Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Morning Blues

I've got the Monday Morning Blues.

  • The Sox won the World Series. Not only is that hard for me to say out loud but to even type it, I get nausous. Yes that is enough to make one jump off a ledge. Oh God.
  • We got our first frost last night and when my feet hit the floor this morning I actually let out a tiny yelp. Had to turn on our heat this morning as I wrapped my cold hands around my warm coffee cup. It's only October what the hell is happening? It's suppose to be in the high 60's right now.
  • A-Rod is leaving the Yankees and something tells me this is the beginning of the end of many great players leaving. I am heartbroken and have a terrible feeling I am going to feel like this for awhile this off season.

I think I'm going back to bed....may be all of this is just a horrible dream.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I am glued to the TV watching these fires. I imagine like most folks are.
I can not fathom the fear this would invoke. All of it is just too much.

What I found so interesting last night is that it appears to have happened to white upper middle class and above. When they showed all the people at the stadium in San Diego the newcasters wanted to point out over and over again how it was a "fun" place to be. They had everything they needed. Then he showed a woman who said that they had so much food and water that they didn't know what to do with it all. (then give to those that don't have everything like the City Mission - duh! bragging about your riches really bugs me)

None of this sat well with me. I turned to my husband and asked, "is it me or are they putting a spin on this that is not the reality or to prove that a lesson was learned from Katrina and they are indeed in need of nothing?"

I so want to believe that "we" learned our lesson. However I don't believe that to be the case. Am I being cynical? Perhaps. But perhaps the fact is that they are not showing a full picture. Perhaps if this happened in South LA there would be no more food and fun at the stadium. Perhaps if it had happened in Compton no one would come put out the fires. Perhaps if in a poor community of LA instead of Malibu or San Diego or Orange County the warnings of evacuating wouldn't have been so quick and swift.

I know, I know, there are still hardships and having no fire trucks anywhere near you when you see the fire in your back yard has to be so damn frightening to say the least. My friend who lives in O.C. said that they can see the fire about 1/2 mile away and there were no fireman, fire trucks, no planes overhead. How scary is that? No help and not even from the National Guard who normally are on our land to protect us - but where are they? Iraq for GW doing his dirty deeds.

I hope that I am indeed just cyncial and we all learned our lessons from Katrina. But with this administration it is hard to believe that they can get anything right other than patting each other on the back, deflecting, lying, and controling the media.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Ramblings

The weather here is nuts. Hot, humid and a whole two minutes of rain. Doesn't much help the drought I'd say. I wish we could get 2-3 days of a nice steady cool rain. Is that so much to ask for in October - cool weather? Like 65 degrees would be swell. Seriously I did say swell didn't I? Well it would be swell to wear a sweatshirt in October, not shorts and a T-shirt and have my air conditioning on. Damn Global warming......oh wait the administration thinks that's all phooey....and we know how smart this administration is so they must be right. Yea, Halloween wearing shorts is what we all remember here in the east.

Joe Torre today was a class act in his press conference. Telling us all why he walked away from the 1 yr offer. But what else can he be but a class act? I love that man. I love that he never utters a negative word about those that didn't treat him well....and he could. He was treated like shit and I love that he rose above it all with dignity and class and told the Steinbrenner's and Levine to shove it up their to speak.. by not taking the contract. Go Joe. He would have been a fool to take what they were offering because it would have meant they had no faith in him. How could a man or a person with any pride do that? I believe they did it knowing full well that it was a slap in the face and that he would refuse it. Cowards! They would rather have the fans think Joe walked away vs. them being the bad guy. But we fans aren't stupid. If he had taken it I would have been thrilled for myself of his return but my God it would have disappointment me that he would have thought so little of himself. I will miss him and God knows the Steinbrenner's will wait and see.
He reminds me so much of my Uncle Angelo and my hubby. A quiet steel reserve of a strong man who is a big marshmellow. Who is not afraid to cry in public and say wonderful things about his family and friends. They don't make 'em like that anymore. He deserves to toot his own horn but he doesn't. It's always a we mentality and it's always from his heart. He is straight up no chaser without having to be hurtful or mean. Doesn't get any better than that. If I had a son that is what I would want him to be like. But then I am married to a man just like that so I guess that explains Mr. Torre's appeal to me. Where are those type of men these days? I don't know any other than my hubby and Mr. Torre. They are a dying breed indeed. (my Uncle has since passed too)


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Right brain vs. left brain

I sent this link to my friends and all say it goes either clockwise or counter clockwise.,21985,22556281-661,00.html
I found it did both. Hubby says I’m nuts and need a padded him it only goes clockwise. Then I find that 2 of my friends think the same thing as me and they see it go both ways. So are we 3 nuts or are we the ones who are completely enlightened? Hmmm......

