Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday's Bits and Pieces

It is suppose to snow again.
My tulips have poked their heads out of the ground so I refuse to believe this.
It is damn cold (20) but I am in complete denial.
Sometimes it is a great place to live.

I seem to be the exact opposite of those girls who think they are fat and who are a size 4.
Yea, I know I need to lose some weight but I get dressed and think – Hey not looking bad! Then I see a photo and after a good cry I want to go to my friends Ben & Jerry and forget about it.  So no more photos.

Godiva sent me a catalog. How the hell did they find me?
I don’t need a Godiva catalog! My God it’s orgasmic to browse through.
Right there on page 5 are these cupcakes to die for.
These damn cupcakes have Godiva chocolate ganache inside them for heaven’s sake!
They are $28.00 for 6.  Half iced in buttercream and half in vanilla.
It says “it’s sure to delight youngsters"
Oh hell screw the youngsters.
$28.00 for 6 cupcakes you can bet your ass I am not giving them to some sticky fingered kid who would be just as thrilled with a Betty Crocker cupcake.
Sorry kids. But mommy needs these, this is adult food.
Honest to God I love this catalog.
Whoever sent this to me I honestly don’t know whether to kiss you or beat the living shit out of you.
I showed Rick the catalog and mentioned that my birthday was in 34 days and he may want to browse this catalog.
The truffles are on page 20 is turned down to help you.

Yesterday after a long walk my dog decided to sit on my neighbors stoop.
Perhaps she was tired. I was and figured what the hell let’s sit here for a bit.
We had just walked 1.5 miles not as long as some days but why not sit and watch the world go by and be in the moment.
She loves that she is able to sit on the corner and just watch all the people going by.
The dog walkers in the neighborhood and of course her love of delivery men makes this the perfect spot. She was in heaven.
I think she could have spent a lot more time there but I had to go back to work so I had to drag her and I back in.
She was not happy being asked to leave her perch and I understand that more than the poor pup will ever know. I didn't want to go back to work either.

I bought my husband a stuffed chocolate lab puppy about 10 yrs ago.
He so wanted a dog and as I have said before we couldn’t have a dog because we traveled so much for work.
We had watched this television show that said a dog will lower your blood pressure.
I brought this home for Rick and he truly got a kick out of it. And what made me giggle was that Rick put it on his lap and would “pet” it while watching TV. (hey maybe that wasn't the dog he was petting....mmmmm)

But the poor stuffed dog has now been sitting in one of our guest bedrooms all alone for years. My nieces always played with it when they would visit but that is all the action Bubbaloo got. The other day while cleaning that room I decided to give it to Izzy.
Rick told me that ole Bubbaloo would be ripped to shreds in no time.
I didn’t think so.
We were both right.
Izzy immediately took off the eyes, nose and mouth.
The stuffing is coming out from where she ripped off Bubbalo’s face.
But now she loves this thing. She sleeps with it downstairs and at night when we go up to bed she grabs it and brings it to her bed. If either one of us picks it up and remotely looks like we are giving this thing some lovin’ she goes nuts. A very jealous lass this Izzy.

Rick had to go to traffic court yesterday.
I’ll tell you why someday but that’s not the point today.
He called me whispering that this was a hoot here at the courthouse.
He said quietly that he was outside in the hall & that “I appear to be the only normal one.”
I asked if there were others on the phone in the hall where he was.
He said yes.
I said, “That is exactly what they are telling their loved ones too you know.”

When he got out of the courtroom he called to tell me that everything was dropped.
But he said the characters in there were right out of Night Court.
(If any of you are old enough to remember that TV show)

One gal was asked how she was pleading. Not guilty she said.
Apparently she was driving with a suspended license.
She told the judge that she didn’t know she had a suspended license.
The judge asked her if she remembered mailing her license to the courts.
She said yes she did.
The judge asked, “What did you think that meant?”
She said, “I thought you were just taking it away for awhile and would be sending it back I didn’t think it meant I couldn’t drive?”
Rick said no one laughed and it was of course cracking him up.
Poor thing got a couple days in jail because apparently she was on parole for something.
Rick said one was funnier than the other (or sadder depending on your point of view).
He said that he could never be that judge each and every day and listen to the lies, the stupidity and the excuses without flipping out on these people.

