Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Phone Hell

Okay the fall delusion is over.
The sky is falling.
The economy is in the shitter.
People are scared.
And those that have a job can't do them well even if they wish to.

Yesterday while on the phone to a customer the phone went directly to a busy signal mid-sentence.
I still do not have phone service on my business phone. This costs us thousands and thousands of dollars a day!
This is so bad I can not even articulate it.

Of course Verizon says it will be fixed in October. Can you believe it? October? No specific date so sometime between now and Halloween I suppose.
Now imagine any business that relys on customers calling in for your service and only getting the following message upon dialing - "The number you have called is no longer in service."

Ya think you might assume they are out of business now wouldn't you?
Can you even imagine what a nightmare this has caused us?

This morning I had a twit tell me that this could be worse, it could be something I had to pay for to repair. It took every ounce of professionalism to not throttle that bitch and give her a tongue lashing. Instead I politely asked if they could assist me in some way to forward my calls to my home phone. She hung up on me. Guess that was too tough a question.

We were told that we were only 7 who were affected as though that should make us feel better.
I have been put through customer service hell and gone round and round with people all telling me something different. I do not know if that is a serious lying issue or no one there at Verizon knows what the hell they are doing or looking at. I am not sure which scenario is worse at this point.

I do know that I want to cry. I can't believe that they can't fix this until October and that I of course will not get a finacial break on my bill or consideration of such a financial break on my bill. I have asked. No specific date in October - just fixed sometime in October. I could be out of business by then.

I want to write to them and tell them that while my bill is in fact due on October 10th, I might not be able to fix that until November. But don't worry this only inconveniences 7 people all together so it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

Think they'll find comfort in that?

Monday, September 29, 2008


According to my calendar it's fall.
According to the weather man here today it will be in the low 80's.
Saturday and Sunday were so hot and humid you would have thought it was mid July.

I've said it before -I love living here. But I do so miss a northern fall.
The crisp air, the colors, the smells. It would be cooler now up there vs. having on our air conditioner 24/7 right now.

I am looking out my office window at the HOA lawn service triming the common area's. I am watching them mow the lawns.

I am going to close my eyes and daydream.
It's fall, the Yanks are in the play offs, the air is crisp and cool and the trees are vibrant reds, yellow and oranges.

Happy Monday

Friday, September 26, 2008

Multi Tasking

Let me see if I understand this situation.

So this guy who said a few weeks ago that "Our economy was strong" and Obama wasn't making accurate statements about our economy has now forgotten that statement and claims he is the only one who can fix it. Let us not forget that back in the '80's he was 1 of the Keating Five (google it people) and helped create the savings & loan crisis with his vast economic knowledge. At the least it was stated that McCain showed "extremely poor judgement"
Yep that's presidental material for we American's who don't pay attention.

Right now the hold up is that the republican's are all in fighting with one another. They oppose the presidents bill and are yelling at one another. Oh I know I hear too much news down here in D.C. (coverage ad nausem)

Shouldn't a president be able to handle more than 1 crisis at a time? And if he can't God help us all. Presidents have a lot on their plates, with fake reasons to come up with to go to war, the economy, the housing crisis, global warming, creating enemies where we've never had them before in the world. Jeez "W" could even multi-task and we know he's not mensa material.
Of course if McCain's excuses were really true and he just couldn't be at the debate because he is so busy saving the world from a diaster from his previously supported bills that got us here in the first place, then wouldn't you send your 2nd in command? Oh wait, without a teleprompter she looks like an uneducated uninformed twit.

