Friday, April 18, 2014

Long Weekend

Off to visit friends and family for our holiday weekend.
See ya'll soon.
I'll probably return 5 lbs heavier from chocolate along with stories of dysfunction and fun.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Work Stories....again

I bring you the first bitch session.....

When a customer is remodeling their bathroom and they call to have their tub or tile reglazed we share with them that all remodeling MUST be done first. If they insist as they often do, that they don't wish to do it the way we tell them then they must sign a document that essentially says, "If we must come back to fix the damage that is done to the tub or tile by your contractor because he went in after us, there will be a charge to return and repair the contractors damage to your tub and/or tile."
Something to that effect.

Contractors tend to use the bathtub as a dumpster. After the tub is looking brand new they stand in it, drop tools in it, and cause all kinds of damage. Hence why we say we must be last.
If they refuse to sign Rick will walk away from the job.  It had to come to that.

So this woman called bitching a fit that her tub was chipped and there were black spots etc.
I couldn't figure out how this could be. So I of course sent Rick back out there.
Sure enough they lied to us and didn't do the remodeling first. In fact they told us they weren't remodeling at all just fixing up their bathtub. So the black spots came off if they had tried to wipe them. ( Don't people ever clean their homes?) The black spots were just scuffs from the workers work boots.  The chips were around the drain where the plumber took out the old drain ring and put in a new one. The woman who called and bitched a nasty fit to me was not home when Rick got there. Only her husband. He admitted to what happened when Rick told him what he thought happened. Like toddlers lying to an adult. Honestly.

Rick for the first time in 8 yrs stood his ground. He refused to fix this unless they paid.
He balked and Rick grabbed his stuff and began to walk out. He cried Uncle.
Rick did all the repairs took their credit card and walked out.
He called me from the truck to tell me if they call back we no longer speak English.
That made me laugh.
Rick does a great deal of handicap accessible doors into a homeowners current bathtub.
What that means is if you or your loved one can no longer lift his or her legs for any reason to get into the tub you can cut into your current tub, put in what is called a safe step or one with a door. 
With or without the door. Without of course is cheaper. 
Lifetime warranty and about $20,000 less than a walk in bathtub.  
We do a great deal of these especially when baby boomers parents move in with them. 

We got a call for one of these door kits. Rick met with the nice older woman and did the measuring. I ordered the kit. She agreed to the price and was happy she could use this right after completion. I worked with her on scheduling. We discussed her getting help from her insurance to pay for this and where she should look for this.

This nice older woman was booked 2 weeks out on the schedule from the time we spoke. Last week I got a call from her son. 
He didn't want to pay $1,200 to have this installed. 
He asked if he could just buy this from us and cut into his tub himself. 
I told him they were sold by such and such a company and he could call them to try to buy them. Knowing full well he has to go to training, be licensed etc. 
I shared this with him but it fell on deaf ears. 
He said, "But I bet it's cheaper for me to buy it and do this myself"  
Sure it is, but really you are going to just take a saw to your cast iron tub with no training and think you can do this?  So he canceled our appointment.

Now in the mean time I have a door kit that is made to size for this ladies tub and the slope in her tub. If I send it back I lose a 20% stocking fee. (bogus) So going to hang on to it just in case we get someone with that type of tub. Rick claims in Arlington and Alexandria there are lots of old tubs shaped like this.   

Guess who called back? Yep the son. He said, "My goodness this is very difficult and I have to have a license and go to training before they will let me cut into a persons bathtub"

In my mind I said, "No shit sherlock, ya think that might be a bright idea do ya?"
But in reality I said, "Yes, as I mentioned to you before that is necessary"
Again he says, "But it would be so much cheaper if I do it myself."
I told him that it's also cheaper to do his own removal of his teeth too but best left to someone who has training in the field.
He laughed and asked if he could get his mom's appointment back. 
I had to tell him no, it has been filled but I can get her in on May 7th. 
He wasn't happy again. But c'mon, you canceled.  
I did say if I get an opening/cancellation I will call immediately to get her in. 

