Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Thankful Moments.

I am so very thankful that 2010 is almost gone – Good Riddance!!

I am thankful I got to experience dog love no matter how late in life – who knew? (okay so Peta did)

I am thankful that it’s uncommonly cold here but no snow!

I am thankful that I have gone beyond that really ugly point of growing out very short hair – finally!!!

I am very thankful that Rick is my husband. (Yes, dear I got that in there for you)

I am thankful for those who made the first wine discovery – Whoever you are I love you!

I am thankful for great hair colorists.

I am thankful that people can’t read my mind most days!

Who knew I’d ever be thankful for the invention of a bra? But I am at my age.

I am thankful that I found a new doctor and am on my way to being healthy again.

I am thankful I was not one of those poor families stranded in New England while visiting family over the holidays– I am very thankful I was not stuck with my family for days. I am so thankful I will say it again – Thank you for not stranding me with my crazy family for days on end with no out!

I am thankful for Tanqueray the best damn gin in the world. (which would be necessary if stranded with family over holidays)

I am thankful for bifocals but not thankful that I need them to grocery shop for heaven’s sake.

I am thankful that my husband can finish the next line in the song I was singing under my breath as I loaded the dishwasher last night. I am thankful he is my age and he knew the next line, “Want some whiskey in your water, sugar in your tea, What's all these crazy questions they askin' me” (He said) For that reason alone I could never date a younger man.

I am thankful for moisturizer that I swore at the ripe old age of 25 I would never ever possibly need on my greasy Mediterranean skin.

I am thankful for bio-identical hormones!

I am thankful that my husband’s eyesight is going at the same time my looks are.

I am especially thankful for all my blogger friends who read me, comment here and send me emails. Thank you for your friendship and gift of your time!

See you in 2011!
Happy New Year.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas

My husband always likes to ask people, “Do you remember what you got for Christmas last year”

You see it bothers him that we put so much importance and stress on ourselves for gifts that no one remembers. Oh, it’s not that he doesn’t want to give. He loves to give.

It started like this...
He pointed out to an old friend of mine who each and every year makes a list of extravagant things (usually jewelry) she wants from her husband to buy her.
(she collects and doesn’t wear or go anywhere)
When she was asked this question by Rick she couldn’t remember a single thing.
She couldn’t remember a thing that her husband, who is on disability, saved to get her.
That was his point exactly.

Rick has asked this question to a lot of people and there has only been 1 person who could list what they got a year or two before.
Of course he never says to that person, “See you didn’t need that”
He normally just smiles and they ask him if he remembers and the conversation goes that direction.
It genuinely upsets him that people can’t remember. He feels that maybe once again we are so selfish and self entitled that we can’t even appreciate a thoughtful gift. And that the whole warm family Christmas is gone and replaced with stuff.

I see his point and fluctuate on both sides of that spectrum to be honest with you.

I sincerely don’t recall a single Xmas gift I got as a child.
What I remember is the feeling. The excitement. The family. The traditions.
The warmth and love in the house. I remember my father told me one Christmas Eve that Santa really didn’t like milk with his cookies, he would prefer a beer. So a beer was left for Santa from that year on. I guess I was too young to ask about Santa drinking and driving. That makes me laugh. A few years ago I mentioned that to my Dad and we all got a kick out of it.
My sisters and I never thought a thing of it. That was our normal.  Santa had Kohler beer with his pizzelles (ethnic cookies) at our house.

I remember all the cousins, aunts and uncles visiting and the food and the smells, the party atmosphere for days/weeks and the snow. I have wonderful and I mean truly wonderful memories of my family holidays. But I don’t recall a single present.
I guess that was my husband’s theory at it’s finest.

Many years ago when he asked me that and I couldn’t answer we decided to not buy one another gifts. Thing was he couldn’t either and it really, really bothered him.
At this time we both were fortunate to have great careers and making very good money.
We didn’t have a need and if we did along the way we bought it.
So we decided to do what my father did every year. We would pick a family in need and anonymously buy them something. We got family needs and names from a different church each year. It was fun to get the information of the family and go shopping.
Sometimes it was food as well as a doll for the little girl or lego’s or whatever.
It was always such fun for us.  We hoped it was a fun surprise for them.

