Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

In honor of my favorite black and orange holiday a halloween story shall commence.

I will not be posting anything until next week.
I have a crazy schedule for the next few days.

Because of that I decided to go back into the archives and get a halloween story that I wrote about before there was a single follower.
That makes me assume no one read it before so here ya go......

Sadly this tale is true and if I believed in owning guns Rick would have been hurt because I was so mortified! (and pissed)
That should have been a big ass red flag for me to see how he never gets any messages correct, remembers dates well or for that matter LISTENS!

Is it all men or just my crazy ass husband?  Am I alone in this?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In The Moment

On my late morning walk with Izzy we were walking east and a mom and a toddler in a stroller were walking towards us on the same sidewalk.
The mom never took her eyes off her phone, blackberry, whatever.
The baby was pointing at Izzy and saying, dog, dog, dog.  When we got close enough I stopped and said do you want to pet the dog? 

The mother never uttered a word to me or her child.  She never looked at her child.
She never looked away from her gizmo. I could have taken the kid and ran and she wouldn't have seen me enough to describe me to the authorities.

I knelt down and had Izzy sit.  The little girl touched Izzy and giggled. That adorbable toddler giggle that took me right out of my mood.
I looked up at the mom but she was busy shaking her head and texting.
I asked the little girl her name.  I did not understand anything she said.
Izzy licked the back of her chubby little hand and that made her giggle again.
I had her touch Izzy's ears because they are like velvet.  The little girl rubbed the ears and said, soft and i think blankie.  Or something that sounded like that.

I got up and said good bye as Izzy licked her again.
Then the cutest ignored baby giggled again.
I said, "go" to Izzy and off we went. 
I turned around to see if the mom ever looked up as the baby was just talking up a storm with her arm out of the stroller pointing at who knows what. 
The mom had not moved and was still looking down glued to her gizmo.

I see this all the time.  Mom has in her ear buds and listening to anything but her child.  I see mom's pushing strollers and talking on the phone.
Am I so naive when I think that this is really good mommy time?  That talking to you kid about what you see is not only good bonding but learning?  Are mom's doing this all day long?
What great conversations you are missing and moments that are being missed.

Hell I talk to my damn dog.  I love it that she is scared of all the decorations out there right now.  I walk up to the scarecrow or witch that is moving and make her smell it etc.  I can't imagine ignoring her growls.  So I REALLY can't imagine ignoring my kid who is asking, pointing and saying things to me.  I get that after the non stop chatter you can block some of it out for your sanity.  I get that. This was so different.

Continuing on our walk we came around a bend and saw 1 huge deer run across the street.
It went between two homes.  Imagine that in your back yard. Whew.
Rick tells me they are in mating season and they are nuts. 

But as we get to the curve of this bend 2 more big deer run onto this grassy knoll.  
The UPS man was coming around the corner and he stopped his truck. 
There was a man from the HOA who was mowing the common area. We all froze. 
I was on the edge of the grassy knoll. The 2 ran towards us and I pulled Izzy's leash and moved by a tree and clapped my hands like a crazy woman.  They stopped, looked around, snorted and turned around and raced back to the woods.  Whew! 

You could hear my heart beating I swear. 
The UPS man yelled out his opened door, "that was too close wasn't it? Be careful it's mating season."  
Gee does everyone know this?  I don't keep track of the mating season of animals so how does everyone know this shit? He asked me if I was okay. 
I smiled, thanked him and said I'll be fine as soon as I get home and change my pants!" 
He laughed and said, "I know if I had been that close I'd have to do the same!"

But if I had been so busy on the "gizmo" of choice would I have reacted fast enough? 
Would I have missed this?  They sure were big and pretty but that close a bit too scary too.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Smoke on the Water

Izzy began whimpering to go swimming at 6a.m.
I am not a morning person and I sure as hell wasn't about to head out in the dark and very cold without coffee. She would have to deal with it.  I mumbled, "be like other dogs and go by yourself" She just tilts her head and looks at me like I'm the meanest woman she's ever seen.
She wants someone to throw the ball in the water so she can fetch and swim back.
Note to self, teach her games to play by herself.

At 8 a.m. on Saturday we head down the hill that is our back yard on a  38degree brisk morning.  Brrrr......The water was 65 degrees which caused the fog hovering over the water to seem like an apparition.  Made for a cool photo though.

The water was so  calm and the only sounds were birds and nature. 
I prefer the sound of my rhythmic breathing while wrapped up in my down comforter to lull myself to sleep.  Obviously that wasn't happening this morning.

Izzy likes to fetch or I should say, used to like to fetch balls and sticks that we would throw in the water. But over labor day the little boy visiting had a small football.  That is all she wants anymore. She sees one in someones yard and she grabs it.  She found one in the woods and after she picked it up she practically dragged me home so she could play with it.
She is obsessed with footballs.

