Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thank you Note

I received an award the other day from Daphne at My Distant Husband.

I never know what to do with these because they make me feel uncomfortable..
They are appreciated because someone thinks I am worth an award.
But something about them makes me feel like it's high school and I get a bit uncomfortable.

One must acknowledge it or it's rude.
One must also say thank you or it is very very rude.
So I thank you very much from the bottom of my heart that you thought enough of me to hand me this lovely award.
I will ask you all to run over and check out My Distant Husband.
She has a way of turning a phrase and just hitting your heart.
Unlike me she is very smart and her writing is heartfelt and reflective.
Her stories will move you.

In other words she is not a smart ass curmudgeon like ole Peg.
            I'll be back to being a smart ass tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Random Thoughts from an old Broad

I saw a heading today online that asked, “Why do airlines keep going bankrupt?”
Gee I’m no Mensa member but I think it’s pretty simple.
They keep getting money to bail them out and they keep doing everything the same way they always have and we expect a different outcome?
C’mon isn’t that the definition of stupidity?

I have been attempting to get back into the work force outside of this self employed work force. Not easy. I’ve been out for 6 years. I’m old.
So what do I want to do when I grow up?
Gee, Andy Rooney has died and left a big ole vacant spot I could certainly fill.
By job description I would say he was just a big ole curmudgeon.
Hey, me too!
He bitched for a few minutes and called it a job.
Hey I can do that!
Could I go on 60 minutes once a week and rant about something thing that bugs the shit out of me? Okay that was rhetorical since you all know from visiting me here I sure can do that.

What a great gig that would be.
Just think I could even do that from my home office and they can film me here.
Business on top and my pj’s on under the desk.
If they insisted I head up to NYC that’s not a problem.
I will jump on the Acela Train and tape my piece.
Do a little shopping in the city with my new paycheck. I can do it all in a day’s time.
I will have to draw the line though at the bushy eyebrows. I prefer to tweeze mine.

If that doesn’t pan out I can always use my sales, service and negotiating skills that I used in my big old corporate career. However I don’t want to wear 4 inch heels anymore, travel 3 or more days a week, ass kiss stupid hierarchy or play corporate games.
Oh hell just pay me the six figures and health insurance and I can say I’ve been there, done that. Doesn’t work that way? Okay but no heels. I’ve been working in flip flops, sneakers or bare feet for 6 years now. I just can’t go back to the painful albeit beautiful shoes anymore for more than a few hours. I now refer to my old style shoes as my “sitting” shoes.

My final thought was that we baby boomers aren’t getting any younger.
Perhaps I should move into the District where in 2012 it will be legal to set up shop for medicinal marijuana. I could make some serious cash just with my aging friends, let alone all the baby boomers out there.
Hip pain? Here take a tote, you’ll be dancing in no time.
Hearing problems? No sweat you can try some of this new weed that came in yesterday.
Trust me you won’t give a shit if you can hear a damn thing.
I’d be doing double duty you see.
Helping the economy, the local bakeries, and grocery stores as well as helping the elderly.

I think I’m on to somethin’ here.

Monday, November 28, 2011


It's so difficult to come back to work after 4 days of no work.
It's amazing to me how stressed one is and then poof in 2 days I am so relaxed it's hard to imagine my "other" life.

This was by far the most relaxed I have been in a year. It was worth every pound I gained and every brain cell I killed. And trust me I killed more brain cells than I gained in pounds.

The lake was calm and beautiful.
I so love the lake area at this time of year.
No one there except the locals. Very very quiet.
While the locals are what normally drives me bonkers I like that the lake is empty.
500 miles of shoreline dotted with homes and we only saw 2 other boaters.
It was warm. 70 degrees with a fall chill. Sitting in the sun was magnificent but on the boat it was a bit chilly. We bundled up and headed out for a sunny beautiful ride.

By Saturday we only slightly had dealt with the acre of leaves. Oh my the leaves.
Back in our previous lives we would hire someone to do all this. But now we must do it.
The first 30 minutes is fun. The last 2 hrs is painful and we were no where near done.
We decided to bag pun intended.
So we began to pour the cocktails. We drank a lot more than we ate. Is that wrong?

By the time we finished dinner we were 3 sheets to the wind.
We were laughing about everything. Laughing to the point of tears a few times.
Laughing like Anderson Cooper laughed when he couldn't get control a few months ago on CNN.
Giggle Fest.
I'm sure you know what I mean. Laughed so hard that you can't stop.
(Talk about a stress reliever.)