Some years we have bought ourselves something together that we wanted for our home.
But mostly during those times we just bought for others and hoped they would remember.
Those were our new traditions and they made us both feel so fortunate and thankful.
Our friends actually thought we were crazy. No gifts for one another?
:Nope just for others", we'd say.  It seemed to upset them and they asked so many questions. Don’t you feel badly on Christmas morning? Hell no!! Doesn’t it upset you that Rick didn’t buy you something? C’mon what did I need?  Besides we made other types of holiday memories that were fun for us. Kick ass homemade eggnog for Christmas eve with great music and dancing with only the lights from our tree. We have made our memories and traditions they are just without gifts. For some reason that freaks people out.

Besides as you all know who have been reading me for any length of time that my favorite holiday is my birthday. We seriously celebrate our birthdays. And I am spoiled every single day in some way by my hubby I don’t need a special gift from him on Christmas.

Fast Forward to today.
We no longer make good money and have lost those jobs like millions of others in our country. 
Times are very difficult right now for us.
It saddens us that we can’t buy for another family this year.
Sadly, I am sure there are more families this year than in the years past who need the generosity of others.

My wish for those families is that they will be able to make their warm memories of love, family and the feeling of Christmas somehow.

I am wishing all my blogger buddies out there a very Merry Christmas.

I hope it is everything you want and need it to be!

Merry Christmas Everybody! – See ya’ll next year.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Christmas Party

But I don't want to go!

Yes, I said this like a whiny child on Saturday.
I gave him a ton of hints and he just was ignoring them.
Then I said it outright and he continued to ignore me.

Since having a dog I have met an abundance of people with dogs in the neighborhood.
My husband is the social butterfly of this relationship and he will talk to anyone and everyone. I will smile and say hello and on I go.  Oh no, this man will pet their dogs, chat with them, make them laugh and next thing you know they are pals.  I see them later when walking the dog and they know me now from my dog and they tell me, "Oh your husband is so nice and my goodness he is funny."  It generally will make me have to smile and chat.  This is not what a misanthropic person wants to do.  But seriously I should have been an actress because I fool 'em every time.  Now my husband comes home and tells me how people tell him how "charming" and "friendly" I am.
"I want to accept this award on behalf of all you little people haters out there"  will be my academy award acceptance speech.

My husband comes home one evening and tells me that we are going to get an invitation to a Christmas party.  (Oh great, can I get seriously ill by then?) 

Who Rick is inviting us to a Christmas party?

Dave and Krista

Who the hell are they?

Their dog is Hope.

Well  our dog is lucky...that doesn't tell me squat.

Margaret, you know who they are.

No, Rick I don't know all these people you bond with.

The guy who lives on blankity blank Square.(street omitted to protect the innocent)

Honestly I don't know who the hell this is.

His wife is drop dead gorgeous with black hair and ice blue eyes and carries a gun.

She carries a gun?  Like a purse that looks like a gun?
He is laughing at me now.

Margaret they have the black lab, they are cops.  He is an undercover cop  & he now has long hair remember?

Ah kinda.  I think I remember you pointing him out to me.  I don't think I have ever met his drop dead gorgeous gun toting wife though.  And why the hell did she have a gun you could see?

I saw her when she was coming home as I walked by her house and she was in uniform, she is not undercover.

Did you walk by her home with our dog Izzy or were you stalking drop dead gorgeous woman with gun?

Funny woman.

I knew I did not want to go but I honestly thought, "he may be full of shit and we'll never get this invitation and I won't have to think about it."

But lo and behold we got an invitation on our door. Yipee.
Rick saw it first.  DAMN IT.
Oh he couldn't wait to go.  He heard it was a fun affair, 80+ people and Dave just finished his man cave. (oh yipee)

I whined, I moaned, I promised sexual favors.
It didn't work. He said the sexual favors would be great but I was going and I wasn't going to be anti-social.  He promised we didn't have to stay long.
I began licking door knobs, going outside with wet hair, not washing my hands, really doing anything I could to get sick.
Great.  Fine time for my immune system to start working well.

Come Saturday I tried on outfit after outfit.
I had just gotten a pair of black slacks taken in and settled on them. 
It said casual but you never know what the hell that means. 
I had a major meltdown while trying to style my hair. (still growing out)
I screamed out of frustration and Rick came running into the bathroom and took one look at me and went, "eeww" and left. 
I ran after him and said, "please don't make me go I would so rather stay home and drink wine and watch a movie"
"I knew you'd say that, he laughed, but we're going even if you have to wear a hat on this"....as he circled his finger around my head.
I stuck my head under the faucet and started over again.  It was better but bad hair should be an out to not have to go to any damn party!

