Friday, April 30, 2010

My Tracking Device

There was a line once in a Rosanne show years ago that my husband heard and found hysterical. He has used it ever since. The line was uttered by Rosanne when her husband and kids couldn’t find anything of theirs and they were all asking her all the time to find this and to find that. She yelled something about her uterus being her “tracking device” I wish my husband had one of those tracking devices of his own to find his shit this week.

My hubby will walk around the house looking for his things all the time.
As my mother used to say, “He would forget his head if it weren’t attached to him”
Oh, so true.

Now this has been going on since I have known him at the ripe old age of 30. .
But now Rick is an old fart so in one sense he does have an excuse.
On the other hand the list of things he can’t find is just longer and makes me even more annoyed. This week he has driven me to the brink for some unknown reason.
Oh wait I know the reasons I am just unsure why it is bugging me so much more this week. Was it the full moon or just him driving me bonkers?.
Whatever it was it was in full force this week….TGIF is all I can say.

Here’s one incident for you –
He has lived in this house for 10 years. We have had the dishes in the same damn place since they were unpacked 10 yrs ago. So when unloading the dishwasher you would think that he would know where they go instead of leaving them on the kitchen island.
He seems to think that lining them up all in row for his anal retentive wife will make her happy to see that nice straight line of cookware BUT NO, in fact it does not.
So when I ask why he doesn’t put them away he actually had the balls to say, “Well I don’t know where you want these things to go?”  WTF?

It’s like he thinks I want them to go somewhere different from where they always are. How about the cupboard mister? He lives here. He cooks here. He knows from where they come. What the hell is with that logic of his?  It is funny to me IF this were someone elses significant other or on a sitcom but for some reason this week I am not seeing the humor  100%

Last night’s this full moon annoyance occurred –
He asked me where his keys were. I said I didn’t use them nor have I seen them.
Oh that snarky remark didn’t sit well. He huffed and was storming around the kitchen.
After watching him tear everything apart I asked him, “Where did you have them last?”
I’m thinking that was an innocent enough question. But apparently I was incorrect.
Cranky Pants responded with, “Where the hell do you think I used them last?”
Me: “Your truck? Maybe you left them in your work truck.”
Cranky Pants: “C’mon Margaret I wouldn’t leave them in my truck.”

I go out to the truck and as I am walking out I hear his mutterings but I ignore him because I remember I do love this man but he is annoying the living shit out of me right now and I am not in the mood to go to jail for bodily harm.
I get to his truck and not only is it unlocked but his keys are in there!! (as well as tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment)
I grab the keys, lock his truck and walk back into the house.
“Hey, I heard the truck lock so I assume you and your uterine tracking device found them once again!”
He is smiling and being all charming and cute and I’m thinking it’s a damn good thing I am against violence because I could just clobber you right now. But instead I just smile and say,
“The uterine tracking device was removed in 2000 what’s your excuse?”
Yea, I'm a snarky wench.  Thankfully he just laughed and grabbed his keys.

Another annoying factoid –
You have read me here state how we had been cleaning out this large walk in closet upstairs in a guest room which started my Flashback Friday photo’s. Well we went away last weekend and after we unpacked he left the suitcase in front of our large dresser.
After 5 days of staring at that thing and walking over it I was now refusing to put it away.
I simply asked, “Are you ever going to put this away or are you hoping I will do it for you?”
To which Mr. Numbnuts replied, “I don’t know where you want it to go.”
WHOA MISTER, did we not just clean out a walk in closet on the 3rd floor and then reorganize? Didn’t we just decide to put our entire luggage in there? Didn’t you bring your small bag from your bedroom closet up to the one we were cleaning and put it with the rest of the pieces of luggage? Did you fall on your head? Do you have amnesia? Should I check our long term health care insurance plan and see what is covered with dementia? To which his response was, “Oh yea.” AND WALKS AWAY FROM IT LEAVING IT RIGHT THERE.
My head was about to explode but then I thought otherwise.
Because seriously I’d have to clean up the mess because he wouldn’t know where the cleaning supplies were kept in his own damn house and without my head who would find them for him? So I took a deep breath instead.
I swear to God I am not picking it up. Remember that episode of Everybody Loves Raymond with the suitcase left on the staircase? I am living it.

Stay tuned – I may be on the news. The neighbors will say, “She was such a nice woman. She always seemed so happy and they seemed to really get along so well I can’t imagine why she would bludgeon him like that with his own suitcase. She must have just snapped the poor dear."

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fictional & Real Women Who Made An Impact In My Life.

1. Nancy Drew – Nancy Drew is celebrating 80 yrs.  I read in the paper where girls still enjoy the books and that thrilled me. I would think they would not age well but I don’t recall specifics. I loved these books as much as I loved Nancy Drew. I loved having the hard cover book collection and it was my prized possession. But Nancy always seemed so together. I find it funny that even back then I remember the descriptions of her clothes. I was even shallow apparently at that very young age. I loved how her father was behind her. That was fiction in my life. “A girl can’t do that” was all I ever heard as a young girl from my Dad. He meant well but…..

2. Ann Marie or better known as That Girl.  My God how I loved that show. Her father was more like my Dad. But he let her go …sort of.  She had that great apartment, FABULOUS clothes, a cute boyfriend, and her neighbors were fun.
I wanted that life when I grew up. Big Time!  I didn’t want to be an actress but she sure did make it look appealing. I remember getting this yellow shift and I bought this big flower pin to wear in the middle of my chest on that shift. For you young en’s a Shift is a straight dress from the 60’s. The dress and the pin was just like the one Marlo Thomas had worn and I mean to tell you that dress was my go to dress.  It about fell apart to just mere threads before I would let it go. Now if only my mom would buy me those white go-go boots to go with it like the character Ann Marie had!