I read a great article in the Washington Post this morning and saw roughly the same thing here.....
For you American's too lazy to inform yourself the long way and read it I will give you bullet points.
  • 2 Senators, 1 on record was Sen. Dodd - who said process could be derailed by what he viewed as McCain's political motives. Surprise!
  • They saw this as McCain stalling for his political gain. He was going to make this look like his rescue plan no matter how much it hurt America. Surprise!
  • All in the room were key figures involved on both sides of the aisle as well as the President. With the exception of McCain and Sen Shelby all were in agreement over a revised version of the bill that Treasury Sec.Paulson's plan. Hmmm.....worked on collectively, both parties....isn't that what McCain says he does best?
  • McCain said nothing throughout the day and did not participate in the dialogue until the end when he mentioned a counter proposal that 2 other republicans had put out there a while ago and it would suspend the capital gains tax for 2 yrs and provided tax incentives for firms that buy up bad debt. He would not discuss specifics of the plan of course (ah, didn't know 'em perhaps) and was non comittal about supporting it. Surprise! - just buying time it seems to me.
  • Then when the Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and President Bush said NO and why it that wouldn't work. Bush stated that if this didn't pass "this sucker (our economy) would go down. (lovely) But hey John McCain don't worry at least you don't have to debate someone smarter than you now if you keep stalling for your own good instead of the good of the country you claim to always put forth. Surprise!
  • Treasury Secretary Paulson then walked into the room where the Democrats were caususing at the White House and pleaded with them to "please don't blow this up" According to ABC New the Democrats stayed talking as Paulson approached them. After his comment some shot back that the real problem was with the house republicans. To which Paulson replied 'I know'

God Help Us All.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Help Me!

Is it November 5th yet? Jeez I want this election over.
I may be moving to Canada but I still want this damn election over with already.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


There is a saying that I love and it goes like this -
We Tend To Seek Happiness, When Happiness is Actually A Choice.

I just bought a piece of art for my office with this saying on it.

I had a friend ask me a long time ago if I was happy, really happy. We were driving to dinner in my car and it all started with her was asking me why I don't buy a new car, mine was 6 yrs old. (I loved my old Accord I told her and there was nothing wrong with it)

I told her I was happy. To her I shouldn't have been. To her I was living in an old apartment, struggling for the most part with finances, driving an old car and not going where I wanted in my career fast enough. For the life of her she couldn't understand why I was happy all the time. She appeared to have everything she wanted, a job that made her a lot of money, she bought cars and large ticket items at the drop of the hat and with cash no less. She had a beautiful home and clothes. She was married to a very nice man whom she claimed she loved. But she said that I always seemed happy and was always laughing yet I didn't have 1/2 of what she had. She only laughed she said around me and my hubby. I was so shocked she was saying all of this. I looked at her and said that I was in a great relationship with a wonderful man and while I didn't have all the monetary things she had I really had no reason to NOT be happy. She shook her head and we didn't speak about it ever again.
I have thought about it though ever since it happened.

I have a sister who is a walking poster for how to be miserable. She is so negative and she walks around being jealous, petty, close minded and self absorbed. She has a huge chip on her shoulder and she is always the victim. It is always everyone else fault that she is miserable. Even when her husband died this past year she kept asking how he could do this to her? Like he choose to do it just to piss her off. C'mon! Sometimes I think she must get something from being like this or why the hell does she keep doing it?

She is never happy about anything and only sees the negative. If someone is the least bit successful or happy she begrudges them that happiness but saying something derogatory to them. She does this to family members and any one else she comes in contact with. She can suck the air out of a room. She is not fun to be around. She thinks because I smile and appear to be perky all the time that I have a blessed life and nothing is ever wrong.

It drives me crazy how she is always throwing barbs at me and my life to make herself feel better. I learned a long time ago that this is her issue not mine and I will not let her make me feel badly. She is toxic. I try my darnest to stay clear of her as much as I humanly can.

Self-preservation.....one of the best lessons I have learned in my life!

I choose to smile and be happy. I choose not to go to a toxic place. Listen if you read my blogs you know that I am a crusty old broad. But I am a softie too and the blog allows me to vent so I can let it go and turn around and be my ole happy self. I hate that more people just can't be nice. Why is that so hard?

Look I went through a very dark period of clinical depression several years ago. That is how they discovered my thryoid problem. (Thank God!)

I choose to hide for awhile while doing what I needed to do to make myself well again. I wasn't mean to others and I didn't always want to converse or be around others at my worst. I choose to deal with this inwardly and with professional help. If I couldn't go out and put on a smile then I choose to just stay home. I didn't want to inflict my issues onto others or worse yet, be like all those people I write about that take it out on everybody they encounter. I may have done that if I went out and I decided that was not fair to them, this was my issue and I had to deal with it or else fake it until I made it. (putting on my Peggy face as I call it)

I have a wonderful partner in my life. I am truly blessed. I so know that he is better than most out there. I see that in everything he does every day. He lives his life for me and as he likes to say to me and everyone, my comfort is his main concern. So how the hell can't I be happy? So I don't have a lot of clothes and I can no longer shop whenever I want or buy a new car that we need desperately. I don't need all that stuff because I am happy without them as well as with them. It will come back again.