The party was lovely as party's go.  I knew NO ONE.
I am great at acting like I am loving this and I am super friendly and outgoing. 
I went to the bar and poured myself a Tanqueray - straight up no chaser of course.
Everyone was young. Most were in jeans and/or clothes too tight and trying too hard.
Ample bosoms falling out everywhere.
Oh to be young and stupid.

Rick was right - the hostess was drop dead gorgeous and nice as could be.
She was warm, gracious and a great hostess getting everyone to talk etc.
Her hubby had made his garage into a man cave complete with heat and huge screen TV.
All the beer was out there along with all the sports memorabilia and the TV with sports playing. (the bar was set up inside with the food)
The majority of the men found their way out there pretty quickly.
These men came in from time to time to get food (which looked fabulous) and or liquor.

I made my rounds and knew as soon as I saw my hubby I wanted to go home.
Everyone was nice but this was not my thing and the majority were so damn young.
(did i say that already?) 
Rick came up behind me and put his arm around me and whispered in my ear, "ready to go home?"
"I was ready before we got here."
So we found our host and hostess and thanked them for a lovely evening and walked home.

I was just about to say, "See how awful that was, why do you make me do this Rick?"
When he says, "See Margaret that wasn't so bad now was it?"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Elizabeth E.

I’ve had to wait a bit before I knew I could write this post.
I had such a sorrowful feeling about the death of Elizabeth Edwards.
Even now as I type this I have tears in my eyes.
Why?  I don't know this woman.  What the hell is wrong with me?

I admired her very much. For all the reasons the media beat her up were the things I admired, her strength and fortitude. Her love of being a mom and putting that first.
For going before congress to tell those rich old fat white men that she and Gov McCain had something in common and it was if they had different jobs neither would be able to be insured because of their health problems! They were speechless because it is so true. I love a woman with balls like that.
And lastly I admired the way she behaved when all the ugliness was surrounding her.
How when the tabloids were all a flutter with story after salacious story about the mistress, the wondering hubby and his child she decided to write her own book to be honest about her story. When asked why she said, “It’s my story and I’m writing it from here on out,” she said, “Nobody else.”  Damn this is an old fashioned broad and I cheered her on.

The first wave that hit me when it was announced a year or more ago that her cancer had returned were her little children. Two weeks ago when the media announced her cancer had returned and there was no treatment my mind and heart immediately went out to those 2 small children. I couldn’t help but cry.

Please don't get me wrong, I know it is very difficult for her adult daughter as well as her adult friends and family. But it pains me more than it should about a stranger to think that those 2 little children are with out a mom.
Rick seems to think this is because I lost my mom as child.
Maybe it does have everything to do with that.
I found that each time something about her illness was on television I always thought of her children first instead of her. How heartbreaking to know you are leaving your children.
But how damn excruciating to lose your mom when you are 10 and 12 years old.

I saw an interview of she and her adult daughter discussing what would become of her children if she didn’t get well. Elizabeth said that the youngest two have their father and she wanted her oldest daughter Cate to take care of them as well. Wow! ....was my first thought.
In my mind that is a big thing to ask of a 28 yr old who is just engaged and starting her career. I felt the pressure. But again I believe that is probably just because of my life and that is what I lived.  I was projecting I suppose.

Besides the alternative to the daughter caring for her younger siblings is their father’s whore. I want to assume that Cate and Elizabeth discussed this and both were okay with anyone other than John’s bimbo.

Elizabeth was a woman with class and dignity. I wish there were more in our world which now seems to be over loaded with skanky types and the likes of Housewives of Orange County.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Cards

Do you send Christmas cards?

We used to.  In fact way back when we used to send them with photo's if they were close family or friends or even a newlestter - yeah I hear the groans.

But I don't send many now.  My parents and a neighbor at the lake because it means something to both of them.

Even just less than 6 years ago I was sending them.  I remember taking them on a trip with me to the midwest while on business.  I sat in my hotel room and addressed them all so I could send when I got back. I would do most anything to get them out on time.

Over the years the ones we received and those we sent seemed to have dwindled to very few cards.  Are we all too busy?  Is it the expense?  Or just another damn thing that feels like a "have to" during this stressful season?  Is it because everyone now only uses technology so writing a Christmas card is dated? (oh no, not the pen!)
Or is it because we don't send them so we don't get them back? 

Are you sending Christmas cards this year?

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I have some random items rolling around in this vast wasteland of my head.

Did you see this guy?  You can marry your dog but not someone of the same sex.  We live in a strange @#$% up world. Wonder if you can get your dog on your health plan?  He told his 30+ guests at his wedding that they were going on a honeymoon.  I am ever so curious of where that will be.