Hubby wants to learn Spanish/Mexican whatever.
Every time that damn Rosetta commercial comes on he talks about us either taking a class or ordering these tapes. Everyone including the cleaning woman speaks spanish and we should learn he says.
I just feel it would be easier if they learned English.
I am old and don’t think I can do it.

Besides I do know another language other than American English and that’s Italian.
None of which I can say around those that know Italian but it serves me well in frustrated situations or when I want to refer to someone in front of them and not have them know what it is I am saying about them.

When I was growing up I heard my mother speak Italian all the time. Sometimes when I asked what she was saying she would tell me. But I didn’t find out until I was years older that most of the time she was lying to me. She was either swearing or calling someone something that wasn’t appropriate. My sister and I have come to find out she was even swearing at us at times. Who knew? For some reason I find that funny now as an adult. As kids we used pig latin, in my household my parents used Italian to talk so the kids didn't know what was being said. I bet your parents spelled huh?

My mom always told my sister and me to never say, “shut up” to one another or anyone it wasn’t polite.
“We don’t say shut up to one another, we say please be quite.” My mom said a phrase to my sister and I often when we were arguing over whose turn it was to do the dishes, or her stuff being on my side of the room. My mom would get us quiet by saying something that I couldn’t spell for the life of me here. But we knew it meant to be quiet and stop what we were doing INSTANTLY.

My mom died when I was 13. I found out at age 22 that the word she always used was shut up in Italian. For some reason that still makes me laugh.

Oh how I learned the hard way. I learned that the word she used in frustration was actually fuck you or a variation of and once while playing old maid’s with my cousins I said it. I swear to you my mother’s feet didn’t touch the floor as she flew into the room to slap me and put soap in my mouth for using that word. I didn’t even know what it meant. But I was frustrated, I was the Old Maid 2 times in a row and she said it when she was frustrated...and I was now frustrated.

I was watching Rachel Ray the other day and she kept calling her dish cloth a word in Italian that I had heard for many years by various people in my family.
I smiled because I knew that word. It was actually slang. My mom said it all the time. But did the audience watching know what she was actually talking about? I felt a sense of accomplishment like I had actually done something worthy of such pride.

Right then I realized I did indeed know another language.
So tell my husband to back off I don’t need anymore classes or tapes.
My brain is full.
There are only so many swear words even I can use.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Nyquil Float

Okay it's been awhile and here are a few things that have been keeping me busy.

Husband is doing better.....lung infection has been kicking his ass but he is improving and I couldn't be more thankful about that!
My parents have become my kids and it is so damn stressful.
The weather is wreaking havoc on my allergies and I am feeling miserable!

I actually went to bed last night at 8:15pm and I'm tired right now. Go figure.
I don't think I've done that without being drunk or 6 yrs old. And since I was not either you know I was feeling rough. I woke up a bunch of times through out the night to cough or try to be comfortable on this damn torn rotator cuff but always managed to get back to sleep for a little bit.

Tonight may require Nyquil so that I won't wake up and cough. You know if I could I'd put a big scoop of ice cream in my Nyquil and I could feed 2 addictions at once. See, I'm always matter what they say.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Hey I found something that is good about being 50. I turned on my tivo’d to watch Ellen last evening while making dinner. Rita Wilson was a guest and she said how she loves the freedom of really saying what she feels now at 50. It feels like she has been given the right to do so. The story she told was hilarious and I could so relate. I also realized she was spot on, it is freeing and something changed for me at 50 as well in that regard.

