Friday, July 29, 2011

I Just Had To.....

I hope none of you are eating lunch.
This is a typical Wal-Mart Shopper so I don't quite understand the fuss.

However in this woman's defense I wonder if she would have been kicked out if she had been drop dead gorgeous.

This makes me giggle. Happy Friday!
If this link doesn't work above in blue then try this.
I couldn't embed this video for some reason.

Ghostly Encounters

We do a lot of work in historic areas.
Rick has had some encounters before that were eerie while working.
Thursday it was down right crazy for him.
So much so he called me right away.

Now as I have told you here before we lived in a haunted house together.
So you just know. You "feel" it. I can't explain it any better than that.

He was in Middleburg Virginia.
He was on a property that was 600 acres.
He had done work at the main house as well as the caretakers house last year.
Gated 600 acres no less. 
8ft high stucco type concrete wall that goes around the entire property.
Rick was working on one of the 7 guest houses on the property. This place was incredible.

The owner only lives there part time. She is in Europe right now and sometimes at an island but I don't know where. (Ah, my dream)
The homes are decorated in period pieces with high end modern touches. For example the beds are very old and beautifully ornate bed frames but the modern touch is the mattress is a tempur pedic. The owner employees 100 full time personnel, from caregivers. maids, ground keepers, horse people etc.

To give you a bit of back ground----
Middleburg Vriginia is money....old money. Lots of old money.
It is what I call horse country. An equestrian mecca.
Low stone walls gracefully wind through pristine fields that stretch to the horizon and it all looks like a photograph. It is all history and charm.
It even has over 160 historic buildings on the historic registry.
So it is old. But small, less than 1,000 people live there.
Middleburg is so old that it was established in 1787 by Revolutionary War Lieutenant Colonel  Leven Powell. He purchased the land of Middleburg at $2.50 an acre from Joseph Chinn, first cousin to George Washington. I would think $2.50 an acre was a lot of money back then.

Rick was shown into a guest house from the 1800's and the contractor's assistant showed him the bathroom he would be working in and the assistant then left.
When Rick entered the house he felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up and his arms tingled like he was walking into a magnetic field. I wish you all could have heard him on the phone with me. He was talking like an excited kid.

He just shook all that off and went to work. As he was bent over the claw foot tub doing his repairs he told me he felt uneasy like someone else was in the house and yet he knew he had been left alone.

He kept hearing a muffled pounding sound like it was coming from downstairs by this back bedroom he had passed. He thought it was workmen who may have come in who were working there. He stopped in the middle of his procedure and heard the pounding again.
So he yelled, "Is anyone here?" 
The pounding stopped.
Because he felt something was wrong he walked down the hall and stood in the doorway of the bedroom  where he thought the pounding was coming from and asked again Is anybody here? If anyone is here can you make that noise again?"
The table behind the door wobbled three times against the wooden floor.
He said it was such a distinctable sound of the wooden table on the wooden floor – windows were closed so it was not a breeze.
He said, “I heard you and if you are here do it again.” It did it two more times.
It made 2 thumps. So he said, “Glad to have the company here while I am restoring your bathtub to be a beauty again. But I have to go back to work.”

Normal people would run but he said it felt okay, not great but okay.
A little bit later as he was leaning over the claw foot tub repairing the bottom he thought the guy who let him in the house had come back and was now touching him on the shoulder to get his attention.
So he turned around and no one was there. He yelled, “Look I don’t mind you keeping me company but I don’t like you touching me!”

Nothing happened the rest of the time he was there. But he said he felt odd.
Each time he would walk out to his truck and back in the house he said the hair on the back of his neck would stand up.

When the job was done he called the care taker to inspect the job and to get paid.
He went on to tell the caretaker what happened.
The caretaker told him, “Yea I am not surprised. Buildings as old as these always have something going on in them."

He told Rick that the main house that Rick had done work in 2 years ago  has someone or something in the library so the caregiver won’t go in there or even look in there and he told Rick that he runs quickly by the door if he has to go by it. 
They both just chuckled....uneasily.

The caregiver went on to tell Rick about the housekeepers sightings, things heard etc.
The housekeeper states between 11p and 1:30am she hears a drummer marching up the road in front of the main house. This is where the front of her bedroom is. 
Apparently it is so loud it wakes her up at night and she turns her AC up so it’s louder to drown out the noise because she can’t see anyone and therefore she doesn't wish to hear it either.
The drumming they claim sounds like a military drummer.
(Now I don’t know a military drumming sounds from any other but this is all civil war battle grounds so who knows)

Rick found this all fascinating albeit a bit creepy. I would have possibly left, then again probably would have toured the house to see it all and get a feel.
But if I felt "touched" I'd have RUN out of there!

How about you?

Thursday, July 28, 2011


There is a young man who is slashing young women at my local mall.
Scary is an understatement here.
This man slashes women with a knife and before they realize what has happened he has disappeared into the crowd.

This morning the news said that a teenage girl felt searing pain in her bum and put her hand there and she then realized her butt was bleeding. 
They have shown grainy photo's of who they suspect is the culprit from surveillance video.
He was dressed like most kids in their 20's. Not quite shorts, not quite pants, baseball hat and big baggy T-shirt. He apparently does this to women in their late teens early 20's.