We actually had to buy 20 of these little things.  K-Mart no less. I haven't been to a K-mart in years. (like maybe 25yrs) Anyway they told us there that they only had 1 but to go online to buy them.  We got 10 small footballs for $2.00 a piece with free shipping. O.k. good deal.  Since after she's done fetching with one ball for awhile she will surgically remove the stitching.  Seriously, surgically remove the stitching
You could sew it back together because she does it like she has a seam ripper for pete's sake. (weird ass dog)

So here is what we did all weekend.
Who would have thought that me having rotator cuff and labrum surgery 3 years ago would be a blessing?  I can only throw with my right hand and since my surgery I can no longer throw for hours anymore so I get the easier part of the deal than Rick's.

I tried to embed this but for some reason it will not accept it.  I even tried other videos and it would accept those.  I get so frustrated with blogger so here is just the link.
Rick cut the video off in an odd place at the end but it's cool how you can see the reflection of a bright orange tree by our dock in the water.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Working from home is really working!

I have worked from home most of my adult life.
Yes, I have had jobs where I have to go to an office and I don't hate it but I have grown to love working from home. Besides wearing clothes every day is a big pain in the ass.

The majority of my adult work life though was working from a virtual office and then going somewhere by plane, train, or automobile to see my customers. Some weeks I was only home 2 days and some weeks I worked from home 5 days.

Working from home to those who have never done it seems to be not really work.
But that just couldn't be farther from the truth.

There are days you go to your home office before your first cup of coffee in your bathrobe to turn on the computer.  You see your boss is requesting a meeting at a time that you have a call scheduled with a client. So you sit down and begin to email and rearrange your life.  Before you know it, it's noon and you are still in your bathrobe and haven't eaten a thing and you have a bad headache from not having any caffeine. 

So you throw on some clothes and you hear the phone ring.  You make a mad dash back to the office to get the phone because you know it's your boss because she/he is in another time zone and it's early for him or her. And just like that, you're back in the office and it's 3pm before you know it.
You go back to your bedroom to at least finish dressing and brushing your teeth. Then you go to the kitchen to grab some food and run to your office with it as you pick up the phone.  You eat this food in bites over 2 hr period between phone calls, emails and putting out fires.
You work until your family is hungry and standing at your office door asking if you're ever leaving your office because it's 6pm. Where did the day go? And what do you do after dinner?  You go back to the office to "just check" on this or that.  You truly work longer hours when you work from home.

Now my step mom has asked numerous times why I am always doing all the chores on weekends it's not like I'm not at home during the week day. Yes, I am home but I'm working!!  I am not doing laundry or vacuuming because I am working
She along with friends and neighbors also think because I am home I will answer my home phone.  No.  I will not be doing that.

Think about it for a minute.  I am in my office at home with a separate office line. 
If I stopped and took every damn phone call during the day and talked to every candidate running, telemarketer, or salesman I would not get anything done in my job. 
If I went to an office downtown I could not answer my home phone during the day. 
To work from home it is the same.  My mother has my office number but she still calls me at home during that day and leaves me messages on my voicemail like this,
"Peggy I know you're home, it's mother pick up."
Like with voicemail I would be able to even hear her, which is a whole other story for another day.

So now I have neighbors who think I have all the time in the world to drop them off somewhere in the middle of the day or let their contractors in because they are at work, or my favorite from stay home women, go to lunch and shop.
Honest to God it fries my ass. 

Last week I told my neighbor who has already moved to another state that I would help her out.
But the day became a cluster @#$%
I told her to tell her roofer that I work from home so if he rings the bell I may not be able to answer the door quickly.  I may be on the phone with a customer so be patient.

At 10am I hear a pounding on my front door, apparently the door bell was too small for this goof ball to see.  I am on the phone and I couldn't hang up, it was bad timing.  He pounds harder and longer this time.  I finally asked the customer if he could hold.  I ran downstairs and opened the door and told him I was working and I would be done in just a minute.  He was pissed. (oh well)  I run back upstairs to my customer and finish up the call.  I run back downstairs and as doing so hear my office phone ringing.  I let the roofer in my neighbors home and show him all he needs to see so he can do his job.  I ask if he needs anything and how long did he think this would take.  Several hours is all he could tell me and he needed nothing else. 

I get back home and see I now have 3 voice mails. 
I call everyone back and then my door bell rings.
I go back downstairs and it's the roofer asking for clarification about something that makes me have to be next door at the neighbors home.  So back I go next door.  After 20 minutes I go back to work.  I am so behind now.  Now the dog needs to go out.  I am about to scream. 
Come back from a walk and Izzy sits by my feet and goes to sleep. 
Finally I can get some work done.  I am on the phone again with a customer going over the procedures and warranty and someone is knocking on my door.  I think it's the damn roofer again so I figure, "He can wait!"
They knock 2 more times. Now they are pounding so hard that I can feel it upstairs.
I assume he thinks I can't hear him.   Ring the bell that is what it is there for not that I can get away that minute anyway. 

I go to the door and it's my neighbor across the street. 
She asks, "are you busy?" 
"Yes, I am I'm working."
"Well do you think you could drop me off at my stable where I board my horse?"
"Right now?"
"Yes.  It's not that far.  You know they paved the road where our garage is today."
"Well I forgot about it and so now I can't get my car out of the garage."

