Thursday, July 24, 2014

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs

My husband will send me photos throughout the day.
Some just for before and after photos to change up the website.
Some for customers who aren't home to show them the work has been done.
Some to gross me out because he thinks that its funny how much it makes me ill to see people who never flush their toilets or leave very old dried up personal things on the floor where he has to work.

Here are a few of them from this week. None too gross - wouldn't do that to you.
He sends these to me with captions which can make me laugh.
Here are a few that I can share along with his captions/his words exactly as he sent them to me.

I don't want to live here!


She said she had trouble cleaning the tub. Staring at the filth doesn't count as cleaning it.

6 miles on this bumpy road. Glad it's not winter.

Nice view from their porch though once I got here

These are just the ones I can show you. Some are real doozies.  I had a plumber coming to my house last week. He had to go under my kitchen sink. I removed everything for him and then cleaned it. I didn't want him to deal with anything that had spilled (comet) or anything of that nature. You would think others would think the same when someone from our company is showing up. But apparently that is rare.

I changed all the fixtures in my powder room to oil rubbed bronze. I did this one day while Rick was out. What I couldn't do was replace the chrome drain in the sink to the oil rubbed bronze one. So when Rick got home he tried to do this without removing the sink from the wall. He could not. I called a plumber. The plumber said that the pedestal sink had to be cut from the wall and the two pieces be separated and then they could do it and then put it back together.  But the issue is that the paint color in that room was hand made/mixed. It's not a color one can buy. I don't have any left because my husband threw it away by accident (you know the head up his butt syndrome I referred to yesterday)  I asked the plumber if it would be a clean break and he laughed. I said to him, "I don't like that laugh."  He said he couldn't lie to me and  promise me that. I said never mind. So, I either have to find one like they have for tubs that will go over your existing one, live with chrome, (NO) or repaint the whole room. Aargh. I don't like my options here.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Trip

I'm leaving Friday to go to the great white north also known as my hometown.
I will be attending my high school reunion.
Should be interesting. I can't wait to see the 2 women I am going with.
I know for a fact there will be laughs and giggles all night with them.
My neighbor just told me about hers and said "It was great! It was so hard to recognize people. Age sure takes a toll!"
I thought that was funny. We should have name tags that have our senior pictures on them.
Good way to recognize everyone.

It will be cooler up there and I love that. (high 70's I hear) 
I love that kind of weather so that should be great as well as comfortable.
I hope to make it to the beach if for nothing else to shoot some sunrise or sunsets.
It will be a fun filled crazy weekend and I can't wait to get away.
The drive is the only thing I hate. But I'm leaving very early so hopefully the turnpike won't be too bad. Oh who the hell am I kidding the PA turnpike is always awful.
Do you know it has been under construction since I began driving at age 16?
Wonder if it will ever be finished? 

In other news - 
My husband lost his wallet, his life, this week.
He doesn't know where. We were together Saturday and he had it at the grocery store.
We came home and made a crab dip and had lunch.
We went to a party Saturday night and came straight home.
We went no where else all weekend. It was not in his pants.
We have torn apart our home. And I do mean tear it apart!

So I spent Monday freezing accounts and handling his life.
He got his license taken care of.
They suggested he go to the sheriff's office to file this because if someone does find it and they use his name for fraud this is all documented. They asked him where he lost it and he said, "If I knew that it wouldn't be lost" 
snarky bastard isn't he?

To those of you reading this, Katie and Jennifer, you know how he is.  
He will pick on me mercilessly for doing what he calls "foolish" things like losing my costco card or running low on gas. (I've never run out of gas,  so he gets in my car when I'm on E, it's not my fault)

When I misplaced my glasses he gave me such shit about it for 2 weeks. (they were in my briefcase in my Manhattan office so they weren't lost) 
I mean to tell you he went on and on about how careless I am losing expensive eye wear. 
yada yada yada.,
Well, I have never lost my wallet. So there!
Besides I found my eyeglasses. I don't think this wallet is going to appear.

