Monday, September 28, 2009

Now this made me laugh

I don't know why but this made me howl when I saw it.
So I'm not the only one.......Go figure.

Great Weekend

Honest to God I had a Great weekend.

Yea, I was sick. But Sunday the cloud lifted. Oh sure I sound like a heavy smoker with this hacking cough and gravely voice but I felt better.

It could have been the bottle...or 2 of wine I drank with a little (very little) help from my spousal unit.
It could have been the codeine in the cough syrup or the dayquil I added just for good measure.
It may have been the solid 6 hours of sleep I got.
It could have been the quality of all those ingredients mixed together with my team clinching the American League Division Title..

My Boys swept the evil Red Sox. And while that is always sweet, winning the division in front of them was even sweeter. Okay it's not the world series but it's a step closer.

I jumped around my living room like a nut job high on cough syrup and wine.
Now only 5 more days until the weekend.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sick and Tired Today

I am sick.

My husband goes into other peoples homes and brings home all these germs then I get sick. This time he got sick. And what a pain in the ass he is when he is sick.

First off he won’t acknowledge it. Second he won’t go to the doctor and get something so he will feel better and stop bugging the shit out of me. "Margaret I don't feel good"
"Why don't we go to the doctors?"
"Nah, why waste the time and $20 co-pay?"

I swear to God if his arm was falling off and bleeding all over the damn place he would say, “I’ll be fine, let’s just give it a couple days.”

“But you’re bleeding on my white rug you big oaf”

“Oh the Oxi-clean will get that right out! Now can you just help me hold my arm up now so it doesn’t fall to the floor?”

This was him all last week... He was coughing and hacking all over the place. He blew his nose so hard I couldn’t hear TV so I had to rewind the show over and over again to hear what I was missing. (Compassionate wife that I am)
I suggested getting something like medication from the doctor so this didn’t get worse.
But going to a doctor is just so silly and frivolous.

Each day he came home worse. He looked like shit. He whined oh how he whined.
His ears hurt so badly. His eyes hurt, his sinuses burned and he said that he thought this was moving into his chest now.

“Oh Honey I'm sorry, but don’t go to the doctors because the life insurance is paid up so after you leave me and I collect all the money I am thinking of going to Italy. I’ve always wanted to spend some serious time there”

He sneered at me and then coughed up a lung.

I offered soup, tea, aspirin, Dayquil, Nyquil, liquor, a ride to urgent care , a swift kick in the ass – anything! But do something other than WHINE and COUGH.

As the week went on it surely moved into his chest and now he was dragging his ass around the house sneezing, coughing, blowing and rattling. I had had it! I was getting his 6’2” ass in the car somehow. My plot was to approach him all seductively and tell him that I want to have sex with him but out in the car like the old days. He’d buy that you see he’s easy like that. Get him in the car and drive him to the doctors. Idiot. Reality knows that he could no more be that young flexible kid again even if he wanted to. Even sick his penis rules him.

We found out from the doctor that he has a middle ear infection that moved to his sinuses, ears, throat and down to his chest. For a month he kept telling me he felt like he had water in his ear. I didn’t know what to do for him. Apparently that water sits there and germs grew and viola you get sick and it begins to move and you end up like the mess he is. Sadly this germ is contagious which I found odd and honestly didn’t believe. I mean I don’t have water in my ear.

I’m sick now……really sick. But I do take medication….I’m thinking a Nyquil float…. ice cream and Nyquil – kicks 2 additions at once.

Monday, September 21, 2009


You've heard me rag on doctors a lot here.
Been to so many Md's and holistic dr.'s and all claim to be God's for me.
It's more like a God complex than them actually knowing squat.

It takes a lot of tenacity to keep digging when you know they are wrong and something is not right with you......

This young lady is my hero!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Garden

I'd show you a picture of my garden if my camera was not at the bottom of Smith Mountain Lake. So you will have to imagine....

I have always had a green thumb. I was big into plants and flowers. Then when I lived in Seattle I got into food gardening. I planted my first food garden as I like to call it with all the things I like in stir fry. It thrived and so did I. So the following year it expanded as well as me moving into flowers. Everything thrived. I was in heaven. I couldn't wait to come home from work to go out to my gardens and see what was happening.

Was it the water here? The temperate climate? The lack of sun and heat? I'll never know. But it was my best experience of that city sad to say.

After leaving Seattle I never had a food garden again. I never had the time with the new job and all the traveling. I had flowers but they were never as big and beautiful as when I lived in the PNW. I longed for the big tulips I grew or I bought there and not the little ones I was now getting.

Every year here I have a patio filled with beautiful flowers. My neighbors always comment and when a friend was visiting from Seattle she said that when you walk into my home and see all that glass and the flowers behind it you are drawn to the patio immediately. I loved that. It made me feel good because that is how I feel as well.