You know those lists of anniversary gifts by year? 
Year 1 is paper and Year 2 is cotton etc.
You see I was looking for something for my hubby for a gift.
He always buys me the best thought out gifts.
Our first year anniversary, which is paper, he gave me a calendar.  Now before you think that is a lousy gift keep reading.  He took pictures of things we had done over the years and each month was a different photo of us.  Most matched the month.  Like a honeymoon photo of us in December.  Each month made me smile.  It was so well thought out and planned and that alone made it one of my favorite gifts.
So I looked up year 17 for some inspiration.  Nada, nothing at all to be found.

They have years 1-15.  Then nothing until 20 years. 
Then it's every 5 years after 20.
Who knew?  Did you guys know this?
So I will have to use my own imagination this year.
I'm so not a good gift giver like he is but I try, I really try.

I've been reading a lot of blogs and various articles about Holiday Survival Guides.
Is there really a need for more than just liquor and advil?  Just wonderin'

I got a new coat and it's not exactly a pretty coat but it sure is a warm coat.
Since it is now cold here and it never was in the 1st 8 years I lived here so I never really had a need for a parka before.  Last year during that whole snow debacle I had to wear a coat that was way too big. (remember when I first got sick I gained weight) But as this weight is slowly coming off this coat was way too big and it not only looked ridiculous it wasn't all that warm.  So yesterday in 12 degree weather with 30 mile a hr winds I wore a sweatshirt, a fleece coat and that big old coat over that.  I still froze!!

Late yesterday afternoon the UPS man dropped a package at my front door. 
LL Bean it read and I knew it was my new parka.  I was so excited.  More excited than one should be about a stupid coat.  It pains me to have to spend the money.  I could think of so many other things to do with that money....like you know keep the lights on.  But I'm freezing and can't keep walking the dog with teeth chattering. 
I saw the coat online and put it in my shopping cart.  Then I didn't go back.
They sent me an email that it was on sale and still in my cart.  Hmmm.....
Then they sent me an email that shipping was free and a reminder that it was still in my cart.
So I bought it.  Having buyers remorse until the weather dipped to 15.

So this morning while walking the dog in only a t-shirt and this coat in 12 degrees I was warm. (okay I did have pants on)  Not only was I warm, I was sweating.  I am now in love with my new coat.  It has great little treats that I have discovered.  It has these hidden pockets over your breasts and they are lined in some fabulous fabric that actually made my hands too warm!  A place for your MP3 and goggles.

I am beginning to think this is another sign of old age. 
Seriously, who gets this excited about a damn parka!?

And lastly I found this article to be so spot on.
This man writes such great  movies and television shows.
Who knew he had this in him?
I'm one who is glad he did.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Flashback

Below is a little ditty I posted in December 2008 when none of you were around.
I think it may be my favorite Christmas video.
(remember I'm a scrooge so of course this is my favorite)

As I said back in '08 this really cracks me up.  There is a lot to hear in this video all at once. 
Yes, it is long but so worth it.

Listen to the PA system in the background while the men are in the "dog house" the subliminal messages make me laugh my ass off. 
I hope you enjoy it too.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Geeky Arrogant Boy

Did any of you catch Mark Zuckerberg on 60 Minutes Sunday? 

I found this kid snarky!
I watched the whole thing and looked at my husband and said, "he is one slimy bastard and I don't think 50% of what he said was anywhere near the complete truth." 

There were times during this interview where his eyes darted and I kept thinking, LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE.  I wished the guy from Lie To Me was there to share with us exactly what his beads of sweat, darting eyes, and wringing of the hands all meant.  I think I know but I wanted to be sure. He is a geek with power.  The only thing worse is a dumb geek with power. I am frightened by them. (see: Palin)

Putting aside your love of his invention, Facebook, do you see that with this guy? 
I think back to when Bill Gates was all over the media for his little invention and he was only 20 something.  Arrogant like Mark but much more kind and philanthropic. 
Geeky not snarky. I get the arrogance for what they have accomplished at such a young age. Who wouldn't be I suppose. I certainly don't begrudge that one bit!

But this guy is a different arrogant. Not for what he has built and done but that arrogant who thinks he is better than you. I suspect he was like this way before he ever became a billionaire. The arrogant  kind who thinks he can get away with murder because he has an excuse and because he is smarter than you. He would deflect when asked a question. Is it the generational difference or is this kid just a shit head as I suspect? 

