Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday from hell

What a Monday I am having.
I had this “growth” on my eyelid removed this morning @ 8am. I had it done early because I wanted to be back in the office by 9am.

Dear Lord is it killing me right now. First of all I had it removed 10 yrs ago and the little fucker came back. I had no issues last time. Nada. Had it removed drove home. Stitches melted away. No big deal. No pain, no swelling, no bruising.

Well let me tell you they found a way to make this a helluva lot worse in 10 years. Since when do medical procedures go backwards? As soon as they injected the stuff to numb me it began to swell and from the conversation the doctor was having with the nurse it was bruising right away as well. It feels so weird to feel your eye numb. Anyway I am lying there thinking, “Hmmm.....I have to drive myself home and if this swells a helluva lot more I believe I am going to have an issue. Sure enough it swells more so I now have to drive home with 1 eye. Like my driving isn’t bad enough with 2 hubby will attest. Thankfully I made it home safely.

Right now this fucker is burning and throbbing and just hurts like a bear. I’ll tell ya this was so easy last time that its hard to believe it's the same thing.
My God is it because I am 10 years older now? I can’t take much more of this throbbing and I have a high tolerance for pain. I may have to start medicating here soon. Not always good while working and talking to customers.

But on a good note my rotator cuff is healing quite nicely. As of this weekend I can now lift my arms over my head. Yipee! See what happens when you’re old?... you get the biggest thrill from having use of your limbs. My sad pathetic life....God it’s come to this - I'm writing about my ailments. What next, eating dinner at 4pm?

Biscuits and Kegs

Remember when I told you that I love going to our lake home but when I leave the home and go to town and are among the people is when I realize I could NEVER live here.
Oh it’s fine during the tourist season but right now just amongst the locals it’s a trip for this city girl.

Here are a few of the pictures I captured over the Easter Holiday. After being out and about I can’t wait to get back to my sanctuary on the water or go back up north. Now you'll see why I swear our IQ goes up many many points the minute we get back up here among people who have read a book since high school and who can spell license. (see photo)

Check these out....
I know I think guns when I think about having my taxes done!
And then biscuits and beer what a great combo....or did they spell biscuits wrong because they already hit that keg?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Weekend

Late yesterday afternoon we drove down to our lake home. It’s a 3 ½ - 4 hr drive for us. Hubby has a job today down in this area. He was asked if he would train someone about 30 minutes from here and how can you pass up coming down to our lake home and getting paid for it? I forward the office phones to here and bring the laptop and I can still work. It’s nice to work in a different environment. Although I must say in summer especially as I sit here and look out the window at the water and the boat I want to be out there instead of at the mercy of the phone and laptop. But then I remember that it could be worse and when I’m done I can walk down the back yard to the dock and have a cocktail while my feet dangle in the water.

Even a bad work day here is better than a bad work day anywhere else.
You know what else I noticed today?
I am sitting here at my kitchen table as a make-shift desk and looking at my surroundings.
Up north in the city we have a beautiful 3 level townhome. Mahogany wood floors and 12ft ceilings and nicely appointed for the most part. I love our townhome. Here our home is nice on 1 acre lot with 125 ft. of waterfront. We have lesser furnishings and I would say it's definiely a more modest of a home with fewer conveniences but here I am more calm and laid back than most days.

In the city we have all the conveniences that we have come to take for granted.
Little conveniences that I love like a garbage disposal, city water, garbage pick up, stores galore, Costco and people who know the value of time management.
Here I deal with a well so no garbage disposal, a drought last year that had us a bit concerned of a well going dry. We don’t have garbage pickup so every couple of days you have to drive to an assigned garbage area to drop off your garbage. (in summer you can find this place by the lovely aroma of garbage in 100 degree heat)
I miss any type of shopping that most of America is familiar with and God knows I have withdrawal during the summer months here for Costco.
The people here move slowly. If there is a word that means slower than slowly that would be the word I would choose. I don’t know such a word but everyone here doesn’t really pay any mind to a watch or the clock. This can make this city girl and her city hubby go crazy!