As we are cleaning up after dinner we had a moment where we lost it.
Completely and utterly lost it.
Oh to replay this wouldn't even be funny to you but my God we were red faced with tears down our cheeks and we couldn't talk.

I was putting the dishes in the dishwasher and he was attempting to put some left overs in a Tupperware type container.
He says loudly with utter frustration, "Am I drunk or am I just stupid?" 
I jumped on that comment, "Oh hey I'll play that game."  as I walk over to see what he is doing.

That comment from me sent Rick into utter hysterics. 
Then I saw what he was doing.
He was attempting to put a "bottom" on top of the other "bottom"  

I look at him so seriously and say, "You're drunk AND stupid. This is another bottom, you need to use this top" as I put the top on and seal it shut.

He is laughing so hard now as he says, "YOU WIN!!  ding ding ding"

Now for some reason that made us both laugh like you wouldn't even begin to believe.
This laughing went on for what seemed like a very very long time.

My sister text me at that point and I asked her, "Are we drunk or are we just stupid?"
Which of course she did not understand what the hell we were talking about.
Her comment back to us sent us into mass hysteria yet again.
Then I wrote something back to her and my Droid corrected my spelling and it changed the whole meaning.
It was about me laughing at Rick and I said to her that I was laughing so hard I peed a little in my pants.
What Droid wrote was that 'I peed skittles in my pants.'
She wrote back and said, "O.k. I guess that was colorful."
Of my God that sent us further into the giggling abyss.

I know you are all reading this and thinking - none of this is even funny.
But to two drunk ole fools that was funny.
Pathetic? Oh perhaps. 
But the next time I pee skittles we'll see who's laughing.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I wish you all a wonderful holiday with  Family, Friends and  of course those left over turkey sandwiches!!

And before you know it.......

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Heat?....We don't need no stinkin' heat

Last Friday I was sitting at my desk and I was a bit chilly.
My hands were especially cold.
Now if you know me at all you know that does not happen often.
I have always been the gal who wants the window open in the winter to sleep.
I am always hot. It's been this way since I was a very young lass.
Then menopause.....hell I'm hot all the time.
So to be cold in my office on the 2nd floor was odd since it is warmer upstairs than on the 1st floor. (sadly enough)
I even have all the vents in my office closed so no heat can blow on me.

I meandered downstairs to see what the temp was set at on the thermostat.
It was set at 64. Normal, however it was only reading 59.  It wasn't running.
So I switched it off and then on again and turned it up a few degrees and nothing.
Oh no.

When Rick got home I asked him about it.
I told him I wanted him to do his "manly" thing before I called anyone in case it was nothing.
He fiddled and said that no gas was coming on. 
He laughed and said, "that is all the manly I have in me for this job."
Then he asked me if I paid the gas bill.
That made me laugh. Yes, money is beyond tight but we have the stove, the water heater and the fireplace all of which is gas working.  So yes my dear husband, the gas has been paid on time.

I dug out my home warranty papers and called them.
They gave me a number of a company to call.
I called the heating company and they told me someone could be out by Monday.
"MONDAY?" was my reaction.
It wasn't exactly summer nor was it freezing either but it was cold enough.
I called back the home warranty company and asked for another company and they obliged.

I called the 2nd company.
They said they would be there on Saturday morning.
Okay I can live with Saturday. Only 1 day away and that is reasonable. 
We awoke on Saturday to 24 degree temperatures outside.
I came back in at 6:15am from walking the dog to seeing my breath in my own home.
It was cold.
I turned on the gas fireplace in the kitchen as well as the oven to take the chill out.
Once it warmed us up and we had our coffee we turned it all off.
The day was warming up so no big deal.
We assumed everything would be fine once they got here.

A very shy middle eastern man came to our door.
He had a difficult time looking at us and speaking.
I felt like if I said boo he would turn on a dime and run out of here.
We showed him to our furnace.
Within a few minutes he came back downstairs to the kitchen to inform us of the control panel being "blown out"
We asked what did that mean in terms of when we'd have heat.
He mumbled something which we did not understand.
He then called his boss or so we assumed. They spoke in their native tongue.
He then hung up and told us that they had to order this part and he hoped it would be Tuesday.
I asked what he hoped would be Tuesday? The part coming in or he would return to fix on Tuesday?
He shook his head yes.
I again asked, "Will you be here on Tuesday?" 
He muttered something of which neither of us understood and he smiled and left.
I looked at Rick and said, "Do you think we'll ever see him again?"