Yes there are times of struggles. There are financial issues right now - but everyone is in that boat together with our economy. But that is no reason to take it out on others. There is no reason to sulk. There is no reason to go out and be mean in the world. Those people need to learn that it is so much easier and really does make you feel better when you smile.

Smiling is contagious and happiness is really a choice.
Try it sometime!

Okay that's the lecture of the day.
And besides when all else fails.....have some of this stuff....it's an amazing elixer

Monday, September 22, 2008

New York Yankee Stadium Farewell

I had a great evening last night so induldge me here people.

After dinner I went up stairs to the HD Television and the stadium seats and got all comfy.
I watched hours upon hours of the Farewell to Yankee Stadium. I didn't come down from that high and was unable to sleep until 4pm and got up at 6:30a. It's gonna be a long day my friend!

I saw my favorite Yankee of all time and it made me cry.
I know what the hell is wrong with me right?
My hubby could only touch my arm - he knew it was coming.
I uttered my favorite phrase that I would utter when my favorite Yankee came to the plate or did something wonderful. Usually yelling at the TV, clapping and acting like a general fool. His little face will always make me smile!
I started this around '96 and it always made my hubby laugh. " Bernie, I want to have your babies, Williams."

Rick was laughing, "I haven't heard that in a long time! I missed that"
Truth be told I miss saying it, I miss him playing and I just miss him! Number 51.
I didn't like the way his departure was handled. I didn't want him to leave the game anymore than he wanted to leave the game. I thought how the Yankee's handled it was horrible. But then if big ole George "The Boss" was not in dementia and poor health it would have been handled with the respect and dignity that it warranted. But the fans did what we fans do - we showered him with love and he got the biggest and longest ovation and applause and cheers of the night. I saw the tears well up in his eyes so he felt all the love.

I don't know what is going to happen in the next 85 yrs in the new stadium. I can't fathom a greater legacy but I can only hope. Whether you hate them or love them like me you can't deny the dynasty or the names. Even if someone isn't into baseball if you ask them to name a ball player 90% of the time it will be a Yankee.
As Joe DiMaggio once said, "I'd like to thank the good Lord for making me a Yankee."

I feel that way about being a fan.

Bernie Williams, #51

Friday, September 19, 2008

Are you a TV person?

There are 3 types of people
1. TV People
2. Anti-TV People
3. People who proclaim they don't watch TV but have them in every room of their homes and HUGE ones at that.

I happen to be the 1st. I have always loved television even when it was only 3 stations and no remote control. (gasp!) Anybody out there even remember those days?

I have a neighbor who always says, "Oh we don't watch much tv except PBS, we like to do other things." As though me being a tv watcher is so pedestrian and white trash of me. I point out to them all their tv's. He has a TV the size of a small car in his great room. A tv in the bedroom, and a tv in his kitchen and living room. Why do you need so many TV's if you don't watch much? Why is that considered so awful? His response was they like to watch movies. So apparently watching movies is so much more high brow.
As my sister would say, "oooh smell me"

I read more books that most people I know. I should have asked him if he's read anything besides the internet in the past year. I could have gotten all snobby on his ass. I read on average 20 a year. I like biography's, history, ficton, humor and even political. I manager to find time to plant in my garden, travel, work, blog, remodel my homes, go out with friends and family and still watch tv. So it's not like I'm only watching tv or that I am an idiot. I guess for some reason the high brows find this all distasteful. So I will be distasteful then - no surprise!

I remember when I was very very young I would like to watch movies after school.
The old black and white hat movies I call them. Everyone was always wearing a hat. Check it out now when you see one. There isn't a frame without someone in a hat.
I still love those old movies from the 40's and 50's. Nothing better on a winter Sunday afternoon than to curl up and watch one of my favorites come on with Cary Grant or Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn. I used to come from school when my mom was sick with cancer & we would watch an afternoon movie together. That was the time of day she got a visit from the in home nurse who gave her a shot and she was to lie down for a while. After my mom died it was something I did to escape. The stories made me forget what was going on in my little world. It was my friend. It was comfort. And it was something that me and mom did and it made me feel good. Who knows maybe that is why I like TV. Maybe it's just because I love to escape. Who knows I just like TV and wish I could get paid to watch it. I think it's just as simple as that.