This morning I had an appointment for 10:30a.m. It’s already 11:30a.m. I bet they won’t be here until 2:00pm if I’m lucky at all. I called to reconfirm and they said I was the first appointment of the day so they should be here on time. Although they wanted to point out they have a 3 hour window. That made me laugh. 3 hour window and I am the very 1st appointment of the day. See what I mean? If they do show up at all that is more than most down here. We have made several appointments over the years for an assortment of contractors, landscapers, cable, phone, etc and most don’t show up and don’t call. When you call them they laugh in that slow way and say that “we’ll be there” as though my time means diddly shit. (take “slow” any way you want…mental or in rhythm) Usually we only have a couple of days here unless we are on vacation so we don’t have time for them to “get here”. Aaargh!

But having said all of that here is what I notice each and every time I get here.
My blood pressure lowers and my shoulders relax and I am so laid back (for me) and calm it’s like I’m in Jamaica and “every tings irie mon”.

I open the door,I drop my belongs on a chair and immediately walk out back and take in the lake air, sit on the porch and a calm just comes over me. I can not explain it but I so wish I was articulate enough to explain it to you all. As long as I just hang around my small slice of heaven I am a very happy camper. (going into town here frustrates me and makes my blood pressure go up but that’s another day ….)

See the picture on the right by my name? That is a picture of a bottle of wine floating here at the Lake. Yea, do a lot of that here. That view is from our cove off our dock. When I’m here I don’t care what clothes I am wearing but what bathing suit is dry or where my flip flops may be. When I’m here I don’t care about putting on my makeup just putting on my sunscreen. When I am here I don’t care if my window treatments need updating but how fast can I get in that hammock with a good book? When I’m here I don’t worry about what to make for dinner because neither of us care as long as we have ice for the cocktails. I have no cares here and that is so priceless.
But why can’t we take that home with us each time we leave? That’s what I wonder.

Today it is only 65 degrees so I am not sunning but I will be in the hammock later with something to read, a great beverage(wink, wink)and I think I hear a nap coming on.

Now if I can just get my hands on a Cadbury Egg - man the weekend would be complete.

Happy Easter Weekend Every body!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Yankee Day

I just had a full day of Yankee’s on Tuesday. I am a happy camper.
Still boycotting politics and keeping everything light and happy, happy, happy.

My boys of summer went to play an exhibition game down in Blacksburg VA at Virginia Tech yesterday and the only thing better for me is if I had been there.

It’s been written that within five minutes of watching the TV coverage, George Steinbrenner immediately called the team president with instructions to find out how the Yankees could help. The Yankees donated $1 million to a memorial fund for the victims, had a Virginia Tech night at Yankee Stadium and inquired about playing an exhibition against the Hokies as well.

At yesterday’s introduction prior to the start of the exhibition game VT announced that the Yanks know the Evil Empire as media likes to call them....were the first to call VT to offer condolences and ask what they could do.
VT spoke about how much that meant to Virginia Tech in their healing and how even the die hard Red Sox fans on the faculty had a different view of the Yankees and will forever after their generous show of support both emotionally, financially and the giving of their time.

The stadium was filled with over 5,000 people. Tickets were on a lottery basis. I know I tried to get tickets. I even tried Craig’s List and someone said he’d sell them to me but they weren’t letting anyone in without a VT photo ID did I have one? Ah, no. I called the school but they said No to any outsiders unless I knew someone. Nope, don’t know anyone. I was disappointed but realized this wasn’t for me but for the healing of the VT community. That is the lesson for the whole day and event.

I did find out yesterday that was streaming it live and for FREE. So I got to watch it live and that is pretty damn good too. Oh hell who am I kidding, I was giddy and it was great! Not the game certainly. I mean these are college kids playing Major leaguers so how good could the game be. But the whole feeling of it....The smiles all over these ball players faces on the VT team. I saw some of the interviews and they were so thrilled to be playing with major league players, let alone the Yankees. I actually was rooting for VT to hit a homerun or to rob Jeter from a base hit. I was watching the VT players when the Yanks would get to base – they would talk their ears off and it was so much fun to see.

I watched the fans get autographs and A-Rod playing in a "game show" of sorts with the VT dugout. There were emotional moments as well when they walked around the limestone memorials for each fallen student or professor. One had a Number 2 jersey next to it and Derek Jeter (2) was taken aback. This young man who was shot and killed was a Yankee fan from New Jersey and a student at VT. His finance put the Jersey there and asked Derek to sign it and could she get a picture of the "3" of them together. He said he would but she had to smile. She did. But they both had eyes welling up with tears and I did too watching it all take place.