We actually laughed because we had no idea what the hell was going on and he was so skittish we felt as though if we pressed him he'd have cried. It was so damn odd and frankly uncomfortable. I really feel awful when I can't understand someone. For some reason I feel as though I should.

Look I enjoy having this home warranty on both our homes. It pays for itself in a lot of ways.
This call was only $75.00 no matter what they find or what they must repair or replace.
I like that. However I don't get to chose my own contractors or HVAC.
That is what I don't care for.

Anyhoo here it is on Tuesday and I don't know that I will have heat before we leave for the holiday. I called 2 times this morning only to get voicemail.
I decided to call back the home warranty company to see if they could assist me in getting a fire under their ass.  They did indeed help me. I got a call immediately after hanging up with the home warranty people to be informed that someone would be out to my home between 3 - 6pm today.

So it looks like I may get heat for tonight.
Honestly it's warmer now and not as bad as it was a few days ago so we are fine with no heat right now. Sure it gets to 34 - 40 degrees in the evenings but the house doesn't get too cold and I like to sleep in a refrigerator so all is well thankfully.

I'm thankful for heat this holiday season - how about you?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lazy Post Week

Lots to do before I head south for the holiday so I am being a lazy blogger.
Stole this idea from another lazy blogger....and you know who you are.
Things you may know or may not know and generally don’t give a shit about.

1. I have never seen a Star Wars movie
2. I have never seen in their entirety, Gone with the Wind, Willy Wonka or The Sound of Music.
3. I have never watched an episode or read Winnie the Pooh.
4. I am the only living human who has never watched a full episode of Law & Order.
5. I will never see a vampire movie where they are romantic heroes.
6. I have not seen or read Harry Potter.
7. I have never tweeted.
8. I do not have a facebook account.
9. I think Johnny Depp always looks like he needs a bath.
10. I hate the wild card in baseball!!!!

C’mon give me your gasps and comments, I can take it.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Messy Partner

The other day when Rick came home he plopped all his things down on the kitchen island.
He does this and then walks away. He continues to add more things as the evening goes on.
His left over lunch, his keys, his book, his coat went on an island stool etc.
I so hate this. Why can't he just put these things where they belong just once?
So I asked him that very question.
"Well Margaret for the same reason you leave your purse everywhere."

"Rick, you think that is logical? One little ole purse left on the coffee table or in the foyer or on a stool occasionally? That 1 thing is the same to you?"

He is laughing so I know he doesn't even believe his own bullshit.
But he ignores me.

My kitchen island is like a magnet for crap.
I can clear it off and within mere minutes it is all cluttered. Drives me mad.
He opens the mail and then throws the envelopes and other junk mail in a pile AND LEAVES IT THERE. I will pick it up and put it 6 ft away into the recycle bin. Gee that was difficult.

Look I get the whole thing of dropping stuff there but eventually wouldn't you pick them up?
Eventually wouldn't you put your bottle of booze away when you are done?

I didn't want to nag because seriously I am not his mother but his partner.
I wanted him to see this. But then I thought I'm already in my 50's this may not be until the end of my life before he notices.  He's getting older his eye sight will only continue to deteroriate.
Can I really tolerate this mess for a long enough period of time to make him notice? 
Can my slight OCD issues handle this?

I let it all go.  I was determined to make him see this clutter.
I decided to just let everything go until there is not an ounce of countertop showing.
It was such a mess. Empty Fresca cans and Coke bottles. 
I do not drink pop so we know who those belong to.
Mail piles, his pill bottles from filling up his pill container, paper from opening a new cheese, empty lunch baggies, his Southern Comfort bottle, his keys, his work folder/book, his work papers, his shipping tape roll from shipping something to his daughter, his coat on a counter stool and the list goes on and on and on. It was a 7ft area with no space and only 2 out of 3 stools where one can sit.