In the mean time this poor old woman can't get in the tub without help as he reminds me to play the sympathy card. This guy is making her life worse due to his ego not mine. 
Seriously Rick is a very handy man and he couldn't have done this without the training provided and his certification. 

I repeated that if his mom has a supplemental insurance policy for home modifications it normally will pay for this, reimburse or at the least, partially pay. 
He yells, "why didn't you tell me this before?" 
I said, "You didn't ask but I discussed this in great detail with your mother as well as documented it all in an email to her."
"Oh" was all he said.
I just love how they yell first then get quiet. Never, "I'm sorry I wasn't aware of that"

I called them back a few days later to let them know I got an opening. (contractor wasn't ready for us) So this nice old woman will be getting her new door to walk into her existing tub before we leave for the holiday weekend.

I hope her son is there. You see Rick doesn't take shit. I take shit all day because I have to book appointments so we eat. Rick just doesn't have that in him. If he spoke to people on any given day we may never have business. He doesn't have the patience for stupid questions or the meanness. I don't actually either. I just hide it very well until I get time to blog. 

So if this guy gives Rick shit I'm sure Rick will dish it back. But once this man sees how full of black dust Rick will be from the cutting of the cast iron he will be thanking his lucky stars that he didn't have to do this. It is not an easy job.  $1,200 is nothing for the cost of this item and the labor. 
And lastly today we have a complete numb nut woman again. But she's at least funny.
She called saying to me in sheer panic. My tub looks blue, what did he do?
Okay that's a new one to me. I couldn't remember if we were covering a blue tub to white so I asked - "what color was your tub before reglazed?" 
White she explains.
Okay so where could the blue be coming from I'm wondering.
Rick was in her city so I text him to see if he could run over there after he finished where he currently was. He could.
I called her back and told her. She was thrilled and again says, "I didn't want a blue tub!"
I asked, "how blue does this look?" She says, "faint, but enough to bother me."
Okay I tell her we'll be over at this such and such a time today and we will make this right, don't worry.  But for the love of me I couldn't figure out how it could have turned blue.
I got her calm and repeated to her, "We will make this right ma'am don't worry."

Rick arrives. The blue in her tiles surrounding the tub is making this blue shadow on her tub. She didn't believe him. So he went out to the truck and got his brown paper he uses to cover the walls.  Once it was covered she goes, "OH MY GOD IT'S REALLY WHITE. YOU'RE RIGHT!"  She laughs.

At least she was nice about it. She laughed and apologized to Rick for making him come over there for nothing and gave him some brownies she had just baked to say she was sorry.

When he got in the truck he called to tell me and he was laughing.
He said, "Maybe these brownies will have something special in them and it will be the perfect ending to this crazy day!" 

Sadly nothing special was in his brownies. Poor Rick.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tick Check

I unfortunately live in the highest population of deer ticks in the US. 
Loudoun County Virginia.
Last year Rick was bit 9 times. I was bit only 3. As we all know Izzy has lyme disease and she gets her monthly tick treatment but still gets bit. 
Because Frontline, Advantix and others only prevent some ticks from biting and not all.
Rick checks Izzy for ticks every day - twice a day come tick season. We call it her tick check.

Izzy is so used to this that when we tell her it's time for a tick check, she will immediately lay down and roll over and it appears she likes it. Weird dog.

We spray ourselves with tick spray each day we walk out the door.  Its like my warm weather cologne. It's awful.  We don't normally go on trails in summer for this reason.  
We still get bit in the neighborhood walking on sidewalks or the doggy park with grass. 
How weird is that? 

But now it is sort of spring here. (more like summer at 83 degrees) We were walking a trail with our dog and had a nice afternoon.  I had on a pair of leggings and flip flops. We didn't spray ourselves because it was our first day out without a friggin' parka. 
Didn't even occur to us, although it should have.

A few hours after coming home I went to the bathroom.
As I sat down and my pants were at my knees I see a tick climbing up my leg.
AAAHHH!!!!  It had crawled up from my feet to inside my pants.  OMG that grossed me out.

I ripped off my pants so fast and because I let out a loud screech my husband comes running to the bathroom door asking if I'm okay. I tell him to come in. He sees the tick on the floor and kills it and tells me to go take off all my clothes and shower. I throw all these things in the washer and turn it on. I jump in the shower. 