This is a nightmare. Not to mention the $100 in the wallet he also had 2 american express cards, 3 company cards, personal debit cards and on and on. 
I wanted to kill him.  Hours spent on the phone and forms to fill etc.  
Do you know how many vendors I had to call because our supplies are automatically deducted from a business debit card? I keep thinking I missed someone and I suppose I will find out when they call to tell me my card was rejected. 
So then I can add embarrassment to this whole fiasco too. Lucky me.

He took care of his license and acted like he was a damn hero for all the time that took him.
Poor baby. Had to get a new license online.  Hope he didn't hurt his little fingers doing all that typing.
Seriously it's like when "they" put the TP on the TP holder and act like they did something miraculous.   Look what I did!

Honestly this man is driving me crazy lately with his forgetfulness, his head up his ass syndrome. What the hell is going on?  He decided to blame this on his lyme medications.
I laughed and said I'm not buying that horse shit. He continues to laugh.
In the mean time I want to hurt him. Is that wrong?

While I'm gone I ask that he not burn down the house, lose our dog, or misplace his truck or phone. I suggested he not leave the house. But he never listens to me so who knows what I will come home to. I will be gone for 3 days, hopefully he can keep it together in that short of time.  Wanna take bets?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ten Years is a lot of years.

My book club doesn't meet in the summer. But on Wednesday they had a summer luncheon in the most beautiful location in Clifton Virginia. 
It was a glorious day with perfect low humidity and only in the 80's. 
Don't often find those in Northern VA in July.  

A woman who had just had a Myers Briggs test again thought it would be fun to see where we are fell on that spectrum. An excuse to drink wine, eat and laugh in the middle of the day. I don't normally go to things like this because I am the only one not retired. But I decided to take off some time.  Izzy was in day care and we are in our summer slow down so what the hell was my logic.

Now there is one woman in the club that I really really like. She is fun, adventurous and kind.
I picked her up and we went over to Clifton together. 

We took the tests and then discussed our results. I find it funny that I have had this test 3 times in 35 years. All with the same outcome. I guess like Popeye says, "I yam what I yam"
Others had taken it before as well and half of them had their outcome changed, the rest like me, stayed the same.

As we went over our results and read the descriptions we would see that yes indeed that is exactly who Barbara is or who Linda is etc. That rolled into discussions of each personalities and stories then would be spun. 

I sat and listened to them all. (I was last) I found it fascinating and a tad bit troubling.
Most of these gals are 10 years older than me, a couple a tad bit more. 
But listening to them and their stories made me feel like I was listening to my Grandmothers stories. They all had a common theme. 
One got married because she had premarital sex and that was the only option for her.
One got married because she wanted to have sex. (that blows my mind)
One got married because she said at age 20 that is what one did. She felt there were no other choices. Get married or be a dried up old prune (at 20?)
Another didn't get married until she was 26 and her parents worried that she was going to be an "old maid" She broke off an engagement and decided that she never loved anyone enough to marry them so went back to school and got a masters in education. She also was very adamant about marrying within her faith which proved a long struggle in many ways in her lifetime.

All of these stories are so foreign to me. 
Only 10 years and it is a world of difference.
I am the only one married more than once without a spouse dying.
I too married my high school sweetheart and when we grew up we so wanted different things.
No fighting, no drama, we just knew we weren't going in the same direction.
Second time was the charm, but I was older, established in my career and knew exactly what I would or would not compromise on. He felt the same. We had the same goals, values and respect for one another so it worked for us.

I can't fathom the life they lead. They made a lot of choices from insecurities, society and family pressures and expectations. What a horrific way to have to make choices.
I can't even imagine not having birth control for an option, or having to have children because saying you didn't want them made you "broken".  One spoke of how not having children because you choose to not have them vs. being unable to have them,  had people looking at you like you were a horrible cold person. Wow. Talk about pressure.  

It was a long leisurely day and I was so amazed at how 10 years made a difference in our life experiences. They talked about the Vietnam war. I remember my boyfriend getting his draft card and the number was low, meaning he could be called.  Thankfully he was still in high school and shortly thereafter the draft was stopped ( i think 1973)  and the war was over in 1975 a year after graduation. One got married to avoid the war. While I am not clear how that helped because we got off target yet I can't imagine getting married for that reason.
Wouldn't that be worse? 