Right now I am so addicted to Mad Men. (sunday nights at 10pm on AMC)
If you haven't seen it yet it would be very hard to catch up so I highly recommend finding season one on DVD. They did a marathon not too long ago on AMC and that got my husband up to date. He too is enthralled with this show.
The women's clothes crack me up. The sexual harrassment, the old boys club, the racism, the smoking and my favorite is the drinking all damn day at work.

Think about it - you win an account you walk into your peers or supervisor's office and tell them and celebrate with a cocktail.....at 1pm in the afternoon. Lunch is always served with booze. A 3 martini lunch and then back to work you go, wobbley but back to work you go. How did any work even get done is what I want to know.

After 2 martini's I am drunk. 3 martini's will normally have me horizontal. I can just see my emails and conversations at that point. Oh no. Although the honestly would flow.....tee hee. I imagine I wouldn't have my job for very long. But then again, in that era the women were only secretary's and they didn't get to drink their lunches.

Mad Men is set in the early 60's in case you aren't watching it. It's a facsinating look at how far our world has come in so many ways. Yet startling to see how we've gone backwards in some ways.

Next week the new TV season begins and my tivo is set. As you can tell I look forward to this, now if only there will be something good to watch.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I've been asked more than once why I say my mantra is "I hate people" They think I can't really feel that way. I have a lot of friends who say that I am not that person so I shouldn't say it. Okay I really may not hate them as much as I hate their behavior but I sure as hell don't like 'em. I never fail to be disappointed in people. The small minds, the evil things they do or say, the bigotry, I could go on and on.

There are some things that people spend their time doing that I can never wrap my little head around. I have endless examples but today I will share with you one that just happened to a friend.
Those rat bastards who commit fraud on helpless people....can we please publically flog them again like the old days? Please? God that would feel good.
How about we have them use their computer skills to make a website of their pictures and names so the world could see these little peckerheads.

Is there a name bad enough to describe these low life humans? Taking advantage of people who are less educated or old and confused or those that don't speak your language and to then pounce on them like they are your prey is the definition of a scum bag. How do these people sleep at night knowing they have caused harm to others or hurt them financially and emotionally? I just can't wrap my head around these things.

Last night while my hubby and I were out we got a voicemail from my cleaning woman, Olga.
It was late when we picked up the message so I called her this morning to see what was up.
I thought she was going to tell me she couldn't come this week. Instead when I called her this morning she was in a state of panic and talking so fast it was difficult for me to understand.

You see, Olga is from Mexico. Olga is now an American citizen but her English is still worse than Desi Arnez was on I Love Lucy. She gets important words confused sometimes and her English writing skills are very poor....worse than her English. She does make me laugh some times when she confuses or mixes up words that are close to the same meaning but just not quite.
At the beginning I had gotten pretty pissed at her when she told me something and then come to realize she was using the wrong word and that 1 word sure as hell made a difference in that whole sentence and it's meaning. We laugh about that story even today - 6 yrs later.

Olga needed my help this morning. I asked her to slow down and start at the beginning.
She was listening to the radio in the car while running errands. This station is broadcast in Spanish. They had a contest and the caller who could answer this correctly won 3 trips. Now that probably sounds fishy to you right immediatley - it did to me - but I think the fact that this station is in Spanish she has a comfort level that she wouldn't have on an English speaking channel. Olga called in and won. They asked for her phone number and said they would call her back to verify. She repeatedly told me she has never called this type of thing before....but it only takes one time as we all know.