At that moment my office phone rings.
I ask her to come in and let me get this phone call and I'll be right with her.
I go back downstairs and she asks," can you go now?"

I didn't want to but I remembered when I was sick and I couldn't drive she drove me to the hospital so I felt like I owed her one.  So off to the stables we went.

35 minutes later.....By this time the roofers were done and waiting on me and not one bit happy.(guess what neither am I!!) 
I inspected everything for my old neighbor to report back to her. 
It was all fine but I wasn't.  I knew I'd be working very late this evening.
I felt very rushed and my whole flow was gone. 
I got back to the office and answered all the voice mails and worked until 8pm to get caught up. 

So the next time someone tells you they work from home believe them.
They are working.
You would never think to go to someones office and ask them to do the things I am asked to do because I "just" work from home.

People tell me all the time they aren't that disciplined they would play around or watch tv or whatever they wanted to do other than work. But trust me you wouldn't. 

What did happen when I started working from home was I found that I get lazy in how I am dressed or how I look.  Before I had a dog there were days where I didn't get dressed or do my hair or wear makeup etc. For that matter there were days where the only thing I did do was brush my teeth.  Then I'd realize it was almost 5:30p and my husband would be home soon and I better get my butt in the shower so I wasn't stinky girl when he got home!

Honestly, if the UPS man ever saw someone answer my front door and they were NOT in a red bathrobe he would think he was at the wrong house.  I don't want to confuse him.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I am heading to the lake house this afternoon.
Rick had to leave earlier so I will be driving all alone with the dog.

I now have this photo of two of my favorite boyfriends burned into my memory so my 4 hr drive will be that much better. 

Does Jerry look good with long hair or what?  ....Hold on a minute I must remove the drool from the keyboard.

Ooh the fantasy's.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dog Days

My dog loves the cool weather.
She can be outside all day now since it's fall.
Me too, but I must work.

I took the camera out with us for a very long walk.
I was hoping for some great nature shots but she had other ideas of where we were going.
And I gave in.

One block away on the same side of the street is a beautiful black lab named Libby.
Libby is just a couple months older than Izzy. 
They are the same size and love to play together.
Libby lives across the street of a little park they both love to play in together.
Some days Izzy will sit across the street and stare at Libby's front door.
But this day Izzy was dragging me to her door.

When we got to her front door Izzy and Libby stared at one another through the side lights of Libby's front door. If you look closely or make larger you can see Libby's face in the window.

She did not want to leave.  Libby's owners were not home so she couldn't come out to play.
I can not reason with a dog so she would look at Libby and then back at me. Neither barked.  Both just stared at each other. I tugged at her collar and got her to move.
We got to the end of the entrance to their home and she sat down and stared back at her again.
We walked for just 45 minutes and as we came around the corner to our home she wanted to sit on the stoop of my neighbors once again.  So we did.  This was what I was considering my lunch break and I had 15 more minutes before it was 1:00p.m.  But the windows to my office were open and as I sat on my neigbhors stoop I could hear the phone ringing. 

Finally I said to Izzy, who can not understand my babble but that does not stop me from talking to her like she does, "let's go girl I have to go back to work" 
She normally gets up when I say this. So I walk down the steps and say, "COME" that always works. She is now staring at me in such a mean way that it makes me laugh out loud. She wants to stay outside on this stoop and watch the squirrels and people go by.
I have never seen this mean and angry face before....she is pissed off as you can see.
So of course I have to take her picture because to me this is funny as hell.

This is her cute normal nice face below. Yep she was pissed at me above alright. 

But I said COME one more time and she did but she was not happy about it.
I swear she is like having a toddler!  Thank God she can't talk back.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life Tid Bits

Life is a bit icky right now.
How is that for an adult word? icky.
But the word feels right about now.

Work is a bit slow and that always makes me panic.
And for damn good reason because that makes money tighter.

My health is well it is......

My hair is still growing out and honestly I couldn't look any uglier.
Oh sure if my teeth fell out and I had carbuncles on my face I suppose I would look a bit worse. But seriously I have always been about my hair so this is killing me.

I know what you're saying, "you've been about your hair? We've seen those 80's pictures lady how can you say that?"
I know I know.
But for some reason if I am having a seriously bad hair day then it affects me.
Right now I have had a continuous bad hair day since August and this saga began.

I used to have my hair cut out around my ears and now that hair touches the top of my ear lobe. That is an ugly place to stop so now it goes behind my ears.
The top seems so flat to me because I am used to having spiky hair.
I will admit this is the longest I have been able to go to grow out my hair since cutting it short.  I have attempted to do this several times and always give up. 
You will not see pictures of this!

