Monday, December 5, 2016

Exhausting Day.

In 1987 I got my dream job. I was beyond excited. I was moving to Ohio for this new job and had to sign a document saying I would stay at least 18months in this city. You see prior to me signing this everyone that was sent there would bale and see an opening in a city they found to be "better" and they would leave. I had no problem signing this. I was getting my dream job, it didn't matter to me that I was moving to Cleveland Ohio.
I already lived in a horrible little town, this was a step up to me.

To begin this new job I had to go to Houston for 6 weeks of training. Houston is not a favorite city of mine. The bugs are bigger than me. But the Tex-Mex is terrific. I head to Houston and learned more about Mexican food than I thought possible.  I learned from the hotel bartender that if you put hot sauce in the butter on your popcorn it sure makes the beer go down well. (beer - ah, the good old days before I knew it was killing me and that I had celiac) I do that to this day - try it - it's great!

When I got to my new Cleveland office on the west side I got to meet all the folks in the company. There were only 2 of use that did what I did. My territory was from the PA line to downtown Cleveland and south to Akron, but I did not have Akron. The other person in my position had a territory of Downtown Cleveland and all of the western suburbs and Akron/Canton.
I met my West side Equivalent and her name was Joan. She had been there for 6 months prior to me arriving. This was all still very new for her as well.

Neither of knew a soul in this town.  But every Monday we had to go to the office. The rest of the week we were traveling. Mondays after 5pm, we'd go have drinks and nachos at our favorite pub. It became a ritual. When the office moved from downtown to the west side we had to find a new place to go for our office day happy hours. We found a new favorite place that was even better. Great memories including having met, drank and received a drawing by Tom Wilson of Ziggy and me. (the comic strip Ziggy) He was so much fun. I still have that framed in my home and no one can believe the stories.

After 3 years Joan quit her job, got married and moved to Virgina.
We kept in touch and one year while Rick and I drove to Florida (and we'll never do that again) we stopped in Virginia on the way home.

Now here we are almost 30 years later living in the same general area. Funny how that worked out. We've kept in touch all these years and when we moved here we knew one family and that was helpful.

Since I've known Joan she has been in a horrible relationship. Her "boyfriend" was a creep. He was demanding and unrelenting about everything. I think he had short man syndrome. You know like a small dog, loud and ugly because they are small. But in reality a big wussy.

The day she was leaving Cleveland to get married I was at her apartment. She went upstairs to change and her "boyfriend" said, "Peg you have got to talk to her, I don't want to get married and I am feeling pressured."  My first thought was, "Then grow a set you big wuss and you say that to her"  But instead I said, "Greg you should never get married unless you really want to and if you don't want to YOU need to speak to her about this NOT ME!"

He never did. They have had a toxic and scary relationship this whole time.
We stopped going to visit when the last time was them yelling and screaming and her smacking him upside the head for sitting in her seat. Yes, in front of their boys and company.

They now live apart....sort of. He lives above the garage in an apartment that was built for a family member to live in but instead they passed away. So he lives above the garage she lives in the house with a son who is there part time. Their oldest has since moved to another state for his job. Both parents are toxic. He won't divorce her because he doesn't want to lose 1/2 of his money. He has said so to all that will listen.  She goes along with it all because she lives for free so to speak and he pays everything and she has a car, a place to live and can do her hobbies and care for her 19/20yr old son when he is there. To me that isn't free, there is a price to be paid.

She has never worked outside the home ever again since getting married and that has always their number one beef with one another. He felt she should help the household and she said she was. He would complain then when he gets home the house should be clean. Was her house neat and clean? Never, in fact, you might think a hoarder lives there with all the piles of shit. So she went off birth control so she could have a kid and then have a reason to be home. Unbeknownst to him, I might add. Oh, that was a fun thing to be around.

Her birthday was on the 1st so I suggested we do a girl thing and go to lunch at this resort and do some other fun things there. When I spoke to her she was angry so I thought this would take her mind off things and be a fun day. Still not divorced but now angry because he is bringing women to the apartment above the garage. My only comment all day was, "just get the divorce"  You've been living like this for a few years now. You knew this would happen. He cheated on you when you lived together so why would there not be women coming to his apartment?

