Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Bowl

I don't like football. I don't go to Super Bowl parties because aside from the food I don't much care so I am bored out of my mind.
I am fortunate to be married to someone who feels the same way. That is always good in a marriage!

But I have to say after the endless shows of food for Super Bowl Sunday I may have to change my mind.

This morning on Good Morning America they showed a food that must have a food group all it's own. PORK. Lots of Pork. OMG I bet this is actually very good. The link below makes it look great! Isn't everything better with bacon? Hell I have friends who are vegetarian and then they will admit after a few cocktails that they cheat sometimes with the dreaded BACON. A life without good slab bacon is just not worth living. I will skip meals for days to have bacon in my life.
Okay I digress...

This actually begins with a bacon weave. No shit. So after you make a 5x5 bacon weave with roughly a pound or a bit more of bacon you add saugage and then bacon again. This sucker is seasoned, rolled and barbequed to perfection - You must check this out it cracks me up and looks delicious.

Now I really do hate these shows today where I heard someone say to "make Salmon for the party because it's less fattening and just as good." Oh really? I say, "Man up or go home! "
Today I also heard, "Don't forget to put out the celery it's good to munch for crunch so you don't eat empty calories." Or this one, " using low fat sauce for your chicken wings".

Isn't this half the fun of the Super Bowl, the beer, the snacks, the screaming for your favorite team? You can diet and go to the gym again on Monday!
Now pass the Lipitor.

Hope your team wins!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yankee Years

I am forever surprised at myself that I never fail to be disappointed in human kind.
I somehow think that it won't happen again & I am disappointed in myself that I can be so gullible.

Just when I think there are people who do the right thing - then BAM, they go and show me they are more than human and can't do the right thing to save their lives. Why has doing the right thing become so passe? Why is it so out of favor or old fashioned?

Don't get me wrong, I know that I am far from perfect but there are some things that I will not do.
  • I will never ever write a book about the pain of my childhood until my parents are gone.
  • I will never write a book or tell all on television about any living siblings in a hurtful way even if it is all fact.
  • I will never rat out a friend but instead support them unless it involves murder or pedophilia
  • I will never lie about someone to "get back at them" for wrongs done to me.
  • I will never tell the truth (in gossip form) about someone publicly to "get back at them" for wrongs done to me
  • I will never go back on my word unless there is danger involved with me not doing so.
  • I will never hurt someone with lies but perhaps with honesty but never ever intentionally.
  • I will never "tell all" no matter how much money they throw at me. My integrity does not have a price tag.

These are things that came to mind after reading all the articles and watching all the television talking heads about Joe Torre's new book on his Yankee Years.

This was a man I admired. Now too he is tarnished and I feel like there are no solid people out there any more with an ounce of dignity, integrity and class.

What next Joe Paterno?

God help us all.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Hangover

As anyone who reads this blog knows I am a TV junkie.
But I think yesterday I broke my own record of being glued to the televsion.

Here are some tidbits that I found interesting in my local DC newspaper today.

  1. Over 2 million people and NOT 1 arrest!
  2. 30 children got away from there parents - all were reunited without incident and with the help from others in the crowd or security/police
  3. The 68 yr. old woman who fell onto the tracks of the metro was unharmed. The man who helped her arrived in DC to help with the security of the inauguration. The day before he had just learned what to do should someone fall onto the tracks. I know that woman must be extremely thankful he was there!
  4. Restaurants, hotels and bars locally knew all the roads getting into the District were going to be closed so they asked that their wait staff and employees spend the night so all could be sure to be there to help them assist the crowds. The employee's did spend the night and the managers, owners etc of said business's paid them, made it fun for them and feed them. The day of the event all employees as well as businesess did a rousing business and made some serious cash. How's that for good karma?

People were saying it felt like the 60's ...... you know, Woodstock without the drugs and mud just Love and Community :-)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I wish I could bottle all this excitement and hope in the air here in my town.
Rick and I decided early on that we would watch from the comfort of our home and be warm. But that doesn’t stop us from feeling the electricity in the air.
I even got tickets that I turned down so that I could watch this close up on TV from home.

Wherever you go here, whatever your politics, you feel it, you breathe it in, and it’s warm and wonderful. I hope it can sustain. I bet even the DMV feels better this week.