Aah, the “Evil Empire” doing what they do best,bringing smiles and class once again to another situation.
As the baseball saying goes.....I live for this!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Happines and Puppies (in other words no politics)

Since I am avoiding the real world right now I thought I would share something that happened in a 2 week period and lasted over a month. This true story happened 2 years ago this month and still makes me laugh (poor hubby) and since I am avoiding all things not light and fun right now I thought I would share this with ya'll. Sorry for the duplication to those that lived it with me back then.

Hubby, being the ever supportive husband that he is just gave me permission to quit my job and leave us with 50% of our household income going out the window.(YIKES)
But since I was depressed, crying all the time, having heart palpitations and just plain being a bitch he may just have wanted me to shut up and quit bitching – but I digress, I want to believe he was being ever so know like me.

I had just been off work for just enough time to be able to sleep again and not think about work.
It was dark out and I was sound asleep when I heard a loud THUD. A thud that was distinctively my 6’2” hubby who is built like a linebacker falling to the floor. Being the sweet thing that I am I pretend I don’t hear this because damn it, I can sleep in today! But then the THUD begins to moan. So I say in my supportive wife voice, “Honey are you okay?” He whimpers back, “No” AH DAMN IT, I am going to have to open my eyes and get out of this warm bed ...son ofva bitch!

So I get up to find his naked ass on the floor. He is attempting to get up to the bed. So I assist him to the bed and he is withering in pain. I ask him what the hell he did (all the while mustering support but I just wanna go back to bed)
He tells me he has no idea. NO IDEA? You fall out of bed and you have no idea where this pain came from? Weren’t you fine when you went to bed?
He insists in his macho way that he can get up and shower for work. He tries to stand and gets right back to the bed.....a few times. He can not stand.
Finally he is able to hobble to the shower.
I suggest I drive him to work because this is his right leg – his driving leg for heaven’s sake.
But of course he’s a macho ass man who can not admit that he’s not 25 and invincible.
He will drive and kill himself to show me he’s just fine! Hey, as long as the life insurance policy is up to date then Hubby can go drive into traffic.

He comes home that evening and tries ice, tries heat, bitching, and then finally percocet and alcohol. The latter two seem to work best. I say, “How about I make an appointment for you to see an orthopedist?” “Oh let’s give it a few more days” he says.
As the ever obedient wife I immediately go upstairs to the computer and look for a doctor in our health care network.
The following day I make an appointment for my stubborn husband who is still insisting he does not need to see a doctor.
He whines for a week but secretly loves having my left over percocets with alcohol and acts like I don’t know it.
Yep he’s old, but not so mature just yet....but ya gotta love him.

Fast forward – He goes to the doctor and they give him a shot and comes home all cocky like it’s no big deal.
I don’t want to make him cry so I don’t tell him that this will not last forever – I mean I am the supportive wife right?

Now he thinks he is fine and indestructible. A week or so later he awakes to a throbbing big toe.
I see him limping into the shower in the morning as he gets out of bed. I ask what happened to you overnight for heavens sake?!
He says, “I don’t know but my toe is huge and red and it’s killing me”....”Look at it Margaret!”
Again attempting to be sympathetic and supportive I laugh. (bad margaret!)
But I recover by saying did this hurt before bed? No, was his reply.
Hmmm......that’s a head scratcher.

I’m thinking he has begun to hit himself after I fall asleep to steal more of my percocets.
BUT I am the ever supportive wife so I do not mention this.

He whimpers and limps for a week. On Sunday he can no longer wear shoes and I say for the 315th time that I think we need to go to the doctors or Urgent Care today. He fights me at first about this.
I know, I know, I should have told him they were giving out Vicodin and fishing lures at Urgent Care on Sundays between 1 – 3pm to the first 50 people in the door to lure him there.
But hey I said I was supportive not smart.

We get him to Urgent Care and he comes out with prescriptions in his hand and I think this will make him happy but he looks pissed off.
We get outside and he tells me he has Gout. For some reason I do not even fake support, I laugh uncontrollably because for some reason that sounds like something that an 80 yr old would have. They tell him to stop drinking. I laugh some more. I say, “can you still have drugs?” ha ha -he doesn’t see the humor in that because the drugs they gave him are not fun ones apparently and they only HELP the problem not take it away entirely. Oh I am gonna have a grouch on my hands I see. I will have to give him some more of my left over “candy” to keep him happy I see.