I know why they are doing this. He doesn't want to lose 1/2 of his stuff as he says and she doesn't want to have to get a job. She feels like she should continue to be supported.

After my day yesterday with her it made me come home and just hug the hell out of Rick. I am thankful for my husband who is my biggest cheerleader.
I don't understand toxic relationships or why people stay in them, especially if you don't have children. If I didn't want to be married to someone I'd get a divorce. Not have kids. If I didn't want to be married to someone I'd get a divorce, not live near them. If I didn't want to be married to someone or someone didn't want to be married to be it. Put on your big girl panties and more forward, make a plan, just do it. It's difficult, it's hard, it's depressing, it's enough to make you cry and stay in bed for a month. I get it. I've been divorced. But at some point don't you think you have to move on? Make a plan and move forward? Is it easy? Hell no. But what choice do you have?  How long can you wallow? She's been miserable since 1989. Is being miserable so comfortable that it's better to wallow then move forward?

After my split, I got two jobs so I could pay for school which I enrolled in immediately. I never slept. I was always working or it was school. Did I have a nice life then? Shit no. It was difficult. Money was nonexistent and I ran from the phone calls about my bills. I ate a can of tuna for a week with saltines. Didn't even have money for mayo. To this day I can't eat tuna. I cried for a solid year. But I did it. I was proud of myself. I did it on my own. My 3-year plan was off by 1.5 years but I made it, finally. It was not easy, there were buckets of tears, there were struggles that I never even anticipated. But all that I wrote on paper had come to fruition. It worked. I tried to explain to her she could do the same right now. She has hobbies that have made her money so I suggested thinking about doing what she loves for an income. She says she doesn't enjoy it if there are deadlines and she only wants to do them at her own pace.  You can translate that comment for yourself.

I think as much as she was complaining, crying and moaning that she enjoys this life and she doesn't want anything different. It's comfortable for her there. She is getting what she wants out of it. Free room/board/utilities and money for food.  If that is the case you can't complain when the hubby is seeing someone else in front of your face. You are allowing it to happen. Have some pride, move on and get divorced or learn to live like this and not complain.  It's all so toxic that I just can't wrap my head around this.

For me, it was an exhausting day and all I had to do was listen. I want to be supportive but she has to learn how to be supportive for herself as well. I am willing to share that with her but she has to help herself. I can't just listen to this as I have for the last 27 years anymore.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

I'm baaack

Blogger actually helped me with the situation.
That's really all I wish to say at this time about it. 
I am not going to share with you how it was done because then others may do this. Of course, YOU wouldn't, but the immature people will.
So see ya'll on Monday. 😃

Friday, December 2, 2016


It seems someone blocked me from my blog.
I have an idea but we'll just leave it at that until it is fixed.
I can write one, can't go to my home page.

So I'll be back in a few days until this is rectified, if not fixed, then I'm going to make a web page and block that wench. I'll keep you posted.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I was reading Rick's discharge papers this morning out loud to him.
Today he can begin aerobics and driving if it doesn't hurt to slam on the breaks.
Of course, this made me laugh. How will he know if it hurts until he slams on the brakes? And the minor detail of seeing Rick in an aerobics class is damn funny to me.

Me: So Rick, you going to an aerobic class tonight?
Rick: HA HA. Funny Margaret. I think they mean sex so when you're done with work meet me upstairs.

Of course, that is what he thinks they mean.
I just may have to slam on the brakes.  ha ha,I crack me up.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


I used to get email spam that asked if I wanted longer better sex, or the occasional penis enhancers. Now I am getting spam for pee proof underwear for seniors. My God, now even my spam tells me I'm old.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Long Holiday Weekend

Wow, what a long holiday weekend I had. I hope yours was more fun than mine.
We did not have a thanksgiving at our home this year. Don't feel bad we didn't mind. Here is how last week went for me.