Now I am a woman who really dislikes shopping. So while this is "my mall" just a few miles from my home and this is where I do shop when I have to shop, luckily I do not fit the MO.
For once being an old broad has an advantage!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What's in a name?

Did you all see the story about New Zealand's new law that bans baby names they deem too weird?
"The country’s Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages has decided to get more invovled in the decision making process of what NZ's citizens can name their tykes. A list of forbidden names for kids has been released (and is growing), including such nom de plumes as Lucifer, Duke, Messia, Bishop, Baron, General, Judge, King, Knight and 89."

Now what I find the most funny about this is the name "89".
So 88 is okay and 90 but not 89 perhaps?
I wonder how they feel about Apple and all the other crazy celebrity kids names.
Hell I wonder how Apple feels. Hey, my name is a technology company and a fruit.
Like that little kid won't be harressed.
I HATED my name as a kid and in comparison it's normal for pete's sake.

In other news......
Poor Jesse James and Kat Von D broke up. Gee who saw that coming?

Izzy's tail is back to normal. I find this the oddest thing but it's real and she's wagging it and knocking things off the coffee table as usual. So we're back to normal.  She'll have lots of time to rest it because sadly the home is rented for the next few weeks.

I have to have the 2nd part of my root canal done and I can't afford to do it.
So I will be canceling that....again.

I did not win Mega Millions last night. Cross your fingers on the Power ball.
If I win, you'll be the first to know....okay 2nd. I'll tell Rick first.

My husband now wears his clothes to work as is normal. (no working naked)
However he now brings a 2nd shirt for his 2nd job site.
He told me he didn't want to go to someone's home looking wet and being stinky.
Good plan.
Why does he do this you ask? Because it's so friggin' hot.
He was at an older man's home the other day (in his 80's) and he did not have the air on.
It was over 100 and this was on the 2nd floor and Rick was dying.
He literally could ring out his shirt and it was soaking wet.
So he gets to his truck - turns on the air - put on more deoderant and changes his shirt.
He also has a jug of water to drink and one to sort of wash his face and body.
Summer is crazy for him. I feel so badly for him.
This morning he told me he was so very ready for autumn.
I agree. 75 will be a pleasure right now.

 Do any of you watch Flipping Out?  I used to love it but it's lost something for me.
His employees could never have a real job in the real world. They are awful.
But then again I don't think LA is the real world. The facelifts, the dressing like a whore for work, the drinking at work etc.
Seriously people who's boss says you look like an old woman let me buy you a face lift?

I could be wrong but the way they dress, talk and act at work it seems so, gee what is the word? Unprofessional? Immature? Tacky? 
As an adult I have worked in the Midwest, the Pacific Northwest, and the East (NY & DC)
Do you think it's because it's TV or is it the culture of L.A? I lean toward the latter.
I had a good friend who I met when she went to college with my boyfriend at the time.
She was from Pittsburgh PA.  She moved to LA in the early 80's and I visited a few times. She talked, behaved and dressed like those on this show within a year of living there.
So I am thinking it has to be the environment. 
The other thing that is lost its flavor for me is that all of his rooms look the same.
He doesn't do anything different.  It is never about the client but about him.
One time the client said they liked his design for the kitchen for the most part but they preferred upper cabinets, which he NEVER puts in. He said, NO. Just no, he won't do that because he doesn't like the look and if you want me this is what you get. C'mon.
Ifyou watch a show on HGTV with Candace Olson - she meets with the clients and she hears what they like, they want. It's not about her. I just saw one where the couple wanted an outdoorsy hunting camp type look and she did it beautifully .
Not Candace's style (or mine) but it wasn't about her it was about the client.
Her rooms have a distinctive feel of Candace yet they are never ever the same.

Your thoughts?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No More Playing Nice

We have tried to play nice.
We have tried to play fair.
But it has gotten so out of hand.

As you all know by now my hubby and I lost our jobs within 6 months of one another.
They kept raising our health benefits because they can.
We heard all this stuff about now being self employed and 50's and yada yada.
We were up to $2,000 a month for 2,500 deductible each.
It was like having a 3rd mortgage and with such a high deductible we were paying for everything anyway.

When business was beginning to slow down and the recession hit us we had no choice but to let health insurance go by the way side when Blue Cross told us that we were in for a 38% increase.  Blue Cross of course said this was across the board when I asked and it wasn't just us. Gee, that made us feel oh so much better.

So 20 months ago was the last time we have had insurance.
Last year we began to apply to various companies.
We were denied by all of them for the following.....
Rick's record showed him having lung cancer and cardiovascular disease.

2 of the health care companies told us we were denied for life!
We asked to see our records. You would have thought we asked to see the dr.'s family jewels.
Getting to see your own health record is like trying to get the holy grail and it just shouldn't be  that way since they are your records.  We finally got them all to pour over one evening.
We found that my husbands doctor had put this information on his record in error. 
(No shit right?)

After several calls to get this removed, changed or to even speak to the doctor with no response we got angry. We finally called and said this was the last time we would ask this and if we were continually ignored we would proceed with legal action.
Surprise! They actually returned our call.
It makes me so angry that you have to say the legal word to get them to respond!
In fact the Dr. actually got on the phone himself.
He apologized and explained how the transcriber must have done this but that it CAN NOT be removed from his record.   Apparently it's illegal to remove anything from your record. The doctor went on to explain that he could write a letter and an addendum to the record stating this was false.  He also gave us his cell phone if we had any issues.