Guess that is why he isn’t a judge.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hump Day

I am all over the place this week......

I am worried about my Yankees and if Johnny is coming back.
I know most who read here just don't give a shit. 
But it's driving me insane that I can't believe it's totally over and he may not come back.
Johnny can you hear me? 
We love you, it's a recession you can take a pay cut like the rest of us, c'mon back.
You will fade into oblivion if you go somewhere else to end your career.  I know you don't want that.  Come back to NY Johnny.

I am wondering where the hell my face has gone. 
Who is that person looking back at me in the mirror. 
Honestly sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself and don't recognize me. 
And no, it's not due to dementia just yet. 
In my minds eye I look just like I did at 30.
Then I have to lift my boobs to get into my bra and the illusion is lost.

Seriously I never had to lift my eye at the brow to put shadow on my lid!
I never needed a mirror that was 10x to actually see the damn eyes to put on my makeup in the first place.
I used to go to hotels and wonder who is so blind that they need these things as I pushed them away.  Then over night and I do mean over night my arms became too short to read. 
I couldn't see my face well enough to put on my makeup unless I wanted the Tammy Faye look. I needed my reading glassed to pluck my eyebrows but then with glasses I could not get to them.  I think women of a certain age grew the waxing business because they can't see what the hell it is that needs waxed to do it themselves!

Why can't one have wisdom, clarity nd still have a body that is not falling apart? 
Who made this rule? The same person who decided that men look better with age and that most women really don't. 
I would love to meet them because I have a few words of wisdom them/him.

My youngest sister is 17 yrs younger than me.  She is all cute, pert and gorgeous. (Bitch)
I tell her to just wait until those 36D's fall.  I will point and laugh.  I will not be sympathtic because I am a bitch.  I want someone who is dealing with this around me.  I am surrounded by young people.  The one friend my age has fake boobs and they have not fallen (bitch)and probably won't. 

My sister says, "Peg what is that on the back of your thighs?" 
"My Ass"
So I bought a pair of Sketchers Shape Ups. 
Since I walk 3 miles at the very least every day I figured I may as well get a good work out.  
They came with a video and instructions. I did not read or watch either of these - dumb ass.
I ignored the fact that it stated on the pamplet to only wear them 25-45 minutes the first day.  45 minutes ONLY if you were in optimal condition.
oops!  I am not in optimal condition and typing that even makes me laugh.

I wore them for 4 hours. 
1.5 hours were sitting down though so that doesn't count. 
2.5 hours were walking.
1.5 hour walk in the wee early morning and the 2nd hour in the afternoon but it was with the dog so alot of slower walking and lolly gagging around. 

Last night I was so sore I thought I was gonna die.
Oh you would think it would be my legs or my fallen ass that would be sore.
NO.  Apparently they are strong from all the walking I normally do.
No, my abs and lower back and hips were killing me.
I tried to reach for the remote last night and actually yelped.
My husband asked what the hell that was and I said it was sore abs.  OH. MY.

So they seem to work. This morning I wore them for a 1 hr fast walk.
It felt fine.  But I have to say my lower back is tight as a pulled rubber band and am still feeling it in the abs.  Who would have thought shoes would work my abs?
Not sore me that is for sure.

And speaking of young people.  Remember this guy, well he and his wife are coming over Saturday night.  It's something we people in the north do in winter.  We drink, eat and play games. We are suppose to get 6-12" of snow.  So we're doing some indoor acttivites and no that does not mean an orgy. 