She was so excited with the thought of her win. She thought that she and her husband could take a trip or visit familiy over the holidays. By the time they called her back she was thick into multi-tasking and she was now in the grocery store. They asked her for her credit card number which she gave them. IMMEDIATELY she realized she shouldn't have done that and she said, "I change my mind and I do not want the winning trips" They told her it was too late she has been charged $66.00 per trip and then $250 per day and taxes. She kept telling them she didn't want it. She asked to speak to a supervisor and of course this man (Mr. Canales) got rude but got another person on the phone. The so called supervisor (Mr. Hernandez) told her that it was too late to change her mind her credit card had been charged. She was hysterical at this point. They tried to tell her they were legitimate by telling her - "We have a website, here it is, go look and see for yourself. We are in Miami." Like having a website makes you legit.
They would not refund her credit card and told her to look for a package in the mail. She would enjoy her trips and her stays all at 5 star hotels and resorts. They impressed upon her to open the package when it arrives and the rest of that conversation she doesn't remember all that clearly. My first thought was DO NOT OPEN THAT PACKAGE. I told her to send it back RETURN TO SENDER unopened.

By the time she got home she was a basket case and her husband was none too happy with her.
He kept telling her that he saw something like this on CNN and people lost their house. By the time I called her this morning she was convince she was going to lose everything they had worked hard for. She was crying.

We called her credit company, which she had done last night but they didn't understand what she was doing and she only spoke to customer service. They told her to wait until she got a bill and she could dispute. So together we did a 3 way call this morning and we spoke to the fraud dept. We got her card closed down and an investigation began. We then called a credit bureau company and had a fraud alert attached to all 3 credit bureau companies on her reports. But she was still very much shaken up and not completely convinced this was enough.

After we did these calls I went over what each one meant 1 more time. She wrote down all the confirmation numbers and people we spoke to. (I have a copy of all of this as well)
Then she said to me, "Peggy I have one more favor to ask you. Could you please call the TV station, the 7 on your side people to do their investigation?" I laughed and said that was a good idea but I don't think we can just call them or need to for you to get this taken off your credit card. She would have none of that. She watches that segment on the evening news religiously and she knows you have to email them from their website. Because her writing skills are lacking she wanted me to do this for her. I actually have to admit that I felt silly doing this but it meant the world to her. Ah, the power of TV.

So I wrote to 7 on your side to have them investigate to see if this is indeed a scam. Perhaps they could look into the radior station, which by the way, Olga tried to call but got no where.
It was interesting to me that this was on an all Spanish speaking station. The people who called her were spanish speaking as well. But when explaining all of this it was done in English and she was getting confused.

So how do these people sleep knowing they deliberatly are ripping off a nice hard working woman? People who they know will be confused like the elderly or the people who's first language is not English. They knew darn well that the "winner" would feel comfortable with this group and then they could then pounce on them.

Could they use their bilingual skills to help people like Olga? Sure but what fun is that to a scum bag? Could they use those skills to teach immigrants to read, write and speak the English language? Hell yes, but then who could they rip off, the elderly are getting smarter. Could they assist the new citizens in voting for the first time? Sure they could but why would they want to do that because a new president may make tougher penalties if they are caught?

This all falls under the cateogory of my mantra....please repeat after me.....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Working in a construction Zone

My home office is what was once my husbands work space. He worked from home, or worked "virtual" for years. His office reflected him. He has fishing pictures and fishing motif everywhere. He picked out the colors and everything in it were his choices.
But now I use this office for our business & I spend more hours in this office than one should have to spend in any one place and it just isn't working for me.

There is not a lot of light in this room so I really needed the office furniture in a new arrangement. I wanted the windows behind me to bring light in over me and onto the work surface. While I enjoyed looking out the windows during the day it was not giving me the best use of the light. So what started as rearranging the furniture became a big undertaking.

I really never liked the colors and I really don't like the fishing paraphenalia. But it was his office and when we moved in I told him to make it his own. He sure did. But now he's never in that office I am and well I'm not that thrilled with the arrangement and the whole darn thing.

So I said one day to my hubby that I would really like to remove the carpet in the office because it is tough on the chair, with moving it around and it just looks horrible. I even mentioned that perhaps we could think about doing something different in there.
He immediately said, "you know it's looking tired. I think it's time." I about dropped my martini....but realized that was good gin and that would be stupid. Instead I put it down and ran to hug him. 'LOOKING TIRED?" My God he has been paying attention to me over the years when I do my decorator speak. Who knew? I always thought when his eyes glazed over or he was looking at the World Poker Tour on TV that he wasn't really hearing me. Do you think he really could be listening to me after all? Oh hell, who am I kidding, he must have heard that phrase from a customer because I have other solid proof that he just doesn't listen to me when I am talking to him about such things! But he does spoil me and I think that is what he's doing because I know he could live in total squalor and be happy as a pig in squalor. This undertaking is more about him giving me what I want and I'll just happily go along with that.