So there ya go.....A great thing about being 50.... The freedom to speak your mind because you feel you have earned it. Amen sister!

When I find more positives I’ll let you know. In case any one is counting that is like 150 to 1. Okay 150 to 2. Being alive certainly counts as 1 even if limping, sagging, wrinkling and being in pain right?

I am buried with work today and it’s sunny outside my window......I’m distracted.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Dr. McDreamy

Okay it’s official I will be unable to pitch for the Yankees. And God knows they need pitching!

After months of aggressive physical therapy otherwise known as pure torture that is considered legal – Hey GW gets away with it.....I am surrendering and having the surgery.

I can not sleep for more than an hour. I can’t find a place of no pain. It really does suck.

I was told I have to wear a sling for the first 4 weeks after surgery and not drive. I asked my oooh so cute young doctor when he told me I couldn’t drive during my sling wearing days that I thought that was rather obvious. He laughed and said, “Yes you would think so wouldn’t you?” So I guess it isn’t common sense to most to assume you can’t drive while wearing a sling. But as we all know if sense were common more people would have it.

So I got to thinking about the surgery on my right shoulder. Oh not the pain part, or the rehab after it, or the actual arthroscopic surgery part but the really, really important things like...... Who is going to blow dry my hair? I don’t have the kind of hair that is wash and wear. Will I have to wear a baseball cap for 4 weeks for heaven’s sake? I can’t go out in public like that. Who will put on my make up? Oh my, if my husband tries to assist with makeup I will end up looking like a tranny or Tammy Faye. Who will drive me to the nail salon? I can not use my left hand for anything more than typing so this will be a very ugly 4 weeks I see coming my way.

Oh but on an up note – there will be pharmaceuticals. :-)
And I also get to see my doctor a few more times.
Hubby thinks I hurt myself on purpose because I told him that the young orthopedic surgeon I am seeing is a hunk-a-hunk-a burning love. Oh ladies (and some boys) this man is so good looking. He is tall, muscular, tan, fit and blonde. Hummina hummina hummina is really all I can say about that.

So if you are going to be in pain and need a physician he is McDreamy. My very own Dr. McDreamy.

Now if only my physical therapist wasn’t a mean old woman!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Much better day.....sort of

What an amazing day!
I got to see a friend from Seattle that I haven’t seen in a few years whom I adore. I finally got to meet her partner which was long overdue and she too is wonderful and a perfect fit for my friend Jamie! Ah, ain’t love grand? I love it when you see it and it’s working. Love ‘em.

While we’re on good news, the company who sent my husband and I that awful tech to repair our refrigerator called today to apologize to us and tell us that when they return with the new parts next Thursday they will be sure not to send Mr. Cranky Pants. Halleluiah!

On a sad note I am wearing a black arm band today to show my mourning for my Yankees getting their asses handed to them on a plate last night. My Yankees lost last evening to a great Cleveland Indian Team who were tenacious and who so out pitched us it was sad. What the hell has happened to Wang? Was it pressure of the playoffs? (Well he is only 1 person there were a lot more issues than just him in pitching that is for sure.)
I’m also wearing it because my team will be dismantled from what I read and I can’t handle it. Why must Joe go? He wasn’t pitching for God’s sake? God how I dislike like Steinbrenner! And A-Rod, now that he is finally saying things like “we”, and “the team” instead of me, me, me and I, I, I, all the time he is going to leave us? And Marino, Jorge, oh no the thought of no Jorge is enough to send me to the doctor for antidepressants. (hip hip Jorge! love him!)
Let’s hope my boys can come out of this unscathed as possible with ole George at the reigns.

Now if only Cleveland can kick some Boston Ass big time so I can root for Cleveland in the World Series my month would be complete!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Mr. Cranky Pants

Oh it just kept coming at us on Friday.
It's not like my Friday didn't start off badly with the doctor's offices and my fear of my husbands health but then I had to deal with Mr. Cranky Pants.

I came home on Wednesday night with several bags of groceries only to open the freezer and find things melting. By the time Rick came home he discovered that the fridge was now only keeping things Cool vs. Cold. Rick was convinced it was the compressor. But since I don't know a compressor from a evaporator I decided to just look for my warrenty, receipt, and manual and see what we should do next. (My refrigerator is just under 5 yrs old.)