Now we see this man a lot while out with the dog.  I really like this young man. He has a very quick dry humor and he and Rick banter well together and make me laugh. However his wife is very very young.  So this shall be interesting to me. She seems very sweet. But my goodness she is 29 and very soon to be 30.…..and I’m taking bio-identical hormones.
Ah, crap.

I guess I can take solace in the fact that she isn’t a mom yet so I won’t have to listen to poopy diaper stories.

In all seriousness this should be a fun night. They seem to be a nice couple.
We have all the liquor man kind needs for a nice evening.
I am thinking of making it a pizza party.  Buffalo Wing Pizza is yummy.  First time I saw the recipe I thought - ooh yuk.  But damn it's good.  Every time I make it this pizza is the first to be devoured. 
I am  also thinking a white pizza (olive oil, lots of garlic, spinach, red onion, artichoke hearts, basil and italian seasonings , fresh tomatoes, olives and cheese) and the 3rd being a regular cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms and cheese.  Maybe only 2 since I can't eat any. 

What do ya think?  Buffalo Wing and White?  Or be safe with a regular? 
I'm old now help me with these decisions.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Okay I feel better today.....a bit snarky but better....tee hee

I read where Eddie Van Halen turned 55 today.  Now that didn't hurt my mood to find that Eddie is older than me and still rockin'.

I have to go to a baby shower next weekend. 
Can you tell me why these are so lame? 
My goodness I would rather iron than go to a baby shower. 
I would rather go for a root canal than go to a baby or wedding shower. 
But I can't get out of this.  It's my neighbor.
She even asked me to drive with her.
Someone want to call in sick for me?  Hit me with your car? 
Tell them I went missing?
I beg any of you!!   HELP ME.

Here are some of things that are rolling around in my head today....
  • Did Rosie O look better than ever on Oprah yesterday or was that just me?
  • Do all women who get divorced in their 40’s begin to act like they are 18 and really not realize how silly their behavior & teen clothing makes them look? It’s just as bad in a blog, trust me on this one. Just read 2 like that and I found it sad really sad. I want to hug them and tell them you can be sexy at your age. You're better at this age than a teen or 20 something. That an older woman doesn't have to play stupid to attrack men. That a real man will appreciate a classy woman of a certain age. I want to take off their mini skirt and put them in a form fitting pencil skirt with a great pair of heels. Wipe off the glittery eye shadow and tone it down and show yourself not all the bright colors. Have you all seen this??? I would love to hear from you on this topic.
  • Can you be 50ish and write a blog about something other than AARP and being a grandma? I would give my right arm to read about a 50 yr old who smoked a joint and watched season 1 of 30 Rock while eating a bag of Doritos’s. 
But that's just me.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I've been in a funk of late.
What the Italians would call, Depresso.

Normally I can put on my "Peggy face" - you know the one I show the world where they always say I'm perky (I hate the work perky - unless you are talking about my boobs damn it!)

But it's my blog and I don't have to have on my damn "Peggy face" so excuse me while I am snarky and in hiding for a couple of days.

Amuse yourselves............
(This makes depresso me howl....why? because this is EXACTLY my parents!)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday's Bits and Pieces

I know I normally save my bits and pieces for Friday but not this week.

This weekend I did a lot of TV viewing, grocery shopping, painting and cleaning. 
Not a fabulous weekend but it was 50 degrees so I could have been shoveling.
(yea that's me putting a positive spin on the sorry ass weekend of fun)

TV - They played a marathon of Being Erica this weekend.  That is how I discovered Mad Men - I watched a marathon of season 1 one cold winter Sunday and bam I was hooked.  But this was different because I already love this show.  I read in PopCandy, (USA Today) about this show so I thought I would check it out.  I did and put it in weekly on my DVR and even got my husband hooked.  It's a cute little show and I wish it were on a mainstream channel so more people knew about it.  It's on SoapNet.  I don't watch soaps so if I hadn't heard all these good things about it I would NEVER have tuned in.  I would have assumed it was a soap opera.  I loathe soap operas.  Anyhoo I mentioned to someone that I loved this show and they giggled.  She said and I quote, "Aren't you a little old for this show?"  I hate people.