3. Mary Tyler Moore – Another happy single woman whose life I admired and wanted. Truth be told I was much more of the smart ass like Rhoda Morgenstern than I was ever Mary but that didn’t mean I didn’t want that apartment, her clothes, hair and that big M on my apartment wall. To me Mary had it all. She was everything I wasn’t, tall, small chested (which I so wanted to be since the age of 10) a clothes horse with a great job and friends. What’s not to want? Although if I could have rocked a head scarf like Rhoda that would have been too damn cool. I tried, a lot…it never worked for me though!

4. My Mom. I only had her for 13 yrs but like my sister and Dad will tell you I was her shadow. I would sit on her bed while she sat at her dressing table and watch her put on her makeup and fix her hair. I would try on her jewelry and try to tie a scarf around my neck the way she did. She taught me that a simple blouse, skirt and of course heels could be dressed up with just adding that scarf or just the right jewelry.  Oh how I love this pendant that she wore and her black onyx ring with a diamond. I would try them on all the time. I loved all the girly things about my Mom. That dressing table has so many memories for me. The makeup, the hair styling, the jewelry on the table. I remember at the age of 12 coming home and seeing her sitting there looking at herself in the mirror. She had on a pair of pedal pushers as she called them (capri’s to us) and no shirt. It was the only time I ever saw her cry or fall apart during her 3 yrs of dealing with cancer. She had by this time had both breasts removed and as she liked to say, been gutted like a fish with no female organs left. She was marked up with blue marker on her chest and it was burned red from radiation and cobalt treatments (before chemo) She was just staring at herself and I walked in after school and asked what she was doing and she flatly said, “look at me, I am no different than your father.”  And she began to sob. I did not understand that comment at the na├»ve age of 12 but I remember knowing that it was not good and I just went and hugged her. When she let go, it was like she snapped out of it , probably for my sake, and said, “C’mon help me blow up my boobs.”  Now in 1968 the mastectomy bras were pretty awful and rudimentary. She put on the bra and it had a little straw like the ones in a juice box. She inserted it and blew until it was the right size. We would laugh when the right side was bigger than the left and it was a queer thing we did together. I am glad she didn’t shield me from any of that. As odd as it may seem to you it is a great memory to me and as we do in my family it would end in a fit of giggles on her bed. She taught me strength, dignity and all the girly stuff that I adore.

5. My Grandmother D. – This woman was a horrible mean, cruel and scary woman.  Why would she influence me you ask? Because she was so mean to everyone. Because she was cruel to people who loved her and were good to her. Because she appeared to really really enjoy being hurtful on purpose.
Because of all of that I was determined to never be like her. I remember years after her death watching an episode of The Soprano’s and Tony Soprano's mom was on and she did and said something that gave me goose bumps. I looked at my husband and said, “oh my God that is Grandma D. EXACTLY.” His response was, “I think I’m glad I never met her”.
Shortly after that episode my Aunt called to see if I had seen that episode and did I think the same thing?   I saw the pain she inflicted on everyone. I remember how she made my mom, my aunts and uncles cry. I remember seeing her hit people for no reason including me.  I was eating my oatmeal  one morning and she walked by and just smacked me up side the head – hard. She hit me and said, “you look like your father”. I was 8 yrs old. I was at her house what could I do? So you see she influenced me in a good way.
How not to ever behave in my life – EVER.  I truly believe she was evil.

6. Grandma C – This wonderful woman was not even blood related but she became my new Grandma when my Dad remarried. She was warm, kind, lovable, huggable and just chubby enough to be Grandma. She immediatley accepted us as her new grandchildren and we ate it up. She taught me how to make kick ass meatballs. She taught me hospitality. She taught me thoughtfulness. She would do the nicest things for us all. And best of all she taught me the phrase, “Well Peggy it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, let’s have a drink” I loved this woman!
She was the Grandma everyone wants. And could this woman cook! She gave me a place to live after my divorce and I loved that year of my life with her. I told her I had to leave so I didn’t get fat. If you told her you weren't hungry she'd then say, "well just have a sandwich then." She honestly believed food was love to her core. To this day Rick and I will say that as a joke.  I remember watching a York peppermint patty commercial one evening while we were watching tv together and just saying in passing, “ooh those look good”  Next day I had peppermint patties in the fridge like I liked them. She was beautiful inside and out.  That is how I want to be when I’m an older gal.  Always with my lipstick on, perfectly coiffured and dressed, the light smell of cologne and of course with my Kleenex up my sleeve.

Who real or fictitious influenced you?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sleep Deprived and Still Walking

I know I don't talk a lot about it here. I may have discussed it 2 times.

Is there anything worse than people going on and on about their illness or aches and pains?
I don't want to do that to you but....
I continue to deal with some illness issues and there are days it just gets to me.
I try very hard to be upbeat all the time and count my blessings but today isn't one of them.
For some reason the last couple of days have thrown me off my much so that I am looking forward to going back to the doctor in a couple of weeks.

I am having some serious difficulty sleeping, which is a separate issue.
That tends to magnify everything I find.
I would give anything for 8 hours of deep sleep that allows you to wake up refreshed.
It's been years. It does wear you down. I swear it makes you feel older.
Why is it that when you're a kid you don't want to sleep and you sure can - for days.
Now I long to sleep more than 2 hours!
Right now the dog is snoring at my feet and I am envious beyond words.

Yesterday I was not nice to someone.
She was incredibly rude, nasty and down right mean for no reason except I think she may have thought that was how to get what she wanted.
But even though she was like that I shouldn't have snap back at her.
I apologized immediately but that doesn't matter I did it.
Unfortunately that stuck with me as I lay in bed listening to my husbands breathing and my dog snoring. I wonder if this mean woman let that bother her?  Why can't I let it go?
Here I am still thinking about it because it made me feel like shit about myself.
Yea, I wonder about a lot of dumb stuff while trying to sleep.

I wonder about why when you are 20 something and dumb as a box of hair you have a rockin' body. Why can't you have that rockin' body once you gain some smarts so on your 40th birthday you have it all going on for yourself?
You start with saggin' boobs and by 40 they are pert and lovely.
Wouldn't that be a better way to go? 
Makes your 40th birthday something to look forward to as it should be. 

