Monday, August 29, 2011

I came back for Alec...Shhh...Don't tell Tammie

Okay had to share.....
I know ya'll don't care about baseball like me but these two are just damn funny. As I have said before I really enjoy their commercials together. I think they play off each other so well.
I wish they'd have a sitcom together....maybe like an Odd Couple type thing.

And here is another of one of my favorite comedians on why he refuses to tell Sarah Palin jokes.

Monday, Monday, Monday

We survived Irene!

We are just enough west to have been saved from real trouble.
We had high winds and heavy rains but overall we are lucky ones.
Most around us did not fare as well and it is all so awful to see.
Because we live in a new area we did not lose power because everything here is underground.  The weather the rest of this week is going to be really nice so looks good for a long holiday weekend.

We are having our annual labor day weekend at the lake with our annual guests that we love starting this Thursday. Because of that I probably will not have another post this week.
We have a lot to do between now and then. But you all know how it goes.....there will be stories and pictures to see when I return.

I hope you all have a wonderful labor day.
I'm heading to the lake on Wednesday night after work and I expect to have a couple of these to end my summer.

Friday, August 26, 2011


It's Friday and I am in a great mood.
Because it's FRIDAY!

The NYY vs. A's baseball game was on yesterday afternoon.
I could not watch because -
1. I didn't get this game on TV
2. I was working...but I could keep up online.
At the point where the score was 7-2 and we were the "2" I was so upset.
We are not so great this year. Playing like mere mortals not Yankees. No ring this year.

So imagine my surprise when I went downstairs after work to turn on ESPN and see the score was 22-9. We being the "22." 
Yes I did a happy dance with Izzy and hoot and hollered.
Yea, we won, we also made history and it's almost Friday. 
Hey that was a reason for a cocktail if you ask me.
I have had one for less so why not celebrate.

My team is in town (well close by) and we were going to buy tickets and go to Baltimore on Sunday but we have company tonight and the hurricane arrives late tonight so there will be no game tomorrow afternoon and probably not even Sunday with the predictions of rain we are getting.

In other news....This morning while walking the dog I see a neighbor who I have wondered if she were pregnant or getting heavier. She is "chubby" we will say to begin with so I didn't want to say, "Congratulations" and have her tell me she's had a little too much pizza and beer ya know?  But today she really looked pregnant and not just fat so I winced and went for it...."Hey are you pregnant?"  She was so excited that someone has said something.
She said, "every time you guys would see me and say hello I wanted to yell it to you but I thought that would be odd. Then I asked my husband if people just thought I was getting fatter"

I ignored the comment because really what can one say to that? Yea, I thought you were just getting fatter so I didn't say anything.   No, one can't say that if you don't want to hurt their feelings. So I just asked, "How far along are you? Do you know the sex?" That kind of stuff.
She is 7 1/2 months along and it's a girl.  So that was cool.

After this meeting out in front of our house I came back to the office and text Rick (or is it texted? hmm...)  

" our neighbor is indeed pregnant and not fact she is 7 1/2 months preggers and it's a girl"

Now Rick and I have talked about this a great deal so I assumed he would know who I was talking about. We literally talked about it last night after he saw her.
But of course being the absent minded professor  that he is, he did not remember this conversation.
(I swear he is with me only because he remembers nothing & I'm new to him every day)  

He wrote back the following: "WHAT? She is drinking and smoking! Great mothering already!"
I could hear the disgust in his text and it made me laugh.
I knew now he was thinking the gal next door who drinks like a fish and smokes like a chimney. So I respond and said, "it's not pretty Carrie you big goof."
I still did not tell him who it was.
He wrote back and said, "Oh the fat girl you made cry."
Yep that's the one, thanks for reminding me about that asshole.
Yes I made her cry but I didn't mean to people.
That makes me sound like a witch with a capital B.
But that's another story for another day.

Have a great weekend everybody.
Baton down the hatches!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hail, Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Locusts

Having fun yet?
Boy this summer has been a wild weather season.
Can't wait for winter.....she said sarcastically.

Let's recap shall we?
We had hail last week.

Yesterday was an earthquake as you all know by now.

My kitchen cabinets on one end pulled away from the wall about an inch.
The 3rd floor had the most damage. The bookshelves were a mess and things broke and scattered. But overall that is great that those are the only things hurt.
My concern is what I can't see - like the structure of my home.
But I will play ostrich and put my head in the sand on that topic.

Now we are expecting a hurricane.

Should make for a fun weekend of high winds and lots of rain.
Seriously this is getting tiring. 
We have had this oddly cool weather for August so you know something is up and I don't think it's gonna be good. Locusts perhaps?