I think it's pathetic that I place so much importance to my hair.  Really I do. 
That is not lost on me.
But I am admitting I have a problem, isn't that the first step. :-)

In other news on my homefront-I had a weekend of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The good was I made my hubby's favorite apple pie.
He gets so excited about apple pie that it makes me happy.
Since it was not gluten free I don't get to eat it. So every evening he has a piece and tells me that it is delicious and that "I did good"  He is so easy to please and that is a good thing.

I have a wall of windows across the back of the house/kitchen that go up 8 ft high and the windows were in dire need of cleaning.
Every time I see the sun poking through the dirt on my windows I say to my self I must clean these windows. But I didn't. 
So without discussion, whining, begging or suggesting Rick just went out and washed the windows after he ate a piece of pie for brunch on Sunday. They look so damn good that I keep staring out them. I told him last night that it is probably one of the more pathetic things of my life that the clean windows excited me so. He laughed and just had more pie.

This weekend we had a friend come over from a couple we have known since 1987.
Just the wife came over. They are in trouble. She needed to vent and needed us to just listen.
It's not a great place to sit for Rick and myself.  How honest can you be when you are asked? We weren't as honest as we could be. We felt it was more rhetorical than real questions.
We listened and listened and listened.  It was both the bad and the ugly!
I think she knows what she must do she just isn't completely ready to do it.
It made me love my big guy all the more. As we got into bed that night he went on and on about how miserable it would be to live that kind of life and be so unhappy all the time.
He thanked me for being his wife and partner.
I swear that man will say anything to get laid.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Tomorrow is Boss's Day.
I sent this to my husband. (we are self employed)

Now if only that were true. Okay maybe the drinking part but I never take a lunch or am ever tardy.

Just some Friday funnies.

Gee seems to be a theme here.  It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

too far?  nah!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

True to You.

I have been seeing Jenny McCathy peddling her next best seller all over the place.

She is talking about her truth and other Oprah buzz words.
The women in the audience nod and ooh and aah like great big followers.
But what she is saying is very true.
The thing that interests me is that she didn’t know this a few decades ago and that sadly this is a new revelation for her. I suppose better late than never.

I’m talking about her discussion on faking it.
Faking who you are to please your man or to get a man.
For the love of chocolate, a God, or whatever you hold dear, I do not and will never really grasp that concept.

You see I have been straight up no chaser my whole life.
And when I slipped and wasn't true to me I sure as hell paid for it.

When I was a wee little thing  my neighbor Mark and I would play checkers at my house a lot. My mom always told me to let him win.
I refused. She told me that boys would like me if I let them win.
I thought that was dumb. Why should this boy win and I pretend I’m stupid?
I can truly say that is the worst piece of advice I have ever received from my mom in my short lifetime with her. (but wearing clean underwear was a good one Mom.)
She would tell me I was stubborn when I would say I didn’t want to lose on purpose.
But honestly it had nothing to do with stubborn.
I just didn’t see why I should lose if I knew how to win.

Rick and I are both competitive. We have so much fun playing backgammon and scrabble in the winter months in the dining room. I suck at scrabble as all my readers can well imagine because I can not spell. So guess who wins? But I can kick his ass at backgammon. But it doesn’t matter what games we play we both play to win.
Neither of us are bad losers we just don’t want to lose. Right now the Big Guy owes me like 33 million dollars. Yes, we play for pretend money. It’s all in fun.

Jenny was talking about how she and other women pretend they like football as an example to keep their boyfriends happy. Then 2 years into the relationship when she says I am not going to another stupid game the guy is like, where did this come from?
And the fights begin.

Or women who hide what they like, don’t like, right on down to eating.
I have a friend who didn’t eat in front of a man she was dating for a year. A YEAR!
She would go home and stuff her face because she didn’t want him to see that she liked to eat. If she spent the night she would go home that morning and on the way home to make breakfast she’d stop at Mickey D’s and get breakfast to eat before she got home. How exhausting to me. When I would ask her about this she said she didn’t want him to think she was a pig. Ah, hello you have to eat some time. How long can he think you only eat a few sprigs of broccoli? She wouldn’t go to the bathroom at his house either.
She would make me laugh. Gee wonder why that relationship never worked out.

I have another friend who told the man she was dating that she liked kids.
She not only didn’t want to have children she didn’t like other peoples children even more! So she pretended. She baby sat his sister’s kids with him and then she would call me and bitch for an hour.
Gee, you think he may bring this up after the wedding?
I know she liked him but guess what this will so bite her in the ass later and worse end in divorce. But she thought she could make him see her way because he loved her.
She is no longer married to him. He remarried and has kids. Surprise!

Jenny said she decided to stop pretending and just be herself.
She can keep up with being herself because it’s not so exhausting.
Is that why her marriage and relationships didn’t last?
The real person was never present?

As women why do we have so little self esteem that we feel we need to hide who we really are?  Because we are really great! Whatever our quirks, insecurities, strengths and weaknesses we are great just like that. And if the guy doesn’t see that then we should find one who does. Because the one that does is the keeper.

I happen to think that if we were just honestly who we are then it would save years of pain, arguments and divorces.
Look I am a big compromiser but I will never comprise who I am for others.
I have been known to give up things I want to do or just want for my loved ones but I chose to do that. I was still true to myself. If I didn’t want to I wouldn’t.