I wonder why George Clooney keeps coming to DC and never once has called me?
I've said before I'd give him a ride from the airport to the city - no charge.

I wonder whether my blog would look better with a white clean background than blue?

I seriously don't understand how in the very early 80's as technology began to take over we believed the rheotoric that it would give us more free time and simplify our lives. 
Has it done any of that for you?  People seem more frazzeled than ever.
Or do we just place more emphasis on inanimate objects more than life and people around us?  I don't think those that are addicted to their technology know they are addicted and like any addiction they are blind to it.  I am seeing it with some friends and family.
They can't go a minute without checking their emails, FB, their phone messages or whatever.
To be still.  No technology.
That has become a lost art and it is apparent if we choose to see it. 
Why can we no longer be still? I am guilty as well.
Has this become an old fashioned notion like the TV with only 3 channels? 
If your boobs have fallen does that make you too old to understand this, is that my issue?

Yea that is some of the shit that goes through my head while I can't sleep.

What do you think about? 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend of Advil and that wrong?

It's dark, damp and a bit gloomy Monday here in our nation's capital.

Spent the weekend at the lake and it wasn't a big rollicking fun time. 
I have been taking advil to prove it.
It rained a lot. Didn't get near the yard work done that we wanted.  We did manage to power wash the old stain off the wrap around deck so the next time down we can restain.

The ride down Thursday after work we discussed our plan of attack on the house.
This is the ugly side of a 2nd home not close by.  It's been 5 months since we've been there.  The house inside is dusty and has that closed up smell.  Not pleasing when you walk in.

We dropped off our bags in the bedroom and got to work immediately.
I always remember the scene in On Golden Pond where they walk in and take off all the covers on all the furniture and open up the house.  That is how I feel. 
Open the windows and the cleaning begins.
Of course you didn't see Katherine Hepburn doing any of that did you?
Magically for her after the covers came off the furniture they were ready to go. 
It sure doesn't work like that for me.
Oh the cobwebs, the neglected old water that's been sitting in the toilet, the dust, a few dead bugs.  YIPEE.  So a lot of cleaning, dusting and window washing. 
There was a thick layer of yellow pollen on everything outside.  It was so gross!

 Day 1 of Advil - Rick spent Friday morning from breakfast to early afternoon sawing a huge tree that fell on our property into the lake. My Paul Bunyan was drenched in sweat and came up to the house when he was done for Advil. Then back outside for more work.

I, on the other hand was delegated to the inside of the house. But not to be outdone by Paul Bunyan I moved furniture and rocked the cleaning until it was time to make dinner.
Then as I slowed down I realized I began to hurt.
Now I do pilates 3 days a week. I walk 3 miles a day.  Why does this still hurt me?
What was that muscle in the right side of my lower back that was screaming at me?

We had ever intention of heading off to the drive in to see Date Night with Tina Fey but we were both whooped and decided we'd go tomorrow night. Ah, the best laid plans. 
So a bottle of wine was opened instead with an Advil chaser.

Saturday didn't give us much time to relax.  As Rick finished the power washing on the upper deck I was downstairs using the blower to blow off all the remaining leaves and tree "gunk" all over the firepit area and lower level. I was in charge of cleaning all the outside furniture that was piled up in the screened porch area.  There was so much pollen that I ended up wearing a bandana around my nose like an old fashioned cowboy from a western movie.
The bright blue chair was almost green from pollen.  I have never seen it like this and my allergies did not enjoy this.  Fast forward through the all the lifting, mulching, the damn wheel barrel to the evening shower and again I am feeling sore.  I again pop an advil and get ready for the drive in movies.
We began packing things to bring to the drive in.  I was so excited I mean, when was the last time you even saw a drive in?

Then the crack of thunder and then the lightening.  Okay this will pass.
But it never did.  It poured!!  It was a storm that even knocked out the satellite TV.
So no movie, no tv, only advil and our aching bodies. Which made us both laugh.

So there we were moaning about aches and pains, a storm outside and all plans shot to hell.

Sunday before we left we took a quick ride around the lake. You could actually see the pollen laying on the top of the water. I can't remember a time when it was this bad. So Izzy, Rick and Margaret are out on a dreary day on the lake wheezing and sneezing. It was rather funny.

Here's a shot of the dog - her poor eyes not loving what is in the air.

As we were boating around the lake looking at what is new since being there we found this house with all these beautiful azalea's.  I had to take a quick pic....and I mean quick as we were flying by

This was one of the new things we saw on the lake since we were there last.  I hope that ugly fence comes down when it's finished. House looks nice though.  Anyone got an extra 3 - 4 million?

This below is our neighbor's home. He brings up our property values....or do we bring down his property values? ...tee hee.  Anyway he is a famous author who's books you would know and the movies made from them.  I think I could get in trouble printing his name here so I won't. But you know him if you read.  Before we owned a home there (he's at the end of the cul-de-sac on the road we now live) we would go by on our boat and I would tell Rick I would be happy with something  like his dock for heaven's sake. Be careful what you wish for, trust me on this. Damn why didn't I say I just wanted this house?  Oh now foolish me!  I know you can't see the dock space but trust me it goes on and on with bays for 5 boats and a party area and a sunning area and a tiki bar. You get it.  Nicer than my house.

And just so you know that Izzy wasn't miserable the whole time and I am not a bad mom here she is looking better. She is enthralled witht the ducks.
Now back to work.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday's Photo's


IT'S new header courtesy of Rick Green at Organized Doodles.

I think he captured the essence of life here at the lake extremely well didn't he?
Me drinking wine, the dog looking over the side of the boat and my hubby's love of fishing. 

Thankfully our boat is bigger and most importantly he made me smaller...tee hee. 
Except for making me a bit anorexic this is spot on. But I sure do appreciate Mr. Green making my upper arms that skinny.  Hey he knows what he's doing!!