Tuesday - Rick's surgery
Wednesday - Caring for Rick, working 8.5 hrs, care for a dog with severe and explosive diarrhea that must be walked every 45 minutes.
Thursday - Thanksgiving - Went to the dog ER at 7am because the dog is vomiting along with diarrhea. Care for a sick dog, walk her constantly, recovering hubby doing better we really have to eat a big meal? Who says?
At midnight I sat in a dark room as they both were snoring. I was oh so thankful that they were both doing better but I kept thinking that having my knee surgery would be good just to slow down and sleep and not deal with all that is swirling around me.

Friday as I am walking the dog who finally stopped vomiting and pooping every half hour Rick decided to bring in the rug that was outside drying. You see Izzy had vomited on it and thankfully it goes by the back door and can be rinsed off.
I hosed it down and was letting it dry outside since it was nice out.

Rick brought the rug inside thinking he was helping me since he was up and about. But he also lifted the sofa leg to put the corner under the leg. Guess who hurt himself. Honestly, when I came home and saw the rug there I asked him what he did. He said, "Well I'm feeling so good I thought I'd help." Yes, but lifting a sofa is not what you are to do after hernia surgery you numb nut!
I was so angry at him. He kept saying, "Oh I'm fine." Until that evening, then he was in pain. I can't even begin to explain the depth of my anger. But like a 5-year-old he did this when I went out so the adult didn't see him do what he knew he shouldn't do. 61 yrs old going on 6.

By morning he wasn't moving well at all. We were given a number to call if there were issues for his doctor or the doctor on call. I called the number and got his doctor and made him explain to her the stupid thing he did. She believed that because his abs "aren't working" right now he lifted with his back and pulled a muscle. She said to him, "Remember our discussion about lifting Rick?"  When he got off the phone he repeated this question above and then said to me laughing,  "Look she's a cute young thing with cleavage I didn't hear a lot of what she said."
Oh, you ass. I am angry and you are not funny right now!!
I don't get mad at Rick but I have to tell you this pissesd me off. In 30 years I have maybe been mad, like really mad, 3 times I would guess. But this is now 4. This was just so stupid. And now he is a whining baby of pain. Aargh!

So another day he can't walk the dog and I am washing floors, doing laundry, walking the dog, giving everyone (he and dog) their medicine, listen to them both whine, cooking etc. I wanted to run away.

Saturday as I walked Izzy for the 100th time I saw a neighbor friend putting up her Christmas decorations. I said to her, "Oh no, you're one of those!" She laughed and said how she loves decorating early. I laughed and said, "none for me especially this year!" So what does our little elf do? She knocked on my front door later that evening and showed up with a mini decorated tree. She said we had to have something. As you all know my standard is, "hey let's put a menorah in the window so no one asks why we have no decorations" But now we have a mini fake tree.

Sunday Rick was feeling better and so was the dog. Thankfully they both napped a great deal. It was fabulous. I cleaned bathrooms, cleaned the 3rd floor and did all the things I haven't done up there then made some food for us to have later and then took a nap too. Glorious.

So how was your holiday? I bet you had a bit more fun than I did.
Hey, at least it wasn't snowing. I have that to be thankful for right?

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Post Op

Yesterday was Rick's umbilical hernia surgery.
He is doing fine today. Sitting up in his recliner and enjoying watching TV during the day. He is fine until he has to move, bend, laugh or cough

Yesterday played out like this.
He was to be at the hospital at 11am for pre-procedure.
We left at 10am to drop off the doggy daycare because we had no idea how long this would go. Yes, they did give us times but this was a just in case. Besides my diva dog can't go from 10a to 7:30p without having a bathroom break. So she had to go to doggy daycare.

Rick and I were at the hospital on time and they took us back to an area for him to get undressed, go over everything with the nurses and get an IV started. He met with nurses, anesthesiologists, doctors etc. His surgery was to start at 12:30.
He flirted with nurses and had them all laughing. Two of them wanted him to stick around because most of their patients they said have had a humorectomy.
That made me laugh.  After the doctor came in she went over what she was doing to him again and they took him away.