We resubmitted our applications along with the letter from the doctor.
Apparently the underwriters don't bother to read any of the addendums or letters because we were refused insurance again due to cancer etc.  Honestly if he had lung cancer and still living this long we should be models for health care!

This past month we tried again with another agent and another company with letters etc.
Same result....DENIED.

I know Rick wants to do the right thing.
He hates that people in our society are so litigious. 
I felt we needed to see if we could get legal help on this.
We had nothing to lose by trying at this point.
We contacted an attorney who is in medical malpractice and injury. 
We didn't think he was the right guy but we weren't sure where to start.
He told us because we have not been harmed he couldn't help us. 
He told me to go to the VA Board of Medicine.
Frankly I am not sure how the hell that will help us if the doctor is punished.

We tried playing nice and it got us no where for almost 2 years.
If we have to be pricks then we'll be pricks. All of this makes me cry.
I am so tired of this struggle, hell all the struggles.
I want our old life back, but pretending it's going to be better and being Pollyanna and thinking positive isn't doing a damn thing for us.

Do we need to move to another country so that we can be covered?
We would in a heart beat if money weren't so tight right now.

Anyone a lawyer out there? Anyone know where we can get some help?
Anyone know where we go next?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Who knew?

It was a nice weekend for the most part.
It was hot as hell as it is everywhere here in the east.
Because it was 102-103 degrees at the lake we were either inside in the air conditioning or in water.
You just can't be out in this sun, heat and humidity and enjoy life - well at least we couldn't.

Let's start with renters.
Man oh man how I hate renting my home to tourists during the season.
Most are pigs, most steal, and most must have disgusting homes.

We have a property service that cleans after the rentals leave.
They do an okay job but they miss a lot.
So this weekend that we were there I got to see what they missed.
And to think we pay for this.
They broke our Brita water jug like this one. But put it back in the fridge so we could find out the hard way!

How do you do break this????
Measuring cups are missing, down a few glasses, jelly stains on chairs, and DVD's not all there, just the empty cases. The kitchen chairs are slip covered - THANK HEAVENS!!.
So I had to wash them all. No biggie just annoying. They could have tried wiping it off when it was fresh or use the resolve under the sink but it is apparent they didn't bother with anything.
I don't know if these people can't find their mouths when they eat and drink or they just smash food into the chairs but they were gross. Man how I dislike people!  Now if this were to happen with family and friends it wouldn't bug me but I so hate renting my home to strangers that it bothers me.  Okay enough of this topic!

Izzy loves to swim so she gets up at 5:00  -5:30 and wants to be down at the water.
We were having our coffee on the deck and told her to go down there. She runs down the hill to the water and then looks up at us.  Then she runs back up to the house and begins "herding" us to go to the water. Rick went - hey, I'm not a morning person like he is.

Izzy will swim forever if you let her. She loves to look for fish - she dives in and swims between all the docks on our side of the lake looking for fish. She even goes under water trying to get them. It makes me laugh because I never knew a dog would go under water like that. She is obsessed. We now have to spell swim or she gets so excited we can't control her.

This was at 7:00am on Sunday morning.

So if she isn't diving for footballs she is diving for fish like here...
When I would get down to the water she knew that meant a boat ride so she would automatically hop into the boat upon seeing me.

We began going out in the early morning each day. It was great. It was quiet and the lake was calm, not a boat in site. We only saw serious fisherman. This was Sat. morning at 7:30am

We stopped to get gas at the marina at 8:00am. It opens at 8am. But as is the case for the south they move a lot slower than Rick and I and we sat there for 15 minutes waiting for them to open up. Oh there were other people there watering flowers but they didn't pump gas so until that person showed up we all just lined up and sat and waited. And there was a line. This is when you know I am from the north. I don't have patience for their rudeness. Yes, it's rude to not show up on time and do your damn job when there are people who are expecting you. Why have a start time then?  But that morning I was relaxed and just chillin'. (Well as much as one can chill in 95 degrees at 8am!)  The kid showed up at 8:15am and had the balls to say, "Ya'll been waiting long?" Gee what do you think numbnuts?
But because we were in chillin' mode we just laughed.
Rick and Izzy at the marina while we were waiting.

During our boat trip that morning Rick and Izzy needed a potty break.
Of course I stayed on the boat and just captured it.
Even if Izzy didn't need to go she wouldn't let Rick go without her. She is his shadow!!

There is one island that fascinates me.  There are 2 homes on this island. They are on opposite sides of one another. I was shooting pictures as we drove by and the sun made it difficult for me to see what I was shooting so sorry about the pics. But here is the island.
This below is the house on the other side.

Now here are my questions. How do you get to this island? Where is your car? They are not close to roads....You sure as hell can't have pizza delivered.  You can't get a craving for ice cream and realize you have none and need to run to the store. In winter that would be a cold hard reality for me. So while I think it's cool to live on an island I don't get how it would all work.

On our way home we stopped at the 2 hr mark and got gas and let Izzy out to go to the bathroom. I noticed her tail was all wonky. I asked Rick about it. He said it was probably nothing. He does tend to poo-poo me and it frustrates me. When we got home he took her for a walk and came into the house going on and on about her tail.
"No shit, Sherlock.  that is what I was talking about!"
Our neighbor even said, "what is going on with Izzy's tail?"