Yes the main character is 32 years old.  She is utterly adorable and she reminds me of me during that time.....ok without the utterly adorable part. 
She is single and watching everyone around her get married, have babies, move up in their careers, all the while she is still trying to figure it all out and feels like they are leaving her behind.  She suffers a series of mishaps that land her in the hospital, where she meets this therapist (Dr. Tom) who seems to know a lot about her. He issues a bizarre challenge - if she wants to fix her life, he can help her.   
And that is where - Oh hell go here  and read it for yourself.  I find this a very cute little show and the young woman playing Erica is superb.  I especially like that it is filmed in my favorite city, Toronto and I get to see my favorite city.  So I love all aspects of it.

I watched the Golden Globes last night just to see Ricky Gervais. For once it wasn't to see the clothes.  I was so disappointed that he just wasn't on enough.  He was funny when he was on but there just wasn't enough of Ricky.

Of course I got to see my boyfriend up on stage with Jennifer Aniston.
She was all over him - I was screaming at her but she didn't seem to hear me.
My neighbors did.  Bitch.

Weather & Dog tid bit -
It appears to finally be over - the cold weather that was so abnormal that is.
It is low 50's today.  Much better.  As I have said before here I think we are in for an early spring.  Why?  Because the birds are chirping and singing like crazy out there. My dog is blowing her coat. There are all kinds of buds on my maple tree.  So to me this is earth telling me that spring is on it's way.  Now if we can just keep spring for a long time before that hot and humid shit arrives it would be magical.

My Garage -
My two car garage has not been a 2 car garage in forever.  My husband can only get in his work vehicle. There are so many things for his work that it has gotten out of hand.  Now that he is doing custom concrete countertops he needs more room to work out there.  So we have been working on organizing like crazy.  This weekend was no exception.  He built shelves and has really been working on this and it's looking good.  Sadly when I asked him 2 yrs ago he never moved this fast but now that he really needs the room he is doing it.  Figures doesn't it?

I was out in the garage with him yesterday and I noticed how disgusting the fridge out there looks. It's the fridge we got with the house and while it isn't that old it's small and it's white and we thought it would be a perfect fridge for the garage.  And it has worked perfectly.
But everytime someone wants a beer and we're outside they go to this fridge.  Or when Rick is out there working he goes to this fridge.  So that makes for a dirty looking fridge handle.  I worked on getting it clean and it wasn't happening so I bought appliance paint at Lowes and viola I now have a black fridge in the garage. A beautiful CLEAN black fridge.  I so love a can of spray paint. No shit I get such pleasure from a can of spray paint!  
And yes, I am that anal retentive.  Oooh the stories I could tell.

When we were working on the garage I had to go to the bathroom but wanted to finish the one side of the fridge first....I mean I was almost done.
 Apparently Rick noticed my pee-pee dance and commented.
I said I was a big girl and could hold it because I was almost done! 
He laughed and let out a very loud sigh and said, "aah, thanks Stadium Pal"
And for those of you who don't know what that means PLEASE hit play......

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pants on the Ground

I don't normally watch the audition stage of American Idol.  I find it horrific and painful.
My husband finds it wildly amusing.

He had this on the DVR and was watching this when I walked in.  He stopped it and I told him to go ahead and watch it I have things to do and I won't be paying any attention. 
So as I am unloading the dishwasher etc I hear them make fun of this poor kid.  I stopped and looked at the TV.  This kid was of course delusional, but also very country innocent. 
He stood there and was ridiculed, laughed at openingly and he was polite.  No mean hand jestures coming from him or obscenities from the delusional as I have seen in the past. 