As I am showering Rick walks into the shower with me telling me he has to do a tick check.
So I guess that's what he's calling it these days.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Showers Bring May Flowers

I love rainy days. Oh, not for 6 months at a time like when I lived in the Pacific Northwest.
But a few times a month to me is just the best!

Right now the windows are open. It is raining, the sky is dark and it smells like spring.
The dog loves to sleep a lot on days like this. I do too but sadly as an adult who is employed, I can't do that.

When I was a kid the idea of a nap was awful. No way I might miss something.
Now a nap sounds terrific.  If I miss anything it will come back around. Nap time sounds so good to me. I wish our country had Siestas. Now that is civilized.

When I was young the idea of going to bed at 9pm was not something I would even entertain.
I'm an adult I don't go to bed at 9pm I would think.
Now the idea of going to bed at 9pm sounds heavenly.

There is nothing that I would like more than on a rainy day to climb back into bed with a book. Read, doze, read some more. Preferably with someone bringing me food and drink as well. 

Yea, I'm a dreamer.
So much so that I refuse to believe there could be snow or freezing rain later today.

Nope. Not in my world. The rain is washing away the heavy pollen that is terrorizing my family. But it is not going to snow. No. It is going to stay perfectly spring like.

Yea, I'm a dreamer.
I'm livin' in my own little world.
It's perfect here. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Family and Death

It's funny I don't often think about death or dying.
I guess that is normal right?
But lately it's been on my mind a great deal.

My father is old and not long for this place we call earth.
I lost my mom at 13 so it is a blessing I've had my dad for so long.
I hate that all my phone conversations have him telling me he's ready to go.
It bothers me. I don't say, "don't say that Dad" anymore I just listen.
If this is how he feels so be it. He is 86 and can feel any damn way he wants to, it's his life.
At the same time I hope I am that way towards the end. Ready to go that is. Not in pain as he is. After his brother died he just has never been the same. That was his best pal in the world.  I think he just kind of gave up at that point. 
And we have all seen the decline.

The majority of my aunts and uncles have passed too as well as a few cousins.
But until recently I never gave it a lot of thought.
Sure when looking at old photo's or talking with family we remember them but that is normally the only time.

But my neighbor is a medium. Yep that's right I said it. A Medium. Not of the Long Island kind with the irritating voice and obnoxious nails, hair and clothing. (Thank Goodness)

One day she just said to me, "You have a lot of dead people around you Peg"
Now that isn't somethin' you hear every day is it?
She asked if I wanted to sit for her.

My goodness she was right on, on so much.
Unlike the nut job on TV she didn't ask me questions.
She also doesn't know about my family except that I lost my mother in 1969.
That was it.

So for her to talk about my fun loving Aunt Dee Dee was a hoot.
She just said not to talk and to just say if I understood.
Oh hell yes, I understood what she was telling me.  I knew right away who she was referring to.  I so wanted to talk but I just listened and nodded.

My mom and my Uncle came to visit too on another day.
Wild.  The stuff my Uncle told her about he and my father was so spot on that it blew my mind. Now for you skeptics I have never told a story about this man. Even here on my blog.
But she knew about the chickens and the chicken feed. No one knew that if you weren't in my family. 

One day she just said, "I like your dead Peg. They are fun and there is so much love and I just feel it. It stays with me after you're gone for a bit."

So all this dead people talk has gotten me thinking.  She's right. I have been so spoiled with love my whole life. I never ever have doubted that.  Sure there were times when life has been tough, growing up or being full ass grown. But never did I not know all the love that surrounds me. I'm lucky like that. I would only hope all kids would get that. I realize that isn't the case. There is nothing that can't be better with unconditional love around you.

Growing up there were times that we didn't have a lot, but I always had what I needed.
That's not a bad thing or a bad way to grow up ya know?  Today it could starve off a few self entitlement kids that is for sure.