One of my boyfriends -
has been threatened as well as David Letterman.
In case you haven't heard Dave got in trouble for speaking about the death of an al-Qaeda leader. They are calling David a bad Jew who's tongue needs to be cut out. 
He's not Jewish - he's protestant. Idiot terrorists!

Now on to my boyfriend Craig. A letter was sent with this white powder to his office saying it was Anthrax. It turned out to be no such thing thankfully.

What the hell is going on? These guys are harmless. They tell jokes. Now if only people could lighten up and just relax. If I had to kill everyone who annoyed me I'd be alone on this island......oh wait, now thats a thought....

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekly Tuesday Tid Bits....2pm update earthquake here.

Today is my Mom's birthday.
If she had lived past the age of 44 she would have been 87 today. Wow.
Every year I realize the date is coming up and something will go through my head and I'll think, wow it's mom's birthday next week.
Then I go on with life and don't think of it again.
Then on August 23rd it hits me. It's Mom's day.
I remember birthdays pretty well. Can't remember where the hell my keys are or where I parked the car at the grocery store. But I can remember birthdates of my family well.
Today I wish I didn't.

I get to pick up my DVD's today at Costco.
I brought Costco my 8mm tapes that I got from my parents when I went up north.
They are making them all into DVD's.
I can't wait to see them.
These should be a hoot.
Some date back to the 60's.
Just to see the clothes and my parents as young people will be so much fun. 

I was to start my job at Starbucks after labor day.
They called me yesterday to tell me that budgets had been cut and there was no job for me.
Nice huh? How can you tell me I am hired and then I don't have the job?
He said if I came on board there wouldn't be enough hours for me or some such garbage.
I didn't want to wear that damn apron and hat anyway. (I just wanted health benefits)

I have been applying to all the businesses that are in my development.
That would make it easier working 2 jobs if I didn't have a huge commute.
I did not apply to the wine store though. I thought that could be a problem. 
I would work for wine basically and that isn't the reason for the 2nd job....but it'd sure be fun for Rick and me.
They sell to die for chocolate truffles as well as great wines and they host themed parties there etc. I could so work there and have fun but I would need AA on speed dial I fear.

We just had a 5.9 earthquake.  To you all living in earthquake parts of the country this is no big deal to you. However it was a big deal to me.

Of course being in the DC metro area my first thought was terrorism.
It started slowly. It was a shake at first....not big.
Then it was wild shaking here in Northern VA.

The dog was sleeping beside my desk and I just hung up the phone when the whole house shook back and forth. She woke up barking and I threw off my headset and we both ran down the stairs to go outside. (my office is on the 2nd floor)
As I got outside I heard the office phone ring. I wasn't going back in until the earth stopped moving!  (it's fall like weather today so my windows are open)

Rick called my cell which I had on me and he was in a high rise about 15 miles away.
He wanted to be sure we were okay.  I told him we were outside with most of the neighbors who were home. We are having a difficult time getting through to people on the phone.
As of right now I have heard conflicting reports on where the epicenter was located. 
I heard Mineral Virginia and then I heard Richmond VA. So I don't know for sure.
Mineral is about 80 miles from me. Richmond is about 110 miles away.
I'd say it was Mineral VA from how it felt to me.

I also heard them say on TV it would feel like a truck went down the street. A truck?
My whole home swayed back and forth vigorously. It did not feel like any truck I ever felt!!  I also heard glass break but I have not seen anything as yet that is broken.
But I have not gone up to the 3rd floor yet.

When I lived in Seattle we had a 5.5 and it was nothing in comparison.
The epicenter in that one was 20 miles away from us. This was so much more yet it wasn't that much difference in the numbers.

It's been a gorgeous fall like day here. Cool morning, blue sky and probably only 85 degrees with low humidity. Great weather but I can do without the earth moving unless it's sexual thank you very much.

I am unable to reach Rick by phone - wonder if this affected cell towers?
What a wild day folks.


Wine - ah the nectar of the Gods.
I love wine.
I had a lot of wine this weekend.

We went to the lake and considering we are selling our dream of living on the water we had a nice time.
I have stated here on the blog a zillion times about my disdain for Realtors.
This weekend didn't make me like them anymore trust me.

Making the decision to sell was actually more difficult than actually realizing we are now selling.
The market there is horrific unlike up here at our primary residence. 
So it may not sell quickly and then we'll rent it again to help us.
It is what it is and we'll do what we have to do.
I hate it but it's not lost on me that I can say, how lucky am I that I have spent 8 summers living on the water?

Anyone know a good tax attorney?
I so wish I didn't have to pay capital gain taxes since I am selling this because of financial hardship it would be nice to at least keep the money ya know?
Nothin' is ever easy.