No, this kid looked like a little boy who is being ridiculed by the popular kids in school and is determined not to let them see him cry.  His face red, eyes looking down and totally forlorn.
Couldn't they do this in a nicer way?

I looked at my husband and said, "How the hell can you say this is entertaining to you?  Seriously it is making me rethink who the hell you are that someone's pain is amusing to you"  Of course that isn't how he sees it, he thinks it is funny that these people don't have a lick of talent yet they think they are Pavoritti. 
For the life of me I do not get it.  And I think it even bothers me more that he watches this crap.  I went upstairs to throw in a load of laundry and fold clothes - anything at this point is a better use of my time is what I am thinking.

I came down at the end but as luck would have it Rick told me he saved something on the DVR just for me.
Okay - I have to admit this made me laugh.  I LOVED IT.   Problem is I can't stop singing it!
I want to send this to my nephew this morning because "he looks like a fool with his pants on the ground"
I say "Go General"
I think like Simon says you're going to hear this a lot.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

As Requested.....things that make you smile.

Yesterday over at Irregular Tammie, she asked us to share with her on our blogs what things that are floating around our home that never fail to cheer us up a bit or make us smile.

She told a very lovely story about her coffee mug.  So I thought about it a alot yesterday.  I thought about all the things around my house that make me smile.
Very quickly, almost instantly really, I thought of these 4 things around my house.

My Big Guy


Left over percocet's from my shoulder surgery make me smile...

Tanqueray and Wine never fail to make me smile.

Yep those came to me instantly.  But then I got to thinking and something that never used to make me smile in fact annoyed the hell out of me has somehow changed. 

Now back when Rick and I were living in sin I found this habit of his quite annoying.
I had never seen him do this at my apartment before so now living with him I was puzzled by how all his socks ended up on the floor next to the sofa every morning.

When I asked him about it he would tell me his feet got hot while watching television at night.  HUH? C'mon who says that?

So you just take off your socks and leave them on the floor for me to pick up?

Well no, but you always do. I don’t mean to leave them there but when I go to bed I forget to pick them up? I’m sorry I’ll remember I promise.

Seriously Rick I find this gross and I would really appreciate it if you could remember to pick them up as you walk by them on your way to bed. I shouldn’t have to pick up your gross socks every day.

What? The worn socks of your man? That doesn’t appeal to you? Ah, c’mon baby you know you love it.

No you crazy ass man I do not. Seriously this makes me angry. I don’t leave my socks or underwear on the floor of the living room.

Well if you want to I would be happy to pick them up you know….and I….

Stop right there….I know where you are going…..C’mon I’m really serious.

But as time went on I picked them up again and again. And you know what? It slowed down and then it stopped. Completely stopped for years.

And now for some reason if he happens to leave them there I smile and chuckle and just throw them in the laundry room. No grief, just smile and put them where they belong.

So how did that happen?  Something that truly bugged the living shit out of me now makes me smile?

… sick am I?

Monday, January 11, 2010

What the hell is going on?

I am living this

I am dreaming of being able to do this

But I am so confused.
While walking the dog I saw a bunch and I mean a bunch of these chirping...
Okay without the Santa's hat but none the less don't robins fly south for the winter?

Then I saw this.

It's only 18 degrees out there it couldn't be could it? Could I be delusional?  Could spring be around the corner?  Oh please tell me my eyes don't deceive me.

And NO I hadn't even had any of this (yet) when I saw everything.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday's Bits and Pieces

I am working from home on a very quiet Friday.
Izzy went to doggie day care this morning.
I can get so much more work done when she isn't here.

Izzy has gotten to know certain words and we now have to spell.
Isn't that just crazy?
This morning when I said the word "doggie day care" her ears perked up and her tail went crazy and she ran to the front door. Oh oh!
It was only 6am it wasn't even opened yet.
So I was able to distract her with breakfast for a minute or two. Ah, a Labrador and her food.