I love what he did. Even the name of the boat.  Yes folks that was to be the name but I wouldn't let my husband do it.  He thought it was a fun name and would get a lot of people asking questions. I thought it was funny but would appear tacky so I wouldn't let him do it.  But I love that it is on here.

My husband loves to fish and for the love of all things I do not understand it.  But it is his Zen.  I enjoy being on the water so I do tag along a lot and I do exactly what I'm doing in the header photo along with a book or a magazine.  One day Rick asked if I wanted to go to a boat show to look around and get an idea of costs and what was out there.  Boat shows are always in winter so I figured it was better than shoveling let's go.

We got to the Washington Boat Show and it was packed with everything from kayaks to floating homes.  We looked at a lot of fishing boats but they were just for fishing. I just couldn't see me having any fun in any of these boats that Rick liked.  He agreed that it would be great if we could both be happy.  We decided to stop and grab a soft pretzel and a beverage.  As we stood in line I said to Rick, "you know you can tell that men design these boats.  If woman did they would make something for you and something for me. The man standing behind us heard me and tapped my shoulder. I turned around and he said, "I couldn't help but over hear you and I have just that boat."  We both laughed and thought, sure you do.  He asked us to stop by his booth area and come take a look and he gave us his card.

We ate our pretzels and wandered over to his booth.  He lept to his feet when he saw us and said, "you have got to see this boat."  It looked like any speed boat you would see on a lake with skate boarders behind or water skier behind having a ball.  It sat a lot of folks and had all kinds of things one would need.  But then you take out this seat and put in this extenstion pole and do this and that and viola it was now a fishing boat with seats sitting up high and a trolling motor and a live well. I looked at Rick and said, "It's like a kids transformer toy."  EXACTLY, Rick says with such glee and enthusiasm. I knew that look in his eye.

We talked colors, options, price and delivery.  We got their card and decided to discuss over the rest of the weekend.  And when I say discuss I mean to tell you that is all Rick talked about!  Finally he said that he just didn't think we should do this right now, we just moved here and got a new house. We should wait another year.  We need so many things right now. I agreed knowing full well I didn't really and had something up my sleeve.

I was getting a bonus check.  I knew this was a big one.  I also knew that it should go into our savings but Rick wanted a boat so badly.  He has wanted a nice boat his whole life.  There was a time when the president of the company he worked for embezzled all the funds and he lost his job and we were beyond broke.  He sold his canoe and a lot of his favorite things during that difficult time.  I felt he deserved this and I so wanted him to have it.

I called and got this boat ordered for him with my bonus check.  Then when I knew the delivery date I told him.  Besides we needed to put a hauling piece on our vehicle to pick it up so I had to tell him in advance. 

You would have thought he won the lottery.  He kept asking, "What about the dining room furniture you wanted?" I told him the dining room has been empty this long what the hell's the difference.  We have other rooms to eat in and besides we know no one here so who's going to sit at that dining room for awhile?  He bought it.  He was like a 5 yr old at Christmas.  I loved it! 

So that is why he wanted to name the boat, "Wife's Bonus Check"  I thought that was funny but also tacky so that is why I begged him not to do it.  He kept telling me how much conversation from other fishermen that would stir. He thought it would be fun. But I still asked him not to do it.  Besides that may have been my bonus check from my job but it still went into OUR pot of money.  It is always our money whether he makes it or I do.  So it just didn't sit well with me even though I thought it was funny.  Does that make sense?

Now that is why I love seeing it on the boat that Rick Green made for me.  It's a joke my Rick & I share.  When people ask why our boat doesn't have a name hubby always tells them the story of how he got this boat but his wife won't let him use the name he wanted and nothing else fits.
See, he still gets his fishing buddy story either way.

Happy Weekend everyone.
Let me know what you think of my new header and stop by Organized Doodles for your own!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday's Flash from the Past

This little ditty was done back in May of 2008. 
This is sadly very true.....My husband is a hillbilly.
I think there is a 12 step program out there for this affliction.

Click on the red link and Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wailin' Wednesday

Since this week is recycled week while I am in a self imposed blog vacation I thought I would give you some recycled songs instead.

Honestly these 2 kids did me proud last night.  Two songs from my generation that they did very very well.
At least that is MHO. 

I love Crystal  and I sincerely hope she wins, but the shallow me really hopes she wins so she gets new teeth.

Enjoy these songs!

Okay you'll have to FF to get to him singing....sorry only video I could find.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Two for Tuesday

Back deep into the archives while on my blog vacation this week.
This is all too sadly real....enjoy!

This was not the first time this had happened but the first time I realized it is becoming a pattern.

Here is the pattern again rearing it's ugly head. I should be embarressed instead of sharing shouldn't I?

Does this ever happen to you?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Mornings

Not a fan of Monday Mornings but I got a present last night and that always helps.
I got the art proof for my new header. I am so excited I can't wait to put it up there.

Last night the gentleman who is drawing this, Rick Green, sent me a proof and I was blown away.  Except for the fact that the woman in the boat is anoxeric it looks like me.....tee hee
He calls this organized doodles or doodling but I think it's art and by any name it's art.

Once again the talent that people have never ceases to amaze me. I am so jealous.
I want a talent in the worse way and yet I haven't found anything I am good at. 
At this ripe old age I may never find it either.
Maybe I was just put here to enjoy others talents

I hope this picture will be easy for me to put up on the header. 
But since I can't get the photo's up there correctly anymore I seriously doubt it will be easy for moi. But until he receives my check I don't have it anyways.
I live on the east coast and he lives on the west coast and it's snail mail. 
It may be awhile.  In the meantime I am a gal who feels like it's Christmas and I've seen my present but I can't touch it yet!

I will be taking some time off this week from the blog.
I have some new readers and I would love for ya'll to just catch up so I am going to leave  a link a day to some things I have done in the past that you may not have read.
Some vintage Peg shall we say.