When Gloria Steinem fought for equal rights / gender rights they were now mom's with a couple of kids under their belt.  They spoke of being as one stated, "of my husband." To her that mean that he was head and master of the laws and she must obey. (holy shit!)
No credit cards in her own name, no credit period.
She said she had no legal rights to her husbands earnings or property. Her husband would control all of that. They went on to tell me how if someone did get divorced it was whispered about. It was difficult to obtain and generally meant that the woman had to prove without a shadow of a doubt that they did no wrong and the husband indeed did. Then they could get limited "support".  

Can you even imagine?
Only 10 years difference between most of these women and myself and yet they are so much older than me in so many ways. Yes, some are a great deal older but it still makes me thankful I didn't live in those times. 

While it wasn't easy being a girl in the 70's it was still better than what they had.
No, we couldn't play sports, no we couldn't wear pants to school, no we were still considered 2nd class citizens (has that changed yet?) 
But shortly after going into my junior year girls could then play sports in school ('73) but schools had to play catch up. My school didn't catch up until 1974. Then we had only a girls softball team, swimming and track. Took awhile to get coaches and people on board I guess.
I remember being able to wear pants a couple days a week. No jeans allowed though.
And we had birth control.

Today when Izzy and I walk by the young women standing at the bus stop they are barely covered. Bellies showing, ass cheeks showing and lord knows tits showing. I guess we've come a long way but not all of it good.

I don't fit in with these women but they do fascinate me.
Their lives are so different. They aren't friends with their spouses, they are their wives as one said yesterday. Each and every one of them said that they had nothing in common with their significant other. That is so huge to me. How do you share a life with someone you have nothing in common with? Nothing!  That isn't a life. That is something you have just gotten used to and you survive. You aren't thriving or enjoying yourself.  They said they weren't expected to be happy in the same way they want their daughters and sons to be happy today. How damn sad of a comment is that?

None felt they had the right to be happy. What is happy they'd ask? One loves to travel so she goes without her spouse. They don't read the same things, watch the same things, enjoy anything together or go anywhere together. Isn't that just a roommate?
It made me sad for them listening to their stories. Oh all of them have grown to love the other but none are what I would call a happy successful marriage. Just because you don't divorce surely doesn't make you a happy couple or a successful marriage.  They all took it in stride that this was "what one did"   It sort of reminded me of arranged marriages. They never really fell in love per se but over time, they respected one another and had children and learned to love each other in a different way. When I said that they all shook their heads.

It was eye opening, as well as sad for me.
I feel badly that they never got to know a real love and partnership. 
I felt badly that they had so many dreams that they never felt they could go after. 
I felt badly most of all because these are such smart well read and educated women who had to fight to get degrees and fight to do anything other than child rearing and housework. 
(and most in stereotypical female jobs, nursing, librarian, several teachers etc)
I felt especially bad for the ones who made choices out of insecurities and never had a voice until they were 68 years old. 

To them I was a tramp. I had sex outside of marriage and loved it. 
Oh the funny questions about that one. 
I put myself first and my desire for a career before being in a serious relationship.
I knew what I wanted and while I had hurdles from my family to overcome to get there I fought until I got there. I didn't allow family or religious upbringing to control me.
Heaven knows they tried with all tactics including Italian Catholic guilt.

The women yesterday kept using the phrase, "but weren't you raised Catholic? Aren't you catholic?"
I tried to explain to no avail. Then suddenly it hit me. Two of the women are now vegetarians. I had said to them earlier, "I was raised Catholic but I am not Catholic"
So since she couldn't understand that I said to the vegetarian, "Were you raised to be a vegetarian or in a vegetarian family?"  Her answer was, "  Heavens no, but it is who i am now because it makes me happy and I feel better." 
I said, "replace the word vegetarian in that scenario and put in Catholic"
Everyone was quiet for a moment and then she laughed, shaking her head up and down. 
She finally got it.