I remember the first time I went out to dinner with Rick he asked if I wanted to share a dessert. I laughed and said, “No I would like my own dessert is that okay?”
This place was known for their awesome crème brule which I really really like.
So there was no way I was sharing it. I ate something lighter just so I could devour a crème brule. A year later he told me he found that so refreshing because every woman he had taken out always wanted to share their dessert and he would rather have his own.

Can you see a guy doing any of this to get us ladies?
“Oh I love shopping, I’ll go with you. And I’ll hold your purse while you endlessly try on clothes”

“C’mon please let me watch a lifetime movie with you, I’ll bring the kleenex”

“Let’s talk about our feelings all night long and just cuddle. I’d much rather do that than have sex!”

Something tells me that a guy wouldn’t pretend to be something they aren’t just to “get” you.
It all just got me thinking….
So why is this a big revelation for Jenny at 39 yrs old?
Is this from our mothers telling us to lose at checkers to get the boy?
Do fathers have a role in this?
Are you raising your daughters differently?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pumpkin Farm Fun

I love going to pumpkin farms.
Good pumpkin farms that is.
And there is a GREAT one by my house.

I wanted to go so badly that 2 years ago I begged my sister to bring my niece down so I could take her.  This place is enormous. There are tons of things going on simultaneously and it's colorful, loud, educational, and fun.

This year no one is visiting.
I wish there was a Rent-A-Kid where I could go and take a child who wouldn't normally be able to go and we'd go have some serious fun.

During the last week they are open is truly my favorite week.
Their last week is the week after Halloween.  They call it recycling your pumpkin.
They will hurl, smash, drop and squish your pumpkin.
I asked my sister to come down on the last week for that fun. 

The workers are all running around the 40 acres with orange vests and Madonna like microphones over their ears.  The PA system may say, "Over at such and such a corner look for Tommy Smith's pumpkin to be dropped from the high drop.  "Tommy" of course is near by and they ask him things and it's very interactive and cute and funny.  Think Gallagher for kids.

There are hundreds of people gathered around. There are kids on parents shoulders looking up to watch the drop.
They say funny things to make the kids laugh. And the adults know they put something inside the pumpkins so that when they drop they spray the crowd and make the kids squeal.

This kid looks miserable doesn't she?
There are catapults as well to fling your pumpkin which are a lot of fun too. 
There are slides.
There are animals and petting areas.

There are picnic tables just randomly placed with paints and mirrors so you can paint the kids faces or have them do it themselves. The latter they encourage.
There are picnic tables to just sit at and enjoy your lunch and watch a fling or people watch.

There are swings and rides, hayrides and corn mazes and all kinds of games and fun made from hay and imaginative things.
I just love it there.

These two kids sure were tired after their day at the Pumpkin Farm.
So may I rent your kid for the weekend?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday ramblings

***A few weeks ago I told you that the neighbors on both sides of us have moved.
The one side is now empty.
The other side is noisy as all get out.
We would LOVE to know what the hell they are doing in there.

There are 6 townhomes in a row - something like this.

There are firewalls in between and I have lived in one of these for 10 yrs now and I have never ever heard my neighbors. 

The back story on this new family is as follows.
The young family who moved into the end unit next door and are only here until their single family home is finished being built.  They have only told us this 12 times. The original owners of the townhome moved a few blocks away into a very large McMansion and rent this out now. The young woman who lives there is pregnant and they have a very loud and whiny 3 year old girl.  Her husband travels a lot for work so she is home alone a great deal.

They are the nosiest people we have ever come across!
Sunday took the cake on the volume and amount of noise they made.
The windows and doors open because it was a nice autumn day outside.

After a day of chores we settled down and poured ourselves a glass of wine each.
The dog was sleeping by the fireplace and we could sit and just relax and talk. 
As was the case for the last week it sounded like they were throwing furniture against the wall.  This went on for over an hour.  We kept asking one another what it could be that they are doing over there?  After the 2nd glass of wine we were coming up with some funny ideas.
Hey they are circus people!
Then out of nowhere they were outside on the patio.  The adults were whooping and hollering and yee-ha'ing. The kids were just screaming.  We looked at each other like, is it Mardi Gras and we don't know about it? It was crazy. 

Rick asked if this could be about a football game since they had company and they were all in the partying loud mode on a Sunday afternoon.  So we turned on tv and looked for the local team game.  No the game was over and they had won - 2 hrs ago. Then 40 minutes after the hootin' and hollerin' began it stopped and all went inside.  Then the banging on the walls started. WTF are they doing over there?

We've had neighbors have parties with the music blaring and have never even heard the music or the party until we arrived at their party.  So what in the world could this be?

I would love to ask them but I don't know them well enough yet and so I think I may wait a bit more as I get to know them. It's not annoying us we are just curious as hell.
They moved here from Miami and as the young wife told me 100 times she isn't used to this life without a door man and valet parking.  (I think that was impressive to her because she told me this a dozen times) But if she lived in a high rise condo I can't image that this type of noise went unnoticed and not ever mentioned to her.

