden trophies.
Yes that's right nobody gives a rats ass.

My husband and I got into this goofy disagreement about the words to The Flintstones back in 1995.
Who knows where that came from to begin with but boy do we remember this event.
I remember it so well because we had laughing fits about this. For days!
I knew the words.
Rick insisted I was wrong. (when will he learn the poor boy, I am never wrong)
It bothered him for days. (Before there was Internet in all our homes)

Out of nowhere in the middle of the night, or at breaksfast or just driving somewhere he would shout what he thought were the words. All so random and out of context.
I would crack up laughing and then sing it right after him with the CORRECT words. We’d laugh and he’d say, "Damn it Margaret someday I am going to prove you wrong." 
Oh you silly man.

We went to a Best Buy on a rainy Sunday afternoon in Seattle to buy a TV.
As we were walking in a man was walking out with a Flintstones T-shirt on.
I made a comment to Rick and I turned around to look at the man again and lo and behold the theme lyrics were written on the back of this shirt. How lucky is that?

I, like the lunatic I am, ran over to this man and ask if he could hold still so I could prove to my husband that I was right. The man thought I was crazy but did as I asked. He didn't say much. I think he was scared of me. I'm not sure I would feel any differently if some nut job did this to me in the parking lot. I held his shirt and yelled for Rick.

Rick came over shaking his head and apologizing to this man that his wife is crazy.
But I ran my finger across the line on his back, "THROUGH THE COURTESY OF FRED’S TWO FEET."
SEE? Who was right now Mr. Smarty Pants? 

Rick burst out laughing and I thanked the man as Rick shouts, “She paid you didn’t she?”
This poor guy just looked scared and got in his car and drove off while we two knuckleheads stood in the parking lot laughing our asses off.

Just in case you don’t know the words to this little ditty it goes like this–

Flintstones... Meet the Flintstones,
They're a modern stone age family.
From the town of Bedrock,
They're a page right out of history.

Let's ride with the family down the street.
Through the courtesy of Fred's two feet.
When you're with the Flintstones,
have a yabba dabba doo time,
a dabba doo time,
we'll have a gay old time

Flintstones... Meet the Flintstones,
They're a modern stone age family.
From the town of Bedrock,
They're a page right out of history.

Someday, maybe Fred will win the fight,
And that cat will stay out for the night.
When you're with the Flintstones,
have a yabba dabba doo time,
a dabba doo time,
we'll have a gay old time

"Wiiilllllmmmmmmaaaaaa!!!" if only there was some value to this (my)priceless knowledge.