At 7:05a she was driving us nuts because she had heard the words and she knew what that meant. So Rick said, "keep my coffee warm I'll take her over there now"
As he stood up he said to her, "Want to go to Dogtopia Izzy?" know just to mess with her.
She immediatley ran in a circle and then actually lept in the air and ran to the door.
I so wish my Flip camera had been nearby because that was amazing to me and I knew no one would believe it if they didn't see it. She stood at that door with her tail and butt going a mile a minute until Rick got her outside. Thankfully it's only a 5 minute drive. I used to feel guilty about taking her there because I thought I was doing it for me. But she does love it so and that makes me feel better with less guilt.

But this whole knowing words is new to me. Well everything about having a dog is new to me. One evening we were chatting about something that had happened on a walk and I was telling Rick how I had to tell her twice to sit. As I was telling the story to Rick I said, "Izzy, SIT" in the same tone I told her that afternoon. The poor gal literally stopped walking across the kitchen floor and just sat perfectly and looked over at us. We then realized that we may have to start spelling. It happened with the word STAY, only I was talking to Rick. So that one was really funny to me. So apparently our gal Izzy now understands the name of the place she goes and the term doggie day care. Who would have thought you'd have to spell for a 10 month old puppy? I know I never expected that.

It snowed again last night. We've got another 3-4".
I moved south and I am getting north weather. Not a happy camper.
Add the howling winds and it's just horrible.
So sick of winter and it's only January.
The good thing is I am not taking Izzy out for 4 walks during the day in howling winds and snow today. See why I love doggie day care?

This tidbit I have debated whether I should share or not. But since it's such nice news I feel I should. I mean I take the time to bitch here in my little blog world why not do the same for good news right?

A couple of days ago I wrote about the mass found in my left breast. I was so frustrated with the twit of a doctor and today is no different. She is officially fired as my physician.
I wrote how great everyone at WA Radiology had been but that I wasn't thrilled about having to wait 9 days to find out more info on this mass.

Well apparently someone out there who reads me knew a radiologist at WA Radiology and sent him my post which made him write me the following nice email.

Hi-my name is XXXX XXXXX, and I am a radiologist at Washington Radiology. A friend noticed your post and forwarded it to me. Why don’t you call me tomorrow-Wednesday-at our office and I will expedite your return visit. I see that your mother had breast cancer and I would assume that you would appreciate resolving this sooner than later. My number is 202 xxx-xxxx Tell the receptionist that I told you to call. XXXX X.. XXXXX, MD

I do not know who read this but if you are reading this now a big warm hug and THANK YOU! I owe you one! I would love for you to write and introduce yourself.

I did indeed call WA Radiology and I got in yesterday.
I am fine. I won't bored you with all the details but I am fine. I do have to go back in 6 months to be sure and on the safe side. So I called my doctors (whom I fired) this a.m. because I need to have another doctors order to do this. (and from her apparently)

I told the receptionist who I was and that I had to return for a follow up and after my follow up they told me to get another order for 6 months. She said in a very flippant voice, "Then call us back in 6 months." Because I don't want anything more to do with this doctor or her unprofessional staff is why. But instead I said, "I don't think I'll lose it if that is the concern."
She said, "oh you will, but I'll fax it to you anyway, give me your fax number"
Wow. Can't you just feel the warm and fuzzies come off the page?

So I am thankful to the reader who helped me. I slept last night the best I have in a long time. My husband thanks you as well because while I was telling him it was going to be fine he was a wreck. I wrote to Dr. XXXXX and thanked him as well.

So here's to a great weekend of freezing cold temps in the teens with howling winds. But hey, my boobs are still in tact and I'm not sick so all is well.

Now if only there was someone out there who would read this and give me a boob lift for free I am so open to that idea!
Anyone out there?????

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This truly is funny to me.