Our recycle bin is only 6 ft away, the garbage can is 2 ft away, the place for his pills is in a basket in the kitchen cabinet so he could just turn around. The booze had a place a mere foot away, the coat goes in a closet a few feet away or on the hall rack by the front door. All so easy.
But no, all his stuff was there and he didn't even notice.
He kept moving his piles out of the way to make room for more "garbage".
I was about to explode but I really was trying to see how long he would go.
I felt it may kill me before he ever notices.
Last night was his apparent limit but only after seeing it for the 1st time.

He came home and told me about a home he had been in that day.
He was appalled of the shape the house was in as well as the homeowners total lack of concern of this mess. He thought it was like a case of the show Hoarders.  He took pictures. (I would post them but I think that may be illegal.) He said he was walking on mail on the floor along with piles of clothes, papers and other items. He picked a piece of mail up and handed it to the homeowner. He said to her, "I think this is your mail."
She told him to just leave it there.
So he put it back on the floor and felt so damn weird doing that.
He went on to explain that there were no flat surfaces that weren't full of stuff.
And the place didn't smell well either.
He said to me in all seriousness, "How can people live like this?"

So as Rick is showing me his cell phone photo's of this dump home I am thinking that this is not much different from my island right now.   
I look at Rick and take the pictures away from him.
I say, "Rick look at the island for a full minute. And then look at this picture. Tell me what you see."

He looks at me and says, "Why is all this stuff on the island. Why did you do this?"

I tell him it is all his stuff. I even tell him that I have been leaving it all for him to notice.
He stares for awhile and I realize he is seeing this for the first damn time.
He quietly began to clear it off. It only took a few minutes.

Then he asked me the following question.....
"Why didn't you just tell me to clean this up? Why would you leave it all there?"

My head exploded.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Random Mayhem

You know what I noticed? Of course you don’t. So I will tell you.
Every time I post a picture of my kitchen there are empty wine bottles all around.
That’s not good now is it?
I promise to post a photo of my kitchen without empty bottles all around.
Yea, like there ever is one.

It’s that time of year where one is barraged with Christmas propaganda.
For all of you who love this it must be fabulous. I do not care for this particular holiday in the same way as you all know from my annual ba-humbug posts.
It makes me want to hide until December 30th.

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving though.
Oh not for the turkey, I hate turkey. Never eat turkey. But just for the time off.
Just thinking about the days of not dealing with customers makes me euphoric.
We are heading to the lake. Meeting the @#$% realtor.
His ah, shucks creepy accent makes me want to puke or punch him.
I don’t understand why men and women thinking acting dumb is cute.
It’s not cute. It’s ugly.
When the accent becomes so difficult to understand both Rick and I want subtitles under his chin. Rick suggested to me that he try sign language and that made me laugh.
Seriously we have begun asking for emails because we can’t understand him.
Sadly the emails are just as bad. He bugs me to pieces.
The accent does get heavier and more difficult to understand when he has bad news to deliver.
As though that makes it better and then he ends his sentences with God Bless You or praise the lord or some such phrase that is inappropriate as well as really fries our asses.
I want to scream – LEAVE YOUR RELIGION AT HOME BUDDY THIS IS BUSINESS!!! Entirely inappropriate unless you know this person from church or know them period.
I don’t like being hugged either by strangers. I extend my hand/arm for a reason.
You are not my family or my friend.
You are a business associate and I don’t want creepy guy to hug me.  Is that wrong?

It’s funny he didn’t speak this badly when we met him. Yes, he had an accent but not this thick. And he sat with us for over an hour so he did a good acting job.
Maybe he should be an actor not a realtor. His double negatives alone would have sent Rick through the roof and he would not have chosen him. (for the record I wanted someone else)
The real man is coming through I suppose.

I have always disliked realtors but this guy is so bad it is mind boggling.
When I attended real estate school a few years ago I told Rick that the information they were teaching had NOTHING to do with selling homes, helping a consumer, marketing, or teaching realtors how to work and be successful.
Topics were stupid things like if someone dies who get the home. Or how a realtor gets paid.
A week of how one got paid. No kidding. It was an eye opener.
It explained a lot about why I have never met a good realtor.
But I am not a realtor so I can't sell my own home. I should have pursued it.
I digress….sorry about the rant…anyhoo….
We are taking the house off the market for the winter. And guess who won’t be our realtor?
Mr. Good ole boy. No sense in having the house languish on the MLS all winter when there will be no activity down at the lake. We’ll put it back up in spring and start it all over again.
Unless of course someone leaves me a lot of money or I win the lottery.