I wish more young people could talk to these women.
Today feminism is a dirty word when all it means is gender equality. Nothing more, nothing less. Two simple words that we have been unable to achieve in my lifetime, gender equality.
Two small words that frighten the insecure man. If you ask a young woman today if she is a feminist she says no.  If you ask her if she believes in gender equality she says yes.
Young women need to talk to these women. They need to see how far it's come and how far we still have to go. Young women need to get off their cell phones and talk to their grandmothers and hear it first hand.

I am not sure how much long I will attend these meetings. The age thing does rather get to me even though I like these women. 
And being the pig that I am something happened yesterday that made me laugh.

I asked for a cup of coffee. The hostess asked if I wanted milk/cream. She brought out her frother.  All the women were a buzz about this frother. 
As she pumped this and the foam was made these phrases were uttered.
"where did you get the fluffer?"  (fluffer this and fluffer that said over and over again)
"wow, look at that head?" "can I try getting head on this thing?"
"a woman is moving her hand slightly sideways up and down saying, "is that all you have to do to fluff it is go up and down like this?"   "will that make white foam?"

I was laughing but no one heard what I heard. 
Then my friend walked over to me and asked what was so funny.  I said listen to them all cackling over by the coffee machine. These women are still saying the same things over and over again.
So I made the same hand movement and said the same phrases above. She looked at me and burst out laughing. When the quiet librarian asked me what was so funny I said what they were saying and she said, "so?"  I didn't wish to explain. Those 10 years makes us light years apart. 

Of course when I got home I told this story complete with the hand gesture to my husband and Rick said, "oh my God didn't they know what they were saying?" 
He said, "It's a damn good thing we found one another"  
Darn straight buddy!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Deal With It.

I love this guy!
Oh not like I love Rick....or Gerard Butler...oh wait that's just lust.
I digress.

I have loved this man for years for giving me years of entertainment.
He makes me happy, happy, happy.
I am sad to see him retire. But I also see him wearing down so I get it.
My next life I want to be him. Honestly he has a pretty life.
Class act.

The fact that the Red Sox fans in this video tip their hat and roll their eyes was a nice touch. As were the Mets players and mascot with their faces pixelated. Now that was funny.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Supportive Family

You know how on Everybody Loves Raymond, the mother Marie Barone, is so very unsupportive of Robert? When I watch this on TV it just makes me laugh like crazy. I realize my family has been doing this for years.

Example. The day Rick was at the White House my mother called.
I told her he was at the White House for this job in the presidents quarters.
Mom: "Why did they call him?"
Me: I laughed and said, "well, why not us?"
Mom: " Well, aren't there other people who do this in your area?"
OMG. I burst out laughing and just said, "why yes there are mother."

Ah, there is that support I know and love.
You see there is no sense in trying to explain to her how awful that is to say to your kids.  She does it to all of us. She is equally non supportive to all 5 of we girls and her grand kids. Sure when I was a kid it hurt and pissed me off.
But by the time I was in my early 20's I would just laugh.
Because honestly they are nuts.

Our office is closed on Saturday and Sunday. But because it is in our home I can still hear the phone ringing. The phone was ringing off the hook on Sunday.
Sunday night we had just gone to bed. At 11:15p the phone rang.  Rick rolled over to face me and said, "Why the hell are these people calling us?  Don't they know there are other people who do this?"  It really caught me off guard and made me laugh.

Today I had a very cantankerous old bird driving me nuts. Rick called shortly after for messages. I told him about her and he said, "Why didn't you ask her why the hell she called us, there are a lot of people who do this in our area?"  That cracked me up and took me off the ledge. That seems to be our new go to line.

I love my parents and I know they love me but for the love of God they have no clue on how to be supportive. My parents have always said the weirdest things to we girls. Once they were talking to us about this young woman we all knew who had just gotten raped. I was 17 at the time.  My parents were giving us a lecture on what to look for etc When my father said, "Peg, you don't have to be pretty or attractive to get raped it can happen to even you" Gee thanks Dad.
My sisters and I laugh about this shit all the time. When my sister responded to him about this he said, "What? oh you're being so sensitive"  I just laugh.