So her talking to "my dead" has just got me thinking about my great cousin Rosie who died before her 30th birthday.  All the fun we had from the time we were teeny tiny kids until her death. The days at the beach in our bikini's drinking Riunite wine. (ooh ick!)  All the fun trips we took together and all the laughter. Oh so many days of just laughing our asses off.

On my 21st birthday she meet me and some other friends and cousins at a bar called Sherlocks on State St.  I had no business driving my VW Beetle home. I not only drank a few cocktails but did shots. I  remember leaving and there was an enormous mound of snow that I had to climb over to get into my car. 
As I did it, I slipped - went belly first sliding into the middle of State Street.  
Picture sliding into 2nd base on your tummy and that is what I did.
She ran out and helped me up. Did I even know enough to be embarrassed?  Oh hell NO. We laughed our asses off. Damn fool was concerned that my new jeans now had a rip in the knee.

We then drove to McDonald's and we ordered burgers and fries. As I stood there with my hands on the counter ordering the man said to me, "Miss, would you please remove your hands from the counter, you are bleeding all over it."

I looked down at my hands. They were cut and bleeding and they had cinders and dirt from the street embedded in my palms and all of a sudden I had pain. PAIN!  I never felt it until I looked at my hands. Good grief what a drunk!

Did I finish my order? Well certainly. Damn fool drunk that I was gave my cousin Rosie my money and went to the bathroom to clean my hands. Came out and ate my food. Drove her home and then drove to my house and passed out. My goodness I had no business on the road. And in the morning my hands were a damn mess. I went to my parents house and had my mother help me to clean the dirt and cinders out of my palms with tweezers.  Yep a big baby at age 21! Tweezers and iodine and God knows what else she used to cause me pain in the name of cleaning me up. I also got a lecture. Well deserved but at the stupid age of 21 I didn't think I deserved it.

Thankfully I hurt no one else and I lived to tell you all this silly story.
There is a short hand of sorts growing up with your cousins, just like siblings.  We talk without having to actually speak. We all were together all the time. Same traditions, same foods, same lives really. We were always together until the day of her accident. 
A driver who had lost her license to drive due to epilepsy  was driving anyway. She had a seizure and ran into my cousin and her husband. Rosie and the baby she was carrying died. Her husband survived. But just like her life, her funeral was a festive affair as I have shared her before.

All of "my dead" loved me to pieces. My Aunt Dee Dee used to pinch my cheeks until she died. I was in my 40's at this point. She always told me she loved me and how proud she was of me. After my mom died she came around even more. She took us to amusement parks, we had sleep overs, she took us on trips  to what I thought were exotic cities (you know like Boston) and she let me sip her slow gin fizz.  She was "single" and her friend Mary was always with us.  Her clothes never matched, she just didn't care about her appearance. She was a bit rough around the edges but had a heart of gold. I wish she had lived long enough to live freely and come out of the closet.  Her friend Mary was beautiful and stylish and I always wondered what she saw in my Aunt Dee when I was very young. Then I realized as I got older that big heart that I loved was what Mary saw and loved too.

Maybe it's the medium down the street or maybe it's me getting older but lately I've been thinking about all the dead people in my family. It's nice to think about it in a way and in another I don't like it one bit.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thank you note

I would like to start today with a big thank you!

I have received a great deal of personal emails asking how I've been doing.
I am on going in the right direction. Not yet myself though. 
I see another specialist late in the month. 

I am still in pain but nothing like the day I spent in the ER. That in and of itself is a blessing.
I am plugging along and I am sure I will be back to my normal self soon.

We are going to Columbus to see Rick's daughter over the Easter weekend. (next week)
The idea of 4 days away from phones and the stress here sound blissful. I am not even dreading the awkward or uncomfortableness of being at her home.  Imagine that!

We are actually taking Friday and Monday off and it will be wonderful to do that most of all.
Next week heading then to Cleveland to start. We are visiting friends of ours who used to be our next door neighbors. We were so damn sad when they left but we understood. They are young and had a great opportunity in front of them.  I'd have gone too. But boy we miss them.  So that will be a fun 24 hrs hanging with them and catching up.
We then head south for 2 hrs and get to Rick's daughters home for 2 days.
Then we head home to reality.