I was escorted to a room to sit and wait with others. I was handed a sheet of paper that explained the color coding system I would stare at all day on a big 65" TV. (i refer to it as the board)  This is the damn board below. Rick was given number 751095. As you can see here at the time of this photo he was in surgery.
According to the doctor this was going to take 90 minutes or less. That is a quote.  Then recovery would only be 1 hour.

I have had several surgeries and Rick always says it is harder on the person waiting than the patient.
I now understand what he means!  This was Rick’s first surgery.

The doctor told me the surgery would be 90 minutes or less. So at 90 minutes I was hoping to see the next color, light blue, saying recovery. But nothing. Then at the 2 hr mark I admit I was getting a bit nervous.
At 2 hrs and 10 minutes I received a call on my cell, it was his recovery nurse telling me he was now in recovery as I watched the board change to the recovery light blue. Whew. She told me he would be there for only an hour. She would call me again when he is in the dark blue/phase II part which meant he would be given discharge instructions and sent home.

The waiting room now only has 2 of us. A woman in her 40’s was waiting for her mom who had a knee replacement. Her mom has A-fib, high blood pressure and other assorted issues. We were chatting about how this board was supposed to be helpful but you can’t take your eyes off this and it makes you nuts.
At one point we were both a bit concerned because they both should have been out of recovery about 30 minutes ago.

At the 1hr and 30-minute recovery mark the board still just said recovery. Then over the loud speaker they were yelling Code Stroke and for personnel to go to the name of recovery room area where our loved ones were. This was repeated many times and we saw people running from everywhere.
She and I looked at one another and went into panic mode.  While we looked cool on the outside I saw it all over her face, as I am sure she did mine.
We were both concerned, to say the least, and she kept saying, “Oh God maybe that is why she has been in there longer than 1 hr.”  I am trying to calm her but those were my thoughts exactly. I went over to a woman who worked there and asked if she could tell me about my husband and she told me watch the board. Gee thanks.

Finally, the woman sitting with me got a call at the 1 hr 50-minute mark and she was told she could go back and see her mom. She hugged me and told me she hoped all was well for me too. Yep, so do I.  So now I am the only one sitting there with a loved one in recovery for 2 hrs when they told me it was only 1hr.
Everyone else was in procedure mode.
I have to admit I was not calm and I couldn’t just sit. So I paced.

At the 2 hours and 15-minute mark I got the call that he was fine but he got sick and they wanted to wait until his pain meds kicked in because he was in a lot of pain. Gee you couldn’t have called to tell me that at the one hour mark?

Now I know what I have put that poor man through for all my surgeries. He was right. Shh….don’t tell him that.
(I am always right, sometimes less right, but never wrong. J)

So this 2.5 hr event was over 4 hrs, which is probably more normal than I know. However, I feel as though I shouldn’t have been told times because if they are later than what they tell you, one just worries.

After Rick got in the car to go home we saw the sea of red lights at rush hour. The 6-mile ride to doggy day care took us another 1hr and 15 minutes. Riding in the car was not making him feel any better and he actually laughed and said, “why of course this wasn’t going to be easy” He held on to his vomit bag for the ride home just in case. Thankfully we didn’t move fast enough for him to be ill.

We had to get Izzy by 7p or the doors are locked. We called and they said they have had several calls about traffic they will wait for us. We got there at 7:05p.
Thankfully we were only 2 miles from home now. 

It sure was an eventful day and I am happy as hell it all went according to plan.
We were given pictures of the surgery from the doctor. She was so excited to show me all this stuff. Eeew. I was feigning interest because honestly, I didn't want to look at these. I knew Rick sure as hell would like them when he was better. And I was right. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Got Snow?

Thankfully we don't have any of the white stuff.
Just bone chillin' cold with very high winds.
I know it's coming and each year I'm not ready.