Sunday as we watched the We Are One inauguration show on HBO with all the great entertainers we had some doubts. We were sitting in our comfy theatre seats watching on a big screen HD TV and getting so wrapped up in it all. The electricity was palpable.

During the 2 hr show we were moved to get up and dance, we cried, and we hugged.
All in our WARM little home.
At one point my husband looked at me and said, “God its right here in our backyard are we going to regret not going to this?”

Then after the show we saw the news.
The crowds, the traffic, the inability to get where you needed to be for hours…..a sea of red brake lights and long lines at the metro.
They showed people in line for over an hour or sometimes 2 hrs just to go through security, be patted down and your belongings gone through to just get to the show.
That is when we knew we made the right decision to stay in our warm home where the clean warm bathrooms were just a few steps away.
We like our bathrooms.

Bathrooms they say are a plenty but really?
I mean 8,000 port a potties seems like a lot but if you have over 3 million people is it? And if you are packed in like sardines how difficult will it be to get to that port a potty? That would be more difficult for me than the cold. And to be honest, cold makes me always have to pee – and sitting on that cold port a potty in 17 degrees is well – UGH!

I have watched the Bush’s last few interviews and God love the idiot he still thinks he did a good job on Katrina, the wars, the economy etc. Bush was defiant when asked how he thinks he will go down in history. He thinks he did a great job. I think that is why so many don’t care for his character. Just once I would have loved to hear him say on any given topic, and there were many, "you know I thought at the time it was the right decision but I see in hindsight that it was a grave error." I could respect him so much more if he could do that but that isn't why he is so disliked now is it?

On Sunday while wrapped in the blanket of Obama spirit , hope and excitement my husband asked me if I felt badly for Bush. I quickly said, “Hell No”
Rick said, “You know this isn’t just a celebration of what we all are hoping to come but that we are celebrating who is leaving. Do you think Bush feels that?”

I thought about that for a moment and said sadly, “If he does know that part of this is a celebration of getting him and his cronies the hell out of a leadership role that would mean he understands what a bad president his was. So no, I don’t think he feels that. But I wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall when he leaves in that helicopter today with he and Laura just to be sure.”

Here’s to all of us on this day of hope!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Airport Pick up for the Inauguration

I live so close to the Washington Dulles Airport that when moving into this development they made us sign something that basically told us that we couldn't sue about the noise and airplanes overhead.

So imagine my surprise when I read that George Clooney was at the Dulles airport a couple days ago being harrassed by female fans and paparazzi. And he didn't even call me for a ride!!

He's here in my town for the inauguration, along with the other 2.5 million folks who are all swooping into town.

I saw a slew of pictures of him trying to get out of the airport.
The final picture was of him freezing in his fine cashmere coat and dandy hat while jumping into a limo while mere mortals were bugging the shit out of him while he fled to the city. Do you know how easy I could have made this for him? Hell why didn't he call for my services?

Think about it .....who the hell would ever imagine that it would be THE George Clooney getting into that middle aged woman's little blue sportscar with VA plates. I would have greeted him with a hot toddy or perhaps a nice cup of hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps, turned on the seat heaters and greeted him warmly all while doing my best to hide my sheer joy and drooling. Since I have to keep my hands on the wheel and my eyes on the road he would have had a hassle free ride to his 5 star hotel downtown.

He didn't even call me for Pete's sake.
I hope Gerard Butler and Craig Ferguson know that I am available to be their "limo" upon request. My little blue T-bird convertible is like a limo in camoflauge. It's free and no papparazzi. comes with a warm beverage of choice, no hassles, and they can pick the tunes. How much better does it get for a celebrity who wants to avoid the hassles and all the peskiness of celebrityhood.

I have to cut this short. I am going to go circle the airport now for all the folks coming into town for the inaugaration.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I have seen the future and it’s really rather sad and funny.

We were watching TV last night and saw a man at a cotillion and he was sipping his punch with his pinkie in the air and they made fun of him. That reminded me of something I had just seen on another show during our vacation. It was Miss Manners along with the British Miss Manners saying that raising your pinkie while drinking is considered poor etiquette.
So upon seeing this scene on TV I immediately say to my husband…..