Last weekend we ripped out the carpet, down with the fishing border and fishing pictures and moved out all the furniture we could without totally disrupting my work day. This past weekend we put up the measured and cut wainscoting and primed and painted it all. It looks pretty darn good. I even got to use the power nailer. Now that is a great & fun tool. (I don't do saws, I know I'll be like some demented high school shop teacher with a few missing digits. I like my rings so I want my fingers.)

This weekend we will be putting in the new bamboo flooring. Right now I am working on the sub floor which I don't recommend. I have to wear shoes to work now, which I don't normally do, because I got a sliver in my foot from the sub floor and that was a bitch.

I have office equipment and office stuff everywhere. I keep bringing things back in that I have no where to put right now but I need them to do my job. It's crazy. One very small office sure did house a lot of shit. I am amazed by how much stuff is all over our bedroom piled up because I have no place for it right now until the shelves are done or whatever. I have a fax machine sitting on the steps. It's crazy right now and it's not a great way to work but the end results should be worth it. Isn't that what everyone says who is remodeling something?

My own personal Bob Vila will be building me a book case to house office necessaties with some new areas for my printers. It is such a small space but I can't wait to see it when it's done.
I really am looking forward to the point that I refer to as the "fluff'.
The window treatments and the prints on the wall etc.

I forgot to take before pictures. I remembered when we had already torn out the carpet and border and by then it was in total disarray with the bottom half of the walls primed. So I have almost before pics and now mid-way through....waiting for the after pic and I will post it for ya'll to see.

In the mean time I am working my husband to exhaustion. He told me Sunday night that he was looking forward to going to work on Monday to relax. That made me laugh.
Ya gotta love a man who spoils you!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What a Croc

I have resisted the shoe called Croc's admantely for a several years.
They belong in a catagory of ugly that there isn't even a name for as yet.
They are, however small, a bit better looking than a Birchenstock sandal.

There is nothing uglier than a woman in a birchenstock sandal. Nothing. Period. End of sentence. There is no agrument.
They make you look like you have flat feet and cankles. Who wants cankles?
Then add them with socks.....and well my head could just about explode.

When I lived in Seattle that is all you saw on men and women. Women tend to be schleppy in Seattle anyway and fashion forward is not their thing. But to me those ugly ole Birchenstock sandals were like nails on a chalkboard and I vowed I would never be caught dead in them.
In Seattle there was another phenomenon....birchenstocks and socks. Yes that is correct. Now you all know you have an Uncle out there wearing his plaid bermuda shorts with his black socks and a pair of sandals and you cringe when he shows up wearing that look at the family picnic. Well in Seattle there are a million Uncle Bob's & Aunt Judy's wearing that look out and about-wearing socks with their birchenstocks. I say, "put on a pair of shoes people" I mean isn't that why you wear sandals to let the tootsies "breathe?"

When I moved back east I was relieved to find that those sandals were not out in public in the same way as they were in Seattle. Women here were more into their Prada, Nine West, Farragamo shoes and were much more concerned with fashion than comfort. You'd be hard pressed to find any woman wearing socks with sandals and only an occasional Uncle at your family picnic would a man show up like that. Think Carrie from Sex in The City - she wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of birchenstocks let alone with socks, thank you very much. I felt the same way.

Then it happened a new revolution of plastic took over the world. CROCS.
I saw them on chef's on the food network. I saw them everywhere they began to take over the world. They were on adults of all ages, sizes, and demographics. Women who were lovely and dressed well....not just the schleppy. Kids of all ages in colorful plastic shoes and with jibbitz.
I could not understand the appeal. They looked as though you had on flippers at the end of your feet. They made them look so wide. And wouldn't they make your feet sweat and smell with all that plastic?