We touched it and she didn't seem to flinch but she doesn't ever like it if we grab hold or touch her tail. So that wasn't unusual. We went online to see if there was anything about this.
Who knew? This is a real thing. It is called Limber Tail Syndrome.
It happens to certain breeds like Labradors, English pointers etc.
It is relatively common in sporting dogs.
Of all things not to have a photo of to show you. Since we have gotten home she's been sleeping. She is just whooped. She is snoring right now by my desk.

Her tail is up at the base about 3inches and then it just hangs.
She does not wag, it's just limp.
It looks like it could be painful but as I said because she doesn't like her tail touched we aren't sure.  "They" say it occurs after heavy hunting or a heavy day of swimming in too hot or too cold of water.  (because it involves a lot of tail action I get but the temp of the water is interesting to me)

It is supposed to go away within a few days up to 2 weeks. The remedy is rest.
Sometimes the Vet will perscribe anti-inflammtories.
Right now she is exhausted as she always is when we return.
She appears to be physically sore like you and I would be after a weekend of a lot of exercise. She is even walking slowly.
I feel so badly about it like if I should have stopped her from swimming so she would be fine. But stopping her when she loves it is going to be a difficult job in the future.

We'll just have to take her out on the boat more.
She sits up front with me and no matter where I sit she always puts her paw on my foot.
I admit I love it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Off To The Lake

I'm going to this house for a few days.....

Where I am going to be in the back yard doing a lot of this......

And Rick will be doing a lot of this.....

And Izzy will do a lot of this.....

Hey you know what I just realized?  My new bathing suit is a lot like the one in my header. Cool. I'll be doing a lot of what I'm doing in my header too!!

See you next week with tales & photos. 

Monday, July 18, 2011


Not a whole lot of anything in particular going on yet super busy.
How does that happen you ask?
I don't know. But for some reason it is a phenom right now in my little world.

We went to dinner Saturday at a friends home up in Maryland.
They have twins. They are so friggin' cute!
It was not a relaxing evening.
I know parents can't help this but we were hoping for an evening of dinner and drinks and conversation. You can't have a conversation when children of 21 months old are hanging on the parents or reaking havoc. At 9pm they were still going strong so we headed home. It's tough on parents because they don't even get to eat. It's tough on friends who want to catch up because a sentence can't be finished.

I was able to dublicate our favorite salad at one of our favorite resturants.
I could eat this every damn day.
And I honestly may eat it again tonight.
It called for candied walnuts. I can't eat those but Rick can so I candied them and threw 'em in the salad and then just picked 'em out for me.
Here is the recipe...
Mixed Greens
Crumbled Goat cheese (I made it with feta too so that will work)
Candied walnuts
Crispy Pancetta (I used bacon)
Balsamic Vinegrette Dressing
Try this you will love it!!!

I heard an interview with Lady GaGa this morning on Sirius.
Not her biggest fan but it made me like her personally now.
It was very interesting and it made me see her as a person vs. a character.
She played a song on the piano about her grandfathers death.
It was beautiful. I didn't have to see her get ups and all the fake shit around her.
Just her good voice and the piano and her passion.
She doesn't need the gimics. Wish she would just sing this shit out of her songs like this one and forego the theatrics. But that's just me.

I will leave you with this funny from my friend.

(Dispatcher) "What is your emergency?

(Caller) "Please help me, I have a bunch of people trying to kill me."

(Dispatcher) "Okay ma'am, calm down. What is your name?" ...

(Caller) "Casey Anthony"

(Dispatcher) "Okay Miss Anthony try to stay calm, an officer will be there in 31 days

Thursday, July 14, 2011


The other night my hubby and I got to talking about family traditions.
His family and mine had a Sunday tradition that were very similar.

After church we did one of two things and it didn't vary from these two things.
1. We had a big dinner mid day after mass with extended family at our home.  In summer it may look like a picnic with a keg in the garage and the kids playing softball using the back steps as 1st base. The grown ups played bocce and drank beer and smoked cigars while the women sat in chairs in shade and had coffee or girly drinks like slow gin fizzes. 
In winter these meals were always with some sort of pasta dish, meats, antipasto, breads and wine. After dinner the grown ups sat around talking with coffee and more drinks while we kids went off and played.

2. We went to this Italian bakery and bought bread and rolls after church and next to this bakery was a club that my parents took us to have dinner. Oh how I loved it there.
In my pretty little dress with my white lacy ankle socks with shiny Mary Jane shoes. While my mom had a slow gin fizz and my dad had a shot and a beer I got to have a Shirley Temple. (2 cherries made me thrilled!!) I always ordered the same thing, gnocchi.
There was a little stage in this dining room and as we walked out I was allowed to stand on it and I would make clicking sounds with my shoes as though I was tap dancing. I don't know why but that tickled me each and every time. I looked forward to leaving just to do that.
This was my life every Sunday.
Hmmm.....I can smell the sauce! (or gravy if you're my dad)
If we weren't with Aunt, Uncles and cousins then we went to the club (La Nuova Aurora) and yet it still felt like family.