***In the meantime I want to discuss something that so many in bloggerland are talking about.  Dumb Guys.
Dumb Men who tweet to/with their mistresses, dumb men who send camera phone photo's of their "manhood"  (or little viking in this current case) to their mistresses and dumb men who leave voice mails on their mistresses phones.  Honestly have they such big egos that they don't think they will get caught like Tiger and Jesse? (to name only 2)

So now Ashton and Bret Farve are hogging our headlines with their stupid tweets and pictures. Their poor wives. 
My favorite comment in the Bret Farve incident that I read yesterday was that when asked why now did she feel the need to come forward, she said...."she was offered a lot of money now so that is why she came forward."  Wow, what a surprise huh? 
A fame whore who is boinking a married man and she is getting paid bucket loads of money!  Ah such a nice classy woman. Why the hell did I go to college anyway?  I could have made a lot of money so much sooner and been retired now.  But then if I was prone to do such a thing I would probably be inclined to stay in the limelight so who knows what this ole cougar would be up to.  Or possibly dead from a communicable disease.

***Mad Men is by far the best yet of all seasons.
Only one episode left and honestly I can't bear it.
This show is so good that when it's over I want to rewind and watch it again.
And I sometimes do.....Yes, I am that nerdy.
Every nuance, every item on the set, the clothes, the dialogue. 
There was a moment when Don's secretary handed him a pile of phone messages on those old pink memo's. One of the people who called was Emerson Foote, who was an infamous advertising giant in '65 and he quit his job as chairman of his advertising firm because he didn't want to represent big tobacco anymore. But his secretary just said his name and that he called so if you don't know who that is it meant nothing to you. 
I love that they do this. It was perfect!
I love those obscure references. 
I am sure there are many more things like that I miss or don't understand. 
I just love this show and there is no doubt in my mind that this year is the best of all. 
The woman's movement is playing itself out in such a way that it is sometimes painful for me to witness. I am cheering Peggy (a.k.a. Margaret Olson) on to make it in this man's world and survive without having to resort to what they expect from her.  She and Don are my favorite characters on the show and when they are in a scene together it is perfect chemistry.
But I must say that the snarky remarks that Roger Sterling makes do make me laugh out loud and are always so smart.

Those are my Tuesday thoughts.
What's been on your mind?  Are you watching Mad Men? Or are you looking at the "little viking" picture all over the web?

Friday, October 8, 2010


I love Halloween time or I guess the month of October

I love it because it means cooler weather. (today is only 75!)
I love seeing all the kids in their costumes.
Of course there is the candy.
It also means my boys of summer are in the play offs or world series.(hopefully)
Last nights game had me on the edge of my seat.….I digress, this post is about Halloween.

The other evening Rick remembered something that I had long forgotten.
I thought I would share it with you because it is quintessential Peg in some ways and it’s a bit humorous.

We were living in my hometown at the time this happened.
What you really need to know is that Halloween up there where I grew up is normally very cold weather.
I remember one year having what I thought was the most beautiful fairy costume with big glittery wings. Oh how I love those wings.
But of course it snowed a foot and I was forced to wear a coat, hat, gloves, scarf and boots.
I cried, oh how I cried. Seriously who was going to see my pretty wings I wailed?
So they took off my wings after my hissy fit and pinned them onto the outside of my snow coat. Lovely.  But it made the 5 yr old me much happier.

So there I was 25 years later back in my hometown after a company merger downsized me.
Rick and I were so excited that the weather was so nice.
You could actually sit on your porch and hand out candy.
We lived in a 2nd floor flat so the idea of not going up and down the stairs every time the door bell rang and already being on the porch sounded like a great idea to us.
We put on our sweatshirts and filled our big bowl with candy, poured ourselves our favorite warm beverage. (hot cocoa w/peppermint schnapps) and waited for the kids to appear.

The kids came in droves and it was such fun. I just love the real little ones.
Rick and I always give out full size bars and it’s cute that they get so excited.
One little boy yelled to no one in particular just to the block, “Hey they have big candy here!”
I’m still a kid when it comes to the candy and I don’t think anyone wants a teeny tiny bar.
So we splurge on Halloween. (thank goodness for Costco)

The kids were slowing down. There were now only trickles here and there.
Then we saw a dark car with music thumping so loudly it made us look.
The car pulled to the curb a few doors down. These kids got out of the car.
Funny, they didn’t appear to have costumes on and I’ve never seen them around the neighbor hood before. But I didn’t think a thing more about it because more cute little ones were at my porch wanting candy.

Rick and I were just sitting there sipping more hot cocoa with the candy bowl now in my lap. These 3 older boys who had gotten out of that dark car come up our stairs to our porch. At the same time as they said, "Trick or Treat" they put their hands right into the bowl of candy and grabbed at candy.
I slapped this young mans hand and as the candy fell back into the bowl I said, “hey you don’t just grab candy young man, you wait to be given candy you have better manners than that now don’t you? And where is your costume, this is just lazy?”