Rick's surgery is tomorrow. They make it sound so simple.
Just a quick 90 minutes she said to me today all cheerful.
I know we wouldn't want this person who calls us to be doom and gloom but it a bit more realistic would be nice.

The surgery is not until 12:30pm. Rick is all spastic because he will not be able to eat or drink all day from midnight. That is all he is talking about. Gee, buddy how about being that concerned about the surgery? Nope.  WHAT? no food for more than 12 hours? How will I survive?  He makes me chuckle.

I do get it. My surgery coming up is the same thing. Late day surgery and no eating or drinking after midnight. I don't mind not eating. But not having water will drive me nuts.

This weekend we went to Middleburg, my favorite little town.
We had a great time. We both figured this was going to be our last outing for awhile so let's do something we enjoy.
We had lunch on the patio of a restaurant there we like. It was 72. Last day to eat outside until spring.
Here's my big guy ordering lunch.
Then we went across the street to this place.
We bellied up to the tasting bar and tried some of the hard ciders. I could have 2 of the 3 on tap. One was hoppy like beer so no can do for a celiac. But I LOVED the first one we tried the best so that is what we bought. 
So we bought a Jug. You buy the jug and can get it refilled for like $7 or $9 bucks. I've blown $7/$9 in worse ways. 
This one above was hard cider with 1% champagne. Ooh, I liked it. We had it as mimosas at our private Sunday brunch. 

We went to our favorite chocolatier there and bought a couple of chocolates. We roamed the town and window shopped and just had a nice time. Since Rick and I won't be walking about for awhile except walking our dog we thought we'd go out and have some fun while we could. It didn't hurt that it was so warm either. 
I just love this town and wish we could live there. Got an extra 3 million you could lend me?

Friday, November 18, 2016


I'm going to share more fun customer things that have been happening of late.

I always tell people after the appointment has been made or even if they just call to inquire to call me with any questions they may have along the way.

This woman took this so literal that I have spoken to her every day at least once for 2 weeks. Her appointment is this coming Monday.
As I write this it is 10:30am. She has already called me twice.

She is paying for this for her daughter and son in law as a Christmas gift.
Her daughter just had a baby. I hear the baby in the background. I know more than I need to know about them. I have done this now for 10 years and I still do not understand the need of people to tell me everything about themselves because we are working on their bathroom. When my plumber was just here, he could see were updating some things in the bathroom and that is all he knew about us. I didn't share my age, where I was from, where my stepdaughter lives etc. These are the things people tell me and way more than I need to know.  I don't understand it and never will.

I send them a document along with their confirmation email of their appointment. The doc explains what they need to do prior to our arrival. I go over this on the phone but this doc goes a bit deeper. I tell them all of that while on the phone. I always say, don't hesitate to call or email me if you have any questions or concerns about what you need to do.  I expect calls. But this woman and her daughter call several times a day and it has become a joke. Very nice people but c'mon this isn't brain surgery people. Every day for the last 2 weeks and most days more than once.

If the doc says we need a door or window within 60 feet to ventilate the fumes from your condo what is confusing about that? Especially when I went into a great deal of detail about this and why on the phone twice.
I get it if they think they don't have a window or door within 60 ft but her question was, "What kind of window or door is needed, Peggy?" Really?
Oh heavens. If you knew the depth to which I go to explain this on the phone with them you too would be rolling your eyes. So they get my explanation on the phone and they get it in the written word in a document.

Rick is semi-retired so he was home this morning. He heard me answering questions and talking to these women. When I hung up I said to no one in particular since I am alone in my office, "and you people are breeding"
Rick was coming up the steps and heard this and said to me, "Is this about the people you were just so nice to?"  I nodded. He said, "Man you are so Sybil when you work." Yes, I am. Look customer service is key.  I will always be nice but my goodness they either are very lonely or not too bright. I have answered all of the same questions many many times. But hey it's job security, right?
Then last week a man was in town for 3 days working with contractors before he went back to North Carolina. He is selling his home here. He was booked for last Friday. (He booked this 30 days prior) He called me Thursday to see if we could move it to Monday. I said I could see if someone would be willing to switch with him but as of right now Monday was full. He called me back almost immediately after hanging up and asked if we could do this on Saturday because he can't stay now until Monday. I said yes. I figured if Gary didn't want to work on Saturday I'd get Rick to do it so we could make this work for this man.
It was a very small job so it wouldn't be a full day, just a quick couple of hours.