But this year that wall of windows into my patio hasn't beckoned me. I don't know what is going on. The dirt? The weather? I actually had a farmer give me cow dung so I could mix it in my dirt to fertilize everything. Didn't help the petunia's much. My dwarf dhalia's were just damn sad. My basil was picture perfect until some critter started to eat it. My tomatoes were not my best....good to most folks but not me. The rest were thriving so for the life of me I can't figure it all out.

It wasn't as humid and miserable this year as most. Is that the reason? My dirt was new and mixed with prime fertilizer. I actually did nothing different this year. Watered the same etc.

So standing out there this morning removing some dead petunias and other things to get ready for fall I felt as sad as my flowers looked.

Friday, September 18, 2009

This made me laugh!

I have been in communication with a customer who was hysterical about the chemicals to reglaze her bathtub. Her landlord was requesting this work be done. She called daily for a week to ask about the chemicals. She asked how bad this would be for her lungs, her kitty cat's lungs. She wanted to know if she had to move for a few days. (NO) We made an appointment. She called to cancel because she was feeling under the weather and didn't want to have to leave and if she stayed she was worried about her lungs and these chemicals. She decided to move out of her condo with her cat and went to a friends over night so they didn't have to be exposed to the chemicals. A bit extreme to say the least. None of this was toxic and while it does smell it also dissipates quickly. I explained the industrial fans etc all to no avail.

Finally we arrived to do the job. The landlord was meeting Rick there to let him in. The landlord showed up with his wife in tow. They let Rick into the condo and as they opened the door they were met with a heavy foul stench of cat and heavy cigarette smoke. The landlords wife immediatley covered her nose and proclaimed, " OMG It smells awful in here - it smells like a bar!"

These people who smoke like this are always the ones concerned about their lungs. Don't you think that's a hoot?

It reminded me of this from back in February.

Friday Ramblings

Not the biggest reality show watcher. I have 3 that I watch.

The Biggest Loser, The Amazing Race and Flipping Out. Two of those I watch religiously, Flipping Out only occasionally. The rest to me only portray the lowest of human behavior and I get enough of that during life so I have no need to be "entertained" by it in my "down" time too.

My question to ya'll is why is everyone that is on a reality show getting their own TV shows or opportunities? What do you think are their qualifications for this? Please answer at right.

First there was Elizabitch Hasselbitch. She was on Survivor and then gets a gig on the style network and The View. Ruined the View for me had to stop watching that show. Self righteous wench. Besides her family does anyone like her? It isn't about not agreeing with her politically it's about her self righteousness. Her inability to be wrong or God forbid listen to another side of the story. Oooh I just want to slap the blonde right off her brown roots!
Then these crazy ass women who go on the bachelor and are horrified that they get dumped or lied to. C'mon grow the hell up and figure out your true love is not some scum bucket on a reality show who knows he'll get to bed a lot of women and have them fight over him. Oh I fell in love with him. It doesn't matter that its only been a week because I know it's true love. Could they be any more pathetic and desperate sounding? A real man doesn't want someone like that to do much more than bed. The odds of winning the lottery are probably better. One chick did get married and that's gonna be it honey. But this "cheerleader" got to be on Dancing with the Stars and now has a gig on some TV show. And I'll bet she is getting paid quite well. Those looking for anchor positions on television need not apply. You'll have to find another way to pay those college loans. How 1990 of you to think that doing this the hard way with hard work and education was going to get you your dream job...pleassssse!

Now there is Kate of Kate plus 8 or some damn thing. She is on the View I read and in the same article that she is going to do a talk show? What the fuck? So the millions she got from whoring her kids around for the world to see wasn't enough? And having a litter is the qualifications for this? Wow. I need to get busy....oh wait I don't have a uterus that could be a deterrent. Maybe I could adopt like Angelina Jolie and they'll still want me to host a show.

If you think about it it's like someone without decorating, contracting experience or training having a show on HGTV or someone who can't boil water having a show on The Food Network....or not being able to carry a tune in a box and getting a record contract....Oh wait there are a ton of those aren't there?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


  • As I have written so often I have serious issues with the lack of manners, respect and civility in our current culture. It really frustrates me.

Just consider what has been going on in the last few months.
  • Someone threw a shoe at President Bush. Now I disliked that man more than most but even I wouldn’t throw a shoe at the President of the United States. I may have dreamt of holding his nuts in a vice or make him have to sit and listen to the parents of the fallen soldiers but I wouldn’t have yelled out while he was speaking or thrown even my ugly sneakers at him. I still have respect and decorum for heaven’s sake unlike…..
  • The right wing self righteous numb nut in the house who yells Liar to the current President of the United States while the President has the floor.