The look on those 3 boys faces was something I had never seen before then I noticed Rick stood up. I was thinking, What the hell is going on?  But I didn't ask. 
The first kid said, “thank you" after I gave him his candy and walked down the steps and the 2nd kid said nothing. I again stopped him and said, “what do you say?”
Rick barked, “MARGARET”
The kid looked at me and said, “thank you ma’am.” I said, “you’re welcome
The 3rd boy said "thank you" smiled at me and then they all got into that car.
Rick is now pacing. I asked, “What in the hell is wrong with you?”

“For God’s sake Margaret do you not know what you just did?”

“Yes, I do Richard I taught some teen boys some manners.”

“Oh my God I pray our house isn’t burnt to the ground. Those were gang members Margaret.”

“Are you being racist? Why do you assume this?”

“Did you not see their bandanas? Read their tattoo’s?” "See the side of that car?"

“No I didn’t really pay any attention to that.”

At this point in time Halloween was officially over anyway so we grab our things and went inside.
Rick was so upset he was convinced that we were going to be killed or something.
He kept saying we will be targeted now because you slapped his hand Margaret what were you thinking? I kept laughing because honestly it sounded ridiculous to me.   I don't know why but I felt it was going to be fine. But I knew this wasn't a joke at the same time.

I now understood the look of shock over the boys faces I saw when I hit the first young man. Rick and I assumed he was the “leader” from the looks the other two gave one another.
I also now understood why Rick felt the need to stand up. The big dog puffing out his chest.

Nothing bad ever happened to us. (thank goodness)
But Rick likes to tell that particular story of how I slapped a gang bangers hand and decided to teach them manners and etiquette on my porch.
He says that is a great portrait of his wife.

I’m not so sure of that but it is funny now that I look back on it.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings

I mentioned a few weeks ago that due to some health issues
I have been ordered to slow down to achieve balance. 
I did drop all my "after school" activities that took time and brought on some stress.
I took 2 classes and did a plethora of other things that I now don't know how I had time for.

I find it amazing that I had time to do it all.  No wonder I was stress girl.
Last evening I finished work at 6pm, threw in a load of laundry and then went downstairs to begin a simple dinner of a big ole pot of chili with corn meal muffins for the hubby.
I still can not find a gluten free corn meal muffin recipe that is edible and gluten free. Sometimes those 2 words don't work well together.

After dinner I did dishes and another load of laundry I was ready to call it a night.
It was just past 9pm.  I thought I could do 1 more load of sheets from the company that stayed over last week.  I also thought I could maybe get the stairs vacuumed so they look like a carpet and not just stairs of dog hair.

Instead I listened to Rick when he suggested I just sit my ass down and watch some TV with him.  I did.  Nothing fell apart, died, or crashed down around me.
The earth did not stop spinning.  And best of all this morning before he left for work Rick vacuumed the stairs because he knew it was bothering me. (he did this while I was showering....gotta love that boy!)
It's a new interesting way of life is all I'm saying right now, and hopefully it makes a difference.

In other news....
In the world of Verizon I have been in verizon hell today. This morning I learned that I did not have any FIOS connection.  No internet and of course no email. I called at 6:30a after I turned on my work computer and realized this was going to be a day from hell. They said they were working on it and it would be on shortly.  They were right.  I got 1/2 of my service back within an hour.  But only 1/2 of my service. Which you might say is better than none but....

I was told to call this particular 888 number. I did and I followed the 125 prompts. I stood on my left foot and held my right hand in the air and did as i was told. 
I was disconnected.  How dare they. I was doing the hokey poky and turning my self around and yet they weren't helping me.  I call again.  I get a human after a 15 minute wait. 
Here is my biggest problem. They do not listen.  They hear a word and they grab it and never hear another thing and ASSUME the issue which was NOT the issue at hand.
I did not have email.  I asked if it was normally done in parts since I have internet now but now email. They want to walk me through how to set up my email.  Oh my goodness I wanted to scream.  I let her.  She said, "Oh that isn't the issue."  No shit sherlock.
I explain it again and she repeats something completely different. Then tells me there is nothing she can do. WHAT?

After 2 1/2  hours of this frustration I remember that last year I was given a supervisors number and name.  I never wanted to use it because I felt like it was over the line.  I did not want to abuse this privilege. But today I decided it was okay to abuse away.  I called him. 
He too got the run around and got frustrated.  He pointed out, "See we have no short cuts either with the Verizon phone system from hell so bear with me as we walk threw all these prompts." Then he was disconnected.  He swore and I laughed.
Not that being disconnected was funny mind you but that he now really understood my pain.  He then laughed and asked me where I got his number because he was going to have to fire that guy.  We both chuckled.  We finally got to someone and they promised it will be fixed today.  I imagine that could mean midnight tonight.  It all sucks is all  I'm saying. 
I really needed to vent that.  Rick thanks you too because if I didn't purge it here he'd get the brunt of it when he shows up tonight.