I'm heading to the lake house on Thursday night and can't wait.
By the way have you seen the movie What about Bob? with Bill Murray and Richard Dryfuss?  That is the lake.  The movie is a guilty pleasure of ours.

Now please enjoy this story about my crazy hubby down at Smith Mountain Lake where our lake house is located. I'll still be checking in at comments and sending daily stories.

Have a great week and as always, Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flashback Friday

I am thankful it is Friday. This has been a very tough week.
But for some giggles at the end of the week I bring you some funny photo's from the past.

This my Dad's first truck.  Boy is he proud.
I remember this day only because of the excitment of my parents.
My Dad brought his truck to his brother Angelo's to show him and this pic is in Uncle Ange's driveway. My Dad has passed his Master Plumbers exam and was now officially in his own business!  He was in his early 30's here. The printing on this truck is so funny and by today's standards pedestrian at best. Later my fathers business focus became industrial and commercial plumbing.  Malls, nuclear power plants - that type of thing. I'm proud of him too. Because after the Navy he got his GED and had a booming business. The American Dream.

This pic is just here because I think it's funny.
What the hell was I looking at and what's with my hands.
Rick says I was probably trying to talk since I must have my hands going at the same time as my mouth. (his words people not mine!)  Yes, here's baldy....

This was at my Aunt and Uncle's home.  Look how small the kitchen is.
Wow, by today's standards that is a small bathroom. 
And nobody whined. How did we get here?  But I digress....
This picture is to show you the hair.  My Aunt's hair looks like Marge Simpson to me.  And my cousin Lynette's hair was something I coveted.  My parents wouldn't let me wear my hair like this because I was not allowed to have my hair "in my eyes"
And yes there were only 7 people (4 adults) and all that food.  Crazy Italians.

This is my sister Pam below in our back yard. 
She went through a phase of wanting to be called Sam. 
She was such a tomboy. This picture never ceases to crack me up. 
She refused to wear a bathing suit top that day. My mother apparently got tired of agruing she picked her battles and let this one go.  But for God knows what reason my sister insisted on wearing a bathing cap.  What the hell is wrong with this picture?  "I think today I will not wear a top but I must protect my pretty blonde hair"

This last one is a hoot isn't it?  These are my sisters Pam, Stephanie & I with only a FEW of Dad's brother, Angelo and his sister Filomena's kids....not all were in the photo that day. (Yea seriously I have a lot of cousins because my Dad has 8 brothers and sisters!) 
I think this is a fun picture of us.  The chubby ones are all svelte now and the one with the thick glasses is very handsome today.  The little babies are now old with babies of their own. I literally just turned 14 here (top left) but I look huge and older to me.  Thank God I found tweezers!  We were all together because it was a surprise birthday party for my Uncle. Any reason for this family to get together to eat, drink and laugh. This was March 1970. I was wearing wool plaid shorts.  Thank God you can't see 'em.  I thought it was a hot outfit too. Oh the 70's.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody.
Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Someone Gave Me An Award

I was given an award this morning. YIPEE my first!

After getting a note from Turbo Tax this morning that there was an error on our filing that sent hubby and I into a tailspin this was a nice diversion to say the least.

I received this award from Lindsay over at Just my Blog.

She did make me laugh of her description about my name so apparently she's a new reader to boot.....which makes this even more exciting for me!  Thank you Lindsay! 

So I hear the rules for this award go like this....I need to list 10 things about myself and then pass the award along to 10 friends. She chose a lot of blogs I read so I think I will not pick those again  (so don't be upset if I don't list you here if you were chosen by Lindsay)

But 10 things you don't know about me is the tough part.  I tell you so much what is left? 
But I will try.  So let's see.....

1. While I have some narcissistic tendancies I really hate making lists about myself. (

2. I am a very happy person which confuses people when I say I am misanthropic.

3. I spent the majority of my adult career in the airline proprietary software industry in sales and contract negotiations. (that's the tough cookie side of me)

4. #3 allowed me a life of travel & to travel for free and fly first class and pay very little for very very nice hotels.

5. because of #3 and #4 I have been spoiled and no longer like to travel because I have to sit in coach and can't affored first class or the high end hotels I became used to.  (damn spoiled brat)

6. I started a cookie business and sold franchies and then sold the whole ball of wax.  Haven't made a cookie since.

7. I have no talents and it sucks.  While others can draw, sing, dance, make things, etc I can't do much of any of that. I'm getting old so I better find a talent quickly.   

8.  I love kids to pieces and do a lot of work with kid organizations, which confuses everyone because I chose not to have children. (but you know this by this link)

9.  I am a feminist and I don't think that is a dirty word. Because opportunities were not available to me because I was a girl it has made me adamant about this topic.

10. I would love to write a book about my crazy ass family.  I think they are funny even though they don't know it....which makes them all the funnier.
Problem being, I can't write well enough, I have no idea how to do it, and who the hell would read it?

I understand now that I am to pass this award on to ten other fantastic bloggers.
(only 10 is the hard part!)