Deflecting is a sign of lying or avoiding the question to me. Why did he need to do that when one can say, "I'm not comfortable answering that question" unless you are lying. I have seen a couple of interviews with the 2 guys from Google who like Mark are young, rich and smart etc. They too were like Bill Gates in the sense of not being snarky.  This kid is a bad egg to me. 

No, I didn't see the movie about him.  He says the only thing that is correct in the movie were the T-shirts and sandals. Since I didn't see it I know nothing about it.  Did they portray him as a snarky, arrogant, back stabbing, mean spirited control freak? 

I just wouldn't trust this man for anything in the world.
I believe he'd kick your dog and push Grandma if he had to, to get what he thinks he's entitled to.

And since my gut has never failed me about someone it's a damn good thing I will never meet him isn't it?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sad Senior Moments

I am having senior moments.
Not to be confused with blonde moments.
I am having senior moments too frequently of late and I must admit I am a bit concerned.

I have a topic I wish to write about and by the time I open the computer it's gone. Vanished into thin air.  Completely out of my head.

This morning while walking the dog in 30 degree weather with my teeth chattering I remembered.  I thought to myself that there is no way I will be able to forget this as I headed back to the house. By the time I got upstairs to my office it was gone.  Not a trace of it remaining. I sat and stared at the blank computer screen and nothing came.

A customer called and I spent a lot of time going over colors, options etc. Then the idea popped back to me for a fleeting moment. I thought I should write this down just as the customer asked me another question.  I began to answer and we went off into another area of her remodel and BOOM it was gone yet again.  Aargh!

If this keeps up I will in a rubber room soon.
Senior moment?  Too much multi-tasking? Too much stress?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Notes

It's finally here.
It seems like it took an exceptionally long time to get to Friday this week.
Was it just me?

Some random TV trival notes here.
  • I love this show.  Last year was season 1. Season 2 starts this coming Monday and I have gotten the DVR all set and ready to go. Here is a link all about the show.  All 3 actors are so great.
  • HBO has some upcoming specials that I am also looking forward to.  Bette Midler, Ricky Gervais and Carrie Fisher.  I read Carrie Fishers book, Wishful Drinking.  This special is a one woman show based on this book.  I have read all her books.  She is so smart but she is also so twisted and funny to me.  She sees things a bit different than most, like Gervais. I think that is why I like her. She can make the darkest things so funny. December is cold here where I live so some good TV is always something I look forward to in winter.
  • In Treatment, my favorite show is ending this coming week. I wish the seasons for these HBO and Showtime shows would have a longer season.

Remember how I told you that I don't really like when my hubby goes to Costco?
He stopped at Costco on his way home a two weeks ago and came home with things we don't need again.  He just makes me laugh. Honestly if they had a commercial for Costco they should use my husband.  He holds the things up that he bought to show me and he describes them so proudly.  Like this 2 ton bag of potato chips that could feed an entire school.  No one needs that many potato chips.
He then tells me that "Margaret I have saved the best for last for you"
I am assuming this will be some great cheese since this man is a cheese freak.
Or perhaps flowers because he always buys flowers from there.

But no, it's an enormous box of Belgium Chocolate.

Okay I admit I began to drool.
But my goodness this was  a big ass box.
This chocolate was so rich, smooth and decadent and delicious.
All for only $10 he tells me excitedly.
I love good chocolate and that usually means its not American.
American chocolate is not our best export.
This box is filled with milk chocolate and dark chocolate truffles.
These truffles are dusted with cocoa and chocolate shavings.
If you are a chocolate lover these are orgasmic!

A friend stopped by and I offered her some chocolate. (it goes great w/red wine)
She said, "Oh I'll take a milk chocolate because I hate dark chocolate."
I told her she thinks she hates dark chocolate because she is thinking of American dark chocolate which is usually bitter.  "Just try this , I say- if you don't like it spit it out - I won't be upset. But I will be upset if you don't experience this great chocolate!"
So she tried it.  She moaned. Her eyes got as big as saucers.
She asked if she could have a 2nd piece.....dark chocolate.
I didn't count how many she had but it was more than 2.

Okay I admit Rick did a damn fine job this time.
This is all that we have left.

I am amazed we've had it last this long.
But the weekend is coming.
A movie, some red wine and this box maybe just what the doctor ordered.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I am blocked......I'm stealing from myself as I have done in the past on things I wrote before there were any followers.
I haven't done that in awhile and Raquel reminded me of the idea. Thanks Roc!

This below is from 2007...

I read a few blogs and I have to say I really enjoy a lot of funny men and women bloggers. There are several that never fail to make me laugh.