Honestly it's funny as hell and my family would make a very successful sitcom.

Friday, July 11, 2014


I've rather lost the will to blog of late.

My baseball team is in the toilet just as I predicted the next decade would be like.
My husband is dealing with this awful Lyme disease. Now that he looks better everyone thinks he is fine. If they only knew!
I am dealing with my own health shit and that's so much added fun on this pile of shit.
Work is now coming to its summer slow down which happens every year at this time but never the less panics me a bit. We don't have work, we don't eat. You've seen me, I like to eat.

Yesterday afternoon was hot and sunny and after dinner I went out to the patio to water and feed my flowers and plants.  Within an hour of doing this I turned around and it was black as could be outside. I asked Rick, "Is it supposed to rain?"  He said, "I think most of this week." Really?  Well as soon as I said that the sky opened up and it rained so hard we lost our satellite. Of course I was watching a House Hunter Renovation so I never got to see how that turned out. But then the hail started! Oh my the hail.  
That woke up the dog, who ran to the windows and watched it hit the back door and windows. She kept turning around to look at us as if to say, "What the hell is all this shit?"

Rick turned on the music and went back to his tablet. I finished the dinner dishes. While I was at the sink he grabbed my hand and twirled me around to dance with him. Ah, the silly man. I did dance with him to one of our favorite old songs. (satisfied minds) And didn't that damn jealous dog come between us! She kept nudging us with her nose to get us apart. She wouldn't stop until we were separated. Honestly this dog is birth control. God forbid this man touch me, hold me or be close to me....she wants none of that. Oh how she loves this man and believes no one else should.  Drives me crazy.

I did see this. 

My former boss had this on his facebook page with the comment - "this is why I love the USA." (he is from Ireland, now living in Jeddah for a few more months)
We had to invest.  This is on kickstarter. If they get enough money they can go to market with this. If they don't get what is needed I am not charged a thing. But they will. This product is one of the better ones I've seen in a very long time.

With your investment you get one shipped to you. Not bad huh?
Getting one now saves me a lot of money and this simplifies all the things on the boat! 
Love it!
If you tail gate I can't imagine you wouldn't like this as well.
I don't tailgate but in summer on the boat it eliminates my need for a bunch of stuff and it is all right here in one place. Less room taken up and it has wheels. 
I like all my coolers to have wheels because I'm a wuss and can't carry when heavy and besides Rick shouldn't have to carry everything. Wheels mean I can move it from the car, down the ramp to the boat. Easy Peasy.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Where's Waldo?....

Guess Where Rick was Today?

Need another hint? C'mon you recognize this seal on the wall below!

It was really an interesting day for him. The work will not be done until August.

Think the check will clear?  :-)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Mrs. Green Jeans

I'm sure there are only 1 or possibly 2 of you who remember Mr. Green Jeans on Captain Kangaroo.
What is Capt. Kangaroo you ask? 
He was a childrens program before the digital age or before cable.

This was back in the day long long ago when parents controlled the television. 
There were not 100 channels dedicated to children 24/7. 
You got cartoons on Saturday for 1/2 a day. 
Then every weekday morning there was Capt. Kangaroo and his band of misfits. 
Mr. Green Jeans was the gardener. (Mr. Moose, Bunny Rabbit and Grandfather Clock to name a few)

Today picking my veggies off my little ole patio I felt like Mr. Green Jeans without the overalls. 
Here are my pablano's peppers. These bad boys will be stuffed and grilled tonight.
I put it in my hand so you can see the size. And no my hands are not tiny.

 My jalapeno's below -  which I had a tiny bit of in my scrambled eggs this morning. 
 Yep I like spicy. 
My garlic bulbs aren't huge but they work.

My cherry tomatoes are just starting. Man the plants are high and I have a ton of clusters.
These bad boys are so tasty right off the vine. But I will be roasting  a great many of them. Hmm....I'm telling you if you have never slow roasted tomatoes you just don't know what you are missing. Sweet as sugar.  The last time we did a baguette on the grill and then with the garlic that was roasted and mixed with butter on the baguette.  Then you add the roasted tomatoes. And if you like I have fresh basil to top it all off with it. 
The neighbors that were here that night said they were never going home. It's that good! Wanna come over? well c'mon over then. You bring the wine.