I am hoping that nothing happens health wise and that I will continue on this up swing.
If nothing else I hope for the same because that is still better than where I was.
We don't need to move backwards while traveling.

So again blogger friends, THANK YOU
I am doing well and extremely busy right now with work as well. 
Positive problem there right?

I'll chat and share photo's when I return.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Oscar Goes To.....


I pretend I feel great. I am functioning. I plow ahead. I smile. 
I want to believe if I act that way it will come. 

I pretend I give a shit while talking to customers on the phone.
When in my reality I just don't and I want to lie my head on my pillow and go away.

I act like the unreasonable demands are reasonable and I say it all with a smile.
The mean cranky ass man I spoke to yesterday was on my last nerve. 
He was a mean son of a bitch. I hung up, I had a good cry. 
I went downstairs and walked away from the office all while the phone was ringing. 
I just couldn't take another call. 
I sat in my chair, took my medicine then I just sat and stared at my dog.
Who I think, believes I have lost my marbles.

Cranky ass man told my husband I was a delight to work with.

Yea, I think I deserve an Oscar this week.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


My health has reared its ugly head.
It's been good for awhile now, in fact a good long time, so when this hit me it was like being hit by a truck.

It began last week. Slowly. By Sunday I knew something was up.
I knew I had an appointment with my doctor on Tuesday so I was hanging in there.
I woke up in severe pain in the middle of the night on Monday.
By Tuesday morning I was a mess. 
I got to the doctors and we went over my blood work and seeing me the way I was wasn't a big surprise to her.

I am in a great deal of pain right now so I am going to walk away from the blog for a bit.
Hey on a positive note, it may be spring by then right? 
I'm sure it will just be a week or so. Not a big deal.  Just have to get some things under control and manage the pain and viola... I'll be back busting balls like nothing has ever happened.

I'll leave you with this because it is just damn funny. 
The looks on the dogs faces when they realize it's gone is priceless.

Happy thoughts!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Blog post by my fur baby

Izzy The Wonder Dog writing here today. 

My mom is sitting at her desk wearing 2 pairs of pants again complaining how cold her fingers are on the keyboard.
We just came in from a long walk. 
It was wonderful to me. It was sunny, windy and 20 degrees. 
I don't get what she is complaining about.  She kept saying that I have a fur coat. Whatever.

I like this weather so much better than summer and all that heat.
It was a perfect day. 
The garbage cans and bags are out and that means there is all kinds of food around them that I like to try to eat. But my mom doesn't think I should eat this. Diet schmiet. 
The same house every Monday has pizza crusts all over their driveway. 
LOTS of food and crackers and pizza, pizza, pizza everywhere every week.
My mom mumbles, "don't these people eat anything other than pizza? Why can't they put this in the bag?" 
I am always trying to beat her to the food because if she gets to it first she picks it up and puts it in their garbage can. Can you believe her? She says she loves me and then she won't let me eat their garbage. What kind of love is that?

Maybe she'll be nicer when it's warmer. 
You know if this thing called spring she talks about every comes around.
It is supposed to be her kind of weather here on Friday but she is going north.
ha ha ha. Isn't that hysterical?
So after this snow that is coming tomorrow she is going to go up to snow land.
She will never see the 60+ degrees we'll have on Friday and all weekend.
I'm laughing inside because this really fries her ass.
Ever see a dog smile? Yea, I'm damn cute and this makes me smile.
Poor mom....but its funny don'tcha think?

So when she'll be back to her blog is anyone's guess.
I may just have to take over.
Until her fingers thaw she won't be around.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tea Olive Bush

Last night we took a walk with the dog and at this one intersection we came upon this beautiful sweet aroma.
We both looked around for a plant, shrub, bush, flower. It was so strong.
Then Rick said, "it smells like an tea olive bush doesn't it?"
That was it. But yet, we didn't see it anywhere.

Then Rick reminded me of the time we had one at the foot of our steps by the garage.
Of course he thinks that is the funniest story of another of my blond moments.
And yes, it is funny. 
But he gets much more of a kick out of it than I do, since I look like a big dumb ass.