Sunday morning Rick went fishing and I asked for a quick spin around the lake area by our home.  I tried to narrate this so you could see the author's home etc. I couldn't see anything other than my reflection in the camera so that is my excuse for the lousy picture. I wanted you to see how large this home was but all the trees and my lousy camera work don't show it well. You'll see he only had 5 of his water vessels out there. Only 5.   ha ha ha.
All you can hear is wind and water splashing. I'm sorry. I was going to put music to it all but I decided to let you hear me being a jerk!
I doubt I will keep this up here for long. So make fun of me while you can. This is a warning why one should not add gin in their morning glasses of juice.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Fat Fingers Friday

TGIF Everybody!!!

Thursday night we had what looked like ice cubes falling from the sky.
It was really wild. We were watching a baseball game when all of a sudden I heard something hitting the windows.  I seriously thought it was our neighbor throwing something at our windows when I first heard it but then the satellite went out. Our neighbor has been known to do that to be what he thinks is funny thinking he's getting our attention. But then the sound got very loud. I looked outside and my goodness I have never seen hail this large. It even woke up the dog who was sleeping by the back wall of windows.  We sure have had some weird weather this summer!

I also learned that I can't try to respond to my blog comments on my smart phone.
"Mama" wrote and when I went to hit the publish button my fat fingers hit the delete button below it. I marked one as spam as well.  So I now know that I can read them on the phone but I can't actually publish them.   

I am obviously still getting used to this phone. I felt like I had it all down then Rick asked about his bluetooth.  Can't make the blue tooth work. Oh the person calling and wearing it can hear everything but the peson on the other end can't hear.Minor details. I just didn't feel like reading the instructins again and called it a night. I'll figure it out today....I hope.
I am thinking by the time the phone company suggests an upgrade I will just be getting the hang of the phone. 

Any of you watch Food Network Star?  I have really liked this show over the years and this year was no exception. I was rooting for the last 3 that were standing.  
I thought for sure the lone woman standing would win. 
Susie's food sounded and looked so good and she was so damn adorable to boot.
She had a few more bumps along the way but never in her cooking.
When the competition was down to just Susie and Jeff  I still thought for sure it would be Susie by some of the things the judges would say. I personally was so torn on who I wanted to win. 
I would watch both of their shows amd I would enjoy both of their points of view.
I felt while they were different they were both excellent as chefs.  Jeff was a bit better with the camera.  Jeff was just a big ole teddy bear.  He was as adorable as Susie. I found him funny, charming and man I wanted to eat his food. So I figured who ever won of those 2 would be great. Jeff  won and his show starts this Sunday morning.
I think it may be a sickness to diet and watch food shows. I find them calming for some reason. Mindless and calming. I imagine that is why I like them at the end of my day.

We are off to the lake - meeting realtors - may be selling the lake house. Boy are we gonna cry, and not just from the captial gain taxes but because this home was our dream. I suppose it's time to wake up from that dream after 7 years.   Oh hell I think I need to go back to sleep.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Random Thursday Items

Some Random items flowing threw my little head.....
  • Who pees on the carpet on a plane BEFORE take off? Not that doing it after take off is any better but he couldn't use the rest room before boarding? Seriously what the hell is wrong with people? A celebrity no less. (Gerard Depardieu) I suppose they have even more entitlement issues than the rest of the world and we all know that is saying a lot!
  • I found it rather funny that the ole Tea Bagger Party gal stomped off Piers Morgan when he asked a question about a topic that was in her book. She told him he was rude. I watched it and didn't see rude. She refused to answer and said she was there to discuss her book. She even admitted this topic was in her book that she told him she didn't want to talk about it. So she wants to talk about her book but only certain topics in her book. Who was rude again? Once again she was hiding behind her religion. Did American's forget we came here for religious freedoms? Somehow we seem to be losing them.
  • I find it sad that all the women who run for office are so incredibly ill informed and rather stupid. (Clinton excluded.  Even if you don't care for her she is not dumb!!)  They don't speak well, they think Elvis is alive and they can see Russia from the US and one such twinkie when asked if she was born a bigot said it was a good question and she'd have to get back to "ya" on that. We would seriously laugh our asses off if this was another country's pitiful selection.
  • The men aren't any better...they think there is no such thing as global warming, they want us all to pray to THEIR GOD to solve all our issues and if we don't think like them we are all going to hell in a hand basket. Boy, how I wish I were Canadian!!!
  • I have 2 dear friends who are supposedly seperated. He lives in the basement and she lives upstairs. They have 2 children (5 & 3) He is a down on his luck realtor making very little. She got a job after being out of the work force for 6 yrs. They can't afford to actually seperate yet you can't divorce in VA until you are seperated for 2 yrs. Their house is under water so they can't sell right now. Apparently living in different parts of the home is acceptable for being considered a seperation. How very War of The Roses of them. I hope it ends better than that movie for them though. Sadly when we went to their wedding Rick said, "This is (her name) first wedding."  We like them both so much but sadly they are better seperately than together. What a shitty situation to be in for all involved.
  • I have been bombarded with dumb asses at work this last week. Is there a full moon or is my name and number out there telling them to call me? I mean to tell you  these are ass hats who ask me things that I have to bite my tongue in response.  I may lose my tongue by the end of the week.
How's your week going so far?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Weekend Pix