I watched a movie this weekend that surprised me.
Did any of you see The Last Play at Shea movie?
It was on Showtime this weekend and it was far better than I would have thought.
It was interesting to me to see how the Beatles were the first band to play at Shea Stadium and it closed with Paul McCartney playing the last song there.
I also found the history very interesting and entertaining.
It was also so fun to see the grounds keeper who drove the Beatles 1964 to the stage.
There he was again in 2010 driving the golf cart out with Paul McCartney to the stage.
It was a full circle moment that was pretty damn cool.

Billy Joel was fabulous.  Oh I so love me some Billy Joel. He is my youth.
I highly recommend this if you can see it. If you like Billy and Paul you’ll love it.
It would have been a great concert to see. John Meyer, Garth Brooks, Paul McCartney, John Mellencamp, Tony Bennett, Roger Daltry, Don Henley, and Steven Tyler. 
Not bad eh? I tuned in for Billy and it was far more than that. Check it out.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Long ago and far away when I was a young gal I learned the hard way that if I asked Rick to do something that I must specify exactly when I wanted this completed.

For example. If I were to say, “Rick can you please take these wine bottles out to the recycle bin?”

He actually hears, “Rick take these out to the recycle bin baby whenever your little heart desires. I only tell you this to hear myself speak. You can continue to let them sit on the kitchen island like centerpieces for all I care. No hurry my big strong handsome man.”

When I would see the bottles later still sitting on the island I would innocently ask why he didn’t take them out. His response was always the same, “You didn’t say I had to do it right now.”

Why the hell would I ask you now if I wanted it done days/weeks/months from now?
I was cleaning up the kitchen right then.  I assumed that would be implied.
Oh silly me!

So we made a deal from that point on I would always state exactly when I wanted something done.
Examples, “Rick would you please take these out to the recycle bin tonight.”

“Rick will you please put that ladder back in the garage before Saturday  when the company arrives.”

See how this works?
It was a compromise that had to be made for us both to get what we wanted.
Me, wanting the help and not wanting to kill him.
Rick, so he didn’t have to listen to me bitch.
For some reason men think we like to nag.
Try not giving us so much to nag about. But that’s another post for another day.

The other 2 lessons I had to learn over the years is to ask him explicitly how long something will take him and exactly when he will be doing this task.

Example 1:
It began innocently enough.
He told me that he was going to put up these pendulum lights over the island on Saturday.
Saturday comes and goes and the lights are not up.
I asked him about the lights and he says, “I told you I would do it.”
“Yes, I say, but you said Saturday.”
He laughs and says, “well it’s Sunday I have a whole week.”
Aargh!   He found it funny, I found it frustrating as hell.

When he did get to these lights I was heading out to the grocery store.
I asked him how long he thought this would take.
I knew he’d be standing on the kitchen island to install the lights above it.
I would come home and want to put food on the island and me doing that I knew would annoy the shit out of him while he was working. So I wanted to have an idea of the time frame so I was not going to stop him from working. He said 45 minutes to an hour. Great!
In fact perfect timing! This was going to be great.
New pendulum light fixtures in an hour. Almost like Lenscrafters.
I couldn't wait. 

I came home and the ceiling looked like swiss cheese.
I made the enormous mistake of saying out loud, “What the hell happened here?”
Oh I regretted that as soon as it came out. Silly, silly Margaret.

He mumbled things I can’t even type here. He was beyond frustrated.
He apparently couldn’t put these evenly on either side of the center light because there were beams there and he couldn’t put the box on a beam – not to code he yelled when I asked.
Ah jeez.

His solution was to have the one in the center and the other two lights several feet apart on either side. It looked ridiculous I told him. The island is 7ft long. You don’t want one lone light in the middle and the other two on the furthest ends of the island. That is hideous.
Oh God. Again it was the wrong thing to say, the ungrateful wife.

Fast forward to 8 hours later and the lights are up.
Oh no, not to code because apparently after 8 hrs it was no longer as important to him they be to code as they were to being done! 
They were up and they looked great, with the exception of the other 8 holes all around them. I didn’t dare ask when he thought he’d fill those holes in. I knew better at this point.
I just thanked him and shut the hell up. That along with bringing him several strong drinks in a row and showing him cleavage….that always seems to help.
(ta da! the lights - please ignore the clutter!)

So now when he is doing a project and I ask how long it will take.
I take his answer and multiply by 32 and divide by 4 and it’s usually pretty darn close.