Good thing I have a very bad back. I don’t like to take drugs unless I am close to death and I get a ton of ‘em. I now believe that is the main reason he married me.
Sure he says a lot of sweet nothings every day but I said I was slow not stupid folks!!

Poor Old Man – he goes to bed feeling fine and now wakes up with injuries.
.....and being the supportive wife I am - I remind him of this every chance I get.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

It just keeps getting worse .....

It just gets worse doesn't it?
Listen for yourself - please!

I promise to stop reading the papers, the internet and watching the news.
I need to go towards the light and a happy place.
Delusion may be a good state to visit.
I promise!

The Stupid People are everywhere of late.

Have we gone back in time? Where everyone of late is racist, homophobic and just plain stupid? Is this 1950 where we are afraid of everything that is different? And lastly I ask you....why must everyone who doesn't get their way be a fuckin' victim?

I read this morning that numb nuts below said the following.

"I wish I were a black man," Ms. Ferraro told CNN's Wolf Blitzer. "That way, I could make all the racist comments about black men that I wanted to and no one would call me a racist."

Ms. Ferraro added, "As it is, being a white woman, when I make racist remarks about black men everyone accuses me of being a racist."

"This is why being a white woman totally sucks," Ms. Ferraro said.

The former New York congresswoman also said that she wished her middle name was 'Hussein,' explaining, "If my middle name was Hussein I'd be President by now."

WTF????? In the first place you want to make racist comments why?

If you hadn’t told me who said this I would have assumed Bill O’Reilly.

Oh yea, being a white woman sucks. Cry me a river. PLEASE.
She is a rich white woman how awful for her.
God how women like that fry my ass and ruin it for all legitimate feminist.
Save the pity for the abused woman, the single mom who was left with 3 kids to support with little financial security, the woman who is working a full time job along with her husband to feed, provide insurance and to be able to send her children to college and then still come home to a full time job of mothering, maid and wife. I will not feel sorry for this stupid woman named Ferraro with all the advantages of life. What a horrific statement. Let alone what being a black man in today's society is like. No comparision. NONE.

Maybe it’s so terrible for her because she is a gigantic stupid white woman!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Today's Super Idiot of the Day....the winner is

Today’s winner of Super Idiot of the day is amazingly not a repugnant republican; you know of the ilk of say Bill O’Reilly, but instead just an all around Basic Numb Nut Bible Thumping Holier than thou Idiot.
The award goes to.....(drum roll please) “Dr.” Laura Schlessinger.

Let me show you a bit of the Today’s show conversation here...
Meredith: Are you saying that women should feel guilty, like they somehow drove the man to cheat?

Dr. Laura Schlessinger: You know what, the cheating was his decision to repair what's damaged and to feed himself where he's starving. But yes, I hold women accountable for tossing out perfectly good men by not treating them with the love, kindness, respect and attention they need.

Oh my God is all I can say!

Former Governor Spitzer

While watching the Governor’s speech about his “unfortunate indiscretions” I was unable to stop watching his wife. What the hell was going through her mind?
For the life of me I do not understand why these political wives stand there looking so supportive and pained while their spouse has humiliated them in public. What do they have to gain from that? I know they love him but for God’s sake what the hell are they thinking they are proving by doing this? They are not running for office. To me that is such a bad example to show her daughters as well.

I think she could talk to her daughters about this pain and that she has decided that Dad needs to do this alone because it’s about his job right now. The job he does alone.
We as a family will deal with this incident privately. This way she is showing her daughters that this behavior is unacceptable and I am not willing to be treated in this disrespectful manner therefore you girls shouldn’t either. It also shows her daughters by example that this is a private matter that will be dealt with privately after he deals with his job and constituents. To me standing there staring at him while he makes his speech to his constituents gives her daughters, and all women, a bad message.

Look, I am not a complete cold hearted bitch. I get why you may want to repair your marriage, work on the issues at hand, eventually forgive him and stand by your man.
I could see myself doing all of that depending on what was done to me.
However for the life of me I do not get why she has to be there standing next to him.
As a public figure he owes this apology to his constituents. This is not the time for his wife to be there. That is private. She is not in office. He is. This is his job that he mucked up. Not her job. This has nothing to do with her as far as his job which is why he is there to begin with. Isn’t it bad enough that he has embarrassed his and her family already being all over the newspapers etc?