Monday, June 30, 2014


I am sitting in my 2nd floor open office.
It is a loft type setting. 
I can hear my dog snoring on the first floor.
My goodness my delicate little flower is snoring like an enormous animal.
How can this cute little face make such a noise?

We dropped Izzy at her Saturday play date at day care and we headed to the farmers market. I love the farmers market early Saturday mornings. 
The majority of our food bill is veggies and fruit and then protein. 

We hit our local farmers market and went to work. The one farmer has the best damn peaches you have ever had. I haven't had a better peach even when visiting friends in Georgia. Seriously delicious peaches. 
We stocked up on all kinds of veggies and fruits and the last vendor did us in. 
It was Martins Angus Beef from Plains VA.  Rick saw these grass feed beef items and went nuts. Thankfully they had a square so we could use our debit card. 
Most of the vendors only take cash, which I find silly in the 21st century. 
I don't ever have cash on me so it is always a stop at the ATM before going to the farmers market.

We had the best damn Delmonico steak dinner Saturday night. 
Of course fresh grilled veggies that we just bought too but it was the steak. 
OMG, It was the best steak of my life.
Seriously before this steak, the best steak I ever had was at an Emeril Lagasse restaurant. 
I still think of that steak as the one to beat. This one did. And little ole Rick made it and it was far cheaper than my steak at Emeril's. What a difference real food makes. 
Both evenings had great wine too. It was a perfect ending to a day of hard work sipping wine and enjoying a meal on the patio. 

Then yesterday we stuffed the great tomatoes we got at the farmers market with chicken salad. We made it a bit different this time. He added one of our own jalapenos from our own little garden and it had just a tiny zing and it was great. Did those bad boys on the grill and topped them with cheese. Oh how I love that Rick must eat gluten free now. 
Normally that and a salad is my meal so it was great to only make one meal for us both.

After the farmers market Rick and I also went house hunting and looked at homes we can't afford.  You would think that would be depressing but it wasn't.  It was fun. 
The one we really really liked was the perfect size for us being that there are only 2 humans and 1 canine. It did have an elevator which Rick said, "Gee that is a great idea with my knees I'd add that as an add on!"  I was looking at the climate controlled wine cellar for my add on, we weren't on the same page. Then he said, "oh hell we'll do both!"
It was only 1.2 million. Ah, to dream. 
But we'd still have to add that pool. I mean if we're going to go for it, ya gotta get it all.

We spent way too  much time this weekend inside while it was just gorgeous outside.
But we finally tackled the 3rd floor - it had to be done damn it.
You see when we sold our lake home we brought everything back here.
It landed on the 3rd floor in one of the bedrooms. We have been ignoring it all.

While the home was sold with the majority of its furniture, we still had a lot of stuff we brought back here. We weeded through it all and it took me a total of 4 days. But this weekend it was finished. YIPEE. 

Rick worked on his garage because the community had an event where you could bring your hazardous materials like paints and other chemicals.  We piled up our car with chemicals from his job and gallons and gallons of old paint cans. We drove over to the high school where this was held and they had a super organized plan. We drove through the maze of orange tape, young people in goggles, aprons and gloves emptied our vehicle and then told us to move on. Simple as anything could be. It was tremendous.  That got Rick started and motivated to keep going on that damn garage. 

Oh he has weeks more to go but it was a great start.  Because of his Lyme he still tires so easily he does what he can while he can. I have attempted to help, but that garage is his domain and he said he would prefer to do it alone. Because it is his workshop he needs to put things where he needs them he tells me. So he got one area cleared out, reorganized and I just went through and cleaned it. Which of course he said he'd do but I know it would never be done because the man can live in squalor.

We may or may not be getting 4th of July company Thursday night. 
My niece was supposed to come but late yesterday she called to say her boyfriend may have to work. So I won't know until tonight.
I hope they come because the rest of my summer is pretty well booked. And I would seriously like to check out this boyfriend of hers that she is so over the moon about.
Is he worthy? That is what Rick keeps saying. He is so parental with her.