I called Amana to see about our warranty and service. I took copious notes and asked the young woman’s name. I repeated everything back to her that she told me. She agreed with everything I said and told me that the information was correct. Now the important part of all this is that she told me it would fall under warranty if it was a compressor, evaporator, dryer, door liner, etc. was the issue. She (Kathleen) stated that they would probably ask for $65.00 for a diagnosis fee or some fees and that if the technician did then I should call her back while he is there so she could talk to him because I should not have to pay for any fees because this is under warranty.

She made us an appointment and was nice enough to aplogize for the fact that they just couldn't have anyone out to our home until Friday. I said I'd take it....and she said I had to sit at home from 8a – 5p to await the refrigerator repair man. Okay so you do what you have to do but pray to God he shows up sooner so you can get back to work and your life.

At 5:30pm we called Amana and asked if indeed someone was coming or was it to late and would we have to reschedule? They said he had several appointments before us but that he would definitely be there. Okay that was great to hear. My Gin that is kept in the freezer would be cold again for the weekend. YIPEE!

At 5:45pm we got a call that he was running late and we were indeed his next appointment after the one he was currently just begining to work on. Rick thanked him for calling to let us know and we would be here waiting for him. We actually think now that they probably called the tech a.k.a. Mr. Cranky Pants to see where he was and asked him to call us. Either way we were happy with that service!

At 6:45pm Mr. Cranky Pants rang our doorbell. I was just rounding the staircase and as I stood at the bottom step my husband opened the door. Rick being the ever cheerful warm guy that he is smiled & said, “Hello, welcome....” And as he was talking Mr. Cranky Pants pushed by his arm and walked through the foyer down the hall to the kitchen without more than a grunt. My mouth was agape and my husband and I looked at each other like what the hell just happened here? We walked into the kitchen and I said hello to which he said nothing and kept his back towards me. He just opened the refridgerator and never even looked at me once.

At this point Rick and I are both standing at the kitchen island looking back and forth at each other then at him at the fridge. I think we were both speechless at his behavior at this point and Rick rolled his eyes at me and that made me laugh. Then Mr. Cranky Pants looks at Rick and says, “What exactly is wrong with the refridgerator?” I thought that was odd but Rick knows so no problem. Of course Mr. Cranky pants says,"well we'll see." And not in a nice way but a swarmy rude curt way.

Mr. Cranky pants opens his laptop on the island and finally makes eye contact with me and says this is going to cost you did anyone tell you that? Now that sentence or question sounds harmless enough but I have to tell you he was saying it in such a rude nasty way that took both Rick and I off guard. I shared with him that I spoke to someone named Kathleen from his company. She told me that if you should ask for money or a check that I was to call your company because that was not the case here because this was under warranty and they could discuss it with you.

OMG that about sent Mr. Cranky Pants into orbit. His face got red and he was now screaming at us. I don't even mean talking louding I mean SCREAMING.....About what I don’t even recall at all – he was now a full blown lunatic!
We asked him to calm down but he was on a roll and he was bitching about the long day he’s had and the traffic and it’s 7pm now and he’s still working.
Okay that last one did it for me.

I said, “Okay Mr. Cranky Pants (insert his real name here) I have had to be home all day to wait for you first of all. You are late. You come into my home with an attitude from the get go. You were rude and when you were greeted at the door by my husband you pushed him aside and walked into our home like it was yours and he was an intruder. You never uttered a word to us even after spoken to. When we spoke to you, you either chose to ignore us or grunt and never once did you look at either one of us in the eye. I am sorry you had a bad day but by God that is not my problem. I have bad days all day long and this one isn’t getting any better but I didn’t take it out on you when you walked into my home did I? Now if you would just allow me to call your company we will work this out I am sure.”

He then went off on a tirade about the traffic and having to work this long of a day. And if I thought he was so rude he would leave right now and I could get someone else. He said this twice and I knew that is what he wanted to be off the hook.....not on my watch mister.