After the job was completed the man gave Gary a credit card which would not go through. Not because it was declined but because the numbers were worn off and it could not read the 3 digit security code. Gary tried to manually put the credit card in and what he thought were the numbers but it was then declined. The customer called the bank but they wouldn't give him the number over the phone it would be mailed to him. Gary called me and asked me what to do. I spoke with the customer and asked him if he had another card. He said no. Check? No. Cash? No.

Now here is what I wanted to say, "you just told me you are driving back to North Carolina as soon as we are off the phone. You have no money and no debit or credit cards and you going to another state on a wing and a prayer?"
But of course, I didn't say that. Instead, I said, "How do you wish to make this work?" He then yelled at me that I was insinuating he didn't have the money?
How did he get that from the questions, "How do you wish to make this work?"
Gary was standing there and thankfully he could not only here this man but he could hear me talking to him. Again I ask, "Patrick how would YOU like to make this work? "  He said I"ll send you a check when home. I took down his N Carolina address just in case it was needed. I told him it was to send him an invoice even though he had one in his hand.

I snail mailed an invoice. I also emailed him an invoice. He ignored it. He sent a picture of his verizon page that said $845 to our company name to be delivered on 11/17/16.  I wrote back that I did not understand what this picture was and could he explain. He ignored it. November 17th came and went.
Rick called him this morning and said he was the owner and blah blah and was sickeningly nice to him. The customer said the picture sent was proof that his bank was sending a check that would be here on the 17th. Rick said, "Today is the 18th"  'Oh' was his response. Rick told him what would transpire should we not have this check by Wednesday.

It will be interesting to see if it ever shows up.
Here is what I think really was the issue. He had no intention of ever paying us. He had other cards and or money or he couldn't have driven home with no gas or money. If he wanted to make it right when asked what he wanted to do, he would have said, When I get home I'll call you with another card. Or I'll mail a check on Saturday. It would have been here by now. So to us, he never intended to pay. You set up a check to be paid a week later than the job? Not right away? That tells me you either never intended to pay or you have no money to pay. 
Then you shouldn't do the job.Either way this was not an accident.
He is selling his house here that is why he had the repairs done in the first place. But he won't be able to sell with a contractors lien on his house now will he?
Small amount or not, it is getting tiring of all these people living in 800K-1million dollar homes who refuse to pay.

It's offical....winter is upon us.

70 degrees today. Perfect fall day.
47 and rain tomorrow and then 46 and wind. Brrr......

Taking apart my patio after work today.
That is the sure sign of winter approaching.

I think I need to move to an island after Thanksgiving each year.
I'll be back in May.  Sound like a plan? You can come if you want.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Heads Up - foul language ahead

Rick finishing up his punch list on the master bath project.
I work from home and heard this while at my desk.

Rick: SHIT!

I giggle

Rick: DAMN IT!

this one less than a minute later.

Rick: SON. OF. A .BITCH!

oh my I'm not going in there


things banging...perhaps his head against the wall? throwing something?
I don't know, but now I'm laughing. I am certainly not going in there to see what is happening!

Now I am the potty mouth in this house and Rick has only done this once before.
Same scenario. I was on a ladder and he was in the basement at our lake house.
I was laughing hysterically on my ladder because he doesn't normally swear like this.
But oh boy he did that day and well, Wednesday, November 16th 2016 was the same exact scenario.

By the way, the bathroom looks great.
The shower is the only thing left to do but that will wait until after his surgery.
I can't wait to show you.


I've never been a fan of this holiday in the same way others are.
Namely the food.
I don't like turkey - it's gross to me.
I never really like stuffing either and that was before I knew I had celiac.
The only thing I really liked were the sweet potatoes and desserts.