We so missed this gal while we were gone. These were the day before we left.
Izzy stares out the dining room window until she sees her human father pull up.
She's love sick over's sickening.

 Who's the crazy one here?
Saturday morning (below)was really a lot of fun.
Some friends had us meet them for breakfast on the beach.
We got there at 8:30am and it was empty, quiet and beautiful
The weather was sooo much cooler than we are used to - it was like fall weather for us. The highs were only 78- 80. Perfection!

What looks like rocks off the shores of Lake Erie is actually something that stops beach erosion and apparently doing it well.  This isn't at every beach but it was at this one.

These guys in the pic below who drove around as the beaches got crowded made me laugh. The helmets just looked out of place to me.

This lifeguard was a cute kid. Came over at around 9am with a big ole sandwich and asked us if we had any mayo or some sort of dressing for his sandwich.  Of course we did. Michael asked him if he ever had to save anyone. He said yesterday was his first save. He talked about how they train for this but when it happens it is pure adrenaline and he was happy it was a good ending. But then as he turned away he turned to us and said, "you'd have thought the parents would have at least thanked me" That shocked us all as we collectively gasped. We started firing off questions and he told us more.
As a kid growing up with this in my back yard I hung out at the beach almost every day in the summer as an older kid. Hanging at the beach in my bikini flirting with boys and lifeguards I never thought about what they really do. It was all Gidget and Moon Doggy for me. Okay I'm not that old but you know what I mean.  As a kid you never truly realize that cute boy with the great tan is saving lives.

This was still pretty early in the day - before noon. By the time afternoon came around I had already had bloody mary's and more friends stopped by so less picture taking occured!

When we arrived in the morning there were 2 picnic tables  in this area so we grabbed them and put down our chairs etc. We noticed this fort.  It was incredible and that photo just doesn't do it justice. This kid really thought this through.  This young man and his family showed up in the afternoon and he came over to look at it. We asked if he built it. Then all the guys started complimenting him and talking about the walk way etc. This young man was so proud and his chest puffed out as he told them how he did certain things. He was so damn cute. We told him that we had taken pictures and that made him beam. He was from Pittsburgh and he and his family were up there for the weekend of beaching and going to the water parks.  He told us if he lived here he would come to the beach every day. He asked if we saw the house boats and the beach where they have wind for wind surfing and kite flying. He made us laugh. It's true that sadly those that live there don't go there. It is a fabulous place that I truly love.
"Chef" Michael in the stripes who made our breakfast and you all know The Big Guy.
These below were at our hotel Friday night.

Bad Sister, Me, the one with short hair and Best Sister in the World in front.
The Parental Units.
Rick and Jennifer
God how Rick and I adore this sister!!!

This just makes me laugh. The Bachmann story is especially funny to me.
Use this link if you can't view the video.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

As The World Turns

When I was growing up I had a mom that was nurturing and encouraging all the while being a pretty strict disciplinarian. My sister and I believe it all served us well.
She was my cheerleader. If I thought I couldn't do it she convinced me I could.
Looking back over some of those things she encouraged me to do I wonder how the hell she did it.  I no more had the talent for the things I was wanting to do but she just kept making me believe I could do it all.

One of the funny things about her that really doesn't have to do with encouragement but always makes me laugh is how she had a thing for posture. I had big boobs as a kid and as kids will do they want to follow the other kids and their fashion.
Twiggy was the in thing and she was as flat as a pancake.
I was terribly embarrassed about these boobs.
My mother noticed that I began to slouch, hold my books in front of them, or try to cross my arms. Like that would make them be unseen! 
One day she made me put books on my head and walk back and forth in the living room to improve my posture. To this day I still don't know what the hell that does!
But she thought it was helpful.
She told me that slouching didn't make me look like I didn't have big boobs, it just made me look like a girl with big boobs who slouches. That cracks me up to this day!
She kept telling me that I would grow into them and I would be so happy.
She lied....that never happened.