The wrath of Margaret was now here....Now the gloves were off with me and I say to him, “I’m sorry your day is long but that is YOUR JOB. Your customer only wants good service and your problems with your job you should bring up with your boss and not take out on your customers it is not their fault. I have been without a fridge for a day and half and am not happy but I am not taking it out on you. As for you leaving right now because we find you to be rude and cantankerous, well you are NOT getting off that easy. That would make you happy but You are here and YOU are dealing with this NOW. We have been waiting for 1 ½ days for you to show up. I am going to call your company now and I am sure we will get the money issue straightened out but you are NOT leaving and being let off the hook.” At which point my husband stood up and is nodding and smiling at me. Hubby is a big boy – Numb nuts is a small fry – hubby is a big teddy bear but if you don’t know him he can look intimating and it worked.

We called the company and got all of the money issues straightened out and then Mr. Cranky Pants got real nice after he got off the phone with them. Hmm...imagine that.

When Mr. Cranky Pants wanted to discuss or ask us something about the issue of the fridge he would only speak to my husband because he was “the man.” Even if I was there and Rick wasn't in the room he would call out for Rick. And each time my husband would tell him to tell or ask me – he did this on purpose because he could tell that this southern redneck felt that women should be seen and not heard.
See why I love this man? hubby is the best feminist I know.

Cranky Pants will be back this Wednesday and if he is nice he’ll see that we usually offer things like food and beverage to service people who come to our home to do work. When you act like Mr. Cranky Pants you only get the wrath of Margaret. You've been warned.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bitch Slapping People

I am so damn angry right now I could spit fire! OMG it is such a good thing I don’t believe in guns because there would be a bloody corpse at the doctors office right now....and her name is Lindsay.

Some of the back story. A few years ago my husband had what is called a “virtual physical”
As my husband and I gathered around the computer the radiologist put his image on this big TV size computer screen and she began to go over his body starting at the top. As she got to his lungs she says oh so matter of factly, “these are nodules all over your lungs it appears you have stage 4 lung cancer you may want to get your affairs in order” and without missing a beat she goes onto the next body part. At this point I was like a Charlie Brown show only hearing, “Wah wah wah wah wah” My husband has the where with all to say, “Whoa back up a minute what did you say?” Again this “professional” says you have stage 4 lung cancer and continues to move down his body on the computer screen without missing a damn beat.

We never heard another word. We walked out of there in stunned silence. My world immediately began to collapse. My husband asked me to drive us home. It was a silent trip at first and then I got into cheerleader mode. I said, “Look you are not a smoker. You have asthma but you are young and healthy and maybe she just read this wrong.” He gave me a look like he appreciated my attempt but stop it. I said, “Before we take this all in we are going to call another doctor and Johns Hopkins. And that is what we did.

The 1st pulmonary doctor did a CT Scan and said that the “spots” on his lungs were not cancerous and began to ask my husband a series questions. Come to find out he had something called silo fillers disease. Apparently when he was young his first “attack” was after playing with his cousin in a corn silo. I guess this left some residue scaring or something like that. (Too much medical jargon for me to explain but google it you’ll see) Bottom line he did not have cancer but to put us at ease she recommended that he have another CT scan later in the year to see if they changed at all to be sure. She knew we were getting a 3rd opinion and said that she understood our need to do that and wished us the best and to call if she could do anything for us.

We then trekked to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore with our CT Scan in hand as well as our legal notepad of questions. We saw a team of Pulmonary specialist that was right out of a movie. Man they were thorough, thoughtful and explained it all so we could understand. They were patient as we asked all our questions. The team told us that they see a lot erroneous diagnosis with the “Virtual Physicals.” They too suggested we have another CT Scan down the road to be absolutely sure but like the 2nd doctor said we had to wait because too many CT Scans are not good for your lungs either. But they all touched my husbands shoulder and said they were very very confident that he was fine aside from his issue of asthma. Whew. That was 5 years ago and he is just fine.

He continued to see the local doctor here every year. Last June was his last visit with Dr. Marla and she told him that he didn't really need to see her every year unless there was an issue. Those were wonderful words to him so he hasn’t needed her until now.