Apparently, my mom didn't tell all my nieces I wasn't coming.
Have I told you how I love and adore all my nieces?
Yesterday one of them made my year. Yes, my year. 
This girl is da bomb. Somehow she wasn't told about our surgeries.

I got an email yesterday from my niece with a recipe for a couple of sides. She asked if I thought those sounded good. Both sounded great to me. 
I thanked her for the recipes. She wrote back and said, "No silly I just wanted to be sure you'd like them. I am bringing two sides for dinner at moms and I wanted to be sure you had something you could eat."

She was going to make me 2 sides that were gluten free. For me, her Celiac Aunt. Do you know how wonderful that is to me? No one does that for me. Ever. NO ONE. Not even a parent. To be included in the meal and to have someone be so damn thoughtful and kind made me cry and filled my heart. 

Oops, my sister, Jennifer made me an awesome GF meatloaf several years ago when I was first diagnosed. I drove Rick nuts by talking about how nice this was to do just for me. She too is so thoughtful, beautiful and kind. And here I am doing it again. C'mon it's so rare, it must be appreciated and spoken about.

My 24 yr old niece was thoughtful and kind and thought of someone else.
What kind of millennial is that? :-) They are supposed to be self-consumed and be entitled.
For her to be so kind and thoughtful in this ugly new world of hate. 
It made my heart sing.
Don't you wish there was more of this in the world?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wanna Stay At My House?

I'm sure you have all heard about the Million Woman March in DC in January.

Yesterday I had 2 people ask to stay at my home while they are here for this.
One being my cousin's daughter in Boston, coming with a friend.
Sure I've got the room.

Then a friend from NY asked if they could stay here at my home while they are here for this. Sure, I've got the room.

Today I was asked by a friend in northern PA to come with a friend.
Okay, I'm fine with it but all beds are full, will a queen Aero bed work in the TV room?

I have a feeling there is going to be a large group of women at my home for a couple of days. I think Rick is going to enjoy this.
Especially because most are millennials or generation X'ers.

I have to admit I'm proud of these young women.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Original Parts

Did your parents have knee surgery?

My orthopedic surgeon said that my joints were out of warranty.
But last evening I got to thinking.
My father is about to be 89.He has his original everything....okay not his mind, but all his joints, hips, teeth etc.
Same with my step mom.
I can't think of one Aunt or Uncle or a Grandparent who ever had any joint surgery. Did they have extended warranties that I don't know about?

They smoked, ate nitrates, lived on meat and potatoes and did not exercise per se.
Most of the men did physical labor for work, factories, plumbers, etc. But once home they sat their asses in a chair with a bourbon and water and if like my father a big fat stogie was smoked while he read the paper and watched TV.

So let's think about this. My generation tries to eat well, exercise, and we are all having joints changed, removed, fixed etc. Why is that?
In my extended family, only about 2 people even smoke cigarettes. So what the hell happened to the baby boomers and all their replacement surgeries?
I do not smoke, I eat reasonably well,  I exercise by walking 2-3 miles a day and yoga. But yet I'm falling apart.

I think if I began to eat and drink like my father used to I'd be a mess. But then maybe that is the ticket. My father drank each day. I could never ever do that, but I admit I'd sure like to. He never cared about carbs, fats, greasy fried food. He ate it all. Pies and cookies were his favorite food group and many a day that was breakfast for him.
My father didn't exercise. He didn't even mow his own yard. He said that was why he had kids. We girls took turns mowing the lawn and raking etc. His only exercise was his elbow to his mouth or his job as a commercial master plumber. Is that all it takes, to have a physical job?

I am puzzled by this. So much so I have been asking my friends if their parents have their original hips, knees, etc. All but one said yes.

So why do baby boomers need this so much more? I have a friend who is older than me at 65 - he's had two hip replacements, knee replacement, and 2 shoulder surgeries. He is very active so perhaps that is the point. He needs to sit.
I find this so fascinating but I know, I hear ya, it's only me who thinks so.