One such blog taught me a new word. That is always fun even if you aren't playing scrabble. But here is what I want to know. How in the hell could I have never known this word? I am the mere definition of this word. How could I not have seen it or read it in all of my years when it defines me. Was my picture not in Webster’s next to this definition?
How could I have done so well on the ole verbal part of the SAT's if I didn't know this word?

I read her profile and I said to myself she must be my long lost younger sister. My parents had a child that got away....or perhaps I’m adopted. Who knows but could there really be two identical people out there that are open minded, kind, do-gooders by nature that yet have such a disdain for most people? Two adult females who feel the way they do about people and yet work in a people person and customer service oriented industry? Hmmm.....

My new word is misanthropic. An entry I found for this word was as follows.
Function: adjective
1: of, relating to, or characteristic of a misanthrope. (really does Webster think this helps if you don’t know what the hell the word means. Honestly)
2: marked by a hatred or contempt for humankind. (Bingo- see previous blogs below)
Synonym see CYNCIAL

I said to a good friend over labor day how I hate people. She laughed and said, "Oh you do not you are always smiling and laughing." Okay true for the most part but does that mean I have to like everyone because I am generally happy? Can’t I be a curmudgeon with a smile? Another friend said that she knew I felt that way but it was the exact opposite of how I live my life so it wasn’t making sense to her. Oh c'mon let me have this one thing, why the hell can’t I be both? No one is 100% anything are they?

Okay maybe W is just stupid and only stupid -he may be the exception here.

My husband says it’s really stupid people that I dislike.
I am not so sure that’s the only ones but they are sure as hell right up there. Here are a few of those Mensa’s that I have run into this week – tell me what you think.
  • A vegetarian who smokes cigarettes like crazy and then tells me that if I eat that steak how bad it is for my body –Vegan’s who smoke giving me a lecture about health!
  • How about the nut jobs who think that I should not be allowed to do what I want with my own body. People who call themselves pro-life but believe in capital punishment? Oh so it’s okay to kill once they are out of the womb but not before they are actually formed into a human.
  • How about that dumb grocery store clerk who couldn’t give me change because the cash register was broken. The drawer is open so she can give me change if she knew how to count it back to me. She just stared at the machine hoping the numbers would pop up there until I finally told her what amount to give me back. I could have told her anything and the bubble head would have given it to me.
Those are a few examples of my week. Sadly there are more of those morons by the minute. Who is to blame for this? Or are these stupid people breeding more than others?
We need to get them birth control - stat.

Now none of this can be confused with having blonde moments. Blonde moments are funny. Blonde moments don’t hurt anyone. I wish there was another name so blondes wouldn't be offended but we all know blonde moments are fun.
Blonde moments if only moments are not a bad thing.
If you're blonde and Paris Hilton – then it’s not a moment it’s just Stupid.

I am not embarrassed to tell you that I have a ton of those Blonde moments myself.
Two I will repeat here –

It was October a few years back. I was living at a home at the time with a staircase up to our front door. There was an olive bush at the end of the staircase right by the driveway & garage door.
We had friends that had just arrived from LA. They were getting out of their car and my husband and I walked out the front door to say hello. As they were removing their luggage from the trunk my husband and I were waiting for them at the top of the stairs. I got a heavy whiff of the very fragrant aroma coming from that olive bush. It was such a sweet beautiful smell, almost like perfume. My friends down below had just reached the bottom of the staircase by the olive bush when I said, “Rusty can you smell my bush from there?”
At which time he and his wife began to howl and he replied, “Oh Margaret not now, I am standing here with my lovely wife.” And everyone began to laugh. I didn’t even realize at first what I had said but it still cracks me up.

I was driving down the street in my little convertible that I had at the time. It was a gorgeous sunny day. The day before my husband said he was going to clean the car and do the windows for me. I struggle with the windows for some reason and he does such a great job of getting them streak free.
As I am driving down the street I look in my rear view mirror and think to myself, "wow he really must teach me how he gets these windows so streak free"
I go a bit further and I look in my rear view mirror again because seriously I can't get over what a clear window I now have. I get to a stop sign and can't stop looking in my rear view mirror at my back windsheild. When suddenly I realize the top is down and there is no friggin' window/windsheild right now. I laughed out loud and the woman crossing the street with her dog heard me and looked at me like I was crazy. Hell I was! (am)
Now the fact that I went home and told my husband may make me lose a few IQ points I'm afraid.

See not stupid, just a blonde moment.
I didn't breed though just in case.....