How many husbands do you think would do that for their wives? Okay maybe Bill Clinton since I believe their marriage isn’t real anyway. He would do it as a pay back for all the shit he put Hillary through and to continue their need to dominate the world. Power in numbers I guess is their logic....two against 1. It’s worked for them so far.

But most men would sooner have a swift kick in the nuts than stand there while their wife makes a fool out of them publicly. No man I know would stand by his wife after such an incident....I’ve been asking. I haven’t gotten a yes I would yet.
Oh he may stand by her in private. He may want to work on their issues. He may seek counseling. He may even stay and make the marriage stronger. But I doubt you’d find many men who would stand next to their wife as she apologized for using an escort service for sexual gratification in public and look at her loveingly and supportive. Their ego wouldn’t allow it and damn it neither should a woman’s.

C’mon Kathy (C.) – help me here.... am I wrong here?

Friday, March 7, 2008

This Friday's bullet points

**The phone book company called me back. A nice person this time.
They actually apologized for the problem as well as that lovely woman who called me earlier and went on to talk about how to fix it. Wow..offering a solution without the customer having to ask. Novel idea in the service industry huh?
At the end of it all I thanked him for his time, patience, and assistance in trying to get this rectified. And he actually said, "no problem that is what I'm here for." Holy shit I got service! Needed to tell you since I rant all the time about it. His name was Stephen and he works for the Verizon phone books in Northern Virginia. We love Stephen! Now that is the way it's done.

**I absolutely loved Larry David's take on Hillary Clinton picking up the red phone.
If you haven't read it you may just think it's as funny & sadly as true as I do.

**Is anyone watching Eli Stone? I must say that it's odd and quirky but I have grown to love it. Just thought I'd share.

**We have a damn chipmunk living in one of our huge pots on our terrace. I hate the little furry fucker. I want him gone. My hubby put out a trap and he sits NEXT to it on the bench. This morning while standing at the back door looking at the damn critter hubby says, "I think he's mocking me" That made me howl. But the shit is mocking us. Hopefully this weekend he can get it out of here. Since we are closed in with fences on either side of the town house it won't be easy. I don't think chipmunks or squirrels are cute....just rats with a furry tail. Rat bastards!

**Why are people allowed to have children? You have to have a license to drive but it's their right to have a child with no thought into this what so ever or license or training. This crazy ass woman took her 2 year old to a car wash and turned the power washer on her for disipline. Gee, what a surprise her skin peeled off. And this nut job woman is pregnant with another child soon on the way. Now last year I was having some gin and tonic's while power washing my deck at our lake house. (note to self: never do that again unless you are sober) I went over my foot by accident (in flip flops) and I let out a scream that brought the neighbors - an acre away. Let me tell you this wasn't just a "ouchie" this was a full fledged wound. It was a big open wound to fleshy parts I did not want to see inside my foot and it hurt like hell. So how the hell could you do this to the body of a 2 yr old?
To quote Bob Barker - Spay and neuter this woman STAT!!

**Still can't get these gorgeous diamond earrings in my right ear. Hopefully getting repierced this weekend. I want to wear this beautiful birthday gift.

**Don't forget to set your clocks ahead before you go to bed on Saturday. I hate that but at least it means Spring is here. YIPEE

Thursday, March 6, 2008

American Idol is awful this year isn't it?

Boy Idol is boring this year.
The men....I mean those that aren't genetically women.....I think are horrible.
The women....there are a few that I think have talent but it's not showing.
This season thus far is boring the hell out of me. God there is so much good music from each and every decade and they seem to pick the worst of each decade. And this so called rocker chick - she has to go. She is a cartoon character of a rocker. It's so not real to me.
And what the hell is up with Paula? The chick is one wacko short of Michael Jackson.

I am invited to another baby shower. Ah, Jeez is all I can say. Am I the only one who dislikes attending these things? Is it because I don't have kids? I mean I like kids - I especially love them from age 2 to 14.(then again after 18) But showers are so awful. All the ooohing and aahing over diaper bags and things that make my eyes roll into the back of my head. The dumb ass games - oh how I hate those games. Of course I will be the only person there without children so all the mommies will ignore me. My hubby thinks I should get credit for going to the first baby shower of hers a couple years ago and not have to go to this one. It doesn't work like that sadly. She's having twins this time around and we have to pay for the new clothing and extra items they need for 2 more children.