In other frustrating news....
There was a blog I used to read.  I say used to because as of today I no longer will read it anymore. This person seems to always ask for money.  I am amazed at the amount of kind and  foolish people who send her money.
This time it was to help buy a car for her son to get back & forth to work.  
Oh there is the typical blame on the economy, her family, her lost job and now her poor paying job and all the work involved with her kids. 
Now before you write me and tell me I am a cruel and heartless woman I want you to clearly understand what I am saying.  Then you can call me that.
Who isn't living this today? The economy has affected us all in a variety of ways.  Each different but none the less stressful to us.  Who doesn't have issues with family, kids, work, money, and illness stress?

It is done well and she can weave a great sad story. And in this bloggers defense she does this for strangers as well which I find very kind and selfless. But I find it all in such bad taste to do this for oneself.  I understand that if people want to give that is their right and if she feels comfortable begging that too is her right.
I have free will as well and have decided that I can not read this anymore. 
It saddens me on so many levels and makes me feel uncomfortable.

In other hot news.....
Rick thought he would surprise me with a bag of candy corn.  Candy corn is crack to me.  You can't bring me candy corn. I can't eat one.  I can't eat 12. I want the whole bag. Then I feel like crap.  So I begged him to take them to his work truck - anything get them out of the house.  The gesture was sweet but my Lord I can't have them in the house.  Now that the neighbors on both sides of me have moved within the last 30 days and there are no kids I can give them to I must throw them out if he doesn't take them away.
This morning I put the bag on his folder so when he left he'd take them.
I saw at lunch time that he took them off his folder, took folder to work, and left them there on the island.  How did I know this?  I heard those little fokkers calling me.  "Peggy, come and get me.  I am sweet and delicious and you can just have a couple.  NO. I. CAN'T.
I went downstairs to throw them away. As I walked to the garbage can I opened them.
Ah shit.  I ate a handful. I don't even want to know how many.
I threw them in the garbage and pushed them down. 
Right now I am on the 2nd floor in my office and I still hear a faint muffled cry, get me out, eat me, I'm still yummy, no coffee grinds on me.....Peggy, Peg, whatever you want me to call you just come get me out of here!!
I hope Rick is home soon so he can take out the garbage!!

Monday, October 4, 2010


Not a real post today. But something I wanted to share with you all.

I saw this video early this morning. I keep thinking about it as I sit at my desk today.
Is he really homeless? As the article says along with the video, so many people are today that never thought they would be there.  Or is he making a statement?  I don't care either way this is a powerful video and it needs to be seen.

Interesting isn't it?  Good music and Kermit, can't go wrong there can you?

Your thoughts?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Flashback Friday '80's Style

I haven't done a Flashback Friday in awhile and came across these horrific 80's photo's.
It's a decade I do not wish to repeat in clothing.

This first ditty is frightenly horrific as you can well see.
What was a big busted woman thinking when wearing a belt on her dress?
And of course that 80's hair is a lovely choice too isn't it?
I think this is truly a "don't"picture and there should be a bar across my eyes.
Just so you know I attended a 12 step program for this affliction. 
So you can be sure I will never ever wear a belt to accent my bust or that horrible hair do ever ever again. (or you can hurt me!)
This one was taken at the beach on a fall day.  Notice the big ass red glasses. Can you say Sally Jesse Raphael?  That bandana around my neck of the sweatshirt. ....Gee I am stylin' aren't I?
This last one was from the very early 80's.  Hair not permed or high yet.  Somewhat normal clothes on me but the Ex- oh my!  His ugly shirt has a white waist band and it makes his painter pants look extra high.  And why painters pants?  Was he planning on painting later?
This is seriously  pathetic....yet oh so funny.
What I like here in this photo is how tall I look.  I was wearing.....(are you sitting for this?) Candies that were mule style with 3 or 4 inch heels.  Can you say Dolly Parton?  I'm in the woods in heels!! 
 After looking these photo's over it is clear that with age comes knowledge of what looks good on you and friggin' common sense.  These photo's prove that young is great for perky, good skin and stupidity.

Now to another Friday topic.....
As we all do, I read a lot of blogs.
There has been a common theme in all of them this week....Bullying.

I don't understand the need to bully anyone.  I mean I know it exsists but I don't understand how adults can spend their time doing it. Why?  How sorry ass is your life that you have to make others feel badly?
I would like to think that if I had all that extra time on my hands I would do something productive and helpful.  Not tear down or wear down people.

Sometimes I think that with all the high tech, high school like technology it seems to bring it out in people.  I know that is not a popular thought but seriously these so called social networks are like high school and everyone is behaving like immature children.
Have we learned nothing as we have gotten older? As I mentioned earlier the best thing about aging is that with it comes wisdom. The whole thing is sad to me.
So many people hurting from this unnecessarily.

I want to be a pollyanna and believe that we can all make a difference if we are kind.
I leave you with happy thoughts and a photo of my favorite tree's leaves in autumn.