He asked me if I wrote this on my blog because he thought I should shame myself. 
I thought I did.
So this morning I spent hours searching for that topic. 
Couldn't find it through a search button or by going through everything from 2007.

So I will share what I believe is a repeat.
Please forgive me.

When we first got back to the east coast we were in temporary housing as I like to refer to it.
It was a rental townhome in Maryland while deciding where we wanted to live.  
This style home had an enormous amount of steps up to our front door. 
At the bottom of the steps was a beautiful tea olive bush that was very fragrant at certain times of the years.  I had never seen or smelled one before moving to this home.

We were having company coming from California for a visit.
When they arrived Rick went down the steps to help them bring up their luggage.
I stood at the top of the steps saying hello etc.
As I stood there all I could smell was this lovely fragrant bush.
The aroma was so strong and beautiful.

As Rusty walked around his car coming toward the steps it was just as I got an enormous whiff of this gorgeous scent and I said, "Rusty can you smell my bush from where you are?"

Rick immediately burst into laughter and Rusty looks up at me and says, "Ah, Margaret I just got her with my lovely bride." They were both laughing now and muttering something to one another that I couldn't hear.

I didn't get it. Then Rick said something that I don't recall and then it hit me.
Hit me like a ton of bricks!
Good grief I was so embarrassed. 

Every once in awhile I get a call from Rusty and he mentions my bush. 
Honestly that was so stupid of me, but now I do see the humor in it.
Now I understand the look on Rusty's face and Rick's raucous laughter. 
Yep, they teased me all weekend. 
But Rusty and his wife did admit that the tea olive bush did indeed smell beautiful.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Photos Gone.

Okay what is happening? A lot of my pictures are missing here on the blog.
I have filled in some, but not all.
Anyone else?

Old Woman Story

I'm so old that when I was a kid I was told I couldn't use the phone until I "learned how to talk on the phone" 
Yes, my mother thought it was important to speak a certain way on the phone.

For some reason that phone hanging on the wall with the little finger holes to dial was quite appealing to me as a child.  So until my mother schooled me how she wanted me to answer the phone there was no answering the phone in my home.

I got lessons around the age of 1st grade. No answering the phone before then. 
Not that I could reach it anyways. It seemed so damn high on that wall. 
Much later she got a stool for my sister and I to reach the phone. 

I was instructed to say hello and the name of my family, "Hello the Malizia's" or something to that effect. (a T sound in my last name people like pizza)
If someone asked for my mother or father, which is the only people to get calls, I was to say, "I'll get them, one moment please"  or I could ask, "Who may I tell them is calling?"
I was never to yell for them especially not into the receiver. 
I had to put the phone down and go get them. If even there were just a few feet away.
There was to be no dropping the phone and having it bang against the wall so the person on the other end was being jarred. My sister always did that one.

As I got older and got phone calls and someone asked for me I was to say, "This is she"
Heaven forbid I say, "yea it's Peg" or anything remotely like that. And the gasps from my mother if you said, "this is her" Oh dear that made her go ballistic.

As I got older my father wouldn't "want to be home"
He was in his own business as a plumber. Before his business went commercial and industrial he did plumbing for people in their homes. Home was his office.
I was still pretty young at this point in time.
Sometimes he would say to my mother, "I'm not home" And of course she would lie. 
I made the classic mistake of asking my father if he was home one time. 
I learned not to do that again, but not in the way you'd think.
Looking back how the hell did the person on the phone know I even said it, I didn't yell? 
I went to my dad and asked him. I stood right in front of him. That is funny now.
He took the call and we were no longer aloud to ask that question. My dad never said that again.  I guess they realized they were teaching me to lie. I heard he and mom talking about it after that event. She said we are not teaching the right thing here George. So that was the end of my dad not being home. 

We had a party line when I was growing up for a little while. For you young ones a party line was a line shared by many people. You would pick up your receiver and if another person who was on that line was talking to someone you had to hang up and wait until they were done so you could use the phone. 
Sometimes it would cause grief with my mom when she wanted to use the phone because someone was on too long for her liking. It was such a big deal when we got a "private line". 
My mom made a big deal about it and was so damn happy. She told people she has a "private line now"  I remember my Aunt being so jealous. She wanted one and shortly after she had one too and my mom and her sister thought this was the damn lottery. 
I think that is pretty funny but it must have been horrible to have to wait for complete strangers so you could use the phone.