"You know that raising your pinkie is considered poor etiquette? "

(chuckling) "Raising your pee pee is considered poor etiquette? Since when is a boner poor etiquette? Well in public I suppose….. "

"How the hell did you come up with a boner? Who said anything about a boner?
God you’re a pig! "

"You said it first. You just said raising your pee pee is poor etiquette. "

"No, I didn’t! What the hell are you talking about? "

Laughing through tears now he says….

"Margaret you just said that raising your pee pee is poor etiquette why did you say that then? "

Now realizing that he didn’t hear this correctly I too am laughing.

"Are we going to be like this as we get older and really can’t hear? "

So very loudly I say….

"Oh. Well okay but why did you bring that up? "

Ah, shit I give up!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Movies, Liquor, Food and Injuries

Now that’s some holiday huh?
Yep did all of the above.

It’s been forever since hubby and I have seen a movie in the theatre. We always make plans to go and then something happens. You know like life.

But we were determined to go out to the movies, out to dinners and see friends over this time we had off since we were not traveling this holiday season. And for the most part we did most of that.

But sadly once again being old slapped us in the face. You know like when I walked by a store window and wondered who that old lady was? That kind of slap in the ass…..

We went to a matinee one afternoon and were shocked that it was $10 a piece.

“Wow, it really has been a long time since we’ve been to a movie if the matinees prices are the price I remember paying for the evening shows.”

"Yea, well talking about the movie prices when you were a kid makes you sound like an old fart so just pay the baby with the zits the money old man."

We stood in line to get a bag of popcorn to share and a bottle of water. Another $10.00.
So right now we’ve spent $30.00. No biggie really but it just seemed high for an afternoon movie.
But like I said it’s been awhile (less than a year though)
We saw the movie Milk. Excellent movie!
Sean Penn is simply the best of my generation.
You forget who he is in any movie because he truly becomes who he is playing.
Outstanding movie! The movie was a heavy topic and made both Rick and I think about the story for a couple of days but in a good way- the way a good movie will stick with you.
It is an outstanding performance that I hope Sean Penn is nominated for.

A few days later we went to see Marley and Me and decided we weren’t ready for our new Lab puppy just yet. This movie makes you fear getting a dog or makes you want one all the more.
I thought I was ready. Mmmm....maybe when I retire and can devote all that time.
Cute movie, good family fare. We needed the “lightness” after Milk so it fit the bill. All together, $50.00 for 2 movies, 1 bag of popcorn and a small bottle of water.

So there ya go being old hit us in the face again. Complaining about spending $50 on the above and we are certifiably sounding like old fuddy duddy’s and it made us laugh,

How the hell do young people go on a date for a dinner and a movie and not spend a few hundred dollars and how the hell can they do that? We bought a few pay per view movies this week and stayed home. $4-6 dollars didn’t seem so bad after an afternoon at the theatre and I make much better popcorn!

“They tried to make me go to rehab but I said no, no, no”…amy winehouse

2nd time we were hit upside the proverbial head with this damn mantra of “c’mon you’re old people so give in to it”…..Injuries do us both in.

Long story short I am in rehab for hip/back issue. Wearing a tens unit and going to rehab during my break 2 days a week. “I don’t want to be in rehab with all the other oldies and I say, no, no, no.”

3rd times a charm.
Rick’s knee injury flared up and just as it was feeling better he walked into a trailer hitch on the back of a truck and has been off his feet for 5 days. Screaming withering type pain that made him ask to go to the doctor. Now you know it's bad when a man wants to go to a doctor. Now I have seen everything.

MRI this week. Canceled all of his appointments for work and otherwise. He has been in his chair with his leg up for a few days now and is ready to scream. He hates being still so much but on a good note he has learned the joy of reading. No kidding he has read more books this week than he has ever read in any given year.

Do you know why old people talk about their aches and pains so much Margaret?

Is this the brainstorming you do while sitting in that chair old man?

Yep, and I think the reason is that is all that happens to them. They have nothing else to talk about .Look at our holiday?

Oh God another smack on the head but I refuse to believe this is happening to us.
“I am not going to get old, I say, no, no, no.”

So on my holiday vacation, I ate too much sugar, I drank way too much alcohol, I saw a lot of movies and waited on my husband. God it’s really happening isn’t it?

My new year’s resolution is to get younger.

Happy New Year!