Saw this on Letterman. Amy Adams said someone sent it to her when she got pregnant.
Love to hear what you think.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Mass

I got a new gynecologist this year because as is the case every damn year my doctor stops carrying insurance So unless I want to pay for my insurance premium AND pay full price for all services I have to get a new doctor......again.

A few weeks ago when I went to my new doctor I came home after my annual exam and told my husband that this Dr. was a twit and that I wasn't going back!
He thought that was funny. However I am so frustrated with bad doctors that I do not find any of this funny. I won’t go into her glorious ineptness but trust me when I say these things are true about her - she was pretty, young (in her 30’s) and a big ole stereotype of a blonde chirpy.

Chirpy gave me an order for my annual mammogram. When I got home I called Washington Radiology and scheduled my exam. Then we got an historic snow storm so I had to call and reschedule. I had my mammogram early one morning and after it was done they told me to dress and they would call if there were issues.

Now that was odd to me because I have always had to stay in the little dressing room after the mammogram while a radiologist looks over my films and they are compared to previous films.
Then the radiologist would come speak with me. When I asked why that wasn’t done the technician said that my doctor didn’t list it that way on the order. Okay didn’t think much of that and went on my way.

I got a call on New Years Eve at 3pm. I was not at home. The doctors office left me a voicemail to say to call them about my mammogram as soon as I could. Well here it was 5:30p on Dec 31st and of course their office was closed unti Monday January 4th. So I had to ponder what could be wrong all weekend. I worked hard at not thinking about it. I failed miserably.

Monday morning I called my dr.’s office and said that I was responding to their voicemail.
They put me on hold. The woman came back and said that I was to call Washington Radiology. Okay this isn’t making sense to me.

You called my home to tell me to call Washington Radiology?


Are you sure? Can you tell me why I should call them? Is there a problem with my mammogram we can discuss?

I don’t know.

Can you find out? Or can I speak with the doctor?

Hold please.

She came back on the line and said, There was something wrong with your mammogram and I think it was a mass so call Washington Radiology and they will tell you. You have to do it again.

Now English is obviously not this persons 1st language so I wanted to be sure she and I were on the same page so I asked, I have to do what again?

You have to have another mammogram.

May I speak to the doctor or have her call me?

No. She’s on vacation.


I called WA Radiology and the woman couldn’t have been nicer to me.
They explained that a mass was found on my films. Since I have been going there for 10 years the new films were compared to the old and this mass is definitely new.
Because of that we would like you to come back for further screening and then to meet with the radiologist to go over all of this with you. Don't worry it's probably nothing she said.

I figured since she was so nice I would ask why this time out of all my many years of having mammography at this location I didn't get to see a radiologist when they were done reading my films as done in the past. She said that you normally have it done I see because your doctors ask for it on the order to be done that way, it’s called diagnostic. (or something like that)
It’s usually done because of family history or previous issues, that type of thing. This doctor did not put that on the order.

Why am I not surprised?

She poo-poo’d everything that visit..
She didn’t think there was a need for women to take bio-identical hormones.
(yeah come talk to me in 10-12 yrs lady!)She thought it was stupid.
She threw her head back and laughed when she was reading the form I had to fill out. Apparently it’s hysterical to be taking supplements for Omega 3 and magnesium. And even funnier to her was that I was taking thyroid medication that was not synthetic (or better known as pharmaceutical) but that I was taking natural thyroid replacement. She obviously is in bed with her thyroid drug pharmaceutical rep.
Now because I was naked I had to be nice but I wanted to jump up and bitch slap this young chirpy like you have no idea!!!!

January 13, 2010 I go back to have my 2nd mammogram & whatever else they need to do.
It will be a long week until this is over.

I am probably more paranoid than I need to be and I do so realize that. The whole thing isn’t lost on me. My mom died of this disease so I have that damn tape playing over and over in my head all too often right now.

It would be so nice if when they give you news like this that they would do all possible to get you right back in there so you don’t have to have this information just hanging over you for a week or so wouldn’t it?