We didn't have any technology to answer our phones. If we went out we missed calls.
No one seemed to mind. We went to the movies and the mall and had fun. None the wiser. When we got home and someone called they generally told you they called earlier but you weren't home. No big deal though, they called back. If we were on the phone people knew when they called because they got a busy signal. They would just try again later. No big deal.
It all seems so long ago. A busy signal. When was the last time you heard that?

Remember long distance? That was such a monumental deal for everyone. I lived 90 miles from my cousin in Cleveland and heaven forbid you speak to one another for more than 3 minutes. My father would be screaming about LONG DISTANCE CHARGES. I do wonder what the hell the charges were that everyone made such a big deal about this. But boy this was a big damn deal in our house.

Today we don't have party lines, we take our phones with us, we don't pay extra to call across the country and we don't teach children how to speak in a polite way on the phone. Sometimes I miss some of that.

Today when I called a customer her child answered the phone and just screamed in my ear. At first the boy said, 'what?" in a screaming voice. I asked to speak to his mother. 
He then just screamed and continued to scream. I heard his mother arguing with him. 
He wasn't talking, just screaming. It made no sense.
I hung up. Seriously that is bullshit.
I think sometimes it is a good thing that our daughter is 33.  I'd have grabbed that phone from her little hands and let her have her tantrum while I spoke on the phone. After the call there would be a price to pay for that behavior. First one, no answering of the phone until you know the proper way to answer the phone.

I thought my mother was so mean to make me have to learn "rules" about the phone.
But now that I have to hear bratty children who control their parents instead of the parents controlling the kids. It made me realize my mom did me a great service. 

I rebelled against most of the things my parents tried to teach me, but every now and then I realize some things have apparently seeped in.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Commercial I Hate

My husband was concerned about my lone trip north on icey roads.
My family was calling and it was getting ridiculous so I succumbed to everyone.
I am not going north today.
I will head up north in 2 weeks. 
I'm sure it will still be very cold by my standards but I'm going because the roads should be fine. God I hope so, it's spring for heaven's sake. Even though mother nature doesn't seem to agree I'm going with spring.

I have been seeing this commercial constantly and I want to scream when it comes on. Well, to be honest the first time I did.
I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. 
I yelled at my television like these dumb chirpies could hear me.
"Get a damn book, there is no glare you idiots!"

Yes you are correct I still read things the old fashioned way with the awesome smell of a book with paper pages, page numbers and print without a reason for glare. Imagine that.
I get why people like their technology...sort of.  
But why is it so difficult to read a book at the pool wearing your sunscreen, sunglasses and having the pool boy bring you a drink? 
Sounds pretty terrific to me, especially being in a bathing suit sitting by the pool right about now.  You know how warm that would be?  Aah, I wondered off there, thinking of sitting by the pool and sunscreen and not wearing jeans and then fleece pants over top of those.

In other events....
Last night around 10:30p Izzy and I went outside one final time. 
I paused my favorite show Parenthood and bundled up for her final trot outside to pee before bed. At this time of night there is no walk, we go to the corner and she walks over to the grassy mound in front of the woods and wetland area. No leash just me and Iz walking.  
(we don't often use a leash for walks anyway)
I had my head down but I looked over at her to my right and see her hackles go up and she froze. I looked up to see what she was looking at. I too froze. 
It was one big ass deer! Huge deer.

The deer was staring at us and then snorted. 
My big brave dog went behind me and then stuck her head between my legs to be able to see the deer. I laughed so hard that I forgot for a moment that the deer was there. I was looking at her peering between my legs and I just grabbed her face and rubbed her. 
Then I looked up and the deer was heading into the woods. Whew.
Guess she saw that Izzy was certainly not a threat.

Honestly that was one of the funniest things I've ever seen her do of late. 
I can pretty much be sure if someone broke into our home she'd do the same thing. 
My big brave Labrador Retriever.