Fast forward to this week. It began with him needing his inhaler. After his prescription inhaler was out he bought an over the counter one. I asked if he thought we should make an appointment with the dr but he said this is probably just the ragweed and the season and no big deal. Well it has now become a big deal. He is sick, he says his lungs fill “full” as of last night he began the coughing & hacking. I mentioned that he has an open day on Friday because we were to go out of town – how about we get you into your pulmonary doctor first? He I know he is feeling very badly if he agrees so easily to see Dr. Marla.

So this morning the first thing I do is call the doctor’s office. The little young unprofessional chirpy that answered the office phone is who I would like to bitch slap into next year. I picture her as not educated, nail polish chipping off her chewed down nails, snapping gum and with big hair. Think Brittany Spears without the money......still trashy but can’t go shopping outside of Wal-Mart kind of thing.
Okay this twit says to me that my husband can’t get in the office to see the doctor tomorrow because he hasn’t been seen in a year. I said well that is because he has had no reason to come in to see Dr. Marla. The Chirpy cops an attitude and goes on a tirade about how the office policy is that if you are not seen in a year then it will be more than a 15 minute appointment. HUH??? WTF does that have to do with anything? So I politely ask, “What does that mean exactly?” She actually HUFFED – NO SHIT she HUFFED at me.
Then she says LOUDER as though I was deaf vs. unable to understand this policy, “it means it’s office policy and you will need more than 15 minutes and we don’t have any such appointments for you. I then repeated to Miss Chirpy that Dr. Marla had told Rick on his last appointment that he didn’t need to see her every year unless there was an emergency. This is an emergency.” She said, “oh well. That is our office policy.” (I want to hit her so badly) I said, “your name was Lindsay right?” Lindsay says, “Yea” (oh again that professional grammar taking place) I say as calmly and nicely as anyone could muster, “Lindsay, I would like to suggest that you mention this policy to Dr. Marla so that she doesn’t continue to tell her patients not to come in if this is something that you insist on as an office policy. Can Rick then see another doctor in the practice. He is having trouble breathing, sleeping and he is very sick” To which Lindsay retorts, “No. I already told you that we can not see him and none of the other doctors in the practice can see another doctors patients. And I don't have to tell the Dr. anything!”

I was livid. So he could be bleeding in front of them from all of his orfaces but “oops we can’t see you because it’s been 15 months since you’ve been here and the other doctors are not allowed to help you.” WTF kind of professionalism is this?

I then called Rick’s internal medicine/family doctor who is golfing today and tomorrow and is not taking appointments, but he can get him in on the 15th. Gee thanks.

I suggested Urgent Care to Rick to which he snorted and replied, “you’ve got to be kidding me right? We went there in July when I fell down the stairs and broke my foot and tore tendons in my foot and they read my x-rays and said I was fine just a bruise.” If they can’t read a fucking x-ray do you honestly think I want them to look at my lungs for heavens sake?” Good point.

So in the meantime our choices are to:
1. Suffer.
2. Go to the ER and wait for 6 -10 hours amongst all the illegal immigrants who use the ER as a doctors office and real emergency have to wait.
3. Suffer until you are taken in an ambulance.
4. I don’t even want to go there.

And to that bitch Lindsay, I say this to you in all seriousness - Get a job where you don’t speak to the public. You do not have social skills young lady.

I will be writing a letter to the doctor because damn it I am so fucking sick of people and the way they treat others. It will do nothing I suppose but make me feel better. I have to calm down first so that I can take out the emotion in my letter and insert just the facts. But by God this doctor is getting a letter. It reminds me of an episode of Designing Women when Julia took everyone’s name during a trip to write letters to all the airline employees, hotel clerks etc along the way who were never helpful and were rude. It was funny then, but not while it’s happening to you believe me!

Customer service people – customer service....ever hear of it? A Faint memory to us all in our current society. For God's sake they could at least fake it in front of me. Hell I do it all day long.
Even when I know my customers are wrong or a fucking pain in my ass or both I still agree with them, have empathy, we work on problem resolution until the customer is happy and they think I’m great. I then hang up the phone and I scream and I rant and then I write it in a blog but the customer never knows how I really feel they feel they have gotten good service and I made it right for them – do you hear me you little asshole Lindsay?