Example 2:
We bought bathroom mosaic tile to redo the shower and as an accent around the Jacuzzi tub because we had already won the porcelain tile for the floor. So we figured let’s remodel our master bath. He refused to hire someone when he said he could do this himself. It was an easy job he explained. That was 2 ½ years ago and it’s not finished. The shower is completed and it looks great the rest of the room not so much.  If you listen closely you can hear me scream from where you live.
When he told me it would be done in September I made the mistake of not asking which September.

Big Lesson learned!!

Clarifying Yesterday

I survived yesterday, miserably but I did it.
I can't believe all I went through and that I gave this misery to myself.

Why do I give my husband more fodder to tease me for my "blonde" moments as he calls them. I am not helping myself am I?

I was a complete  idiot, dumb ass and all of the other stupid adjectives you can think of.
I have no real defense here.
Although I will try.
I have been having  allergy type symptoms for awhile now.
And waking up yesterday feeling all stuffed up and achy I thought it would be helpful to get through my day with some Dayquil.   I barely slept at all anyway and the headache was killing me so why not start my day with Dayquil.  Good idea right?

They shouldn't put those capsules for day and night all on the same sheet for we sleep deprived stressed out old women. 

As soon as I swallowed those green capsules I thought - WAIT! Aren't the green ones NyQuil? I asked Rick and he began to laugh. I knew they were the wrongs ones from his laughter. Shit.  I turned the sheet over and still couldn't see where the back side said one or the other. And I sure didn't see names on the capsules like this picture either.
I did not have glasses on but I swear my capsules don't have names on them.
Oh boy I knew I was in trouble now.

So off to work I went with a 3rd cup of coffee in my hand praying to anyone who could help me to keep me awake at my desk. 
If only I could throw up on command was what I was thinking.
(But then if I could do that I would be bulimic and eat that damn cake on my island which has been calling me all week damn it!)

I did a lot of head bobbing all day.
At one point I felt like I just had to close my eyes for just a minute so I put my head down on my desk. Only to be awaken by the phone ringing.
The first time I was startled awake it felt like I had been sleeping forever, in reality when I looked at the clock it was 2 minutes since I put my head down on my desk.

Several hours later I put my head down again.
I had been staring at a spreadsheet and I just couldn't focus, the NyQuil was doing it's job. Once again it felt like I had been sleeping for hours when Izzy hit my elbow with her nose to tell me it was time to go out. I looked at my computer and it had been only 2 minutes again.
Oh how was I going to make it through this day?  I was a zombie.

I was busy too. Look business hasn't been great so busy is so damn good but I just wanted to crawl down the hall  into my bed to sleep off this NyQuil hang over feeling!

Finally it was 5pm. 
I finished the last customer call at 5:12p and ran downstairs.
I got dinner started and fed the dog and laid down on the sofa.
I thought I'll just lay here on my comfy sofa for 10 minutes. 
I couldn't do more than 10 minutes because I had an event to attend this evening.
I was to pick up a girlfriend at 6:30pm. 
My hairdresser was having this event at her new salon and I had RSVP'd so I had to go, tired be damned. 
10 minutes would  be a good power nap. I just wanted to close my eyes. They felt so heavy all day.  Rick was on his way home and I was sure he'd be there within 15 minutes tops.  Then I would get up, fix the face and put on some nice clothes and head over to pick up Christina a few doors away.

The plan was a good one but it didn't work out that way.
I awoke at 8:15pm.  Oops! 
I missed the event that was from 6-9p. 
Oh my god what did I do?
I sat up and looked at Rick and he said, "Morning sleepy head." 
I was now in a full blown panic.
He began to explain that he came home about 5 minutes after I laid down apparently.
He said he remembered that I had somewhere to go so he tried to wake me.
He told me I wouldn't budge when he tried to wake me.
He thought he'd let me sleep a little bit more since he knows I've not been sleeping well.  Then my phone rang and he saw it was the girlfriend I was to pick up. So he answered my phone.  She told him she was running late and he told her I was still sleeping and she said that she honestly didn't want to go.  She wanted to put on her pj's and just crawl up on the sofa with a glass of wine.  She had a bad day and a lousy commute.  She just wanted to stay home. So they decided to let me sleep. They thought that was the answer to making everyone feel better.