1. Irregular Tammie - This blog is a great read.  I love this woman's personality and the way she thinks.  She witty, smart, and sometimes irreverant.  She's a mom and wife but this isn't a mommy blog.
2. Writing Without Periods - This blog never ceases to make me smile and laugh.  C'mon let's start with the name of the blog. Clever as hell.  These women are a hoot.  I am living vicariously through them to hear their struggles with the new found retirement.  It's not your mama's retirement anymore kids!
3. Gal Friday - This blog is my link to New England.  While she does root for that ever evil empire baseball team in Mass. I love her anyways! (wink wink) It's a great slice of life from her point of view. C'mon a woman who puts this recipe of beer cupcakes on her blog is great in my book.
4. Cottage By the Sea - If for no other reason do yourself a favor and check out this woman's photo's on her blog. I love her photography and the stories of her great family and life on the ocean.  (ah, I dream!)
5. Lilac Grove - I love tuning in to Claire to read her adventures. She's a gal from the U.K. living her life with hubby and child on the west coast. She dreams of moving to Nashville. She's fun and full of life and a joy to stop by with a cup of coffee for a visit.
6. Some Whine With Cheese - Every since I read her header...."I'm not getting married or having a baby...but I can still have a blog, right? "  I was drawn in with laugher  because that's me too. I have been a loyal reader ever since.  Stop by for a quick smile.
7. Black Holes & Macrame - This is a feisty gal and I enjoy her venting, her photo's and her fun blog.  She makes me laugh and her new header sure is a beauty.
8. Shit my Dad says - This whole thing blows my mind.  This 28 yr old kid I believe worked in hollywood and was a writer.  He lost his job and he had to move back in with his parents.  He began twittering everything his 74 yr old father would say.  The old man is hilarious to me. It is now going to be a sitcom with William Shatner being the Dad.  Lucky shit!
9. She -Fan - This woman is a great author but this isn't about any of those fun books. This is about her devotion to her favorite baseball team.  I check in every morning to see what is going on with "My Boys of Summer"  She is fun and her pictures always make me giggle that go with her entry. I understand that if you don't love her team this will not be fun for you.
10.  Godless Girl - While most will not agree with her point of view on this topic she does make me think. And there is nothing wrong with that.  You don't have to agree with people to learn something.  I don't agree and yet I always learn something.  (Now if only we could get our politians to do that)

Now your job is to go check 'em out and I betcha you'll find one that will make you smile and glad you did.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter with my Family

I have to preface this with my family is nuts. 

They are so damn funny but they don't see that.  That is what makes them funny to me.
There is always a lot of laughter when we are together.  You could assume it is the alcohol that is always flowing but it's not.  My parents are nuts. And any sane sober person who witnesses the stuff my sisters and I see would laugh too. When we 5 sisters are together it usually ends in hysterical laughter.  My parents are quirky and there are times when we look at each other and say, "how the hell did we all become productive adults?" 

This was what happened this Easter Sunday. 
My sister Pam called to chat with me and she had me howling on the phone repeating this story.  My sister Pam can tell a story like no other.
So I share with you my quirky parents.  I hope it makes you smile and if nothing else makes you appreciate your normal parents who use their appliances like normal people.

My 2 sisters are helping my Mom clean up the kitchen after Easter dinner.

My sister Jen begins washing the dishes as my sister Pam brings more in from the dining room.
Pam opens the dishwasher and says, “Jen, why aren’t we putting these in the dishwasher it's empty?”

“Oh we can’t they have a fit if you use the dishwasher?”

“What is the issue with the dishwasher it’s practically brand new?
"I thought it was just the disposal you couldn’t use. Is it broken?

“Oh it's not broken I didn't even ask about the dishwasher I gave up.
But Dad still doesn’t like you to put food in the disposal.”

“But that is where the food goes….into the disposal. Why have it then?”

“I know but being a plumber he has issues with this.”... giggling

“Yea I understood it when we lived in the country and we had a septic tank and we could never have a disposal but why now? They live in the city with no septic tank etc.”

“Who knows but if he hears you turn it on he comes running. Apparently it’s the only thing left he can hear without his hearing aid.”

“Did Mom actually make the ham today in the oven or on a fire pit in the backyard?”

Giggling ensues.

“They just bought this new shiny stainless steel fridge do they use this or is this just for show like the garbage disposal?”

They are now laughing so hard snorting ensues.

My sister says jokingly, “I think they are actually keeping food now in a cooler. Better for the environment – no freon”

With that sentence comes very loud roaring laughter out of the kitchen as my Mom walks in and asks what is so funny you two?  Neither of my sisters can speak. When they calm down they explain to my mother that it is sincerely weird that they would not use these items in her kitchen. She hits my sister with the dish towel and says, “never mind we have our reasons you little shits.”  She laughs and leaves the room.

Which sends my two sisters into hysteria.

Monday, April 12, 2010

MacGyver with a Tool Belt

I must bitch today.

My husband is the MacGyver of handymen. I love that about him.  That is not my bitch today.

I would hold up a picture from a magazine and say, "You know that area in the TV room that the builder made that so and so?  Well can you make it look like this?"

Sure enough I would give him string, a paper clip and a rock and it would be a mission of his until it was completed. He would begin immediately.
It would always be better than I ever expected.  He never ceased to amaze me.
Many times even better than the damn picture!!
Neighbor women would drool over the things in my home or while sitting on my patio - or hell drool over my patio which he also built. 

I was a spoiled woman and I didn't even know. 
I saw it on TV - he made it.  I saw it at a furniture store - he built it.
I saw a magazine photo and he could replicate it. 
I didn't even know how spoiled I was until my friends and neighbors would swoon over my husbands handy work.  They would tell me stories how their spouses/partners didn't own screw drivers and they had to pay people to do this all the time.  I would laugh and think they were exaggerating all just a bit too much.

Then my husband got a job that required him to no longer wear a suit and tie and sit behind a desk.  He was dressed as Mr. Blue Collar.  He wore sneakers or boots to work.  He came home dirty.  He was very happy.  But I was not!

Oh I loved that he was happy all the time now.  But I noticed a pattern. And I didn't like this pattern that was developing before my eyes - not one bit!

First he used to cook all the time.  His meals were like his MacGyver handy man skills.  Give him an artichoke, an onion and a sprig of asparagus and viola he will make a meal that will knock your socks off!  Now he comes home exhausted and is looking for dinner. 
Hello?  What happened to my own personal chef?  Where did he go?  Exhuasted isn't an excuse buddy I'm exhausted too and we're both hungry! No one can make a rue like you. 
I can't make a sauce to go over veal cutlets from my imagination like you. 
OH NO I WILL HAVE TO COOK?  We will all die! 
I have never cooked in this relationship - I baked! 

Slowly but surely I have learned to cook more than I wish to admit. 
Rachel Ray is my new friend.
But I can't make things like MacGyver can with nothing to eat in the fridge yet viola a beautiful and oh so tasteful meal will appear.  How the hell he does this is beyond me.
Each time I would say, "There's not anything to eat in here." as I was standing in front of the pantry or fridge with the door open just starring into the abyss.  He would say in return, "Let me try.  And again something incredible that would be worth money!"