Oh well I'm sure it's nothing.
I just wanted to vent about Chirpy and other assorted people who are not good at their jobs.


I’ve been getting a lot of anonymous comments of late.
I don’t get why people do the things they do in their spare time.
Of course I delete them and do not post them.
I feel like if I post their garbage I give them a forum.

The majority of them are disgusting. Most want to send me to foul websites.
The latest was a compliment but I’m not 100% sure it was legit.
Worse yet could it be a virus? See how my mind works?

When I mentioned to Rick that the last one was nice but I just wasn’t buying it.
He asked what it would take for me to buy into it. Honestly, a name. I just feel that if you want to say something nice then by all means sign your name. Why wouldn’t you?
Why does one choose to be anonymous? It’s not like I can track them down and throttle them as I would sometimes like to do to some of these anonymous foul posters.

So I am asking all those out there to enlighten me. What am I missing here with this anonymous stuff?

Monday, January 4, 2010

You say you want a Resolution

Okay, it's a play on words to the ole Beatle song. I couldn't resist.

I don't make resolutions. Never have. I know myself better.
If I don't make it past January 15th then I live in a constant state of guilt.
I am not only hard wired that way I was raised that way. Double wammy.

I do hope that this decade is better than the last!
To whomever you pray - pray for at least that.

New Years Eve is my anniversary. I have never liked NY's Eve so when we were picking dates to get married I knew only 1 thing for sure about dates, I wanted it by the end of the year for the romantic idea of taxes. (we were already living in sin you see)

Then my husband suggested running off to our favorite place in Jamaica and getting married on NY's Eve in the warmth of a place we like to call home. He reminded me how every year we get harassed when we turn down party invitations and social events on that date. Friends do not understand our desire to stay home or to do something quiet. He said to me that this way we have a good excuse like, "Oh thank you for the invitation but it's our anniversary and we have plans." And besides he said, "Then we'll like that day"
Holy shit, the man was brilliant and here we are 16 yrs later and it never fails to work.
No one has a come back to bug us after that and it is simply divine.

We had a wonderful evening at home.
Dog had gone to doggie day care during the day and that wipes her out. (that was the plan)
That means she comes home, eats and then collapses for the night on her bed.
For the owners of a puppy this is a lovely evening.

We made a nice dinner, we opened way too many bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon, put on the stereo and danced. We even watched a movie. We had a ball. At one point we laughed so hard I could barely catch my breath. I remember telling him that we had to write this down because we won't remember what was so funny tomorrow. We didn't write it down and we don't remember it all. But it was apparently funny to a couple of drunken fools.

We met in 1987, dated briefly, (2 weeks) and then I moved 2 hrs away and to another state.
We talked every day on the phone - in fact several times a day. Our phone bills were crazy high.
We each dated other people and would share our war stories.
He was just my friend and vice verse.
When I needed a date for a good friends wedding I asked him to come and pretend he was my boyfriend. (I was in between guys then) I didn't want to be the only single person there. At the age I was I thought that would be traumatic. Seems so silly now. That is one of the good things about age, those silly things just don't matter anymore.

When I moved to a new apartment I remember calling him to bitch and boy did I bitch.
I bitched about the damn movers not bringing my stuff for another couple of days. He laughed and said I would get by. But I was all dramatic about only having a pillow and 1 suitcase of clothes and toiletries. What would I wear to work? I went out and bought a bottle of gin and some limes and realized all I had until the movers got there were plastic knives. They don't cut limes I complained. How didn't he just bitch slap me? What a brat.
Who showed up at my door 1 1/2 hrs later? I had a knock on my door and when I asked who it was he said, Knife delivery. I should have known I would marry this guy but I was clueless.

So I have been friends with Rick for 23 years come April. I lived with him for 3 years and have been married to him for 16 years.
And ya know what? ......I would do it all over again in a heart beat!