I really understood why he did that but now I felt terrible that I missed Diane's event.
I'm a lousy friend. I felt guilty and so stupid.....but tired.

I talked to Rick about his day at this point because it's too late for anything else.
But I was still tired so I kissed him and headed upstairs and went to bed at 9:00p.
I slept all the way until 4am.  I got some serious sleep and it was great.
Trying to stay awake after taking Nyquil really was difficult.
I do not recomment that trick to anyone.

But let me tell you if you need a testament that this stuff works to allow you to sleep
I am walking proof!  Maybe they could use a spokesperson for their next commercial.
I could use the money ..... just a thought.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Can you say Dumb Ass?

Didn't sleep well.
Kept waking to my mind racing over a ton of subjects.
Also have a pounding headache, ear aches, runny nose etc.
So this morning I took what I thought were the Dayquil capsules.
Nope they are the Nyquil capsules.

What a dumb ass!
So now I am drowsy, attempting to work, and all I want to do is go to sleep.
It's gonna be a long long day.

It's a full moon people.
That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

And It's Only Wednesday

Life has been feeling a bit heavy of late.
I am trying to shake it but it still lingers.
Nothing the ole Mega Millions lottery can't fix though.

Anyhoo this post is more of some things I've been dealing with than a story today.

**I have never NOT voted. Ever. I would get all crazy ass on people who would not vote. It's not just a right I'd tell them but a privilege.  
Well yesterday, a day to vote here in Northern Virginia, I for the first time did not vote.  
I hate everybody. I am feeling like it just doesn't matter anymore.  
If the left is in office the right, even if they agree, will do all they can to thwart anything from passing.   
If the right in in office, the left even if they agree, will do all they can to thwart anything from passing.  God forbid should they actually want to help the people, the people who pay them, the people who pay for their insurance for life and pay raises while the people lose all of those perks   So after 37 years of voting I decided to try something new.  
The other way wasn't helping me any.   So I am going to be "one of those" people.
I feel guilty but my choices all sucked anyway. I am going to try to make peace with it.

**Our company does a lot of work for this apartment complex. 
Most of the work is very small.
The last few were small repairs so we only charged the service call fee of $200.
It took 90 days or longer to get this amount. Then the big companies (like Marriott) began being 90 days /120 days late and we made a decision that payment is due at the completion of the job. No billing what so ever. A credit card can be used  but no more billing.
I mean seriously, If a plumber comes to your home do you ask him to bill you or does he expect payment upon completion? We have one company that arrangements have been made and as long as they abide by the arrangement we are fine. Otherwise everyone pays for the job when it is completed.

Since the implementation of this new no billing policy there has never been an issue and we admit we were surprised. 
Then yesterday this apartment complex called us for a new job.
They said some things had changed since the last time we worked for them and they stated that  they were to use us we had to pay $95 to their compliance department.
Apparently this new compliance department will be sure we have the proper paper work, licenses, W-9, auto insurance etc.  How do they get all this paper work necessary you ask?
I have to fax them all the documentation myself and then pay them $95.00. You would think if I was paying them they would do all the leg work wouldn't you? But no they do nothing but put it all in a folder for $95.00

All other companies that we do business with and that request this information get it faxed to them from our insurance company directly. They ask me and I call my insurance company, it's done within 30 minutes end of story. One company handles all of our insurances for the company and it's never been an issue until now.

So I asked some questions about their new policy. I wanted to be sure I understood this because I kept thinking that this couldn't be right.
The property manager got a bit hostile with me. He informed me that they would not pay upon completion of the job but they will be billed.
So let me understand this, We have to pay you $95 to do work for you and then we have to wait 2-3 months for our money.  Yup that is the deal. Of course I didn't speak like that to him but you get the gist.

I told him I would discuss this with the owner (they don't know I am married to him) and get back to them or the owner would. I knew damn well we weren't going to do this. These people don't give us real work, it's all piddly stuff and they are out in the boonies. But it needed to be discussed with Rick first. 

We discussed it and Rick felt it was not something we wanted to do.
He called the property manager to explain to him our reason for declining the work.
The property manager told Rick, "Just pay the $95.00. We've used other refinishers and no one does as good a job as you guys. We much prefer working with you."