When I met him 23 yrs ago I remember my 2nd time at his home he asked if I wanted to stay for dinner. I assumed we would be ordering out.  He opened his freezer and asked if I liked pork chops.  I said, "Yes I do but they're frozen Rick"  He told me that  there is a button on the microwave that says Defrost Margaret. (...tee hee. I never noticed that button I am sad to share with you)

So he whipped up this amazing meal with this lemon creamy sauce and veggies and these unbelievably good cheesy potatoes while I sat and drank wine and watched him.  I was in complete shock and awe.  I should have declared my proposal and love for this man right then when he said, "oh you don't have to do a thing but keep me company in the kitchen"
I can so do that mister!

So today Mr. Blue Collar Work Man is no longer my MacGyver of handy or food.
I have had beautiful mosaic tile and porcelain tile that was purchased last June for our bathroom remodel and it's 10 months later and it's still in it's boxes in my garage.
"Oh I'll be able to do this master bath in 2 weekends Margaret"

I should have asked what 2 weekends in what month and year he was talking about.

So this weekend I bring it up.  But I was smart enough to do it the day after the taxes were completed because that makes him Mr. Cranky Pants.

I asked, " Do you think we'll ever get the master bath done?  Can we make a plan and we could do the demo ourselves and I could see about the cost of having someone install the tile and we can do the rest.  What do you think of that as a plan?"

"No Margaret I can do it all. We don't need to pay someone to do this for us."

"Okay can we make a date to start it? I'm worried this will all be out of style before we get it completed"

"Well I can probably do it the next weekend I'm not working."

"No we're going to the lake to open it up for the season and we have a lot of work to do there."

"Oh yea.  Okay how about the following week then?"

"No because you told me you had to do that order for the countertops for that woman?"

"Oh yea - Jeez - when is my next time available?"

"July - August and you'll want to be at the lake right?"

"I've got it - How about we do the demo ourselves at night and then get some estimates to do the tile only."

"That sounds great I wish I had thought of that Rick."

" You don't need to be snarky Margaret it doesn't become you."

"Oh yes it does me"

Friday, April 9, 2010

Flashback Friday

Yessiree it's that time again.
Aren't you glad I cleaned out closests?

The photo's are from all over in time.
No rhyme or reason just fun for me.

This first photo was a Saturday night at my parents friends who I called Aunt and Uncle.
Me in my pj's and my mom's hair in pincurls with a scarf tied around her head.
My Aunt who was taking the pic had her hair in pincurls as well.
They set their hair for Sunday Mass. I could NEVER even go to a friends house to have a few drinks and play cards with my hair in curlers or anything else. That cracks me up. But since there were no blow dryers or curling irons or electric rollers I guess this is what they had to do.  I very much remember this night because their dog ate my ice cream cone and bit me. I remember crying like the dickens and not liking that dog ever again. That's Dad with the cigar.  To this day the smell of a cigar will remind me of him and he quit them back in the very early 70's.

Check out the dial wall phone. That's a relic.
This picture of my father was taken at my Uncle Angelo's house.  Check out the wedding pic's on the wall. My Dad is always with a cigar or a drink.
This is a horrible picture of us but it makes me giggle.  My sister Pam has the funniest face.  This was Easter in 1965.  So I was 9.  My mom's hat is a hoot.  I see 1 of the Easter baskets on the table so I am assuming that my Dad got booze for Easter.  My Uncle Angelo is taking this picture at his home.  Check out the radio on top of that fridge!
This picture of my mom and dad is New Years Eve but I don't know the year.  My father looks like a damn gangster in all his photo's.  That just makes me laugh.
This is Me & Dad  - I was bald forever apparently.  Still have shitty hair.
This is the first wedding I was in.  Of course I was the flower girl.
I have been in over 16 weddings! 3 of which I was thrilled - this one, mine and my Aunts
Like all good Italian America Catholic girls - My first Holy Communion at age 8. This is Grandma Malizia. (Dad's mom) Her English was poor . Me and my cousins used to like to watch her laugh because her boobs that laid on her belly went up and down. For some reason we found this funny.
I remember this one too. I took this picture. This was when my mom was sick with cancer.  She would lay down in the afternoon after her visiting nurse would stop by and give her a "pain" shot.  I assume morphine but I don't know. We would watch her "shows" or as we call them today soaps after the nurse left. I would sit on the sofa and she would put her head in my lap and I would rub her head/hair. I liked that she would be out of pain for a little while. We would watch her shows and then her meds would kick in and then she would get up and start dinner. As an adult now I don't know how she did all she did while so seriously ill and her husband didn't do much to help her. What a different world we live in today.  Thank Goodness!
Can't leave on a downer note so this ought to make you laugh.

What the hell was a senior in high school thinking when she decided to wear horizontal strips with DD's? BTW this is what we called a maxi dress. (to the floor) Oh my this is awful on me. But my boyfriend's hair isn't so great either.  This was for a wedding anniversary party for my Aunt and Uncle and of course it was held in the church social hall.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday Random Thoughts

The book I've been reading for way too long has gotten a bit better. I am no longer screaming at this person as I read her tale of a year of her life.  Maybe by the end I will actually like her too.....doubtful but it may happen. This book isn't thick it's a normal week read but I've been putting it down because the storyteller bugs me and then I pick it up to see if she does better when she knows better. In the mean time....

I made cream puffs last night. The new mommy next door gave Rick some goodies on a beautiful big plate and I didn't want to give the plate back empty.  So I made cream puffs which made my hubby say, "why can't you just make them for me?" 
Good question dear......Bad wife!