As I sit here today most people who know me think I have all this confidence and strength.
And while I do for the most part; as with most people there are doubts and insecurities as well.
I never had fear of doing anything to look foolish or fail. Until my mother died.

I often wonder if the reason she was this way was due to my father who was limiting everything we girls could do, wear, say. We were girls....we can't do that.
He did all in his power to make us feel inferior and not worthy.
To him that makes for a good girl who "listens" and does not have a mind of their own.

While mom played up our strengths and encouraged us and tried to instill strength and confidence our father did all he could to undermine it.
  • You can't sing, don't be in that play you'll be making a fool of yourself. 
  • Pam you can't play softball you're a girl, join girl scouts. I will not sign anything to allow you to play sports.
  •  You can't enter that report Peggy, I read it, it's not anything special everyone will laugh at you.
  • You have to get these ideas out of your head you are a girl you can't do that.....learn to cook.
  • You can't wear that it shows your shape, take it off you look horrible.
  • Keep your mouth shut if you want to date or get married.
At age 14 when I got a new mom I realized early on that she was just like my father.
In one sense as a 14 year old I liked the fact that she was clueless to what I did and didn't do.
But she was weak and insecure like my father so now it felt like we were in a home of negativity and darkness. It felt heavy. No more encouraging words ever uttered in the home unless my sister and I said them to someone or one another.

The first thing I noticed as a 14 yr old kid was when I came home from school there was no longer music in the house. Our mom played a lot of records while she did her housework.
And being the ever good Italian American woman she would be in the kitchen when we arrived home and there would be Dean Martin on the stereo. Sometimes Pam and I would catch her singing in the kitchen as we would walk in from the bus stop. We both talk about that memory and how hearing Dean Martin makes us smile.
The house never had music again unless Pam or I played our "record" players in our room.

Now when I wanted to spend a whole Saturday reading a book I was told to leave my dream world.  Apparently reading was a bad thing by my know all those ideas it puts in your head!  So I would read under my bedding with a light. I actually burned a hole in a cheap blanket because I had fallen asleep with it under the covers so I could read and not get in trouble. You can only imagine the trouble I got in when they smelled the burning cheap blanket!

My sister and I were always given negative comments not positive ones. My father and new mom thought positive ones would fill our heads with grandiose ideas.  And Peggy always has her head in the clouds with grandiose ideas. I heard that way too often as a child and to this day as an adult.  

This past weekend was filled with negativity and I have to say it was exhausting.
It feels heavy to me.
It feels like a burden that I do not wish to carry.

Guilt and negativity sure do make you tired.
I do see the humor in most of it, which I think keeps my sanity.
Rick makes it all funny and I couldn't get through this without him.

I remember when I first got sick a few years ago and my organs because to slowly break down one by one and "they" (medical people) were worried I may not live.
I saw the fear in my doctor's eyes and that scared me more than anything.
When it was told to my parents that I was very sick my fathers comment was it's because she got fat. Which angered my husband to no end.
I had gotten fat because I was sick. Not from eating. So I begged Rick to not tell them anything about any of my health issues. If I die, let 'em think it's because I'm fat.
If I live they need to be none the wiser. As my health has improved my weight is slowly getting back to normal. (slowly) They know nothing about how serious and scary any of this has been for the 2 of us. They don't ask, I don't share. But boy this weekend the negativity was flying and this time I just laughed. 

My father - I heard you were losing weight. You're going to keep going aren't you?
Me - Sure am. (big smiles and note that he doesn't say he noticed or I looked well oh no)
Everyone else (including my doctor) is telling me I shouldn't lose anymore....but not my father. C'mon I even see the humor in that shit. He's nuts! 

I am glad I saw my father and spent some time with him because I don't think he will be on this earth much longer.  I wish I could be there when he realizes that purgatory doesn't exist. For some reason that would make me very happy. Bad Daughter.

Perky Peg will be back tomorrow - Positive posts tomorrow. ....promise.

Monday, August 15, 2011


While I am sorting through photo's from my weekend and coming down from my stress high from family  - I am leaving you all with something so adorable and cute.

I saw this on Mainly Jane's blog (Jane Heller is a great author if you don't know - check her out)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'll be back.

Well dear blogger friends I will be leaving Friday at 7am and have much to do before I go so I won't be writing after today.
Because I am going to see family I am sure that there will be plenty of photo's and fodder for me to write for awhile.

I will be here. (Presque Isle State Park - lake erie)

I may have to be in a 12 step program upon my return.  My family makes me drink!
But I'm sure I can write from where ever it is I will have to go.

In other news we got new phones with Verizon yesterday.
Yup we made the switch from the big bad horrible Sprint.