Rick's family did the same big family thing on Sundays.
Every Sunday they got together after church with his Aunts, Uncles and cousins and had a big pasta dinner as well.  They didn't go to a club because they lived in a small town that didn't have that sort of thing so they just did family. But his memories are as happy and warm as mine. All filled with love, food and family. While Rick's mother was Italian American his father was not but his dad embraced and loved his mom's family traditions. Rick, being adopted was Irish and while he was taller and fairer skinned that his family, he never knew anything else. Which, was helpful for when he met me! I didn't have to explain all the crazy ass traditions, food, or the fact that these people weren't yelling they just all talk loudly and at the same time. (or so it appears) 

We both have such fond memories of those Sundays.
We began talking about how families don't even live in the same cities together anymore and that traditions seem to have gone by the way side.

Do you carry on any traditions from your childhood?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some Updates About Moi.

Because it's all about me.

Age and weight loss has made me realize I am now a friggin' Picasso Painting.
My new neck is hanging where my boobs used to be.
My boobs are down near my waist.
My ass is tired and laying on my thighs.
What the hell is a girl to do?
Gee,could I be worth as much as a Picasso?
( See - I look like this.)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Stolen Post

Let's Talk Movies

It's come to that time of year where I have a lot going on so I am stealing.
(Idea totally stolen from Tammie at Irregular Tammie.)

Name a movie you have seen more than ten times:
Okay this is an embarrassing one - "What About Bob?" (Bill Murray & Richard Dryfuss)
"When Harry Met Sally" (because it's my life) and "Adam's Rib" (because I love Katherine Hepburn and this was a movie before it's time!)

Name a movie you have seen multiple times in the cinema: I am not one to do that. I see it and that's it until HBO/DVD whatever.

Name an actor that would make you more inclined to see a film:
Tom Hanks (okay not this new one), Julianne Moore, Sean Penn and Steve Carell

Name an actor that would make you less likely to see a film: Arnold, Sly, Bruce Willis,Nicolas Cage, Jim Carey and last but oh so not least, Tom Cruise.

Name a film that you can and do quote from:
I really can't think of one. Now if Seinfeld were a movie I'd have a ton of them. yada yada yada.

Name a musical that you know all of the songs and lyrics to: Jesus Christ Superstar. Holy crap I am showing my age. I had the album after I saw the play in 1971. Sang it all the time. If someone put a song on from the play I could sing it. I was only 14-15 and the music stuck with me. Probably because it was the first real play I'd seen outside of school. The actual subject matter had no influence on me I just liked the album a lot!

Name a film that you would recommend everyone see:
I can't and it's a simple reason why. When Rick and I watch movies on TV; say a premium channel or PPV it will give the star ratings.  Honestly if it gets 4 stars we usually hate it. The other night we watched a movie that was 2 stars and we loved it. So I don't think I could give recommendations.

Ever walked out on a film: Yep, Saving Private Ryan.  Too graphic for me.
I sat in the lobby and ate popcorn and people watched.  I had my ears plugged and my eyes closed for most of it and thought this is stupid - leave. So I told Rick I couldn't take it and was leaving. He wasn't surprised. And I was fine people watching and I bought some popcorn so it was all good....except the film.

Name a film that made you cry:
I cry easily but Terms of Endearment & Marley and Me come to mind but I know there were tons more recently that I just can't think of.  I tend to cry a lot especially when it's about children and love lost. I'm a wuss what can I say. I have been known to cry reading books too.

Popcorn? sometimes but prefer raisinettes.

How often do you go to the cinema? Hardly ever. Life, money and lousy movies seem to be the issue as to why. There have only been a few movies over the last couple years I would go to the cinema to see. I am over 20 so most movies are for kids.  I don't care about 3D or things that blow up!

What's your favorite film genre? Comedies, dark or light but not necessarily sophomoric. Good romantic comedies,Quirky films, (like Lars & the real girl) good character driven stories without gore or things that blow up all the time.

What's the first film you remember seeing at the cinema? Mary Poppins.

What film do you wish you had never seen? Pin Head.  He said he always goes to the movies I want so I went. I thought it was the most juvenile dumb movie ever! 

If you could be any character portrayed in a movie, who would it be? I can't think of anyone for this. Someone tall, rich and smart but who that is I don't know.

Total number of films you own on dvd: I own none really for myself. We own about 30 for our lake house for guests. A wide variety of kids and grown up types.

Last film you bought: Can't remember but something for the lake.

Last film you watched: Social Network on Starz.

Five films that mean a lot to you:  Well none mean a lot to me in that way. I have memories that were fun about some but mean a lot to me? None really.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Boy

I know when I talk baseball you all roll your eyes and move on.
That's okay.
I just have to do it today.

My boy, my crush, my favorite man in pinstripes did it yesterday.
He hit 3,000 hits milestone yesterday.
There have only been 27 others ever in baseball to do this.
Never has a NYY done this in their storied history.

Yesterday was like a movie.
He went 5 for 5 and hit the winning run.
He couldn't have dreamt it any better.
No one could have.

Even if you don't like my team - you have to respect Derek Jeter.
He is the definition of class.
He handles himself in such a way on and off the field that you would want your son or daughter to see him as a role model. That itself is rare these days.
He is humble, hard working and damn good at his job.
And it doesn't hurt that he is so friggin' cute.

The only thing that could have made this day better for me would have been to be in Yankee Stadium. I was jumping around like a crazy woman.