So I filled up her plate and brought them over to her. 
Her sister and mom are visiting and I knew the women would especially enjoy a cream puff.  My hubby ate 2 last night and I actually for the first time felt terrible watching him devour them.  I so wanted one.  Damn gluten!!!   I ate some raw almonds - whoopee! 
Normally stuff like that doesn't bug me but last night it sure as hell did.
Right now sitting at my desk on the 2nd floor I hear them in the fridge calling my name....Margaret, Peggy, Peg, someone come eat me I'm delicious!!
....can you guys hear 'em? 

We were thinking of going to the lake this weekend and then we realized that this is the last weekend to finish up our taxes.  So we will be in tax hell this weekend. Doesn't that sound like a ton of fun?  My hubby will eat the entire cream puffs left after this.  He gets enormous stress from the tax man.

A customer asked my husband yesterday while he was at their home what he used to do for a living? Rick responded with, "Why do you not think I've always done this?"   The customer said, "You're too well spoken to have always been blue collar."  So when Rick told him he was a VP in HR in aerospace at his last position the guy goes, "okay that makes more sense to me."
He went on to ask Rick why in the world he would leave that and now do this. The tone implying that was a stupid step backward. Rick told him that he loves what he does now, the freedom, the work, the creativity and the art of making his one of a kind concrete countertops etc and no corporate politics!   The customer then asked him if he was making the same money.  That made Rick laugh and he never did answer him. 

Since I was talking about stigma's yesterday here is another one.  This guy really seemed to look down on Rick thinking he was "just blue collar"  But it made this man feel better to know that Rick was white collar at one point. And why the hell can't you be well spoken if you are blue collar?  What an ignorant thing to say. 

I remember when Rick worked for a popular restaurant chain and he was the HR guy on the east coast. He dealt with such weirdo's and perverts.  There was a lot of sexual harrassment.  A lot of managers of resturants doing such horrific things to young women. 
So because these guys were white collar that makes them better in some way?  Boy people have a screwy viewpoint sometimes don't they? 

I am glad Rick left the corporate world.  He is so much happier.  He is so much calmer. 
He is someone who thrives in their own business.....well, as long as he has someone he trusts to do marketing, sales, accounts payable and receiveable and he can focus on the job and the creativity. So he has me for that and he is a damn good boss to me when I send him to the wrong house as I did last week.  (oooh that was a bad one!) 

Besides where the hell else could I get sexually harrassed and not get paid? 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fat and Happy or Thin and Depressed?

I’ve talked about this before and I try not to dwell on it here or anywhere in my life because it is what it is. I can not get back the time wasted on self pity or wallowing. There are many more productive things in life to do with my time. However it does creep into my head too often and I must always remember to push it away and try to keep those thoughts down.

This morning I saw something on television that made me cry. I understood this woman’s plight. My issue wasn’t depression but it was a symptom of an illness and we both had no control.

This woman is a very successful woman. She is a psychologist and writer. She has also been a ghost writer for many famous autobiographies.
She wrote an article for Self Magazine that explains it very well.
Her choices were to be Fat and Happy or Thin and Sad?
She suffered from depilating depression. She suffered for years. Unless anyone has actually gone through depression it is hard to understand the dark depths of it all.
I know I never did. I used to think you could just snap out of it and stop wallowing in your self pity and get up, get dressed, and move on….until it hit me!

But even if you haven’t been clinically depressed you can try to empathize and understand it. She talked about how she had been on so many different kinds of drugs, none which really helped her until she was given this one drug. This one drug was the only one that after so many years actually worked. It made her be alive and love and live life again fully. But it had a pesky side affect – an 80lb weight gain.

No matter how much you tell yourself it shouldn’t matter but it does.
I have told you about my illness and the weight gain here in the blog before.
Last year I almost died and yet there were times when I cared far more about losing the weight than being healthy and well. Then one day I realized that while I want to hide I can’t do that anymore it’s not living. I have a wonderful life to live and I have to embrace it as much as I can.
I do Pilates and walk 3 miles a day. I eat a gluten free diet which eliminates most bad carbs making that pretty easy. I no longer even drink tonic with my love of gin because it has sugar. So just chilled gin became my new normal.
I live on veggies and protein….with the occasional Cadbury Easter Egg and Kool-Aid with a nature sugar substitute.
But that doesn’t stop the weight as I have shared. I hate that people assume I am sitting at the buffet shoving down potato chips and pop. I hate that people assume because of my new size I am lazy and do not partake in physical exercise on a regular basis.
I hate that I am now invisible to most people because of my new size. I hate the way those skinny bitches in Saks and Macy’s look at me. I hate that if you were a size 14W your clothes are in the very very back of the top floor of their store so no one actually has to see you or those clothes. I hate that the clothes are ugly.
So I completely understood this woman’s decision to go off her medications and go to a very dark, dangerous and scary place over having to be fat.

She was on the Today show this morning and Matt Lauer told her she was brave. And I too think she is brave. Because to be overweight is considered despicable in America, it would be easier if she said she spanks her kids. Because most people get there via pizza and junk food no matter what you say to them. They think anything you say is just an excuse. It is very brave of her to go on TV and talk about this. That and the fact that she has a mental illness that in America is only whispered.

But isn’t that a terrible choice to have to make? She can be depressed beyond belief and have scary dark thoughts but she’ll be a size 4.
Or be happy and mentally happy but be a size 20.
What would you choose? Not a great choice is it?
I am not sure what I would do.

The only thing worse than being fat in America is mental illness to most people. For some reason if you have a health issue with your heart or your liver no one tells you to snap out of it. It’s an organ and it isn’t functioning well so you seek medical help and you get medication and there is no stigma. But if the organ happens to be your brain there is a big stigma. To me it’s an organ in your body that isn’t doing what it should and getting help and medication shouldn’t be a stigma anymore than your heart.

So this poor woman has it coming at her from both ends. Mental illness and Fat.
What lousy choices she has to make.

What do you think your choice would be?
I feel terrible that I actually was thinking, I wish I had this choice.
Yes, vanity is something I am always working on in my self enlightement journey.

So let me know, would your prefer fat and happy or very depressed and skinny?