Rick gets really cranky with technology and having to learn new tricks.
So I did all I could setting things up the way I knew he would like them on his new Droid x2.
That made 1/2 the battle last night.
But already today he has had issues and calls me all cranky.
Like I can help him from the office.
They offer workshops on learning how to use all your phone has to offer.
So I signed us up.
Two old farts learning how to use a phone is quite pathetic don't you think?
Of course the next one that is not an advanced class isn't until August 30th.
I may kill him before that date.

I read the manual of course. He wouldn't think of it.
God it was like directions all over again in the car.
Before GPS he would never read a map.
When he got a GPS he never listens to the woman either.

He asked me last night, "How did you get Pandora on yours?"
I just raised my eyebrow and stared at him.
Honestly if he would just read directions!!!!!
God that is frustrating as hell to me.
So he sat there playing with it all night and muttering obscenities.
When he went to bed I made the changes he was bitching about.
I did not tell him.

This morning he turned it on and saw the wallpaper and other changes.
He said, "Hey it worked.  I guess you just have to turn it off like updates on the computer to take."
Okay I am a bad wife - I laughed out loud.
Poor thing.

He is so good with everything else I shouldn't make fun of him but it's so much fun!

See you next week.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hairy Situation

My husband suggested we begin getting Groupon's for our area.
I think its crazy but I filled out the info.
I seem to get a lot of them on a daily basis in my email box.
85% of them are for hair removal in the greater DC metro area.

Apparently everyone in this area is very hairy.
And they must be using these coupons as well because I don't see hairy people anywhere.
There was a joke in the 70's that used to make me laugh.
Being Italian American I feel I can tell this - so no letters please.
Why do Italian men grow mustaches?
To look like their mothers.
I love that joke! I know those assorted family members.

But I am not hairy. My legs aren't even that hairy.
So unless my husband plans on using all these groupons I suggest we unsubscribe to this damn thing because I'd have to be sashquatch to need them all.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Flying High

There is a new show coming this fall on TV that I just read a story about this morning.
It's called Pan Am.
Now I realize that most of you won't remember an airline called Pan Am but back in the good old days of flying.....and there were good days of flying....there was a carrier called Pan Am.
It was known mainly as an international carrier more than domestic.

A line in the USAToday article that caught my eye was a quote from the flight attendants or stewardess's as they were called back then...."We have so much pride in welcoming these passengers on the plane, and they have so much pride in traveling."

Traveling today is a royal pain in the ass.  Even if we didn't have to deal with all the issues with security and the costs for luggage; these things don't bother me when traveling in comparison to the lack of pride and behavior when flying.
No one takes pride in traveling anymore.
And that is what bothers me most about traveling today.
It's herding cattle because it's affordable today in comparison.
People dress like they don't have mirrors and just don't give a shit. 
I see people get on flights who look like they still have on their pj's and have bed head.
You are in public for heaven's sake have some pride.

Bratty children are another. Hey, a baby/toddler can be affected by air pressure especially during take off and landing so they get a break. It's painful and they are allowed to cry and be uncomfortable. But small children who control their parents and surroundings drive me absolutely bonkers!  Give the kids some sugarless gum and that will help their ears - bring on some books, toys and other assorted items that you know they can do in the seat.
Prepare them for this trip. Tell them what to expect and what is proper behavior in this occassion - something between church and home. This is not your parents car.
I have seen parents doing all the right things many times but they are the ones so few and far between.

I liked the old days of travel. It was a special occasion.
You paid attention to your clothes and you were gracious with others.
No one attempted to trample you to get to their seat.
Look I am not saying that we should go back to having to wear gloves and the flight attendants were nothing more than mere sex objects.
But there has to be an in between.
When I started in the travel industry in 1983 it was far different from today and I must admit I miss it. (sounding like old fart for sure I know)

I have a cousin in law who always wanted to be a flight attendant.
She knew I traveled for free everywhere because the computer company I worked for was owned by an airline.
She always asked where I went and what I saw etc.
She lived vicariously through my stories.
After her kids were grown she decided to become a flight attendent.
Being a bad cousin I told her it really was doing what she did for her kids, clean up after them and be a waitress.
I suggested other airline jobs that would give her the same benefits without being a waitress with survival skills. She could not be  deterred.

She got her dream job and I just had dinner with her last week.
She lives here with her daughter who is in her late 20's and they live in a townhouse with 4 other roommates.  Men and Women...not all airline employees. (her husband is still in PA)
She doesn't go anywhere because she is afraid of everything.
If her daughter isn't around to drive her when she is here she won't venture out because the traffic frightens her. I get that but you can't be a hermit - spread your wings!
I asked what she does when she goes to varies cities and her answer was nothing.