And how about that young man who caught that 3000th ball? 
He gave the ball back to Derek. They estimated he could probably have gotten at least $250,000 and up for the ball.
He was a 23 year old cell phone salesman who's girlfriend bought him the tickets for the game for his birthday.
He said the ball was not his to keep. It was Derek's milestone and hard work.
Because he gave Derek the ball the Yankees paid him back in their way.
They gave him 4 tickets in a private suite for the rest of the season, plus the play offs.
He was given the opportunity to meet Derek.  And he got some  signed memorablia.
I think this kid just got himself some great Karma coming his way.
Would you give the ball back?  Hmmmm.  Another class act.
When Derek was asked about the young man he laughed and said, "I hear his girlfriend bought him the tickets....he's going to be paying her back for a long long time!"

Yea Derek! 
Here's to more great years in pinstripes! (doesn't hurt that he is so easy on the eyes does it?!)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday's Final Thoughts

In May I told you that Rick really wanted a Keurig coffee maker like this.
I didn't get it for his birthday but we did buy one when we got this great coupon from Costco.

All of the things you all commented on have come to fruition.
You tend to drink more coffee when it's so easy. It can be more expensive.
I registered on the website and got all this free coffee and samples etc and that was great.
I like flavored coffee and normally I would have a splash of cream but now I am drinking it black for diet reasons. So if I really like it black - it's going to be great with a splash of cream!

I love this sucker and I hate it at the same time.
It was cheaper to buy our beans and grind them in our ole Cuisinart Coffee Maker.
I love this Keurig because I can have a different coffee every day and no difficult cleaning like my old Cuisinart.
I hate this because I drink 2 big ass cups a day now.
I love this because I drink 2 big ass cups a day now.
I hate that I have to have room for all these darn K-Cups.
I only have room on my counter for one K-cup holder - I need a few.
I have this one and it holds as many as the wire one only it's slimmer which I need for lack of more countertop space.

I love it because Rick can make his iced tea which I hate so it can do it by the glass.
I love it because Rick can make hot tea which I hate.
I love it because it has a foaming milk attachment - which I have not purchased but may ask Santa for.

So you were all right in what you told me. It sucks you in and you end up drinking more and spending more money. But now I need to find a way to have this at the lake house. How great it would be for everyone to be able to make their own coffee whenever they get up.
Honestly I am thrilled we have it. Who knew you could love a coffee maker so darn much?

I mentioned Dough Boy and Ugly Carrie yesterday.
Someone emailed me and wanted the story.
They moved in next door and bitch bitch bitch constantly about everything.
Ugly Carrie is very snobby. She has no right to be.
All she does is complain when you see her.
"Oh in Florida we had a huge house for less money.  Now we live here."
She says it like it's a dump.

Look if you are going to take a transfer do your damn homework.
Rick and I have moved a great deal in our careers.
We do our research and know the demographics, housing costs, cost of living difference etc.  Is the increase in pay enough for the difference? A lot of things are weighed when making that decision. So I get so tired of the phrase, "In Florida" 
Yea, well go back there wench!
Besides Florida is in a real estate depression. We are not here. So get over it.
She bitches about living in a town house. Okay fine - then why didn't you buy a house?
I asked her that the 200th time she whined, " I didn't want to live in a townhouse"
Her response was that this was all they could afford and that the houses she looked at in the same price range were a lot smaller and (gasp!) didn't have finished basements. This is a exact quote, "Who lives in a house with an unfinished basement?"

Oh for god's sake woman you are a self entitled bitch. I did not say that aloud. But I didn't hold back much. I said, "Oh I see the issue now. You want everything for little money and you think you are above living like the rest of us."  She didn't say anything for a minute and just cocked her head. Then she said, "Yes. I don't want to be a person who lives with an unfinished basement." She said it like the equivalant was living under a bridge in a box.
I laughed and said, "well then so now you live in a so called "luxury" townhouse that you hate. Is that better for you?"She told me she wasn't sure.
It's all about image for her. Who gives a shit what you live in.
I don't pick friends from their stuff. I don't pick friends by their wallets.
And I don't care if you live in an apartment, a condo, a townhouse, house with an unfinished basement or a big ole fat house. Why does this woman make such a big deal about something so insignifant? And I mean to tell you she makes a big big deal about this topic all the damn time. She has been here 1 year next month. She is still complaining.

Oh I could go on with stories but I will let 'em go.  You can see what kind of person she is.
She is very loud, domineering and you should hear her yelling at her husband.  Oh My!
They were doing yard work and I think the whole block heard them.
He is a bald soft fat round man. He is meek and spineless, or so it appears. He's sad to me.

They have a son who is 10. They will not allow him to ride his bike off this block if they aren't with him. Poor kid looks like dad in body and has mom's face. Kid doesn't have a chance.
I feel so badly for him. He loves Izzy and when he sees us he gets so excited to pet her and play and hug on her. The mother will then say, "Okay come over here and wash your hands"
They have two teeny white fluffy yappy dogs. Is he allowed to touch them without using purell every 10 minutes?

He is a pale pasty little boy who doesn't go outside or to the 4 pools that are in the development. I asked him if he was going swimming the other day when it was 98 degrees. He said his mother won't go so he isn't permitted to go alone. (most kids his age here ride their bikes to the pool) She doesn't work and she has 1 child. What does she do all day that she can't take her kid to the pool?  I'm not a mom but it seems to me that 1 day a week this could be worked out. Did I tell you that she too is chubby? So the walk to the pool would be good for both of them. Seriously, it's only 4 blocks away. 