Don't know that I will have a chance to get back here.
So I am wishing  you all a wonderful and safe 4th.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


A friend sent me this of her dog sleeping in her smaller dogs bed.
This just cracks me up. I think he may need a bed like this one for himself ....only larger.
How damn cute is this?

Today is my sister Jennifer's birthday. She's my baby sis. 
But boy she's getting old :-) 

That's all I've got today people cuz I'm cranky.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Port-a Potty Anyone?

I've told you stories, many stories here on the blog, about my husbands bathroom issues.
Poor guy always needs to be near a bathroom.
Our first date I saw toilet paper under the seat as I was moving it forward and when asked why? he said, "well you just never know."  
That should have been my big sign.

But now he just makes me laugh. Who needs toilet paper on the boat? Who needs it in their car? Who does this? yea, Rick does.
There are several stories here on the blog about him needing a john while on the road.
He knows every porta potty location and the condition it is in, every hotel bathroom along route 50, which makes his wife question how he knows this.  He will tell me things as we drive by a hotel, a restaurant or a home depot,"They have very nice tile in that hotel bathroom. That restaurant has bad bathrooms, very dirty. That home depot has a great bathroom, very well kept.  Once on the way to IKEA he pointed out a ball field and the porta potties. He told me they were very clean and taken care of. I just laugh and shake my head. 
I have never ever used a porta potty other than at a concert ONCE and those were so gross I think I'd soil myself first than do that again.  

So today he text me this picture with the following caption:
"Looks like they were expecting me."

My first thought was, okay they left him a spot to park at the condo. That was nice. 
But then I saw the porta potty and I laughed.

He has issues to begin with and then you add in the 3 Lyme medications that give him, well, urgency shall we say, that imodium doesn't seem to work for.  And lucky him there was a porta potty next to his van.  The man does makes me laugh.  

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

As The World Turns in Lyme Land

Y'all know when I'm not around it is normally due to illness.
Same old, same old.

My body is fighting me again. I am so swollen. 
So so swollen. No rings, no shoes no clothes are fitting right now. 
My feet don't even fit in shoes. My pants are tight.
It has nothing to do with eating or weight gain, it's all just swollen and ugly and oh so very painful. Adrenals are the main issue. Sucks, painful and looks horrific. Yipee. Enough about me. It's all about Rick right now.

He is feeling better but as you all know this is a chronic illness and it will be going on for a long time. Thankfully the horrific side effects of all these medications are simmering down and his body is adjusting. Just not to nausea unfortunately.  
Why oh why can't pot be legal so he wouldn't have to deal with all this nausea. 
His moods are better but he's not his normal self. I miss that guy. Last night we laughed so hard we were both crying. He was actually like normal and cracking me up.
So he's somewhat back if we are laughing again around here....but not quite.

He saw the specialist yesterday.
He loved her, which helps if you ask me. So not only is she smart as a whip in regards to lyme but she's warm and funny too.  She was on the site and mentioned in some CDC info he read, as a leader in this field and that is how he picked her.  It was wonderful to know there was someone in this area that was so highly recommended and knowledgeable about this disease.

He is on these 3 meds currently for the next 6-8 months. 
Then they go to a different protocol. There will be several protocols apparently.
You see these little suckers that invade your body attack your organs 
(including your heart, hence why he was having palpitations)  
She told him that they protect themselves from all the antibiotics by making a mucus type shell over themselves to hide. The drugs can not penetrate them. So the dr. said she likes to do a every other day and weekends off. 
Just when the buggers think, "whew they're gone" and sluff off the lining they are hiding under then they hit 'em with the drugs. Then they stop the drugs because they have scurried and hid and then they hit 'em with the drugs a few days later when the suckers come out because they think it's safe. Crazy huh?

Three of Rick's favorite things from his visit were the following:
1. He now has a plan. He likes things in a linear fashion as do I so I get that.