I was in the lobby of a very nice hotel in Chicago last summer when a gorgeous woman sat down next to me to wait for her party. She had on a pair of colorful Crocs. I just had to ask.
"Excuse me do those make your feet sweat? They look like they would."
She laughed and looked at me and said, "No, you'd think so wouldn't you? They are the ugliest damn shoes I've ever seen but they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned and they are great for walking around the city." She continued with, "I rebeled when all my friends were wearing them and I never thought I would be the type of person sitting here telling you to buy them because you will be surprised." And off she went to tour the city in her comfortable shoes. I got a blister and an infection so who was the fool?

While at the lake I saw them all lined up in all their colorful glory in one of my favorite stores.
I was mesmorized by the bright colors or maybe something hit me over the head. Whatever it was something else took over me. I picked them up and tried them on. Hmmm....not bad. The woman next to me said, "they are as comfortable as they are ugly....and they float."
So I picked up a red pair and bought them.

When I got home my husband looked at my feet and said, "What in the hell are you wearing? And more importantly what did you do with my wife?"
Ha! "They float" I said. He laughed so hard he had to sit down.
He said, "They really are ugly and they make your legs look squatty." I said is "squatty" even a word? And besides I'm only 5'1"1/2 how long can my legs really look?"
So now I'm defending these ugly comfortable shoes....go figure. (What next voting for McBush?)

I wore them on the boat. I wore them in the water as water shoes. ( and she's right they do float)
I have worn them while gardening. I have worn them while washing the car. I do not wear them in public per se. I do not shop in them & I have not worn them with socks.
I admit they are the most comfortable shoes ever. So what did I do this summer? I bought Croc flip flops. OMG! Yes, I have seen the light. I am now ONE OF THOSE.

They now have a line of YouCrocs. Oh. My. God. They are fashionable shoes that are crocs where they need to be....inside. High heels with extra cushioning on the balls of your feet and heel. Boots, shoes and all things pretty with high heels. I am in love. These I will wear in public.

So I have seen the light. I am a reformed ugly shoe wearer.
But I will never ever wear socks with sandals.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Vacation Hangover

It took us both 3 full days to get into “vacation mode”. To learn to relax, not worry about work, to just be able to sit and be still without moving all the time at break neck speed.
Now leaving “vacation mode” is just as difficult. What do you mean I can't have a gin & tonic at 11am?

Here is what I learned on my summer vacation.

1. I am selfish in my part on global warming
2. I can never ever retire completely
3. I can drink at any hour of the day.

#1 - The lake water is way down. There are people who no longer have water at the end of their docks. Thankfully we don’t fall into that category. There have been water restrictions this summer and they are in dire need of rain in that part of the country. Did that stop me from whining about the much needed rain all week while hurricane/tropical storm Fay sat over my house? NO. I complained about my lack of tan, boating and sunning. Spoiled brat that I am.

#2 & #3 - I realized that not having anything to do for several days is not good for me. We caught up on much needed sleep and after that it was like now what? I guess those that have called me a type A personality may have been partially correct. I like to be doing something. I like structure and very well see now that I need it or else I am doing things that aren’t necessarily good for me. I realized that if that is what retirement is going to look like then I am headed for AA and a fat farm during my golden years.

I did read 2 books, I took rum naps, I played cards, I ate too much junk and I watched too much TV & laughed a helluva lot with my husband. Literally fits of giggles on any given afternoon. Could have been the pina colada’s or the strawberry daiquiri’s that my husband makes that are so incredibly strong but yummy…..but who cares it was a riot! We ate more than normal too because we were stuck in the house all the time. Here was a typical day while it was raining cats and dogs…..Breakfast on the deck with our favorite coffee. Then at 11am my husband would ask if I wanted a drink? “Didn’t we just have breakfast I’d ask?” He’d responded with, “So? Do you have anywhere you have to be?” Well, damn good point & no I don’t mister so pour me a stiff one pronto. (Boy I’m easy) But 2pm I’d be shit faced and hungry as hell. Did we make healthy lunches then? Hell No.. We would eat junk food like my famous spicy homemade popcorn (no nuked shit for me!) which must be eaten with a cold beverage, beer or gin are very good with this food. Then of course a drunken nap in the hammock while listening to the rain was in order. (screened in area) Then when we woke up we’d begin the process all over again.

See what I mean? I will have to continue to work just so I am not an old retired fat drunk!