Okay to her snarky remark that made me laugh.
The other day when we were out front talking to some dog folks her hubby (DB) said to me that it looked like I had lost weight.

I thanked him and said I indeed have.
Of course my hubby has to open his mouth and say, “She’s lost 51lbs.”
(I hate that w/a passion!)
Ugly Carrie said, “Ha, I wouldn’t have even noticed”
I laughed and said, “Me neither Carrie” and let it go.
She just isn’t very nice – who cares what she thinks about anything I don’t like her.

My hubby came in the house and said, "Why is she such a bitch? She seems to be an entitled bitchy princess and I don't get it."
I told him to let it go - it's her issue not ours.
I just would like to keep my distance and be polite. 
Which sometimes living on top of one another isn't always easy.

Have a Great Weekend Everybody!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Welcome to my home!

If you were to walk into my home right now you would see decapitated stuff animals all around.  It's a bit creepy.

Rick found this store that sells slighty used stuff animals for change one day when he was in Alexandria. He brought home a big garbage bag of them.
Izzy you see loves stuffed animals.
The first thing she will do is take off the face. One by one. Eyes, nose, etc.
Or else she will just decapitate them.
After they have no face she will play with them forever.
Here she is with her faceless seal this morning. 
I wonder what that is all about? Why does the face bother her so?
Here is her headless dog. Poor thing was left outside on the patio last night.
Creepy isn't it?
Now we are hoping this works like garlic on vampires.
This creeps out our icky neighbors they have told us.(Dough Boy & Ugly Carrie)
If that is all it takes to keep them away then Izzy can have all the treats she wants.

We do not like them and we have tried. The woman is a snarky bitch.
The husband is a spineless wimpy man who looks like the Pillsbury Dough Boy who gets pushed around by snarky bitch. (I will share later what she said to me about my weight loss)

Over the last 24 years of living with Rick he has taken to naming neighbors.
Oh not the ones he likes the other neighbors.
Most are self explanatory.  Yes we are horrible horrible people.
And once he has a name for them we find we can never use their normal names.
  • Humpers Parents   (ok the dog's name is not humper but it humps everything man)
  • The Dirt Bags  (they could be a Jerry Springer show)
  • Dough Boy & Ugly Carrie(not to be confused w/ pretty Carrie who we like very much) 
  • The Perfect Family (ok he likes them a lot! but before we knew them he thought they looked like Barbie and Ken with 3 perfectly polite children and their yard was groomed perfectly. As a joke when Rick walked by one day with Izzy he told "Ken" that he had an issue with his yard....there was a blade of grass going the wrong direction.  "Barbie was on their deck and burst out laughing because she knows that her hubby is a bit OCD about their lawn. They have been friends ever since. He told him we called them the perfect family and that made them laugh.)
  • Hillbilly Boy
  • Psycho Woman
  • The Cat People
  • Underwear Lady
  • Masturbating Girl
These are just a few. I am used to this so when he tells me that Underwear Lady was out on her stoop again I know who & what he is talking about and it doesn't sound odd to me. (she sits on the steps of her porch in a skirt with her legs not so close together and sometimes she has underwear on and sometimes she does not) I think he likes to walk the dog by her house.

Psycho Woman's neighbor was out for the evening. But her neighbor left her sprinkler on so her lawn could get some much needed water. Apparently some of water went over the fence into her yard. We came upon her while she was pounding on doors yelling, "HELP, HELP, MY NEIGHBOR IS TRYING TO FLOOD ME. HELP!" Psycho woman got a ladder from another neighbor and climbed the fence to turn off her sprinkler. That is only 1 of many things this poor woman has done.  I think she needs serious help. My guess is she is only about 31-34.  It's sad really. She appears to be certifiable. I know she is married but I have never seen her husband. She is outside her home talking to imaginery friends so I see her a lot.   I have walked by her house when walking Izzy and she'll yell - "Your dog won't eat me will she?"  I always smile and say something different each time. Last time I told her she had just had breakfast so she wouldn't be eating anything else until tonight. She sighed loudly and said, "Okay good!"  I just keep walking.  She is friendly though. She just doesn't like dogs.

The Dirt Bags - oh that is a whole blog post in and of itself.
Too many things that make them qualify over the 11 years of living here. But this one just happened....Their 14-15 year old daughter was out front last week. She was wearing what looked like a sexy silky nightgown. (black and white) It stopped just under her ass.
When she moved you could see her butt cheeks.  She had on thigh high fish nets.
The garters were seen. She had on pumps in black with 4-5inch heels.
Rick was cleaning the front windows and yelled for me to come see this. (they live across the street) I looked at Rick and said, "is this a costume or what?" I kept saying it must be for a costume party or something. She can't just be going out there dressed like a hooker/slut/pole dancer could she? Sunday night at our party the people who live next to us asked if we've seen her in this get up? Carrie asked, "Where do you let your little girl go dressed like that?" My response was, "working the pole?" We have seen her now in this 2 times. Rick is convinced it is her work uniform. OMG.