  • Kanya West who so rudely jumped on stage as the winner of the Music Video Award stood there dumbfounded, yet politely watched, as he made a complete an utter ass of himself. (as all of the examples have) We all love Beyonce and know she is talented. Shut your whiney ass up Kanya and sit down. Share your condolences with Beyonce in private.
  • The crazy ass blonde woman who would not acknowledge the deli clerk who was trying to assist her because she was too busy texting. name just a few.

The other day I saw a Bonnie Hunt show. She was discussing how over the weekend she was at Bed, Bath and Beyond. She had a terrible incident with the sales staff that was on one hand unbelievable and yet on the other so typical today. It was exactly like most of my ranting blog entries about poor service, and rude & disrespectful people.

What the hell is going on?

I heard this morning on the radio that Mary Hart, from Entertainment Tonight fame has written a book on manners or respect…..something like that. She feels that society has gone to hell in a hand basket as my Grandmother used to say.

So I guess all we old broads are thinking the same thing aren’t we? (okay I many not be as old as Mary Hart but then again my legs are not near as long and lovely either!)

The only good thing I see from Kanye West’s tirade was that a lot of young people even feel it was inappropriate and wrong. A lesson learned. I saw a clip where 50Cent said, “it was so unfair to have this poor young lady lose out on that special moment of winning her first video award”

Now who’d have thought 50Cent would be the guy making sense?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Swamp Eye

Izzy has swamp eye.

Okay so that isn't the professional medical term for it but it is what it is.

This poor little dog. She has seen the vet so much in her first 6 months.

Rick was playing with her in this area of our subdivision that has a big ole pond. It is icky.
That is the professional term.
It is filled with algae and all kinds of slimy icky things. If there is anything living in it, none of it is anything positive. Oh a parasite or two....that type of thing.

Rick was throwing sticks and she was fetching and running like a retreiver having fun.
This little boy was walking down there with his Dad. He asked Rick if he could throw a stick.
He threw it and it went into the "swamp" and before they could even stop Izzy, she dove right into the water for that stick.

2 days later she has a beet red eye that is running this icky gooey gunk. She is scratching at it something terrible. Rick had eye surgery awhile ago and we had left over eye medication.
So we put these antiboditic drops in her eye and it got white again. We were out of the medication and because her eye was white we figured she was fine. Ah, not so fast grasshopper.

Now it's worse than ever. Poor thing was in such distress this weekend. We also had a numbing eye drop left over for the eye from Rick's eye surgery. We debated if we should use it because it burns something awlful at first. But honestly when the burning stops it numbs it and feels so much better. Saturday night she was a mess and was swating at her eye and didn't sleep much and neither did I. So last night we used the numbing drops. Oooh it burned the poor thing. We held her eye and her paw to keep from touching it. Once her body relaxed we let go and we could tell it was now numb. She was our puppy again. The best part?.....she slept like a baby because it was numb.

So today I took her to the vet and she indeed has "swamp eye" Basically it's an infection like pink eye. So we have drops and she is expected to be well in a week. The vet agreed it was probably that darn pond. So no more hubby or kids throwing sticks near any body of water we don't want her in. She's a water dog - she loves puddles, pools, lakes, swamps etc.
But she hates baths - go figure.

Now I would show you a picture of swamp eye Izzy but I dropped my camera on the bottom of Smith Mountain Lake over Labor Day. Now that's a story.

Flipping Out

No, this has nothing to do with Jeff Lewis from Flipping Out on Bravo.
I may be as crazy as he is at times but no, this is more a case of Ms. Cranky Pants never having to go outside amongst people anymore..

I hate being around the public anymore especially the young. Oh I don’t begrudge the skinny bitches their youth. No it’s more like their lack of respect, manners and lack of social graces.

I was at the grocery store yesterday afternoon hoping that it would be dead since it was the first football day and everyone would be glued to their TV’s. No such luck. The place was packed with men , women and children.

I’ll start with bratty children. I was in the dairy aisle looking at some products when these little kids starting to run up and down the aisle like mad men. A worker who was stocking the shelves asked the kids nicely to not jump on the long cart with the items he was stocking. He asked these kids 3 times to stop climbing all over it and to get off. All the while the mother is chatting loudly about NOTHING of importance and laughing on her cell. My guess is she was between 31-36. Not shopping just standing in the middle of the aisle gabbing.