She goes to her hotel only. She is afraid to venture into a strange city she told me.
I asked about going with the other attendants and airline employees and she said she was too afraid. 
My first thought was, "Couldn't you get a job at Chili's or Applebee's and do the same damn thing you do?" But I didn't I just listened.  I found it all so sad.
After all these years of wanting this type of job and to not really enjoy the perks is a bit sad to me. (she does like her job and coworkers she told me.)

As I drove home I realized how lucky I was to not let the fear stop me.
I never went out alone in a strange city but boy I sure make the most of my free travel.
I wish she could too. Sure I traveled alone at times but I didn't take chances.
Was it really safer in the 90's I don't think so but you don't do dumb things.
It seems so sad to have a dream your whole life and then get the job of your dreams and do nothing with it doesn't it?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fresh Breasts

Have you guys ever heard the commercials for this product?
Now if  you don't have breasts on the larger size I hear this isn't an issue for you gals.
Lucky Bitches.
But having boobs like I do it is a royal pain in the ass to have this type of heat we're having this summer.

Over the years in the summer when it's oh so hot I have been known to use baby powder under my breasts.  I did this the first time at age 16. I remember it well because when you combine the powder with the sweat it makes a lovely gooey paste under your boobs.  Not what I was going for at all!
It just didn't stop the sweating or the misery.

If you don't use anything at all you can get a red sore under each of the girls and trust me that is oh so much worse than having the pasty shit there. It hurts and burns.
So what is a girl to do?   Viola....they made this product just for me I see.

Apparently they advertise Fresh Balls on the Howard Stern show and now they advertise Fresh Breasts as well.  This made my husband come home and tell me all about it . He told me what he had heard about it on the radio and suggested I check out the website

It made me laugh but at the same time I thought, "I have had this issue since I was 12 why the hell didn't I think of this?"

Another blown opportunity to be rich! Damn it.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Odds and Ends

Anybody see Ricky Gervais on Letterman last night?
God I love that guy. He gives me such endorphins.
Happy, happy, happy!

I am trying Crest Advanced Vivid whitestrips again.
I got a gift card for doing something nice for someone and I have wanted to try these but never really want to spend the $40 on this type stuff.
So I had some fun spending the money on this gift card for frivolous things for the most part. I mean isn’t that what a gift is for?

I have had Zoom, those horrible mouth trays and nothing really works all that well.
Zoom was so expensive and seriously you couldn’t really tell.
So then I bought the original crest strips.
I put them on my teeth and was sitting on the sofa.
I mentioned to Rick that I had them on but apparently he forgot.
He was sitting in his chair. We were watching television.
I sneezed three times as is my way and the whitestrips flew across the room.
Rick just saw something clear go across the room and of course he thinks it’s a loogey.
He yells, “Margaret! That was disgusting.”
I immediately laughed because I knew what he was thinking.
I got up and picked them up off the floor and said, “You ass, those were my crest strips.”

So last night when I put these new ones on he warned me not to sneeze.
But the new ones are a much tighter grip on your teeth so I don’t see these blowing off.
Probably won’t whiten my coffee stained teeth either but I’m giving it the ole college try.

My other hot topic today that is on my last nerve is my cell phone coverage.
Back in 2000 I had my cell phone paid for by my employer.
They had contracts with AT&T. My territory was Manhattan and upstate NY.
My cell didn’t get good reception in Manhattan which is bad if I work there 3 days a week.
It was spotty at best in upstate as well.
So I asked my company if I could get permission to switch.
After jumping through all the hoops I was allowed to go to Sprint who at the time was the best I could get in these areas.
Sprint served me well over the years.
We had good service in my territory, where I lived and my vacation home.
When I was downsized I kept my Sprint plan and added Rick to it as well.
We have been happy. Now all of a sudden we are miserable.
We can’t get service in our own home.
Rick is not getting service over most of Northern Virginia where he works and lives.
It’s crazy. I contacted Sprint and they told me they were aware of the problem and it would be fixed by such and such a date.
That date has come and gone. No better.
Then to keep me quiet they sent me a booster to attach to my wireless modem to boost the service in my home.
They made it sound like I was so lucky to get this because they charge $150 for this plus $5 a month.
Seriously Sprint? I'm paying for a service I am not receiving so that is the least you can do for me.
They then promised the problem would be fixed in 5 days. It’s been 10 – no better.

I have to pay $350 to get out of my contract.
You would think since they are not holding up there end of the contract that I should be able to get out of it.  But that isn't how this all works.
I think I may walk away from Sprint because Rick needs his cell for work while out in the field.
If he has no phone this is a big ass headache for him.
Yesterday while in Falls Church VA he had to drive 10 miles away from where he was working to get service to call the next customer.
It was important to call the customer or to call me to call the customer.
He couldn’t get service so he drove until he had it. Talk about an inconvenience!