You know I have a new job where I am paid far less than before and I need a new car amongst a million other things. How about a shower for me? I need new things and I can have a registry too. Not at babies R Us but I am sure that Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel and William Sonoma have registries and come to think of it most departments stores do as well. I need a kicky new spring rain coat and some new clothes. I've lost weight and all my pants and shorts are too big for this season.
I can do a registry of gifts for me and my home.
I can make my friends bring me gifts that I have chosen so that it takes all the thoughtfulness of gift giving away and is completely and utterly a selfish act for the receiver.
Instead of stupid games we can just drink outselves silly and have a ton of chocolate and food. No one would be permitted to discuss poopy diapers or teething or any mommy chores. We will just be a bunch of fun broads having a good time.

I think I'm on to something here.....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The day after...

Feeling a big sad today.

Maybe 'cause my birthday is over.

Maybe 'cause America is so dumb they voted for Hillary in Ohio and Texas.
Now I knew Texas because fill in the blank you know why I don't need to say it.
But Ohio? Man I didn't think they were that dumb.
Then again maybe because my allergies are killing me and I'm a year older and I wish I was on a beach somewhere warm!

I got the most gorgeous 2 ct diamond earrings for my birthday yesterday.
Yup, 1 carat per ear. They are beautiful! They are in a "champage" setting.
Very nice. Hubby did good! (as he always does)
The sad thing about something so wonderful you ask? I haven't worn earrings in so damn long that my right ear is closed up. I can not get the earring to go through my right ear. I finally got an old pair of hoops with the thin wire through. I took that out all excited thinking that I would now be able to get my diamond studs in but NO. Still won't work. I assume I will have to have that ear re-pierced. Do they do that shit? I can't believe I finally get a pair of diamond earrings and I can't wear them! Figures though. Something tells me there may be a lesson there for me regarding the wanting of stuff and vanity.

Your thoughts?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Archaic Yellow Pages

Does anyone even use the yellow pages anymore? With Google and I can not imagine why anyone would use them to be honest with you. I know I never even open my phone books when they arrive – they go straight into the recycle bin.

My husband thought it would be a good idea to be listed in the phone book. There were 3 that he thought were necessary. I didn’t agree but since it’s his business I went along. Then the phone books arrived and we opened the books to be sure we were listed under the proper heading. Of course you have to figure with service being the way it is today that 1 of the books had to be incorrect....and it was.

Since I am the person who answers incoming calls into the business I deal with the issue that being in the wrong category can bring.
First off the average person using the phone book/yellow pages is older. They don’t use computers and generally are hard of hearing. (ok that can be a stereotype but it appears that those are the customers who call us) They find us under the heading of bathroom remodeling instead of bathtub reglazing. They call wanting us to remodel and redesign their bathrooms. We don’t do that and when I do tell them what it is we do they get angry. They ask why are you listed under bathroom remodeling then? So I must explain that this was an error that the phone book company made. I generally will get Gramps yelling at me for a few more minutes before he hangs up on me.

There is a fine line between educating someone to your services and pissing them off in this situation. I can sell my little heart out as to why they may need us and sometimes it really can work don’t get me wrong. But more often than not they know what they want and if they wanted my services they would have gone to that heading to begin with. If I push too far they are pissed off and that doesn’t bode well for our company either. So you must walk that tight rope since the phone book made this blunder.

I contacted the phone company to tell them of this error and they said they would have to “investigate this so called error” They would get back to me within 14 business days.
Investigate? I imagine them with their trench coat and magnifying glass combing through phone books. What the hell is there to investigate?

I got a call back today after 22 days (14 days in their world) and they tell me that the heading is “close enough” so there will be no reimbursement for their error. Close enough? She told me that if someone calls and they want their bathroom remodeled then I should just sell them on our services instead. When I told her that this has happened on several occasions and that Gramps gets a bit hostile when I tell him we don’t do what he is looking for. She began to tell me that this was an opportunity therefore I should be thankful and not expect a reimbursement.

Thinking like her for a moment then wouldn’t calling on Pizza Hut to have my General Tso Chicken delivered be the same logic? Pizza Hut could tell me they don’t sell General Tso Chicken but instead tell me about their menu and try to convince me I really needed a pizza and besides, it’s cheaper. But I want General Tso’s Chicken and that is all I’ve been thinking about all day so deliver me some Chicken damn it. It’s all a restaurant that delivers. Close enough right?

Who needs the damn phone book anyway.