Rick again thanked him for their business but we no longer bill and we will not pay to be on their vendor list in hopes of getting these jobs. 
The property manager again said, "Will you do it if we promise to pay within 90 days?"
Rick had to stifle laughter and just said, "John we appreciate all the business you have brought to us but we want to be paid upon completion of each job and we will not pay you to do work for you. We have to decline this offer. I wish you much success."

John then got combative with Rick.  He yelled, "What the hell is the big deal if you have to wait 90 days or 120 days we eventually pay you."  
He also said he knew it was not the best scenario to have this new compliance fee but this was implemented by his company he had nothing to say about it. And then he actually said, "Please we need your artistry on this job.  We've tried others and then we end up calling you to fix it. C'mon we've done business before with you"
Rick again thanked him and said I'm sorry John I would like to recommend XYZ.
John then told Rick to go fuck himself.  Yessirree bob he did!
I was in the office when Rick was on the phone with him.
When he said those nice words to Rick I saw Rick's face and I knew he said something "good"
Rick put down the phone and looked at me and said, "he just told be to go fuck myself and hung up." Then Rick laughed.

Seriously when we don't get paid, be it only $200 or $10,000 it is like doing the job for free.
I wonder if he would like to go to work and wait 3 months for his pay check.
I would love to see how he likes paying his bills while having to wait 3 months.

**Adding to my Monday of joy is that somehow or another I got debit card fraud on my company card. I don't take it out of my purse so no one holds it. It was for video games. When I spoke to the person at the bank they questioned me like I was a not being forth right.
Did you buy something from your phone?
No, if you knew how pathetic I am with my smart phone you'd find that very funny. No I have never bought anything from my phone.

Could one of your children have purchased these?
I do not have children.

Could your husband have purchased these?
No, my husband and I do not play video games, we do not own a video game console.

Are you sure?
(I actually laughed when he said that one.)
Yes I am sure.
I do not own a video console and I have never ever even played a video game since Pac-Man.

So I received a temporary credit for this while they investigate.

It's been a helluva week so far and it's only Wednesday.
Hope your week is going a bit better for you all.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Funk

I've been in a funk.
I snapped out of it yesterday with the helpful words of my husband.

My company is gone and traveling through the area until Sunday.
When they will return for food, lodging and a ride to the airport.

I promise I will be back to my ole smart ass self next week.
I need to mend me. It may or may not require vats of liquor.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts

You'd think my life couldn't get much worse.
Financial struggles abound. Health insurance issues.
Now my Keurig breaks down.

I called Keurig this morning when my coffee wouldn't come out.
I am not nice without my coffee damn it.
They walked us through all these steps and none worked.
They are sending this replacement part and they stated it would take 3-7 days.
We have company coming on Thursday.
No coffee and people we are not looking forward to?
Oh it just keeps getting better doesn't it?

So what did you all think of Kim Kardashian's divorce?
I think she should give all the money back as well as the gifts.
If you want a party - then have a party.
Don't bother getting married.
I wish people spent as much time and energy on the marriage as they do the wedding.
Dumb asses!

Have you all seen the Madoff interviews?
I saw the daughter in law who's husband killed himself.
I found her story believable and gut wrenching.

Now the other brother is whoring a book and parading his mother and fiancee out to promote it.  He creeps me out. His beady eyes and lack of lips and bad hair were distracting to me.
Yes, he may not have been involved but he seems to be as self absorbed as his parents.
He says the obligatory things like he's sorry and ashamed of his father and he feels badly for those that were hurt. But his actions say something else to me.

If he really felt badly he would give the proceeds of this book to the people he says were family friends and family members that his father screwed. As well as those he didn't know.
How about those who his father destroyed their lives?  That would match his words.

He stated he made millions each year with the company he and his brother started.
So it's not like he's poor. If he really wanted to get the message out he could be on television and do interviews. He acts as though his only way to do that is to write a book which he will be paid handsomely for. Talk about not seeing the big picture or really understanding what you all have done.  Jeez!
And damn it get a haircut!
Seriously for someone with money his hair was ridiculously long and disheveled.
And my last shallow note on this topic is that he parades this so called fiancee out on all these interviews like 60 minutes and the Today show yet she just sits there and never speaks. Why bring her? What is the point of her being there if you only discuss mother and yourself?
It's all so sad. The whole things is narcissism at it's finest.
I think the brother who did feel badly is now gone and has left behind a beautiful wife and gorgeous children. It's so sad.

Boy I'm cranky when there is no coffee aren't I?