I have contacted Verizon and they refuse to buy out our contracts. No surprise really.
I can get 2 new phones for the price of one during their buy one get one free that is going on this week. There are no roaming charges like we have now.
Verizon works well here according to everyone we know who has it.
Verizon also works at the lake because our renters have told us how surprised they were that it worked perfectly there.
This also means Rick and I would be moving up to Smart Phones like the rest of the world and leaving behind our flip phones from the 90’s that we love.

I have to make a decision by Thursday or I incur another month on my Sprint bill.
It’s that $350 that is causing the hesitation. Wonder if I am billed or I have to pay instantly.
What do you think? Do you have Verizon?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend of Izzy's (human and canine)

What a weekend we had.
Saturday Rick had to work.
It was a long stressful day for him for a plethora of reasons too much to detail here.

For me it was clean, clean, and clean.
(I so miss my cleaning lady from my old life.)

We were invited to a party in the neighborhood.
It was all about wine and cheese.
I made baked brie and we brought a few bottles of wine.
We met a lot of fun people and a good time had by all.
But what was funny was that no one recognized me all cleaned up.

We met these people because of walking the dog all the time.
They just moved into a house about 1 block away.
I met Kristy one morning and while our dogs played we chatted.
I have seen her so many times over the 2 months they have lived here.
We have bonded and Rick liked them a lot as well.
I admit Kristy sees Rick more often and they talk all the time while the dogs play as well.

Now I admit since I work from home I don't always look the best I can look.
I take a shower and throw on a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and I'm on my way.
Some days I don't spend the 30 minutes blow drying my hair to the style it is cut for.
Sometimes it is wet and put under one of my baseball hats and throw on some sun glasses over the face that doesn't have make up on it.
I admit I also don't wear makeup 1/2 the time - some weeks 3/4 of the time.
But c'mon I work from home. Aside from the commute isn't that one of the best perks of working from home? Flip flops and no makeup?

On this particular Saturday as we walked over to their home Rick was met by the men playing that corn hole game outside. Rick stayed out there because they needed another guy. I said I'd go inside and say hello.

As I walked into Kristy's home a man at the party who I had never met, held the door for me and we walked inside together.  I said Hi to Kristy and saw everyone standing around their kitchen island. I added my bottles of wine to the group of bottles sitting there and put down my brie.  She looked at me as if to say, "Who the hell are you?" 

She says, "I'm sorry I don't know who you are."

I said, "Kristy you just aren't used to seeing me without Izzy are you?
I'm always with Izzy when we see one another."

Now everyone is looking puzzled and all the conversation just stopped.
The man who walked in with me is giving me this really odd and strange look.
I felt so damn uncomfortable. I stopped conversation and everyone is just staring at me now.
I was turning all shades of red.

I repeat, "You know, my dog, Izzy? I'm Peggy, we chatted for 30 minutes this morning on the corner."

Oh My God! she said as she held her hand to her mouth.
You look so different!" She continued, "Oh that Izzy!!"

Now I am puzzled. What the hell did she mean by "that Izzy?"

She goes on, "Peggy this is Izzy" as she introduced me to the man who walked in with me.
Everyone nervously laughs and I realized why this was doubly confusing.

First of all she didn't recognize me with hair and makeup as well as nice clothes.
Then I go and say, "You know I'm always with Izzy" as I walk in with her friends husband who's name is Izzy.

Then Izzy's wife walks over to me and introduced herself and said, "You about gave me a heart attack. I thought you were fooling around with my husband." 
Thankfully everyone was laughing and nice to me after that.
It was the fodder for the evening.  Jeez. What an entrance I made huh?

I must say that I had a bit too much of the vino.  I am now officially a light weight since I stopped drinking during the diet. Their home was close to ours so it was nice to be able to walk home. Not that I recall doing that or anything.

Sunday morning we had an appointment to take Izzy to the vet because it was that time of year for some shots.  (yes our vet is open on Sundays)
I have read that dogs do not remember but I find that horseshit because Izzy hate going to the vet. She knows this is where she gets needles and a thermometer up her butt which she hates! (can you blame her?) Izzy realized where she was and refused to get out of the car.
So Rick had to pick her up. I am thankful Rick came with me because I can't lift Izzy.
She is now at her fighting weight and the vet was thrilled to tell us she was the perfect weight. After being told that she was too fat before this was nice to hear.
They take a photo of the dog for the file annually and they show the dog a treat and they snap the picture.
Well Izzy just looks like she is begging us to get her out of there.
"Please get me out of here - they stick things up my butt and I don't like it - not enough treats in the world!"