I am now moving down the aisle when one of her bratty kids stops in front of my cart and hops on it like she’s a bum jumping on a moving freight train for a lift. I stop the cart and tell her that she needs to step down and she laughs and says no. She was adorable I will admit except her behavior was making her uglier by the minute. I did not move my cart. She is now trying to climb INTO my cart. If I let go I fear this cart is going to fall on her. I turn around to the mom and say, “hello? Could you ask your daughter to step down from my cart so I may continue shopping?” She says NOTHING. She hears me but turns her head to ignore me. I am livid.
I walk around to the front of my cart and kneel down and say to this cute little brat that I have to continue shopping so I would like it very much if she would get down now. I take her hands gently off the cart and she just stares at me. I say Thank You and smile. She just stands there smiling at me like she's in a trance. Weird. I begin to walk away when this woman decides to stop talking on the phone and she yells to me, “Hey,don’t ever touch my children again!” I ignored her as she did me earlier and I picked up some eggs and rounded the corner.

My last stop was the deli counter. My husband asked me to pick up some things for him for his lunch. I stood in line and waited my turn. My turn came up and this woman began to help me. She called for backup after she took my order because now the line was growing very long (about 7 of us) The new employee came out and asked the blonde woman behind me, who is now standing next to me, what she needed. The woman didn’t answer because she was a too busy texting. Finally she looked up and asked about specials and then she said, "I'd like some Boars Head American cheese, no wait I think I want this chicken instead, oh I don’t know.
She finally narrowed it down to this cheese by Alpine lace because “it’s cheaper and don’t slice it too thin because it will be hard to take apart…..oh I don’t know I really like boars head….whatever just make it a ½ lb” And off she goes back to texting.
The deli clerk asks, “So you want ½ lb of Alpine Lace then? Ma’am do you want Alpine Lace then? The woman continues to text and never looks up. The deli clerk asks again louder, “Ma’am do you want me to use Alpine Lace for you?” The man behind her taps her on the shoulder and she doesn’t even turn around. What in the hell is so important is what I wanted to know.

The poor deli clerk is frustrated and looks at the woman helping me who only shrugs her shoulders. I finally say, “She asked for Alpine Lace because it was cheaper, she wants a ½ lb and she doesn’t want it sliced too thin because she says the slices get stuck together.”

At that moment 4 things happened simultaneously. The deli clerk did as I told her, this woman never even looked up, the man behind her walked around her and high fived me and the rest of the people applauded. She never stopped texting and laughing to herself. You would think this person was a tween by this behavior but she was clearly in her mid to late 30’s.

I said to her when she finally looked up that the deli clerk was asking her questions and she said flippantly, “ I know but I was busy.”
I thought my head was going to explode. Ugly Margaret took over.

You do know that this employee is busy too – do you not see the line of people behind you? Your behavior is rude. Where are your manners and social skills? By example you are teaching your children to be disrespectful and rude as well.”

She just stood there with her mouth open as the man behind her said, “you know we are all busy and have places to be. Was your text an emergency?”

She then turned to me and told me I was rude. I just smiled and said nothing more.
Look, you can’t match wits with those that are unarmed. I said what I had to say. She grabbed her 1/2lb of Alpine Lace cheese and left.

As I walked to the check out another woman came up to me and said that it needed to be said but she didn’t think she would have been so polite as I was. I am not proud of flipping out on her nor do I think I was as polite as I could have been. I stooped to her level and I am not proud of that. But this was my last straw that day. I am so sick of people not having manners when it comes to phones and texting.

I have an 18 year old coming to live with me in a few weeks. I know this could be battle. But there are going to be some ground rules on this phone and texting. We will be going over etiquette with technology in public. I know it’s going to be tough but damn it I am going to make society get this if it kills me – and the way it’s going it will kill me first. I'm not such an old fart that I don't understand wanting to text my friends as a kid but a grown up should know better don't you think?

I know, I know, you all are thinking I'm that crazy old lady who lives down the lane.
Well, I guess I am becoming her.....proudly so though.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My New Header

This gorgeous photo is courtesy of my friend JOAN PINELLI.

She and her family were on vacation at Smith Mountain Lake where she took this photo.
(you know the lake I am always at and talking about)

I loved it and had to have it. She is really a talented photographer!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sunset at the Lake


It's been awhile

Been very very busy dealing with idiots, family, customers and other assorted goof balls.

Life has been crappy and I have completely and utterly become 100% misanthropic.
Yea, it's not pretty but it's true.

Let's start with these numbnuts who seem to be a very loud and uneducated majority in our nation who are protesting our president for daring to speak to school children about studying hard and respecting teachers. How dare he! They call it socialist brainwashing? Calling him a Nazi? What the hell is wrong with people? (a lot apparently)
As a fellow blogger pointed out today these are the same uninformed @#$%! who insisted that I had no right to dislike Bush since he was our president and as president, I needed to respect him. Aaargh!

Comparing a war criminal and someone who believes in torture doesn't compare with someone telling you to dream big, work hard and achieve all you can achieve. To find something you are good at and run with it. Ooooh scary socialist brainwashing.

In the meantime - let's hope tomorrow brings us sunshine and some happy smiley people our way. I know I could sure use them after this last couple of weeks!