2. When they were discussing his extreme nausea from all the medications she told him she wished she could give him marijuana but she can't prescribe it in this state and he can't go to DC because he doesn't live there. That shocked him that she was so forthright.  But he liked that she was open to it and not closed minded on all options for him to feel well.

3. The other thing was how well she understood his symptoms. 
She actually asked him if he had shortness of breath or felt as though he wasn't drawing in a full breath. YES! He thought he was going nuts. 
She then explained the why and how of all that fun stuff.
This  is called oxygen hungry. It causes you to not be able to breath well or take deep breathes. Honestly that is scary as shit to watch him try to breath. It's been a tough symptom.  He came home from walking the dog and I thought he was having a heart attack. He fell to the floor and he was trying so hard to breath and was giving me this blank stare. Scary shit is all I can say. And scary how these little buggers are so devious, strong and unrelenting.

The news he really hated hearing was that these buggers feed off sugar and gluten so she asked him to try to eliminate those from his diet. I thought he was going to cry. 
I was thrilled. I won't have to make 2 different meals all the time. 
He won't be eating cakes, cookies and the like while I watch him. Its all about me right?

He told the doctor, "My wife just made me the day before homemade Reese's peanut butter cups and they are friggin' amazing. REALLY? You are making me do this now? Can I eat those first?"   
The doctor laughed and said, "well you gotta live Rick" 

So he will finish those bad boys and then begin to eat like me. No fake chemical sugar like splenda etc either. So there goes his pop.  He drinks fresca and that is all chemical.
When he asked about drinking pop she asked, "you're from the east aren't you?"  
He realized he said POP and not soda like those around here say.
She laughed and said she was from Syracuse and she says pop too so it felt good to hear that. So they bonded over the word pop and now he can't drink it. She said if he must a couple here or there but not daily. I am thrilled to pieces about this information. Diet Pop is the worst thing you can put in your body. You might as well take drugs. It is that harmful. Aspartame is a chemical killer yet people ingest it daily AND they think they are taking in less sugar and it is good for a diet. It is the worst thing for a diet. 
(google it and add donald rumsfeld and dick cheney's name - amazing!)

It will cause weight gain. Silly silly people. So again I am thrilled to pieces he can't have all that crap anymore. No liquor either. Now that is going to be difficult for him.  
While he can have wine from time to time, like every 3 months or so from time to time. 
NO alcohol or beer at all. 
Giving up food would be easier for the poor guy. Good for him, but difficult for him.

But.... he is luckier than most. It was diagnosed. He is seeing someone who really knows how to combat this as well as one can. And she is 20 minutes away and that too is great for us. Now expensive you ask? Oh yea. A lot of this is not covered or we will just be reimbursed for some of it later. The office visit alone was $450 yesterday.  They don't take insurance as is the case with most around here. So that was fun. Thankfully the meds are covered. Whew.

In other news around the world. The plumber from the White House called and asked about having some work done in the W.House. He spoke to Rick and Rick text me that he will be calling to schedule. Wonder how that works? Clearance needed? At the very least a pat down? Do you take a check from the White house? do you bill the president when that isn't your policy? I imagine you do whatever the hell they want because we don't need the IRS on our asses now do we? No siree, we don't need audited.
Hell Rick said he'd do it free just to see the inside of the White House but then decided he prefers eating instead.

I did speak to the house engineer this morning and he was a damn hoot. You don't normally find those types to be funny. He joked about what they needed about Rick to allow him into the house. All of it having nothing to do with the work. Just normal clearance type stuff. But he joked about it and we had some fun banter which surprised me.

Then he asked if only 1 person would be coming. 
I said yes, unless you'll allow me to come too. He laughed. 
"Come on I voted for him twice and I have his health care does any of that count?" 
He chuckled and said, "It doesn't hurt but do you have any job to do when you get here?"
"Actually not in the sense of remodeling but I would love to chat with Michelle and tour the place."  He just laughed at me.  
Oh well so much for meeting the President or First Lady huh? 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Funnies

This one below is just too cute. 
This dog actually bobs his head to the music and is so not happy when the music stops. 
I call this one....Dog gettin' down with his bad self.