Masturbating Girl.  This one was a young gal who lived next door to us when we lived in the center of a city in another state. Our homes were on top of one another as they are in a city. One evening (dark outside) we were sitting in our sun room having some wine and talking when I said to Rick - "what is she doing over there?"  Rick turned around and I went OMG close your drapes!!  She was talking on the phone and it was in the late 80's early 90's and she was on a cord phone in her room. She was using that cord and going to town on herself with it. 
I made Rick leave the sunroom.  I said, "c'mon let's give the kid her privacy." 
Of course he says, "hey, she's got her drapes in her room open for heaven's sake!" 
We left the sunroom.
It got to the point that if we were in our sunroom, which we were all the time, she was going to town on herself.  So we only sat in there during the day at some point she has to stop abusing herself you'd think but....
I saw her one day and suggested she close her drapes because we live so close to one another and we can see her in her room. She did not.

So you get the idea.
Don't you wonder what our neighbors call us?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Random Thoughts.

Here are my thoughts on this topic.
I thought she made excellent points and the last line would be me!

In other things rolling around in my little head......
I'm noticing a phenomenon.
Raquel over at Raquel's World had some photo's to explain this phenom.
We all know people who think they are hotter than they are.
Since this is the season of little clothes we are seeing them everywhere.

Raquel shows an enormous woman who is in a teeny tiny bikini (thong no less).
My first thought is, "Has she no mirrors?"
Then I got to thinking. I may have the same thing only in reverse.

I don't see my weight loss like everyone else it seems.
I still see me as chubby me. Not this me.
So maybe that is the case with others.
Maybe they all just have great self esteem.
Which is good I suppose, but I would like self esteem with reality as my platform.
But that's just me.
But when at a public family swimming pool I think it may be a good rule of thumb to dress more modestly than hanging out at Club Med.
Am I crazy on that one?

Sunday we had a few friends over for the holiday weekend.
I am still not drinking and it was oh so interesting to be the only sober person there.
I watched as they all slowly got toasted. One neighbor (he lives about 8 blocks away) just laid down on our sofa and fell asleep. (passed out is such a strong phrase...tee hee) 
Then he got up and walked home. His wife remained with the car. She was livid.
But I found it rather funny.  Come to find out he had a few scotches before he even got to our house so no wonder he was so drunk! 

And lastly a little recipe for you all.
I made this Saturday for the party on Sunday.
OMG did everyone go ape shit over this cake.
I so wish I could have tasted it but the reaction was great so I know it had to be good.
It was so damn easy to make so I thought I'd pass it on.
Everyone wanted the recipe and they were all moaning while eating it.
Again, I am sober and dieting so I just watched them all and laughed.
As the baker it at least made me feel good that they loved it.

1 Box B.Crocker Super Moist German Choc Cake Mix 
(Water, Vegetable Oil & eggs called for in cake mix directions.)
1 can (14oz) sweetened condensed milk
1 jar (16-17oz) caramel topping
1 container (8oz) Cool White (thawed)
1 package of toffee chips or bits (6oz)

Preheat oven to 350.
Make cake as directed on package for 13 x 9 pan – Cool for 15 minutes.
Poke top of warm caked every ½” with handle of wooden spoon.

Drizzle sweetened condensed milk evenly over top of cake; let stand until milk has been absorbed into cake.
Drizzle with caramel topping.
Run knife around sides of pan to loosen cake.
Cover and refrigerate about 2 hours or until chilled.(I did it overnight)

Spread cool whip over entire cake. Sprinkle with toffee chips/bits.
(I used health bars that I put in a baggie and just pounded into bits of heath bar)

Store in Refrigerator.

All calories are removed if eaten standing up.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Update - Verdict is In

She got away with murder!
What a dumb jury is all I can say.
No one with common sense would say Not Guilty.
I get that they may not have done premeditated even though it was.
You know I don't look online on how to break a neck or 84 searches on chloroform.
But hey that is me.

It's like OJ all over again.
If you are a celebrity or are white chances are you'll get off.
I believe that if she wasn't a white chick she'd be fried!

At best she'll get 4 years. But I bet she'll just get time served.
So she can continue to lie, whore around and hopefully not have any more children.
At the very least the state could have had her fixed. Jeez.

Moral - Commit murder in Florida if you are white.  You'll get away with it for sure.

The Jury is Out

I am one of those people who has been glued to the Casey Anthony Murder Trial.
I don't know why either.
I don't normally get into these things but this has sucked me in.

I have it streaming live on my computer as I work.
And just as the Prosecution or the Defense asks a person on the stand a great question to me that is when the phone rings and I am reminded I am working. Damn it!

Rick and I even watched the oh so very long closing arguments.
Here is what I have learned while watching this trial.
  • My family is not the only dysfunctional family out there. This family make us look like the Cleavers. (for you young 'ens that is Beaver's family...or think Cosby Show Family)
  • It is nothing like on a TV show.
  • I would never ever want this Defense Attorney to represent me. I would rather be my own lawyer.This man is an arrogant idiot. Believe me that is a deadly combination.
  • I do not understand how anyone on this jury could find her not guilty if they were awake during this trail.  
  • I always thought I'd want to be on a jury. Now I am not so sure about this. This was long and sequestered. I am not sure I could handle that part.
  • Casey Anthony should be very very glad that I am not one of her jurors. I am tenacious as a pit bull and I believe that this lying young woman is also a murderer.
They were saying on HLN that there is a juror that has a cruise booked and he/she was to leave on July 7th. Would that make the juror give in and agree to something that he/she doesn't really believe just to get the hell out of there?

I have a feeling that she will get off.
That is a scary thought to me.